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Hello ∪・ω・∪

This is the new novel I said I was going to translate. I picked this one since I thought that it was cute and I like dogs. There are other reasons but it’s mostly because of that. Routa is not a dog though…

P.S. Although I decided to use ‘woof’ on the title, I stuck with ‘wan’ because translating that would mean that I have to translate all of the onomatopoeia which I don’t want to do, especially for ‘nya’ since changing it to ‘meow’ would make me cringe every time…

P.P.S. Like with MaouMuji, I also can’t guarantee that my translations are accurate with this one.

Chapter 15: You came back! Then a bath soon after that!

AN: It came back! It came back from the afterlife! (´・ω・`) the cat

「Nyaー…… (Sorry about what I did earlier……)」

By the time I was just about to finish the pie, the red cat came back.

「Wan (Uh, I already ate most of it. Do you still want to eat the last bite?)」

「Nya~n (Ah, it’s alright. Don’t mind me. We still have a lot of samples to dispoー I mean to eat after all)」

「Wan (Ah, is that so? Then I’ll go right ahead)」

I took the remaining ice cream and pie and stuffed my cheeks with it.

*munch munch*
Unー, it was tasty until the end.

Licking the ice cream around my mouth, I continued to savor the aftertaste.

While I did that, the red cat just patiently waited.

「Wan (And so? Who are you? You’re not Hecate right?)」

Even I can understand that much.
The color of her eyes turned blue and the way she spoke changed. And more than anything else, I thought it was weird how she only got frightened now after looking at my face all this time.

「Nyaー (Forgive me for the late introduction. I am called Nafra, the witch of Feltberg Forest’s number one familiar……number one familiar nya)」

Why did you just correct yourself?

「Nyaー (No, uhm, I was told by master that I don’t act like a cat at all so I thought it would be better to act a bit more like a cat I guess)」

Well, you already look like a cat though.
I don’t think adding 『nya』 to the end of your sentences would change anything.
I wonder why. Was Hecate troubled that she didn’t really act in character?

「Wan wan (No, well, I don’t think that kind of change is necessary though. I’m Routa. Nice to meet you, Nafra)」

「Nyaー (Yes. Please treat me well, Routa-sama nya)」

「Wan (No need to add sama. Just call me normally)」

Just like Garo and the others whenever their stomachs get filled.

「Nyaー(Routa-san it is then. And also, I did something really rude to you a while ago nya. Er, your face was suddenly in front of me so I got surprised……)」

「Wan (It’s alright. Don’t worry about it)」

Even I who owns this face almost wet myself with how scary it is when I looked at myself in the mirror. To be honest, if it’s just the face then it’s even scarier than Garo’s.
Why don’t any of the humans in this estate get scared when they look at me I wonder?

「Wan wan (Anyway, how is Nafra any different from a normal cat?)」

She called herself a familiar but, I wonder how they’re different?

「Nyaーn (Yes, I am a 《Homunculus》 created by master nya. To be honest, I’m just training inside this cat’s corpse. A real homunculus would look a bit different)」

「Wan (A homunculus?! Another fantasy-like term appeared again huh…)」

I’m meeting something that’s a product of Hecate’s magic in front of my eyes. This might be late but I’m just experiencing the sensation of being brought to another world right now.

「Wan (By the way, which part of you is different from a normal cat?)」

「Nyaーn (Uhm, let’s see. I am considerably smarter than a regular cat, I can somewhat use magic, and I can also become master’s eyes and ears. Oh and also, if it’s just something like getting my neck cut then I won’t die from that」

「Wan!? (S-scary! What’s up with that!? That’s really scary!)」

「Nyaー (Ah, do you want to see it? Blood may come flying out though so I don’t really recommend it)」

「Wan wan! (It’s fine! You don’t have to! That’s even scarier compared to my face!」

「Nyaa (Is that so? I think that Routa-san’s face is more befitting to be called that though)」

「Wan wan (Hahaha, you bastard…)」 1

I’ll just let that pass…

「Nyaー (Routa-san, my master speaks fondly of you nya)」

「Wafu? (Eh? Did that person say anything to you?)」

「Nyaー (She said that your face’s scariness is inversely proportional to how gentle you are and that she is glad to have become friends with you. Because of that, even though it was unlike her, she made those sweets in high spirits. It was the first time I saw master like that nya)」

「W-wan (I-it would have been fine to leave the scary face part out you know……)」

It’s starting to bother me after all.
I’m afraid of what they would do if everyone in this mansion finds out my true identity.

「Nyaー (Up until we departed she was so lively it was starting to get disgusting nya. So unsightly, really inappropriate)」

「Who is it that’s unsightly I wonder~?」

Behind Nafra who was complaining, she suddenly appeared.

