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Chapter 32: That time when I was invited to a subjugation quest Part 1

My rank increased by one just a few days after I returned to town. I was already able to complete 20 quests a rank lower than my current one so right now, I’m already rank 3. I was also congratulated for ranking up this time. I don’t think it’s an achievement worth praise though since I’m sure anybody can reach rank 3 if they just work as a day laborer for a living. Well, I just won’t mind it.

This probably isn’t an unusual thought but I don’t really think I have anything I can feel grateful for because of the adventurer’s guild. Even if I do, it’s just to the extent of helping people find other work when the job they took has been canceled due to rain. It might be silly but that’s what I believe.

One night a few days after I reached rank 3, I heard four knocks on my door. Do they also do that in this world?

「It’s Folly. Caam, are you there?」
「Yes. Come in」

So we’re going to be alone in a room together… This is going to be bad for my heart.

「Excuse me」

He said that as he went in and casually looked around my room.

「Here you go」

After I offered him a seat, I also sat down.

「Ahー, I guess I should brew tea」
「You don’t have to bother since I’m going to be leaving soon. You previously said that you’re working as a day laborer but, did you register at the guild and pick that job from the ones posted on the wall?」
「Er, I guess」
「If so then that makes things a bit quicker, can you let me see your guild card? 」
「Uhm… Why do you want to see it?」

While asking that I started taking out the card out of the box on my shelf.

「Right now, there’s an emergency quest issued by the guild so I was told to find as many participants I can as possible」
「Riding a carriage, if you leave the gates in the morning, you’ll be able to reach a foot of a mountain just a bit before it gets dark. It has been confirmed that there’s a large outbreak of monsters there so it seems like they want to increase to the fighting force even if just a bit. Even if you don’t fight, they say they’re also looking for people who can work behind the scenes helping out in treating the wounded and distributing rations. The guild actually just posted this quest today. If it’s Caam then the food is sure to be delicious. If you don’t want to fight then it’s good enough for you to just stay in the backlines」

I was presenting my guild card to Folly-san but I was surprised so my hand suddenly stopped.

「If you’ll excuse me…」

While saying that, he took the card I was about to hand out. Ahー it was already too late. I should have realized it when he asked about me registering at the guild.

「Hou, so you’re able to do both the vanguard and rearguard roles. You can also use all the attributes. Compound magic? Well, I can just ask that later. Thanks, you can have this back」
「Ah, okay」
「Umu, if he’s like this then he’s already good enough. Even if he did launch a surprise attack against his rank 5 opponents, it’s still a fact that he was able to win in the end…」

Please stop talking as if you’re the only one here.

「Uhmー, are you perhaps, inviting me?」
「Of course. Even if it’s just a single person, it’s better to gather as many people as we could. We’re even recruiting some from other towns as well. I already talked with Fraîche and she says she’ll also go」
「It’s difficult to refuse if you say it like thatー. Fine, I’m still more or less affiliated with the guild so I’ll just accept」
「You have my thanks. I didn’t think you would accept since I assumed that you’re shy. I thought you’d be uneasy being surrounded by strangers」

Ehー, rather than shy, it’s more accurate to say that I just avoid interacting with other people. I’ve never met anyone who could tell the difference between those two though.

「So, what’s this compound magic? I’d like a simple explanation please」

Because of that, I produced a ball of lukewarm water on top of my hand.

「This is the result of combining fire and water magic to make hot water. I made it so that it’s similar to the temperature of the water at the bathhouse so it’s alright to touch it」
「Ooh, you’re right. It really is warm」

I always get this kind of reaction every time someone touches it whenever I show this magic.

「Well, if you wait for a bit, it can get even hotter though」

Like a 98 degree boiling water.

「That must be pretty convenient whenever you want to wipe your body」
「Well, if it’s just something like a bath, then I can fill it up easily」
「If that’s the case then I can honestly say that it was a good thing I came to ask you. It’s not really pleasant being covered in monster’s blood so you’ll be a huge help to everyone.
We leave the morning the day after tomorrow. We’ll only come back once the number of monsters decreases so I still don’t know when that will be. Just ask the guild for more details. Well then, I’ll leave it to you」

After saying that, Folly-san got up and left my room.
Un, to be honest, I really don’t want to go. It might be because I was originally Japanese but do so I feel like this doesn’t have anything to do with me. Well, I really should stop bringing values from my previous world here.

