MaouMuji Chapter 92

Chapter 92: That time when we had a discussion TL: kizen PR: Filip/Gecko We returned to the elevated part of the village where we were talking about the windmill. Oda-san wasn’t back yet and Enomoto-san was nowhere to be found. Because of that, we discussed things with just the three of us. 「So, what should …

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MaouMuji Chapter 91

Heya. Sorry for the delay. Was pretty swamped with work but more importantly, we lost our freaking internet for a week. I, kizenpain, live in spain without the s a place that’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere so things take a while to get done… P.S. This is still the second chapter for …

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MaouMuji Chapter 90

Hey guys, sorry for being away for probably the longest time since I started translating. I had a sudden opportunity to change careers, had to move and focus on the new job. The current pandemic also didn’t make things easy with quarantines and such. I will be posting maoumuji bi weekly for at least 3 …

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MaouMuji Chapter 88

Chapter 88: That time when I let the beastmen demonkin eat chocolates TL: kizen PR: Filip/Gecko By the time the man whose stomach was slashed by an axe’s stitches were taken out, the new flat-bottomed boat was completed. We had enough coffee at the moment so we took them to harvest the cacao. After they …

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MaouMuji Chapter 86

Chapter 86:  That time when we were having a factory tour-like experience TL: kizen PR: Filip/Gecko It’s the following day after I used the power of alcohol to breathe fire. I finished eating breakfast and I was told by Suzuran to go to the distillery upstream from the poultry’s pond. It was about the dwarf …

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