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Chapter 3: That Time When I peeled off my childhood friend’s futon

「Does anybody know how to differentiate between us demons and monsters?」

The teacher asked a question.

「The difference is whether or not they have reasoning and intelligence」

That’s more or less how to differentiate between demons and monsters. The other day when we were talking about hero summoning, I thought that we are at bad terms with humans since we demons are their target for subjugation.
As expected of Miiru who seems to have properly received the best education from her parents.
But, I wonder if you understand the meaning of reasoning and intelligence? I wonder if the other children understand?

「Teacher! I haven’t seen any humans in the village so how are the demons’ relations with them?」
「The relationship becomes worse the closer you are to the humans’ country. Approaching the border, there is a place where we’re in good terms because they just don’t mind each other. Because this village is close to the middle of the continent, you can probably meet humans if you go to a town.」
「Then, what does teacher think」
「I hate them.」
She forcefully said that before I could finish saying it. I wonder what happened? I better not dig in any further. I wonder how big the continent she was referring to earlier? She was talking like the town near demons and humans is isolated. Isn’t there anything like a map?

Shouldn’t there be one at the back of this elementary school classroom? Isn’t there any in this school? When I asked sensei, she told me, “Couldn’t you buy one for several silver coins in a second-hand shop?” Since printing technology doesn’t exist, it’s drawn by hand and is not very accurate.

「Today, we’ll examine what type of magic you can use. Everyone will try out all of the all of the attributes today. Then, you should try to remember which attributes you can or can’t use like Suzuran-chan who can use the fire attribute」

Her words pierced me.* It seems that I felt somewhat down and considerably shocked.1

The teacher wrote fire, water, wind, earth, light and darkness on the blackboard in that order. Then she pointed at fire.
「First off is fire」
When she said that everybody started practicing with fire.

I know from the lesson the other day that I can let out fire so I’ll just try again as a review.
There are students who can and also some who can’t make fire. It seems that those without the aptitude really can’t make it.

“Even if you can’t do it now, you might be able to do it with some training so you don’t have to feel so disappointed” is what the teacher said but I wonder whether or not the children can understand it if you say that to them.

We tried to use what was pointed on the blackboard in order from water to darkness attribute.

For water, a water ball that could fill a cup.
For wind, it was at the level of a gentle breeze.
For earth, you can see a bit of sand come out.
For light, it was bright enough to illuminate your feet.
And with darkness, a black veil-like mist came appeared.

It seems like the only one who can use all of the attributes is me. However, I’m bothered by the fact that my results were smaller in scale compared to others. And I feel somewhat tired when I use magic. I feel like there seems to be an MP or SP-like value in my body. I can’t see their numerical values though.

【Skill・Offensive Attribute・Water: 1 】
【Skill・Offensive Attribute・Wind: 1】
【Skill・Offensive Attribute・Earth: 1】
【Skill・Offensive Attribute・Light: 1】
【Skill・Offensive Attribute・Darkness】acquired.

Oioi, Kami-sama……isn’t this too much of a preferential treatment? Even the teacher is surprised.

I was curious about the “1” in skills so, in continuation to yesterday, I tried to see if I can increase my poison resistance. I look for the same plant, mash it, then put some on my upper arm. The pain decreased when compared with yesterday. If I continue doing this, would my resistance increase? With that thought, I dilute the grass and drink it the same way as yesterday. Yesterday, I couldn’t tell the taste but the grassy smell was unappetizing.
I can now somewhat grasp the taste but, this is surprisingly effective. I didn’t feel sick and my stomach didn’t hurt. I seem to have a strong resistance however, I guess I won’t get “resistance 2” with just this much.

「Only 3 hours left till sunset, I might as well do some throwing practice」
I wasn’t talking to anybody. My monologue just leaked out. I kept on throwing stones at a 20 meter tall tree. The number of times I missed the target decreased compared to yesterday. There were round marks on the spots that I hit. I hit the place I aimed at 2 times and the spots around that 10 times. I was having naive thoughts like, “Should I hunt rabbits with this?”. But I realized I need to come closer to where I can see it to hit it. It would have already ran away at that distance.

