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Chapter 85: That time when a dwarf found out about the distilled liquor

TL: kizen
PR: Filip/Gecko

「You mean to say that that dwarf is going to arrive soon?」

「Yeah. That’s why you two can go ahead first. Leave locking up the store to me」

「Understood. We’ll be heading out first」

「We’ll be taking our leave」

With everything finished up, the two of them left the shop. A short while later, the dwarf arrived.

「I’m here. Now teach me」

You just arrived, what’s the hurry? He sure is impatient.

「It would be faster to show you directly. I’m going to lock the door so please wait inside the shop」

「Oi oi oi.  Why am I going to wait inside if you’re going to close it?」

After making sure that the door was properly locked, I cleared things up with the dwarf.1

「What you will be experiencing from now on will be a secret to the humans. Got that?」

「Huh? What’s going to happen?」

As he said that, he covered his butt.

「You got that?」

This time, I tried to emphasize the seriousness of the matter.

「Got it. I’ll keep my mouth shut」

「I’m going to be invoking a transfer magic circle so please get as close to me as you can」

「Transfer magic circle? What are you talking about? That’s something that can only be used by those magician guys you know?」

「If you’re not coming then I don’t mind going alone」

As I said that, I started activating the transfer magic. When the surrounding area started glowing, Van-san looked surprised then rushed to get in the circle.

「I didn’t think you could actually use it…」

「Whatever. Just make sure you keep it a secret」

After saying that, we arrived at Beryl.

「This is my hometown. First of all, I’ll introduce you to the others. Let’s go to the bar」


I opened the door of the bar then vigorously entered.

「Sup. It’s been a while. This is Van-san, a dwarf. I brought him here because he wanted to learn how to make our liquor. Starting tomorrow, we’ll take a look at the distillery then let him get used to things before teaching him and letting him do actual work」

「Ohー, if it isn’t Caam. A dwarf? That tribe of heavy drinkers? That’s great! There will be more progress in our liquor-making scheme. At any rate, you really are as spontaneous as usual huh?」

「Let him teach the old man in the general store! That guy doesn’t know what he’s doing after all」

「I should get my sword sharpened… I got stuck on the bones while trying to cut a bear the other day you know?」

「Gyahahaha! That’s your fault. You should have aimed in between the bones insteadー」

「Well, they’re already drunk but it’s already late anyway so please go ahead and join them」


「Barkeep. Give Van-san over here some Beryl Sake. Some tasty snacks as well」

「Coming right up. Please find an empty seat while you wait」

「You heard him」

As I said that, we sat on a couple of vacant seats. When the Beryl Sake I ordered arrived, Van-san drank all of it in one sitting.

「Kahー! This liquor is so strong. It feels like it’s going to burn my throat. This is the kind of drink I’ve been looking for!」

「As expected of a dwarf! You might be a better drinker than the principal」

「That’s true. I can’t believe he just chugged that drink」

「Oi! We have a dwarf here so let’s all drink together!」


Well, I guess it’s still a bar in the end.

「Oi, you said your name was Caam right? This village’s bar is pretty great huh!」

He laughed heartily as he said that then ordered more Beryl Sake and continued to drink.

He sure got settled in pretty quickly. I wonder if dwarves are like this whenever they enter a bar.

Another customer entered the bar. When I took a look at who it was, it was my father.

「What’s this? Why are you here Caam? If you’re back then you should at least show your face back at home」

As he said that, he took a seat at the same table as me.

「I just came back. I brought that awfully noisy dwarf over there」

「……A dwarf huh? What are you planning?」

「Huh? Nothing. I met him by chance at a port town and he asked me to teach him how our liquor is made so I brought him along」

「I see. That tribe is composed of heavy drinkers so this place would probably become pretty busy. And besides, they don’t compromise when it comes to liquor so the one that’s being produced in this village would probably improve even more」

Father looked at the dwarf while saying that.

「I hope that’s what happens. I’ll explain the situation to Wurst tomorrow morning and see if we could find him some work」

「That’s a good idea. I’ll have the usual」

After saying that, father ordered some liquor. I also ordered some.

「I’ll also have some Beryl Sake. And water too」

There was an awkward atmosphere between us while we were waiting for our drinks to arrive but when they did, I had a toast with my father.

「What have you been up to? I asked Suzuran-chan and Latte-chan and even they don’t know」

「That’s because I haven’t told them since I don’t want them to worry too much. I already have children but I’m always away after all. If we didn’t, I would have already brought my whole family over there. The kids have already made precious friends so I would feel bad for them if we move at this point」

「That’s true. I see them playing together with the other children in the village all the time so I can see where you’re coming from. I also see Wurst-kun on break during those times」

「That guy huh…? Well, he’s good with kids after all so it’s just fitting. As for an update on what’s happening on the island, the human slaves are gradually losing their slave mentality. They’ve started doing all sorts of things without needing orders. They’ve even interacted with the other demonkin living nearby and they’re getting along well. Apart from that, I’ve made a new drink using beans found on the island. I’m thinking of using that as our source of income. That plan is already in motion and as of the moment, it’s popular with the people in the port town so it’s showing promise. I’m also thinking of making new sweets and drinks」

「You’ve only been thinking about those kinds of things after all. Try to relax a little. You’re going to collapse at this rate」

「The slaves might starve and die if I get complacent. For the time being, while we’re selling that new drink, I’m going to clear out a section of the forest and turn it into a field. I’m also planning on bringing human doctors, craftsmen, and people from the church to make the island gradually more comfortable to live in. I have all of those things planned but no money to make it happen」

「What about your earnings when you worked in town?」

「That was money for my family. If I use that, Suzuran and the others are going to starve. That’s why I’m trying to keep the money I use for myself and the money for the island separate」

「Why are you like this…… I really wonder how your mother and I made a child like you」

「I have no idea either」

It was probably god’s whim though.