It’s already time for work but I’m thinking of skipping today since I still have some preparations left to do.

「Boss. I’m really sorry about this but please let me take another break from work starting today」
「Why? Are you going back to your village again?」
「No. An acquaintance of mine that’s living at the same place told me that there has been a confirmed outbreak of monsters nearby so the guild is asking its members to participate. It seems like fighting ability doesn’t matter since they’re also looking for people who will work behind the scenes」
「……I see. Come back alive, okay?」

Boss, that’s what you call a flag…die

「Yes. I’ll make sure not to die」
「Once you come back, I treat you at the red-light district」

Kitsune-san, that’s also a flag…

「Y-you should write a letter to your girlfriend」

Macho-san, that’s a flag as well…

「I’ll make sure not to die and at worst, I’ll just stay at the back lines until the end. Please just think of it as if I’ve just come down with the cold so I have to stay in bed for a while」
「Sure. Just come back」

By the way, it seems like the boss is actually working full-time here rather than through the guild so he doesn’t have to do stuff like this.

After that, I went to the guild to ask for further details.

「Uhm, I’d like to ask even more details about the matter with the large monster outbreak」

I was told the location of the outbreak and the gathering of adventurers from other towns. I heard about those yesterday so I already got a general idea of the situation.

「As for the equipment you’ll need, bringing your own weapons, armor, tools to maintain those, as well as sleeping gear would be enough. You don’t have to bring your own water, food, potions and the like since those are included in the provisions that will be provided by the guild. Other things that you may want to bring are a change of clothes and a towel. You may bring any of your indulgences that you deem necessary like alcohol and tobacco but a heavy baggage might slow you down so please keep that in mind when you’re deciding what to bring. This is an emergency quest so there are no particular requirements when it comes to rank. Because of that, depending on your achievements, you may be able to increase your rank. If you want to raise your rank then please do your best」

That was really cute. She said that with a sweet smile so it made my heart slightly throb.

「Understood. However, I think daily employment jobs suit me more so I’ll just raise my rank by doing those」
「Is that so? Those types of jobs are pretty safe after all. However, there are also people who undertake these kinds of quest dreaming of getting rich quickly only to lose everything once they die. If you ask me, I still can’t decide which one’s better… Anyway, to register for the quest, please present your guild card」

She started writing something on some documents. I couldn’t see what it was since she was over the counter.

「Here you go. Thank you very much. Well then, the departure is tomorrow just a bit after the gates open. Please be careful because even though we’re also sending a second team there, it still takes a day to reach that area so you’ll have to wait until the next day for reinforcements to arrive」
「Understood. Thank you for being so thorough」

I don’t need any of those luxury items so I won’t include that in my preparations. Bringing my weapons, armor, some sugar and salt, apples and hard biscuits would be enough.

Now that I think about it, most of the stuff I’m bringing are ingredients but it’s better to be safe since it might be necessary for me to make some homemade oral hydration solution while I’m there. Plus, even though they say that food will be provided, it would probably just be some kind of soup with something that won’t spoil easily like dried meat so I should make up for the lack of dietary fibers and vitamins as well. Some cabbages and lemons or limes would probably be enough for that.

Next would be protective equipment. I currently don’t have any since I don’t need to fight in my current workplace. Because of that, I went to a weapon and armor shop to buy one but there doesn’t seem to be anything that catches my eye. Let’s try asking for the meantime.

「Excuse me. Do you have a shield that would compliment something like a two-handed sword, a spear, or something like a halberd?」
「Ha? What kind of specialty weapon do you have, sonny? I can’t help you if I don’t know what that is」

I was starting to get worried that I won’t be able to find any so I just told him honestly.

「A shovel desu」 *Bffft*

He spat out the beverage he was drinking and started choking on it while some of it dripped down his nose.

