MaouMuji Chapter 78

Chapter 78: That time when we had a negotiation and the hero’s report TL: kizen ED: Filip/Gecko I welcomed my long-awaited craftsmen to the island. There were no particular problems with the carpenters, mason, and woodworker but the blacksmith needed a dedicated facility for him to be able to work. 「The fuel isn’t a problem …

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MaouMuji SS 2

Here’s a bonus short side story This occurred between chapters 74~75 If you haven’t read it yet, please read those chapters to understand the story better. Side Story 2: The second shovel TL: kizen ED: Filip/Gecko Right now, I’m at Corundum to pick up the workers from the advertisement I posted. However, there’s another very …

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MaouMuji Chapter 77

Chapter 77: That time when we picked up the craftsmen TL: kizen ED: Filip/Gecko We’ve arrived at Corundum, two days before the deadline of the enlistment I posted at the guild. 「Well then, I have something to do at the guild so this is where we part」 「I understand. Thank you for everything, Caam-san」 「Don’t …

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MaouMuji SS 1

This happened in between chapters 72 and 73.   Maou Muji SS 1: Family meeting TL: kizen ED: Filip/Gecko   My name is Nagi, a reincarnator. In my previous life, I wasn’t particularly popular with women. I was the type that liked the one that I loved.   Although I had some experience, I didn’t …

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MaouMuji Chapter 75 Part 1

Chapter 75: That time when the hero came to the island Second Half TL: kizen ED: Filip/Gecko 「He’s running away! After him! Analyze!」 Shouting that, I ran while simultaneously casting 【Analysis】 to check his status. Caam | 14 years old | Mixed race | ■■■■ person Lv12 Occupation: Island’s sweets-making craftsman/Demon Lord/Pioneer/Adventurer/Stockman*/Fish Farmer/Beekeeper/Childcare teacher/Forester/Stone Mason …

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