News Post #3

Hello. I’ve been making a lot of these news posts recently… __φ(..) Anyway, ANNOUNCEMENT! I wasn’t expecting this but I’ve been accepted by adsense! Horay!

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MaouMuji Chapter 18

Hello ( ° ∀ ° )ノ゙ This is probably one of the best chapters so far… Enjoy~ Chapter 18: That time when I went to

MaouMuji Chapter 17

Hello (°▽°)/ I’m changing Miiru to Mir because I think it’s better and her name might be based on a satellite or something… Chapter 17:

MaouMuji Chapter 16

Hello 2018!!! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪ I’m only 40 or so minutes late! Thank you for the past year and I hope you’ll continue reading this novel this year.

MaouMuji Chapter 15

It’s late but… Happy Holidays! \(^O^)/ I wanted to do a special release like other groups for the holidays at first but, because I can

MaouMuji Chapter 14

Hello ( ̄▽ ̄)/ Sorry for the delay. We had a power outage here that lasted for 2 days so I wasn’t able to finish translating this

MaouMuji Chapter 13

Hello (*°ー°)ノ This chapter was delayed was because I needed to compare the WN and the LN version because the way the WN version was

MaouMuji Chapter 12

Hello ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ I made a few changes and wrote something about that here but I realized that it just something unimportant and didn’t really affect the

MaouMuji Chapter 11

Hello ( ´ ω ` )ノ゙ I changed the word ‘creek’ used in this and in previous chapters into ‘stream’. The kanji used meant streamlet

MaouMuji Chapter 10

Hello (*・ω・)ノ I decided to create a schedule for posting chapters because random releases makes me feel lazier to translate and it hinders me from

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