「Shovel, you say? …sonny, are you sure you’re sober?」
「No, it can definitely exceed its intended use since its tough but cheap. Plus, because of its length and with it being slightly tip heavy, don’t you think that it feels like a combination of an axe, a sword, and a spear?」
「Can you show me how you use it?」

I borrowed a short spear from the shopkeeper occhan.

「You hold it like this」
「Hmmー, how about you try out this buckler first」

I attached the buckler to my left hand then held the short spear like how I would hold the shovel and tried swinging it around. It doesn’t seem like it’s restricting my movements and doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

「Ahー, I forgot to say but I also use a machete and a crowbar」
「I can somehow understand the machete but… how do you use a crowbar?」
「You can use it for hitting, stabbing and catching your opponent’s weapon. Since it’s just iron formed into a rod-like shape, even if it gets hit with a weapon, it won’t easily get damaged. It really is a versatile tool. Depending on how you use it, it can be used for everything」
「Sonny, it might be bad for me to say this but don’t you think it would be better if you don’t use any defensive armaments? No matter how you look at it, I can’t imagine any situations where you’ll need a shield while using your shovel. However, if you think you really need it then I’m still going to sell it to you. This is still a business after all」
「Is that so? I guess you’re right. If I deem it necessary then I come to buy one next time. How about armor?」

While uttering that, he looked at my entire body.

「I guess leather would be good. There’s hard and soft leather. It can also be made from materials brought back from subjugation requests like an ogre’s hide but… that might not be possible since the material needs to be cleanly skinned and with no wounds」
「By the way, how much does leather cost?」
「Hard leather costs 2 large silver. The soft one starts from 2~3 silver to 1 large silver」
「I’m sorry but I’ll have to pass on that. I’ve only been in town for around thirty days so I don’t have that much money yet. Please just give me some leftover leather that’s a bit on the thicker side」
「What will you do with it? Wait, never mind. I shouldn’t pry too deep. No matter what you do with it, I can no longer use it anyway so a large copper coin would be enough」
「Thank you very much」
「No need for thanks. Come again」

Hm, even though they were just leftovers, that was still quite surprising that I only got it for that much. Well, at least I now have something to protect my body.
I guess I should also check out a clothing store.

「Ye~s, welcome~」

With that youthful demeanor, a cute dog-earred onee-san who seemed to be nice came out. I’m sure she had a lot of men fawning over her when she was younger. Well, that has nothing to do with me though.

「Excuse me. Do you have overalls that is made out of thick fabric that’s the same color as my skin? Either that or something that’s dark green」
「We have both of those you know~」
「Then I’ll take them」
「’Kay~ That would be 5 large copper~」
「I also need a few sheets of a black cloth that’s a bit on the larger side and is thick. Do you have some kind of thin leather straps as well?」
「We also have those~ …hmmー, 5 large coppers would be fine for the thick cloth but I’ll have to ask 1 silver for the leather strap」

She has a really relaxed way of speaking but it’s not like I hate it. If she’s like this then I’m sure that weaker men wouldn’t be able to resist. Even now there was a guy outside with flowers in hand while deciding whether or not to enter the shop. Again, that really doesn’t have anything to do with me though so I just handed over 2 silver and 5 large copper then left the store.

「Good luck」「Wha!」

I suddenly called out to the man so he was surprised. I’ll be cheering him on.

Once I got back to the apartment, I sewed sewing on the thick leather on the insides of the elbows and knees of the clothes I bought. After that, I went to the garden, made a warm waterball and tossed in everything that I bought while adding the usual current to make it spin. I’m washing it to remove that peculiar smell of new clothes. I’ll finish doing the rest of my laundry while I’m at it. It’s good that the brand new smell is already gone but… well, it’ll probably be dry tomorrow if I hang them.

The next thing I have to do is to inspect my equipment. I took out the previously remodeled rucksack and placed a sewing kit and medical supplies into the pouches. The sugar and salt that I bought today were in bottles so I wrapped them in a cloth to make sure it won’t break. The fruits would be okay inside a paper bag I guess.

I placed my clothes in a leather bag so that it won’t get wet before I placed it inside the rucksack then rolled up my slightly dirty blanket and fasten it on top. After this would be the weapons check.