「Gi-ginyaa!? (M-master!? Since when have you been there!?)」

「I just arrived but did you forget? No matter where you are, I can hear everything you say」

「Migiyaa! (I-it can’t be! That’s a violation of a cat’s rights nya! Even familiars have a need for privacy nya!)」

「Oh shut it. A familiar who talks about her master behind her back doesn’t deserve any privacy」

「Ginyaーn! (I don’t want to get scoldeeeeeeeed!)」

Using her magic, Hecate made Nafra float upside down in the air.

As she did that while looking all sadistic, she used magic to clear up the plates that I used to eat as well.

「 I wonder how I should punish you today」

「Nyaーnyaー! (Nooooooooo! I don’t want to be put inside a weird monster agaiiiiiiiin!)」

So this is something that’s just normal for you huh……
Nothing I can do about that. I’m just an ordinary dog after all.
Namu Namu.

「As for your punishment, I sentence you to a bath!」

A bath sentence?
What kind of terrifying torture is that?

「Ginyaー! Ginyaー! (Nooー! I don’t want a bathー!)」

「You haven’t taken one in three days, right? If you are calling yourself my familiar then you should at least maintain a neat appearance」

Ah, it was just a normal bath.


†   †   †


「Wan (And so, that’s the reason why we came to the bath)」

That was everything that happened until now!

This mansion has three baths of different sizes. Right now, I’m in the largest one.

It’s a really wide bath that could fit tens of persons even if they entered it all at once.
It’s not used as often as expected but they went all out since Hecate is here today.

The wet smell of the steam is getting me into the mood of taking a bath.
A bath is one of the three great luxuries of a Japanese person after all!
As for the other two, it’s the after bath beer and watching baseball!
Uwa, I have the luxuries of an old man……

「It’s been a while since we used the large bath, right Routa?」

「Wan wan! (That’s right! Is it okay if I swim!)」

「Ufufu. Let’s compete okay~」

While naked, Ojou-sama ran towards the bath.

「Aa, Ojou-sama, please wait! Take care you don’t slip!」

Ojou-sama’s attendant, the ara ara ufufu maid, chased after her with a towel wrapped around her body.

「Stop being a sore loser Nafra. I, myself, am offering to wash every nook and cranny of your body. You should be thankful~」

「Migyaー! (Mercy! Have mercy on me master!)」

While generously exposing her captivating erofu…I mean elf body, Hecate and Nafra entered the bath.

「Oi, there’s still somebody behind you so hurry up and go」

The person who called out behind me was Zenovia-chan.

Having her bronze copper hair tied behind her back gives a somewhat refreshing look.
Even though she has a toned swordsman’s body, she has breasts that don’t lose out to Hecate’s.
With her faintly defined abs, rather than a swordsman, she’s more like a model.

Haー, what a sight for sore eyes.
If I was still a human, I would’ve had a nosebleed and fainted right then and there.
Being a cute puppy has its benefits as well. Gehehe.

「Oi, if you do anything weird to Ojou-sama, I’ll twist your neck off」

Was what she whispered in a low, chilling voice.
Ha-ha-ha. Zenovia-chan’s killing intent is overflowing today as well.

……it’s making me want to cry.


†   †   †


「Routa, so fast」

「Wan wan! (Uoooooo! High-speed dog paddle!)」

While Ojou-sama was clinging to my neck, I was swimming wildly in the large bath.

「Amazing, amazing! Ahahahaha!」

「Wan wan! (Fuhahaha! I won’t out lose to those run of the mill attractions you can just find anywhere!)」

Mary ojou-sama was totally enjoying herself.
If it’s only that much then you can entrust it to this mutt.

「Fuu. Now that I’ve enjoyed a good sweat, shall I move on to my fun time now?」

While wiping the bead-like droplets of water on her skin, Hecate sat on the bench next to the bucket filled with ice that was installed inside of this bathroom.

「Hey Nafra, don’t just lie there. Help me out over here」

「M-mii…… (I-it’s impossible……)」

After getting thoroughly washed, Nafra laid flat by Hecate’s feet like a melted mochi.

「It can’t be helped. Zenovia-chan, come over hereー」

「H-ha! Do you mean me!」

Because she was called, Zenovia-chan vigorously stood up from inside the bath.

Oh, does that mean that Zenovia-chan has been ruined by Hecate as well?
With a stiff body of a new recruit, she started walking awkwardly towards Hecate and stood upright in front of her.

「Not there, over here. Shall we drink together?」

While saying that, she tapped the couch seat next to her and took out a bottle that was covered by the ice from the bucket.

「Haa!? Th-that’s the head of the house’s treasured wine……! Furthermore, it’s the one engraved with Roma’s sovereign seal and was produced in 1685, the so-called once in a century good year……!」

「Ufufu, I took it」

As if it were her lover, she rubbed her cheeks against the wine bottle.