「Well, that’s how it is. Hunters are amazing for being able to attack from long-distance」

I was able to shoot a bow when I went sight-seeing at the archery club so I have a grasp of it but I feel that it would be impossible for me to hit something that leaps out from this distance. At any rate, I should try to improve my throwing skill.

Since Suzuran still hasn’t arrived at our meeting place as usual, I decided to go to her place.
「Good morning. I came to wake up Suzuran-chan」
「My badー That girl is really bad at waking up. I may be troubling you from now on so I’ll apologize in advance. I’m sorry.」
「No, it’s okay. I’ll probably get used to it」

As usual, no matter what how old I get I still don’t get her. Suzuran has always had an eccentric appearance ever since I met her.

My father’s scales will change colors depending on the season while my mother’s scales will change colors depending on the air temperature. While I was thinking those random thoughts, I faced the door to Suzuran’s room. Why doesn’t her parents wake her up? Is it pointless to wake her up? Are they expecting something from me who is her close guy friend? I don’t know about those things but when I knocked on Suzuran’s door, there was no response.

「I’m coming inー」
I called out but, there was no sign of her waking up when I went in the room.

The first thing you’d try to do to a person who drowned or passed out is CPR.2
I shake her shoulders and call out, “Wake up, Suzuran. Wake up.” to make sure if there’s no reaction.


She let out a somewhat indecent sounding voice but, I guess it was just my imagination. Well, it’s better if I just forcibly pull off her futon. She’s conscious so the danger of needing to secure her airways, artificial respiration or a cardiac massage has passed.

(I absolutely shouldn’t hesitate )

I resolve myself and pulled off her futon. She’s wearing a baggy hemp t-shirt and short pants. Geez, I can see everything. Her thighs and navel can be seen. The collar part of her shirt is wrinkled to the point where her breasts are dangerously close to being seen. This is bad. Demons develop early such that their appearance is 2 to 3 times from their actual age so isn’t she a bit too defenseless? The brain of a kid with the body of a high school student!

Isn’t this the opposite of what I saw in manga!

Suzuran’s futon was pulled from her and it suddenly became bright and cold so she curled herself into the fetal position. This somewhat became erotic overall. I hope you’ll forgive me.

It’s like what you see in games where your childhood friend is always in such a mental state….. is what I was thinking while I continued calling out to her and nudging her shoulder. I forcibly raising the upper half of her body but, she’s clicking her tongue while immensely glaring at me. This aura of hers is similar to her father. This absolutely resembles her father! I understand this bloodlust from my experience!

She was glaring at me for about 3 seconds but, before I knew it, her bloodlust vanished. I clearly felt on my skin that the her bloodlust has disappeared.

【Skill・Fear Resistance: 1】
【Skill・Charm Resistance: 2】acquired.

Charm resistance went up to 2 in one go. Is it because of my childhood friend’s healthy exposure of her skin? Well, it was actually pretty dangerous. Is it like in the case of a painting where you don’t show your composition? I could not see anything till the last moment. That’s also fine…And it’s fine not to show it. I was able to enjoy that till the very last moment…… What the hell am I talking about……3

「……change clothes……」
「Ah, aa. I’ll be waiting for you over there」

I returned to the living room to wait. I don’t know what they often drink in this world but I find myself frequently drinking tea put into a wooden teacup. It’s a wooden mug at home though. Since it was wooden, even without the handle, it’s surprisingly not hot.

「I think that this is not the time to be relaxing but, if you like, you can drink this while you wait」
「Thank you」

Although I can’t relax since we’re going to be late, it’s because girls take time to change their clothes. As I was drinking the piping hot tea, after about 3 minutes, she arrived at the living room. I thought, “Isn’t that a bit too quick?”, but, as usual, she’s still sleepy and has her bed hair.

「I can go」
As she weakly said that, I say thanks for the tea I didn’t finish and left for school. Along the way, she said

「It’s not good to peel of other girls futon. I don’t mind if it’s me though」
「Ah, aa」

Did she mean that I would bother other girls or is it that I might see their sleeping faces? Even in this world, I still don’t understand girls.

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