It’s fine if I just leave the shovel as is so I’ll work on the machete. I wonder if I should sharpen it at a slightly steeper angle. Even if I make it really sharp, I shouldn’t really expect it to stay like that after cutting monsters a few times. When it comes to the crowbar…Un, I like you just the way you are. I’ll just say that because even if I want to improve it, I don’t really know how. Should I sharpen the flat part? The part that pulls out the nails? I don’t really need to tamper with this, do I?

I was thinking of making something like a tactical vest next. I can’t actually make the real one so I stacked up several thick black cloths and firmly sew them together while leaving an opening for the head and arms. I’ll only be wearing this on top of my regular clothes like a jacket so I attached leather straps by the opening to secure it. Of course, the straps I placed were long and narrow ones similar to that of the MOLLE.

On the front part of the vest, I attached two sheaths with the opening facing the upper right for my throwing knives. It’s in an easy to take out location plus I they’re only fastened there so I can easily adjust their position.

By the left-hand side of my waist, I made several rings to attach my crowbar to. This is so that the crowbar won’t be swinging around randomly while I’m moving.

Then at the back is where the machete will be placed with the handle facing the upper right. I was thinking about putting it on the opposite side of the crowbar at first but decided not to since I thought that it would get in the way if in case I get thrown off or fall over. Well, it doesn’t really matter though since I can just change it any time.

To check if nothing is actually getting in the way, I first tried jumping up and down then lay down and start rolling around.

It seems to be alright. Depending on the situation, I can place small pouches in the area near my stomach or in the back. So that I alter it to suit any situation, I’ll just leave some spaces open.

Now for my regular knife, I attached the sheath to one of the leather belts and placed it on my right thigh like a gun holster. I placed it there so that I can easily take it out by extending my right hand. I also attached elbow and knee pads so that I won’t get hurt if ever I have to crawl around.

Aside from that, I still have to carry my rucksack with me so I made sure that the machete wouldn’t fall while I’m wearing it. Un, it doesn’t seem like there are any problems.

After that, I packed all that was necessary in my rucksack and tried to check the overall weight by running around the town for about an hour. I received some weird gazes but wasn’t able to find any particular problems with my equipment.

Since I won’t need it until we reach our destination, I’ll just put my belt along with the crowbar back in my rucksack and only my shovel will be left outside. All that’s left is to wait for my clothes to dry off then all of my preparations are complete.

*Knock knock*

「It’s Fraîche」「I’ll be there in a sec」
「Are you done with your preparations? This is pretty much your first campaign so I came……to…… WHAT’s WITH THAT SHOVEL!」
「Can’t you see? It’s my main weapon」
「Nononono, that’s a farming tool, right?」
「Don’t you know? Depending on how you use it, it can be a tool or a weapon」
「Heeeeey, Folly! Can you come to Caam’s room for a bitー」

She called out to Folly-san for some reason.

「What is it? I can hear you even if you don’t shout. You’ll bother the neigh……bors…a shovel?」

Fraîche-san presented my shovel to Folly-san in order to lead the conversation that way. Is it really that strange of a weapon?

「It seems like this guy plans to wield a shovel to battle」
「Why a shovel? Didn’t you have enough to buy an actual weapon? Even though I said it’s alright for you to say at the back, that’s a bit…」

I’m not sure why the shovel is receiving this much criticism but I’m going to defend it.

「Isn’t is fine? The shovel has just the right length and its center of gravity is even close to the tip. Striking, cutting, stabbing, you can even defend against strikes with it. Look at it, if you properly sharpen the tip, isn’t it similar to an axe!? Since it was originally a farming tool, it’s tough but cheap! There’s nothing greater than this!」
「Okay, okay. I understand so just calm down. If it turns out to be useless then I’ll just have to ask you to go back. Just keep that in mind」
「So, how is its actual performance? Let’s see it in action for a bit in the garden」


「Well then, here I go? I’m going to hit your sword from the side so I’ll leave it to you」
「Understood. I know that you’re coming at me so I’ll do something about it somehow」
「Well then…」

While saying that, I made sure to hold back my swing.


The sound that was louder than I expected as my shovel hit his sword. I think that he didn’t expect it to be so heavy since he almost dropped his weapon.