「Y-you took it!? W-wouldn’t that be a problem……!?」

「It’s fine, it’s fine」

It’s fine you say?
If I remember correctly, that’s the one that papa-san was saving to enjoy at a later date.
I even saw him put it in a wine cellar and lock it with a key.
You can probably buy a house or something with that……

「I’m sure Gandolf wouldn’t get mad about such a thing」

「No, uhm, that is, but still……!」

Well, he might not get mad but he’ll secretly cry by himself you know? Poor papa-san.

「Now now. Come on」

While Zenovia-chan was faltering, Hecate pulled out the cork out of the bottle.
Then, she took two wine glasses and poured the ruby colored alcohol into them.

「Ah……to pour in that much……」


With that sound, Hecate emptied contents of the glass into her mouth.

「Phew, delicious. Here you go, Zenovia-chan. You drink too. Don’t worry about it. You can just say that it was me who forced you to drink it」

「H-haa. ……well then」

She probably figured that it would be rude if she kept on refusing more than that.
Preparing herself, Zenovia-chan took a sip of the wine and held it in her mouth.

「Th-this is……! What a profound taste……!」

Zenovia-chan’s eyes opened wide and she stared at the wine glass.

「It has a strong aroma that makes you think of the large flowers of summer and gives off a cool feeling that’s as if droplets of water sliding off an icicle is going down your throat. A lush and decadent flavor fills your mouth as if to expel any bitter taste out to your nose」

Are you a sommelier or something?
Thank you for that beautifully worded review.

How nice…
I also want to drink wine.

「Ah, Routa. Where are you going?」

While bringing along Mary-ojousama who was hugging my neck, I got out of the bath and wandered my way towards Hecate.

「Ara, so you came after all. I heard from Gandolf that you’re a heavy drinker, Routa-kun」

Tsk, she saw through me.
If that’s the case then this makes it quicker.

「Wan wan! (Please! Please let me take a sip of the wine that’s so expensive, you could buy ten of me!)」

「Ufufu. What should I do I wonder?」

「Wan wan! (Should I show you my belly!? Do you want me to go on all fours, run around three times and bark?!)」 2

「That wouldn’t really be interesting, would it?」

Hecate thought about it for a bit then showed an impish smile on her face.


Hecate tilted her own glass and the wine started dripping on to her arm.

The ruby-colored droplets then ran along her arm to her wrist then to her fingertips.

「Here you go. Lick」

「Grr……wan! (Y-you bastard! Are you making fun of me! Who do you think you are to make me do something like that! If that’s how it’s going to be then I suppose I’ll lick it!)」

I guess it’s settled then. I’ll lick it!
Thanks for the treat!

*lick lick*
In our circles, this can be considered as a reward you know?
*lick lick lick lick*

Uwa, super tasty……!
It certainly deserves Zenovia-chan’s high praise.

「Do you want more~?」

Hecate crossed her captivating legs and let out a sadistic laugh.

Uwaa, what a terrifying smile.
That’s just like what you expect an extremely sadistic person would do.

I’ll still lick it though!
I’ll continue to lick it until your fingers swell though!


Seeing that exchange, Mary-ojousama started pouting.

Ah, crap. I must’ve displeased the Ojou-sama.
That may be the case but I can’t separate myself from this wine!
It’s absolutely not because I got too into this S & M play this witch started okay!
*lick lick!*

「Only Routa is unfair. I want to drink wine too desu」

Ah, that’s what you’re upset about?

「This wine might be a bit too strong for Mary-chan. We also have your illness to worry about so you’ll just have to settle for this」

After saying that, Hecate took something else from the ice bucket. It wasn’t wine though but a small bottle filled with pink liquid.
Looking closely, there’s a lot of petals submerged at the bottom.

「These here is the product of seeping the roses I’m raising in syrup. It has a really good smell so why don’t you try drinking it」

After pouring a little of that thick rose syrup into a glass, she slowly added in cold water.
To finish it off, she took one of the red rose petals and placed it on top. With that, she created a beautiful looking drink.

「Waa, how pretty…… And it also smells really good」

「Right? Don’t worry about the looks, try drinking it」

Urged by Hecate, Ojou-sama drank it in one go.
At that moment, the flushed cheeks that she got from the bath brilliantly popped out. 3

「Nn! It’s really sweet and invigorating! Thank you sensei!」

「You’re welcome. How about you Miranda-chan? If it’s this then there’s no problem if you drink it right?」

Hecate called out to the maid-san who was waiting at the back.
Ah, Zenovia-chan’s a guest but maid-san is still in the middle of work so I guess she can’t drink alcohol.

「Thank you very much, Hecate-sama」

Receiving that rose drink, the ara ara ufufu maid-san smiled.

And with that, I finally found out what maid-san’s name is.
Miranda-san right?
I’ll remember it.

While Ojou-sama and the others are sitting on the couch, drinks in hand while engaging in lively conversation, there’s a dog who’s single-mindedly licking a witch’s finger and a cat who’s lying on the floor like a mochi.

AN: What an unerotic sexy service scene (´・ω・`) *lick lick*

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