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Chapter 34: That time when Suzuran came to town Part 1

AN: The first half is written through Suzuran’s POV.

Even though I’m weak in the mornings, I did my best to get up.

I washed my face and brushed my hair in front of a well-polished copper sheet. I took off my usual worn-out sleepwear and wore my everyday clothes.

I normally don’t eat anything in the morning but I’m going to out today so I’ll eat properly this time. For lunch, I received a bento from my mother for the first time in a while. I felt a bit nostalgic because of that.

Inside a thick leather bag, I placed a change of clothes and my bento. After putting some eggs in a straw basket I prepared yesterday, everything that I will be bringing is already in place. Once I finish putting on the hair ornament and earrings that Caam gave me, my preparations are complete.

I equipped the spear that was leaning against the entryway and said, 「I’m off」 even though nobody else was home. I’m going to Aegirine today where Caam is working.

The reason for that is because I felt bad that he’s one who has to come back home every time. And also because I wanted to see the place he’s living in that I heard about the last time he came home. I already told father and mother about this five days ago so I think it will be fine if to leave without telling anybody.

When I first told them about it, father start groaning but mother said

「There haven’t been a lot of monsters and animals roaming around along the roads lately and she knows where to find him so she’ll be fine. And besides, she’s plenty strong enough so even if she gets attacked, I’m sure she can do something about it」

After she said that, it seems like father finally yielded. Later, 「You can defend herself from men as well, right?」 Mother said in a small voice so it doesn’t seem like father heard it.

When I consulted that with Mir and Kuchinashi, they said, 「Just kick them in the groin, that’ll get ’em!」 so I’ll do just that if I get assaulted. They also said,

「The balls attached in-between a man’s legs is something like a weak spot for them. If you attack that then they won’t be able to move for a while or faint from the pain. You can stop them with that so try to aim for that place if you can」

I will make sure to keep that in mind. Un, if Caam has that then other men probably have those as well. Still, I never considered that to be a weak spot. Next time I touch them, I’ll try to do it carefully like how I do with eggs.

I’ll have to pass by the pond to get to the road to town so I’ll greet the onee-san while I’m there.

「Good morning. I’m going to town for a bit」
「Ara, you going to Caam-kun? Take care okay? Well, if it’s Suzuran-chan then I don’t think there’s anything to worry about」

I wonder why they say that they don’t have to worry if it’s me? Is it because of my strength after all? Well, aside from the eggs, I don’t really have much to worry about.

I also saw Schinken, who was on the watchtower located at the outskirts of the village, waving at me so I waved back.

Leisurely walking for a while, I thought, 『Was it this kind of scenery back thenー?』 While thinking that, I entered the building without walls and ate my bento.

When I took out the bento from inside of the cloth container and opened it, what I found was bacon, cheese and vegetables sandwiched in-between bread.

「Even though I told her that I don’t like vegetables…」

While saying that, I removed the vegetables and threw it away. After eating, I removed the cork from my leather water pouch, drank it up in one breath and decided to take a short break while lazily looking at the clouds.

I frequently see Caam creating a waterball on his fingertip and using that to drink so I tried to imitate it but I failed. Although they’re especially skillful compared to everyone else, even Schinken and Mir can’t do it. We learned from Caam before that I should “imagine scooping out water from a bucket using your hands” so I tried doing that but the best that I can do is just to make water come out.

Caam is good with magic, can do anything, and he’s smart as well so he’s really amazing. I mean, he was even told that he no longer has to come during our third spring of attending school so that he could work for the village.

After he did that, the fields were expanded, new houses and wells were built and the number of villagers increased. We no longer have to kill the pigs, cows, and sheep during winter since our food stocks have increased as well.

He also made a new sake and created a small stream so that we can make ponds to raise fish. The village chief and even the other adults as well have come to rely on him so that’s why I think that Caam is really amazing.

I thought he was just a boy who lived nearby and was nice enough to wake me up in the mornings at first though. But, before I noticed it, I had already come to like him. I was a bit pushy and did stuff to egg him on among other things but I’m really glad that Caam became my boyfriend.

Father may say mean things about Caam but I know that he has already recognized him. Meanwhile, mother had nothing bad to say about Caam from the start so she has always been cheering on us. Caam might have said that the reason he’s going to work is to study but I think that he’s doing that so he can also earn at the same time.