「tskーーー. That caused my hand to go numb. If you hit someone using a shield then they probably won’t be able to use it for a while」 (Folly)
「Hmmー, you told him how to defend earlier but how do you think it would fare against an arrow?」 (Fraîche)
「Well, if I see it then I can just cover the area of my head. The worst that could get hit in my body is my arm or just the armor I’m wearing. It has a curve so I think doing that might be dangerous for those around me though」 (Caam)
「Muー I can understand its strengths but, how do you actually use it in battle?」 (Fraîche)
「Let’s see… If I use it like a two-handed sword then wouldn’t I work well as a vanguard?」 (Caam)
「I guess… that’s right. We’ll ask you to be a vanguard then. What about your armor?」 (Folly)

After thinking about something for a bit, I was assigned to be a vanguard for now.

「I bought some dark green and indigo blue clothes from the clothing store earlier. I just sewed in soft leather at the elbows and knees to protect those areas. I also made a vest」

Wait, I was thinking about modern-day combat when I decided to make this, didn’t I? I won’t really get if I’m only told to get armor so that’s why I just bought these dark green overalls with a camo effect and the dark indigo one to blend it the darkness.

The mask and cloth on his head was only added on the LN version.

「You’ll die with that kind of outfit on, you know? 」 (Fraîche)

Huh? She sure was full of confidence when she said that.

「We’re going to a place with a lot of tall thickets and trees right?」 (Caam)
「There certainly is as you say but…」 (Folly?)
「Please wait for a bit」 (Caam)

With that said, I picked up the half-dry green clothes and put them on. I went to the thicket by the apartment’s courtyard and cut off a some of it.

『Image・High Viscosity Liquid・clad in my body』

After that magic was activated, I got the leaves I cut and attached it to my clothes, face, and hair to make a makeshift ghillie suit. I fully cover myself and just left a bit of space for my mouth and eyes.

「How is it? I’ll be able to ambush enemies with this if I hide in a thicket. 」
「Ahー. Un」 (Folly)
「I won’t say anything anymore. Just do as you like」 (Fraîche)

The first one didn’t really mind and the other seemed like she had already given up.

I used water magic to wash myself all over since I was sticky all over so I once again had to dry the clothes.

「Well, I’m sure I’ll have to ask you a lot of stuff starting tomorrow. I practically have zero fighting experience after all」
「Sure, sure」

After saying that, they returned to their rooms.
It doesn’t seem like the style of battle of my previous world’s is popular in this world. Instead of launching long-range attacks while wearing inconspicuous clothes, they would rather just do preemptive attacks head-on.

Well then, it’s not really necessary but I guess I could make some hard biscuits to bring along. I already have the ingredients anyway so can just go ahead and make them.

First, I mixed in sugar into the batter and alternately add in the milk and wheat flour.
Once that’s done, I’ll cool it in the fridge……which doesn’t exist so I’ll just place the bowl on top of a bucket filled with ice.

After it has cooled down, I rolled it out to make it thinner and cut them into squares to make it easier to store. I already preheated the oven to 200 degrees earlier so I placed them inside and bake them for 10 minutes. Un, once you get used to it(the stone oven), it’s surprisingly easy.

While it was baking in the oven, the smell of the batter attracted Celesso-san and Torene-san. I’m going to be bringing this with me tomorrow so I’ll just let them try one.

「「So hard!」」

So they said but this was made with preservation in mind so it can’t be helped even if you complain. As you would expect, it doesn’t seem like they would still be expecting a second serving.

After that, I did a final check on my luggage to make sure that my preparations are complete. I’m not really looking forward to it but I can’t really go without sleep so I just went to bed at my usual time. It’s all good as long as I don’t oversleep.

At sunrise, three people were already gathered at the kitchen having a light meal.

「Were you able to sleep well?」

After having such trifling conversation like that, we immediately decided to head for the gates.

Before the gates were actually opened, there were already a few adventurers waiting there while chatting. Everyone else was wearing armor made up of some kind of pelt or holding some kind of shield. Because I was the only one with a shovel and a homemade tactical vest, that attracted some curious gazes but I decided to mind it.

