MaouMuji Chapter 86

Chapter 86:  That time when we were having a factory tour-like experience TL: kizen PR: Filip/Gecko It’s the following day after I used the power of alcohol to breathe fire. I finished eating breakfast and I was told by Suzuran to go to the distillery upstream from the poultry’s pond. It was about the dwarf …

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MaouMuji SS 3

MaouMuji SS 3: Shield (Spoiler warning: This story happened during chapter 81 of the main story) TL: kizen PR: Filip/Gecko 「Speckー! Lend me a shieldー!」 「Sure. What are you going to use it for?」 「What else can you use a shield for?」 「This is you, who doesn’t follow common sense, we’re talking about so I …

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MaouMuji Chapter 81

Chapter 81: That time when I went home TL: kizen ED: Filip/Gecko The third day of the coffee shop’s opening was finished and we didn’t experience any particular problems. The shop wasn’t crowded with people but it wasn’t so devoid of people that we had time to laze around. Just like that, the fourth day …

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