To be honest, I wanted us to become a couple and live together but we don’t have money so we can’t build our own house. Renting one would also require money so we have no choice but to save little by little.


I only moved my eyes as I glanced towards the direction where the sound came from. I was able to see faint traces of movement coming from the closest thicket because it moved even though there was no wind. I’ll just bring my spear closer to my side for now.

This spear was something that was given to me by my mother. It may look like its made from wood but it seems like its insides have been hollowed out and replaced with iron. Because of that, it won’t break even if I handle it roughly or to block strikes from a sword or axe so it’s turning out to be a really amazing thing.

I was in a daze while recalling that so the goblin suddenly came out of the thicket and started charging at me. Did it think to attack because of that? I suppose that monsters are clever when it comes to this kind of things.

Grabbing the spear, I swung it sideways while holding back a bit and making sure that the base of spearhead would hit its head. I would usually use full strength when hitting it so only its head would fly off but because I held back, its whole body got blown off this time. I was worried about its blood getting on me but I’m glad it didn’t since I didn’t cut off its head.

I bent the tip of the spear when I used that part to hit the head of a goblin when we went out for our first subjugation. Mother got a bit mad because of that so that’s why I now make sure that I hit the base of the spearhead when I swing.

「Spears are supposed to be for stabbing you know?」

Kuchinashi told me that but rather than stabbing, I feel like the swinging motion suits me better.

I would get blood on me if I try to strip off subjugation parts and I don’t want that so I’ll just leave that as it is.

Un, I already rested enough. Let’s do our best for the latter part of the trip.

The sun was already pretty high when I reached the town. There, I was called out by the gatekeeper-san.

「Have you been to this town before? If you have then state your name and the name of your village or town」
「Suzuran from Beryl Village」
「Beryl village…Beryl village… Ah, it’s here. As for the change in appearance, you grew taller I guess. The purpose of your stay?」
「I’m going to stay at the residence of someone I know from the same village for 2 to 3 days. The purpose is for a tryst」
「A tryst, you say…it would have been fine if you left out that bit… Well, that’s fine. Go right ahead」

I wonder if there’s some kind of problem with me honestly saying the purpose of my stay. Well, whatever.

After handing over 5 large copper coins,

「Do you know where I can find the apartment called Clinochlore? I’m asking since I don’t know its exact location」
「Ah, that place… You should goー」

He became quiet for a second there, I wonder what’s wrong. Well, that’s fine since I was able to find out its general location.

Entering the gates, I continued for a while along the path that I was told. Just as the gatekeeper-san said, once you pass that corner of the landmark building, you can see the apartment.

So this is the place where he lives…… You can’t find any garbage scattered in its vicinity. It’s a clean place. I can’t say the same for the building next door though.

「Can I help you? Our rooms are already full you know?」

It’s a cat-eared woman. She has slightly glazed eyes but her aura is a bit scary. It has a similar feeling to when mother gets mad.

「There’s a person named Caam who lives here, right? Can I meet him?」
「That’s certainly true but, how are you related to him?」
「We came from the same village. I’m Suzuran, Caam’s girlfriend」
「Ahh, so you’re the girlfriend he frequently talks about. From what I heard, your characteristics certainly match so you must be the real deal, right? If so then come with me, I’ll guide you to his room. Well, if you’re lying then I’ll just have to report it to the guards after all」
「Thank you very much」

Her bluntness is scary.
It’s probably that ‘master key’ thing but all that jangling makes me feel like she’s coming for me to unlock all of my secrets.

「This here is Caam’s room, go ahead. If it’s the same as usual then he’ll be back when the sun has already reached the peak of that mountain」

After saying that, she went off somewhere. Is it really okay to enter?

I went inside and saw a plain bed, a round table, a chair, a familiar shovel leaning by the wall, a shelf filled with a lot of things, and a convenient looking rucksack. This is probably the correct room, right?

I placed the eggs on top of the table, my spear next to the shovel, and my luggage next to the rucksack then sat down on the chair. There are leftover snacks on top of the table but I won’t take any since this is still more or less somebody else’s room. I’ll just wait quietly.

A few days after I came back from of that mysterious monster outbreak and the following day after that thing with the red-light district, I am now at the guild presenting my guild card.