After a short while, the gates opened so we got on the carriage and headed towards the quest location. I won’t have anything to do for over half a day while we’re traveling so I decided to resume my image training that I haven’t done for a while.

The guys from nearby towns probably arrived earlier than us since the base was already set up complete with the tents and cooking area. They let us borrow a single tent so we just took out what is necessary for the exploration and left the rest of our luggage there.

「Ahー, is it really just fine to leave our luggage inside?」 (Caam)
「Everyone here is supposed to take turns monitoring each other’s luggage. Adventurers have this oddly strong sense of camaraderie so while there are still cases where they snatch each other’s spoils, it’s rare for there to be a person who’ll steal your luggage among them. However, it would still be better for you to bring your valuables along with you」 (Folly)
「That’s right. Well for me, I just bring along my bow and arrow, dagger and money and just leave the rest behind」 (Fraîche)
「When it comes to expeditions like these, you have to walk around while carrying heavy things like water and foodstuff. There are also cases where you’ll have to do night watch so it’s pretty troublesome if you don’t aim to be as comfortable as possible」 (Folly)
「Hmmmー, then I guess I’ll just bring my dark green overalls, my weapons, salt, sugar and money」 (Caam)
「Once you finished your preparations then let’s set out immediately. We’re entering the forest so stay vigilant」 (Folly)

His voice was the same as usual but there was a certain feeling of tension in the air so I also decided to reply this way.



After walking for a while, just before the entrance to the forest, we discovered a large group of monsters.

「I have visual confirmations of the monsters. I might say this a lot from now on but this is really exhausting」 (Caam)
「We have no other choice but to do it though… You have a surprisingly good set of eyes, don’t you? 」 (Fraîche)

If you want to do FPS games as a hobby, even if you don’t want to, you’ll eventually start noticing the silhouettes of people and stuff while surrounded by nature.

「It can’t be helped right? It’s a large outbreak of unknown causes after all. Let’s just act by ourselves as a three-person group for the time being」 (Folly)
「Got it」「Roger」
「Umu. So Caam, what is your actual combat experience?」 (Folly)
「A mock battle with some classmates during a class at school, some goblins and wild animals during my free time, a goblin during our school trip to town and I once threw sand on the eyes of four idiots who picked a fight with me. That’s pretty much it, I guess」

I actually have a few more experiences aside from that like the time I experimented with my stone bullets so if worst comes to worst, I can just shoot the monsters but…well, let’s just make sure we don’t get into a situation where I have to use it.

「So you practically don’t have any combat experience, huh. I’m sorry about this but I’ll have to ask you to observe them first and decide whether you’ll be a vanguard or rearguard」 (Folly)
「How about this. I’ll deal a preemptive attack with my bow first and keep shooting arrows while they’re heading here. Then, once you enter battle, you should stay aware of your surroundings since I’m going to give you covering fire while you do that」 (Fraîche)
「I’m okay with that. What about you Caam?」 (Folly)

I thought for a bit and concluded that I won’t be able to make a surprise attack myself.

「I’m also fine with that since I can’t do a surprise attack myself but once that goblin group gets within the 30 paces, I’ll start throwing a few obsidian axes at them. After they get even closer, Folly-san should move over to the left side. Because of that, Fraîche-san, please avoid attacking at Folly-san’s right side」 (Caam)
「Understood. Well then, let’s go. I’ll leave the timing up to you, Fraîche」 (Folly)
「Got it」 (Fraîche)

With that said, she tightened the draw on her bow and started deciding where to aim. The first arrow hit the neck of the one behind the goblin standing in front. As one would expect, only an elf could do that with such amazing accuracy.

After the 2nd arrow defeated another one, a single goblin finally noticed and they started charging at us. While they were doing that, another one got defeated by another arrow that pierced its eye. Once they entered my range, I threw a few axes before picking up the shovel that I had laid down.

While I was setting it up, Folly-san was backing me up and defeated two of them in a blink of an eye. I also arbitrarily swung down my shovel and split the head of a goblin together with its stick that it used to defend. Nearby, Fraîche-san was able to shot an arrow through another one.

