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I couldn’t decide whether or not I should continue with footnotes so I didn’t put any on this chapter as a test. Please give me feedback about that and let me know if you have other ideas for the names.

Chapter 1: When I first woke up

My first thought was, “I’m being breast-fed”. I still can’t see but, I’m probably correct.

I think I’m probably not some kind of reptile since reptiles don’t breast feed however, that information might not be reliable since this is a different world.

After 6 months, I was able to somewhat understand my circumstances.

  • My parents are from mixed races. I don’t know what race it is but I have mixed blood. By the way, it’s the humanoid type.
  • Skin color is deep blue, eye color is red and hair color is black. A man named Caam. (Thanks Kami-sama! With this, I won’t be raped in this fantasy world!) [TN: lol]
  • Although our family isn’t poor, we are only just getting by
  • There are no humans in this village
  • Plenty of magic exists
  • There are skills

My father has indigo skin. The overall appearance is close to a human but, it’s somewhat lizard-like(Should I call him a Lizardman? He has scales as well).
My mother has white skin and red eyes. She has webbed hands and feet(A more human type of Sahagin? Is it something like that? Good thing I wasn’t born as a fish egg).1

Well, I have a humanoid appearance, my father’s skin and my mother’s eyes. I don’t know where I got my black hair from. I think I’ll know once I see my grandparents but, until now, I still haven’t met them yet.
Fortunately, my name is similar to the pronunciation of the reading of my previous name「Nagi」in English so I don’t really care.2

I heard about it during my parent’s conversation. I was being carried by my mother as we walk around the village.
With my physical strength, I can’t go with them on long walks yet. In half a year I think I’ll be able to do that. For now, I decided to check out the situation.

After half a year, the amount of baby food has increased. It’s a very thin porridge but it’s not made with rice. Is this the leftover bread in hot water?
Then, the times I could grasp walking increased and my area of activities spread out but only limited to indoors. I was referred to as a “lively kid” by my parents.
Inside is a 30 year old ossan in his previous life though. But right now, I’m the child of these people so I decided to act as a child as much as possible.

After another half a year, I can understand words, I was able to talk and I no longer fall over when I walk. I still don’t understand the characters. Nothing that resembles a books exists at our house so I haven’t seen the characters yet. Literacy is probably low.

When I was 3 years old, I was already able to run around near our house.
I found someone I can call a childhood friend. She lives in our neighborhood. She almost looks like a human if not for the horns growing above her eyebrows A Japanese person would say she’s similar to an Oni.
This childhood friend of mine is a shy and introverted person who rarely speaks. Since she has black hair and eyes, she looks Japanese. Her name is Suzuran, a cute flower like name.3

I don’t know about this world, this country, or even the surrounding villages but, it seems that I’m going to attend a school like facility when I reach 5 years old.
It may seem like it’s too soon but a 5 year old demon will look 2 to 3 times their age. In other words, they will look like 10 to 20 years old.
So they look like high school students but are actually still kids inside!

「Ahー, I’m the reading, writing and calculation teacher Fig[フィグ] the arachne, you knowー. The smarter kids can do it in 2 to 3 years but the slower kids will have to work harder during their 5th and 6th year, you knowー. There’s also the instructor who’ll teach magic so there will be introductions during the magic lesson, you knowー.」4

Arachne are those that have the upper half of a human and the legs of a spider. What’s weird is a lot of their upper body is exposed. Is that okay for educating children? Aside from their chest, which is wrapped in cloth, they don’t wear anything else. That’s okay for now but, when the other boys grow up, it would cause various problems.
As someone who has the mind of a healthy adult male, that has already caused me plenty of problems… I don’t know where to look.

And since she’s with children, she changes the way she speaks and it seems like she’s forcing herself to make conversation. It’s somewhat disappointing though since she’s a stunning silver short-haired girl. Well, you can also say that’s gap moe.
I find myself stealing a glance at her sexy navel and midriff. Is this that men’s inherent nature thing? And isn’t that belly-button piercing a bit too much?

During the short break after Fig’s lesson, on the sunny part of the platform, the potted decorative plant suddenly moved. It jumped and landed on top of the teacher’s desk.
Then, the plant suddenly transformed into a human form.

「I’m going to teach you the fundamentals of magic. I’m Birke[ビルケ] the Dryad, best regards. Even though I’m only good with earth and water attributes, I can still teach you a lot when it comes to the fundamentals.」

Dryads are famous enough as it is. They’re something like the spirit of a tree and it seems that the color of their changes by dwelling in that tree.

She kinda like a Japanese White Birch tree. Also, they don’t hide anything at all. They only put their feet up to their shin in a planter so that they can grow.5

「By the way, this is Gaige-chan[ガイゲちゃん], my assistant Mandragora」

Birke sensei’s pulled out a weed-like grass that was growing by her feet. A 20cm tall girl appeared and let out a death metal-like scream that was mixed with the sound of scratching glass. Everyone in the classroom fainted on the spot.

【Skill・Faint Resistance Skill: 1】acquired.

Just before I fainted, I heard something like an announcement in my head. Is this that “favorable treatment” that Kami-sama was talking about?

It seems that there are other teachers but only the main ones were introduced on the first day.
The contents of the lessons were like this:
•Basic reading and writing
•Simple calculation
•The basics of the fundamentals of magic

We take lessons in the morning and help out in our homes in the afternoon. There are no wealthy families in this village but that seems to be normal. And it seems like the school will be closed during planting and harvesting seasons.
I thought books didn’t exist since literacy rate was low but, I was proven wrong when I attended school. It was just that my house didn’t have any. I’m sure that wealthy families would probably have those.

Even if it’s just basic reading and writing, I’m thankful for it right now. I can speak the words but I couldn’t read or write it. Actually, I haven’t even seen my parents reading and writing that much. You can transact orally when shopping.
The characters in this world are similar to Cypriot syllabary so I have bad compatibility with it.6

Well, there are characters similar to Japanese Kanji so I can use “this character to this reading” as a way of memorizing so there are no problems.

As for the simple calculation, since I finished the compulsory education and I was fairly able to graduate high school and university, I’ll be able to do it even in a different world. It’s just that I still don’t know this world’s currency.
When my mother went shopping, she used a lot of copper coins. Occasionally, she would use silver coins. I’m sure that there are gold coins but I still haven’t seen any yet.

I’d be completely fumbling about when it comes to magic since I’ll be learning reading and writing at the same time. I only have my knowledge of magic from games.
There were even various differences from games when it came to fire attribute magic.
I had no magic and was living a normal life when I died so I should remember magic that would be useful in surviving I guess. Science was originally more developed than magic, let’s try use magic based on that. That is, if I didn’t forget it though.

While thinking about that, I decided to go to sleep.

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Japanese Kanji is basically a set of pictures put into a box to have a meaning. With experience you can break down each Kanji into the parts that make it up and guess the meaning, if you know the general way of thinking used to make the characters. A search of Google pictures results in a fair number of examples for Cypriot syllabary, it seems closer to a symbol writting and may not have a meaning for the image used besides someone deciding “Lets use this scribble to mean this”. You can see examples in a fair number of the… Read more »


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Thanks for the feedback. Sorry about that. I just keep on forgetting to put TNs on those.


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Jefferson Selvy

Cypriot Syllabary = Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta etc. I think

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