「Caam-sama, was it? Due to the merit of subjugating a high goblin, your rank will be raised to 4. We need to update the details on it so could I ask for your card?」
「Then, please excuse me」

After saying that, my card was taken away. It seems like the staff working on my card was the same as the last time.

「With that, your rank has been raised to 4. Congratulations」

After saying that, my card was handed back to me.

She said that in a businesslike way this time as well after all. I wonder what would happen if I reach rank 10. Well, that doesn’t really matter since I won’t be working that hard.

Five days after that, the workday is over and tomorrow is my self-allocated rest day. Because of that, I’ve decided to completely exhaust myself today. Muscle training first, take a bath then go to sleep. I’ll go with that I guessー. While thinking about that, I was unlocking my door but it was already opened so I received no feedback.

「I wonder if I forgot to lock it. I made sure I did when I left this morning thoughー」

While mumbling that complaint, I entered my room only to find Suzuran there.

「Welcome back」

I went back outside and shut the door then starting from the entrance, I counted the number of rooms.

「The landlady, the horse, my room, and Celesso-san’s. Un, it doesn’t look like I made any mistakes」 I said that out loud to confirm it.

I opened the door once again after making sure and confirmed that Suzuran is here after all.

「Welcome back」
「……I’m back. Iyaー, that surprised me. I would never have thought that you would actually be here」
「I was able to find myself here by asking the gatekeeper. Here, I brought eggs as a present」

It’s nice that I don’t have to buy eggs today.

「Why are you here all of a sudden? Just another five days or so and I would have gone back home as scheduled」
「I felt like it would be difficult for you to have to come home each time. That’s why I thought that if we alternated then it would make it easier」
「Hmmー, I guess that’s true. Was your travel here alright? Were you not attacked?」
「There was a goblin but I knocked it away. Its head didn’t come off this time so I was able to finish it without getting blood all over me」
「Hmー. Still, be careful okay?」

She’s wearing the hairpin and earrings that I gave her so she’s more or less fashionable today. If this was back at the village then I would have never been able to see this.

Then, I told her everything the things that happened these past few days.

「Is a high goblin strong? I don’t really know」
「Hm… I was in a panic at that time so I don’t know as well however, it was able to survive getting hit by a big boulder and an arrow shot at its mouth so wouldn’t that make it strong?」
「Hmmー, if it was able to move for a while after getting hit by an arrow then it’s probably close in strength to a boar or a bear」
「Rightー. Add an ability to use weapons or magic to that…monster are definitely scary. I want to avoid taking subjugation quests as much as possible. Safety is the best」
「That’s right. If Caam dies, I… There’s nothing I could do to change it…」

Exactlyー. Although, the thought of her going on a rampage subjugating monsters to avenge me is scary.

「Ah, it’s already this late. I’m going to make dinner. Do you have any requests?」
「Whatever is fine as long as it’s not vegetables. It would be better if it was meat」

Thought so……

I took out the pasta and bacon that was on the shelf. I’ll also use the milk that I bought and some of the eggs that Suzuran brought so that I can make carbonara.

The two of us went to the kitchen. I started cooking while Suzuran sat down and patiently waited. If you look at her, you’ll probably say that she looks like one of those traditional Japanese dolls. She has horns on her forehead though.

The noodles are almost done I guess. At that time,

「Lalalalaーーー. I wonder what I should eat todaaaaay~~~」

a horse with a stupidly beautiful voice entered the kitchen.

「Oh my, what a cute girlー. My name is Hengst, yours is?」
「Suzuran desu」
「Ahー, so you’re Caam-kun’s… Hn hn, If only you weren’t taken then would have immediately courted you right at this moment……what a shame」

She had an expressionless look on her face as she glanced at me. She was asking with her eyes if she could do something about him so I closed my eyes and I lightly shook my head as a gesture to convey to her to just give it up.

「I just thought that you were a new girl that Caam-kun found in town and he was trying to bring you to his room. Ha-ha-haー」
「That’s not true, okay? I’m not such a playboy to do something like that」

Shut up you stupid horse. I might have a fist enter my ribcage because of that.

I added the pasta to the frying pan with the sautéed ingredients and mix in the beaten eggs and milk to finish it off.

「Here you go」
「Aa, I’ll be using the remaining firewood okayー?」
「Go ahead」

With that said, Hengst started frying something. Judging from the smell, is it bacon?