Just like that, I talked about my recent situation and complained a bit to my father while we slowly enjoyed our drinks.

「Well, that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to. I immediately came here when we arrived so I’m going to take a bath together with the kids when I get home」

「You do that」

After that, I stood up from my seat and looked at where the dwarf was. He was trying out the freshly distilled strong liquor as well as the ones with fruit flavor seeped in.

「This one is good! It’s strong and sweet! I can even give it to the children of my hometown」

I was about to react to that but remembered that they’re dwarves. That’s why I just kept my mouth shut. Hearing that, the principal got even more fired up and the two of them continued to enjoy their drinks.

「Is that so? Will you be popularizing this drink in your hometown!? That would be great. That way, the methods of drinking will increase once again」

He was in pretty high spirits. I guess I’ll bring up the job thing next time. How about I show him what he wants?

「Headmaster, if you really want to learn a different method, I know of a dangerous one. Are you interested?」

「What’s this? Is there such a method?」

「It’s called a flaming shot. I’m sure it’s going to get you fired up」

「Oohー. Why don’t you show us」

「Barkeepー, distilled liquor in a small glass and a straw please」

「What are you going to do with it」

「I’m going to light the liquor on fire and drink it, while it’s on fire」

As I said that, the crowd suddenly became noisy.

「Listen carefully. You should never drink this with the glass in your hand. If you make a mistake, you’ll experience something similar to getting dashed by boiling water, or worse, your face would be set on fire. Please keep that in mind」

After saying that, I produced a 【Fire】 out of my fingertip then set the drink on fire. While making sure I didn’t burn my face and hair, I used the straw to sip all of the lit liquor in one go.

「Gahー. That’s how a flaming shot should be!」

After saying that, I produced another 【Fire】 from my fingertip then sprayed out the remaining liquor in my mouth towards it. Just like how fire breathers did it.

「「Woahー. As expected of a Demon Lord!」」

The liquor was set on fire so it smells a bit like soot but it’s not undrinkable.

After that, the barkeeper got really angry as my father face-palmed while shaking his head.

Later on, I learned that they banned flaming shots inside the shop. Instead, they set up tables outside for those types of drinks.

「I’m back~」

「「Welcome home~」」

I opened the door and the children came running to hug me. I could tell even without looking closely, I could tell that the two of them are slowly growing taller every time I come back. Demonkin really do grow up fast, don’t they? Miel is still short though. Also, you can cling to my arm but don’t push your chest against me. It’s already bigger than Suzuran’s, you know? 2

「Welcome back」

「What’s the matter~? You’re home early this time~」

「You see, I got caught up with a dwarf in a port town who wanted to find out about our village’s liquor 」

「I see. I guess it couldn’t be helped. Those guys have a liquor obsession after all」

「That’s why I had to come back in a hurry. I took him to the bar. Then I met with father there」

「Fumu fumu. Did you have a father and son talk with father-in-law then~?」

「Something like that」

「How long are you going to talk by the entrance? Why not sit?」

As Suzuran suggested, we sat down.

「At any rate, I brought a dwarf with me to the village」

「What’s a dwarf?」

「You don’t know? They are one of the demonkin tribes. They’re good with their hands and love their liquor. The dwarf I brought came across the village’s liquor during his trip. He asked me how it’s made so now we’re here」

「If they’re good with their hands then the general store uncle would be out of a job」

「It’s fine since that uncle’s job is to sell things. Being able to fix things is just a bonus. You’ll make the uncle cry if you say things like that you know? And besides, dwarves aren’t really that interested in business. If they are then they would probably be selling alcohol」

「They must be good for nothing adults then」

「You’ve got it all wrong, Miel. You can think of it as being the right fit for a job. Dwarves are good at making things but bad at business. Since that’s the case, if a dwarf works together with the general store uncle, they will use the money they earn from the repairs to buy stuff in town. Then, more things will get added, the dwarf fixes them, then the number of sales increase even more. The general store uncle and just give the dwarf his wage for his work. That way, there won’t be a lot of expenses」

「Sounds kinda complicated3

「Just think of it like this. Letting a dwarf do business is like making an elf take care of the fish in the pond instead of letting them hunt in the forest. What I want to say is it’s also important to find a job that suits that person」

「Still don’t get it」

「Haha, sorry about that」

After saying that, I pat Miel’s head, ate the leftover bread and meat dish, then took a bath with the children.

When it was time to go to sleep, the wives came into the room grinning and we all entered the bed together.


~Idle Talk~
He’s a Demon Lord?

「Oi, is it true that he’s a Demon Lord?」

「Huh? Ah, yeah. For some reason, he was suddenly called to a Demon Lord’s castle then he became one by the time he came back. He used magic to make things easier when we dug wells and harvested wheat so he must have a lot of mana. If I remember correctly, he could even plow ten fields at the same time with his magic」

「Oi oi, I just talked all high and mighty to such an important guy. Am I going to be alright?」

「He’s not the type that gets fussy over such a thing」

「That’s right. I haven’t heard of him doing anything out of anger ever since he was still at school」

「I didn’t expect my son to be someone as straight-laced as that. He’s always been the type who’s reserved but I think he’s changed for the better……」

「Oh, are you Caam’s father?」

「That’s right. He’s never gotten mad so you can just enjoy your drink in peace. I’m sure he’ll just feel bad if you apologize to him after the fact」

「I see. Let’s just drink then. Here’s to Caam’s father for cheering me up!」

「Oi. I was about to go home you know?」

「Let me just buy you one more drink」


But really, even as his parent, I don’t know what he’s thinking.

AN: Flaming shots are dangerous so please do not attempt to do them.

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