After that, I followed up on the ones I killed with the obsidian axe by pushing the tip of the shovel on their necks. While I was doing that, Folly-san was able to defeat another one.

「I was able to contribute more than I was expected」 (Caam)
「I agree? Are you sure that was all of the combat experience you have?」 (Folly)
「Right?」 (Fraîche)
「Considering that you didn’t hesitate leaving the left side to me, did you do that because I had my sword equipped on my right hand?」 (Folly)
「There’s also that but I also thought that Fraîche-san would find it easier aiming at the right side since there is less cover over there」 (Caam)
「That’s pretty accurate judgment. Well, we’ll probably have no problems for a while. Now then, how about we start taking dismantling the corpses.」 (Folly)

We only had a few encounters after that.

「It’ll become dark if we don’t head back now. Let’s go back already」

I tried suggesting that since based on my biological clock, there’s only an hour left before sunset. If we don’t hurry, it’ll get even darker and we’ll have to go back while being even more vigilant. I’d like to avoid that at least.

While looking at the direction of the setting sun, Fraîche-san said.

「I guess you’re right. It certainly would get dark if we don’t head back now」
「Then it’s decided. Let’s go back」

We all came to an agreement so we decided to get back.

When returned to the base camp and it was even more lively compared to this morning.

Women who were running around cooking.
Stalls that were selling preserved food.
Signboards that say “Weapon and armor maintenance”.
And beautiful women who seem out of place.

I can understand if it’s in a relatively safe place but is it really alright to do business here? Well, I can’t see any stalls selling vegetables and fruits so bringing those with me turned out to be a right decision.

There was a beautiful onee-san who started inviting me but I politely declined. After I did that, she started to invite every single man she came across with. Un, diseases are scary…

Once we got back to our tent, I checked to see if there was anything missing from my luggage. There have been no signs so far.

「Well then, let’s discuss our plans for tomorrow. In my opinion, I think it’s better if we also head towards the same direction tomorrow. How about you?」 (Folly)
「I don’t have any problem with that. How about you Caam?」 (Fraîche)
「I’m not really sure since this is my first time doing something like this so I’ll just leave it to you」
「Umu. Then let’s try going deeper into the forest tomorrow. Let’s head out in the morning so that we’ll have plenty of time. With that settled, you’re free to do what you want till then」

Since it’s already dinner time, I grabbed my utensils and lined at the ration distribution area. They had some dried meat soup and stale black bread there.

The dried meat soup was only flavored by the dried meat’s salt content and nothing else. It really was made by just shredding dried meat like I said yesterday. At least I’ll be able to put cabbages in this. It seems like bringing those along was also a right decision.

As for the taste…… It exactly what you would expect from a salty dried meat in hot water. There’s nothing else I can say about it. If it was a person doing a food report on TV ate this then they would probably be able to squeeze out a few more comments but this is the limit of what my taste buds could convey.

『The natural salts and the slightly hard meat are really suitable for making soup. What? That’s only the taste of the ingredients you say? Can you identify the taste of the ingredients?』 I can say that but… would that be alright?

Well, I’ll just take a leaf from the cabbage I brought, shred it and put it in the soup. As for the black bread, I dip it in the soup before eating it. Un. Salty.

After dinner, I went outside our tent and created a waterball. I placed my shovel and machete inside and lightly wash away the blood. While I was wiping them off with a cloth, somebody called out to me.

「Excuse me. I also want to wash my weapon, is that okay?」
「Eh? Well, I don’t really mind though」
「Thank you very much」

After saying that, he dipped his weapon in the water to wash away the blood. Now that I think about it, there are no ponds or rivers in this area. The water they use for cooking probably comes from those barrels we brought along. While I was thinking about that, before I noticed it, a long line had already formed in front of me so I started getting worried.

My waterball is slightly larger than normal so I can put three weapons in there to make this even more efficient. Once the water turns red, I just throw it over an area where nobody’s standing. I’m not sure why but they seemed amazed every time I do that.
The first person was about to pay me but I refused. It was a quite amusing watching everyone gather around and dip in their weapons on the waterball.

【Skill: Offensive Attribute・Water: 3】 acquired.