When I returned to the village last time, I pretty much told her about this place so she knows about the shared areas of this apartment. I also told her a bit about the characteristics of the other residents but Suzuran doesn’t seem to care that much.

「Thanks for the meal」
「You’re welcome」

I quickly washed the frying pan and dishes. We were about to go back to my room when Celesso-san entered the kitchen. Geez, I have a bad feeling about this.

「Ara, Caam-kun. Is that girl behind you the aforementioned girlfriend of yours? She’s cute, isn’t she? She’s quite tall though…」
「……th-thank you very much」

I don’t know if she’s just ignoring the comment about her height but since she doesn’t get called cute that much, she got a bit shy.

「Are you going to make love other in your room after this? Is it going to be really passionate? If it’s going to be loud then its better if you just rent another room you know?」

That bad feeling of mine was spot on.

「Ah, no……I’ll keep that in mind」(Caam)
「I can easily get you a special rate so come and ask me okay?」 (Celesso)
「I’ll keep that in mind」 (Caam)

After saying that, I led Suzuran by the hand and we returned to my room.

「What did she mean by that?」
「Ah, that person works in the red-light district. That’s why I think if we go to her, we’ll be able to rent a room cheaply」

Have you been there before?」

It’s difficult to keep a secret from Suzuran so I just honestly told her. It’s better than her finding out that I lied.

「Who did you do it with?」

The atmosphere became somewhat tense. Scary.

「I didn’t do anything. I swear to father and Ichii-san that I definitely haven’t done it」

When it comes to gods in this world, I’m not sure if how religious they are so I can’t really say “I swear to god”. If we’re talking about gods that I know then there’s only that sleazy gentleman though.

「Hmmー, What circumstances led to you going there?」
「Remember that quest to suppress that large outbreak of monsters I told you about earlier? When I came back from that, my workmates told me, 『Let’s go!』. I wasn’t exactly able to refuse at that point so I got taken along. I only drank sake there」
「I won’t mind it since you didn’t do it. I heard a story of a man who has three wives so I know that men are creatures who wish to have a lot of women. What does Caam think about that? Tell me honestly」

Back in my previous life, it was unthinkable to practice polygamy. Do they have that here? What about polyandry? I don’t know anymore!

「Right now, I can say that I won’t do such a thing」
「What do you mean by ‘right now’?」
「I already have Suzuran back in the village so I don’t want to have one here as well」
「Then it’s okay if it’s a girl from the village?」
「It’s the same for the village as well. I just really don’t want to betray Suzuran.」

Huh? Did the atmosphere get less tense?

「……okay. It’s okay with me if you do it with other people, what would you do if I said that?」
「I don’t know. I don’t want to do something irresponsible」
「Then…what if I and another girl got into the same bed as Caam together? What would you do?」
「……I’d probably just get swept away by the situation. If it’s someone like Mir, Kuchinashi, and Tryapka-san who have partners or if I know that they’re somebody’s wife then I absolutely won’t do it」
「I got it. To be honest, I was really worried when Kuchinashi said 『Caam might be getting along with another girl in town, you know?』」

Has the atmosphere has completely returned to normal!?

「I see, I caused you to worry」
「It’s okay. If I found out that you were getting along with another girl then I guess I would have just given you a punch to the chin with all of my strength. At least that’s what I think」

Wouldn’t I die with that? Even if I’m lucky, I’ll still get a concussion right?

「……Look, I don’t want to betray Suzuran so I’ll just honestly tell you this right now」
「What is it?」
「While I was drinking at that shop, there was a girl who said she fell for me at first sight and started clinging on to me. Celesso-san who you met earlier already told her to give up since I was obstinate and already have a girlfriend but she said she doesn’t care about that and just continued to stick close to me. She did that even though the other women stopped whenever I told them that I have no intention to sleep with them」
「……I see. So that’s what it was…… Even with that, you still didn’t do it right?」
「Aa, that’s right」
「Show me where that shop is later. I want to talk with that girl」
「……I understand. Let’s go there tomorrow」

Incidentally, the atmosphere at that time didn’t become tense as well.


(Araー, this ended up being something interestingー) [Celesso]
(Exactlyー) [Torene]
(In what way?) [Hengst]
(I don’t get it) [Folly]
(I don’t understand it too you know?) [Fraîche]
(This is about Caam-kun’s girlfriend came over from their village and asking if he was flirting with other girls. Caam-kun is an obstinate child so even when he came to our shop, he didn’t buy the services of any girl. However, there was one girl who fell for Caam-kun at first sight so she started fawning over him. It seems like that was the cause of this conversation. Good grief, that girl is really too honest for her own good) [Celesso]
(That doesn’t really matter, does it? There are a lot of girls after all) [Hengst]
(Stupid horse! There are also men who only want to love one woman. Caam isn’t like you who would go after anybody as long as they’re a maiden) [Fraîche]
(If there are people who choose only one partner for life, then there are some who prefer a large household as well. It seems like Caam is the type who prefers to be with only one) [Folly]
(Right. Even us elves, we normally only have one partner. Although, there are those who take two or three partners on a whim as well) [Fraîche]
(According to him, she’s really strong and has a really good so she’s scary but now that I’ve met her, I can’t really imagine her being that scary. I wonder if there is a chance that Latte’s hopes could come true with this) [Celesso]
(What’s this? Is this Latte girl the one getting close to Caam? Tell her to give it up) [Torene]
(I mean, we’re part of the Succubus race after allー. Rather than telling her to give up, on the contrary, I’m cheering her on) [Celesso]
(The worst…… Well, what happens after this will just depend on those two) [Fraîche]

There are some really low whispers coming from the first room.

「What? A bath? There’s a bathhouse nearby so do you want to go together?」
「There are at least 5 people in the next room. Three women and two men」
「I see. Thanks」

(It seems like we’ve been discovered) [Hengst]
(This is badー) [Torene]
(……let’s just give it up. I can already hear footsteps coming) [Folly]
(The worst) [Fraîche]
(Arara……) [Celesso]


「Heyー, what is it? You should at least try to be a bit more graceful when you knock, you know?」

He tried to feign ignorance but as expected, it was already too late.

「Hengst-san, can you open the door completely?」
「Well, you see…I have a woman with me and she’s naked right now」
「T H A T’ S  O K A Y  SO  P L E A S E  O P E N  I T」

I strengthened my grip on the doorknob even more.

「No no no, that’s obviously rude to her, right?」
「Eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation is also rude, right?」

Both of us were smiling while not budging an inch.

「Caam, leave it to me」「Sureー」

I moved over and at that moment, 『BANG!!!』

With a loud sound, the door was opened.

Inside of that narrow room, there were 4 people who were standing by the door’s blind spot and smiling bitterly.

「The people here won’t be getting any sweets for a while. T H A T’ S  F A I R  R I G H T?」

After declaring that with a big smile, I decided to go back to my room.

「Nooo! My sweets!」(Torene)
「Mu, that’s harsh since his sweets are tastier compared to the sweets being sold around here」(Folly)
「Too bad……」(Fraîche)
「Hahaha, it can’t be helped rightー」(Hengst)

「Iyaー at any rate, the moment he changed with Suzuran-chan, the door was suddenly opened. It seems like she really is strong as he said. I was really surprised you know?」(Celesso)
「Hey wait a minute. Celesso! This is your fault you know!」(Torene)
「Weren’t you the one who just went along with it!? Take responsibility for your own actions! It would have been fine if you didn’t come you know!」(Celesso)
「They really are unusual people」(Suzuran)
「I think so as well…… Shall we go take a bath?」(Caam)

Once we separated a bit from the noisy group, I held hands with Suzuran. I should enjoy this warmth even for just a little while.

「So Caam can make sweets as well」
「I just make some when I don’t have anything to do after work. I can make those since I learned from watching others」
「Want to eat」
「Sure. Tomorrow, okay?」

What a wonderful smile she has right now. It’s the same look she has when she eats karaage.

We walked and talked for a while then we eventually reached the bathhouse. After my bath, probably because the concept of time is still pretty vague in this world, I had to wait by the entrance for around 20 minutes before we were able to go back to my room.
Suzuran’s hair was still wet so I produced warm air in my hand, got a comb, and gently combed it.

I thought that her hair is really pretty especially considering that there are no shampoo and conditioner in this world. We leisurely pass the time doing that in silence then after a while, we entered the bed.

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