Hmmー, I didn’t do anything particularly special so why did it go up? Well, whatever.

When Folly-san reached the front of the line, he finally noticed me.

「So your the cause of this line」

It seems like he was a bit surprised since he wasn’t expecting to see me there operating the waterball once his turn came up.

「There’s someone making waterballs for the sake of washing weapons free of charge. Furthermore, once the water gets dirty, he just lavishly throws it away. Because of that, 『Woah! He’s an amazing magician, isn’t he?』 that kind of conversation keeps popping out, you know?」

After he washed off the blood, he sat next to me and wiped his sword with a cloth while saying that.

「Ohー, that kind of rumors are already floating about?」
「There are no available water sources in this area so everyone was probably thinking they had no choice but to clean off the blood in their weapons with just a cloth. That’s the reason why that rumor spread out quickly」

This time, he soaked the cloth in oil and started wiping the sword with it. I guess that kind of sword immediately gets rusty if he doesn’t do that.

「I wouldn’t be able to stop doing this until we go home, would I?」 (Caam)
「That’s probably true. It’s going a quite smoothly so just hang in there a bit more」 (Folly)
「Thought so. Well, all I have to do is sit here while maintaining this waterball so it’s relatively easy for me. The only question now is how long would this subjugation quest take. 」
「We won’t be able to complete this quest unless we don’t know the cause. Well, just be careful you don’t overexert yourself」
「Still, it would incite a riot suddenly stop this, wouldn’t it?」

I only planned to say that as a joke while laughing but,

「Right. They might have already started thinking that you’re supposed to help out with washing the weapons by providing a free water source. It was your mistake for not asking any payment. I’m sure complaints would come out if you start asking for money tomorrow」
「Thought soー」

Well, I guess it’s fine since all that I have to do is keep this water ball floating while I’m here. I guess I can be thankful that it’s not really causing me any pain at least.

「At any rate, aren’t you about to run out of magic power soon? Feeling tired?」
「Uh, not really feeling anything different in particular」

This is nothing compared to the time when I helped out with the harvest or when I plowed all those fields.

「If that’s the case then wouldn’t be being a magician suit you even better? With that kind of skill, I think you’d be able to find better work anywhere be it for the nobles at the upper-class districts or even a teacher, teaching magic to children of nobles and rich people in larger towns」

There are nobles in that town?

「You have a point but, although I may be able to use magic, I don’t know how to conduct myself in those kinds of situation. Just the thought that I might offend someone is already making me shiver. If that’s the case, then I think it’s better for me to just swing around my shovel on the frontlines… Ah, that was the last person in line」

After saying that, I threw away the waterball in an area without tents then stood up.

「And also, as I said before, I don’t think I’m suited to be a teacher. Well then, I’ll be returning to the tent」

I won’t be able to act as a magician in the back lines as well since I’m afraid my attacks would lead to friendly fire.

「I was going to ask him to be our magician but he skillfully avoided it……」

It seems like Folly-san was murmuring something behind me but I wasn’t able to hear it.

「Well then, let’s review our plans for tomorrow. Like what I said earlier, I was thinking that we should head towards the same direction so that we can advance even further」
「I don’t have any particular problems with that you know」 (Caam)
「I also don’t mind」 (Fraîche)

Hey, don’t just end the discussion right there. What are we going to do after this? Is this really okay?

「Ah, I made some baked sweets that won’t easily spoil. Do you want some?」

I couldn’t bear the silence so I looked for the hard biscuits in my rucksack and presented it to them.

「So that’s what it was. Good grief, and here I was wondering what was it you were making yesterday in the middle of the night. It would have been better if you just slept early in preparation for today! Geez! ……I’ll be having some…」

With that said, she took some anyway.
What’s this? This dark elf is really amusing.

「「So hard!」」
「It’s pretty hard, right? Celesso-san and Torene-san had the same reaction when I let them try some yesterday」

It seems like all that was needed was something to start with to get the conversation going. I actually thought that Folly-san would be able to easily chew it so I’ll just keep on believing that he only said that since it was harder than he thought.

Well anyway, after that I went to bed earlier than everyone else.

AN: To be continued…

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