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Chapter 30.5: A day in the life of Suzuran

AN: It’s just a short side chapter today

Like usual, I had planned to wake up early. But, when I actually got up, the sun was already high up so a considerable amount of time has already passed. I’ve been like this ever since back then so it can’t be helped.

When it was time to go to school, Caam would come to wake me up while being glared at by father. However, ever since he left for town to work and study, nobody’s here to wake me up anymore. Back when I was still going to school, father and mother would try to wake me up but I was bad at getting up so they probably just gave up. Since Caam left after we graduated from school, I have not been able to wake up by myself.


I’m still a bit sleepy. However, it’s bad for working people to not get up so I will get up. It seems like there are jobs in town where the work hours are fixed but in my case, I don’t think that I’ll fit in there.

My sleepwear consists of a baggy hemp shirt and short pants. I simply kick them off and wear the usual clothes that I always wear. Father and mother are living in this village right now but back in their hometown, there’s something called a “monk”. It’s a job that does similar work to that of a priest and they wear easy to move in clothes similar to this. The color is not flashy and is comfortable to wear so I unexpectedly like it.

When it’s hot, I just wear shorter sleeves and pants and placing a towel over my head but mother doesn’t approve of that. She would always say,

『You’re a girl so try to at least be a bit fashionable』

I like it since it’s comfortable and easy to move in though.

『It’s a bit inconvenient being a girl but you endure it to look pretty』

I often get told that a lot as well. Mir certainly dresses up a bit and always smells good and even Kuchinashi dresses up from time to time and smells good as well but… I wonder if it’s really necessary to go that far just to be fashionable.

『If you don’t start making an effort, Caam-kun would eventually get taken by some other girl you know?』

I don’t like gaudy things and I’m not really worried about Caam being taken away because even though he may ogle other girls, he wasn’t looking at them in a lewd way. However, since we haven’t been getting any closer, I started to get a bit worried.

I was a bit surprised when Mir and Kuchinashi started hugging Caam when we were all drinking sake together. He was also not looking at them in a lewd way at that time but I remember having this prickling feeling in my heart.

I got drunk and suddenly kiss him. When that happened, the prickling feeling disappeared and it caused my heart to beat faster instead. With the help of the adults, we were about to sleep together when he said,

『I don’t want to do this kind of thing while you’re under the influence of sake so let’s just do it next time』

I felt something hurting in my chest a bit when he said that but even so, I was able to get over my needless anxiety.

When we went to town for the first time, with the help of Mir and Kuchinashi, I was able to make arrangements in an inn for lovers at the red-light district. Thanks to that, I was able to have my first time with Caam. I felt bad since I had to corner him so that he couldn’t run away but I was just desperate at that time. After that, we would sleep together occasionally. Caam doesn’t want to have children yet so I have to endure.

I know the process of making a child since I secretly asked the female teachers at school to teach me. To make it short, what they taught me is that 『It’s all good as long as I do it on safe days』 However, when I said that to Caam, I learned that, 『It’s not always absolute』

While I was thinking about why I’m reminiscing about this right now, I gave the birds their late breakfast and collected their eggs. After that, I had my late breakfast as well. The water level of the pond that the ducks use has decreased quite a bit so I’ll fill it up later.

The person who buys eggs will come by today so I’m going to sell them. I’m saving all the money I get from selling eggs. Caam is working while he’s studying and I’m saving up money as well so I’m thinking about asking him whether we should buy or just rent out one of the rent houses at the outskirts of town once he gets back.

I cleaned up the utensils I used and then went out to fill the pond that the ducks use with water using the waterway Caam made.

『Not that, that’s for the drainage. That’ll lead to another river somewhere!』
I remember Caam saying that while fussing about random things. To be honest, I don’t really understand it so for me, it doesn’t matter where the water comes from as long as it gets filled.

After that, I’ll clean the chicken coop. They say that the chicken droppings can be used as a fertilizer so I just gather them all in one spot and scatter wheat straw left over after the harvest over it.

Once I finished cleaning doing that, I separate the weaker chickens and the ones who didn’t produce any eggs and place them in different cages. One for selling at the meat shop and the other will be for eating later. The dismantling process was bloody so I had father do it at first but I learned how to do it since it was necessary. It was difficult but it’s easy once you get used to it. These days, aside from making sure I don’t get splattered with blood, I don’t have any more problems.

I don’t have to sort out a lot since we don’t have a lot of chickens but that doesn’t mean I don’t go out. I go to help out the onee-san in charge of the village’s ponds every day.

「Good day, Al-san」

Her name is actually Meeraal1 but she told me to call her that so I did.

「Hello. You can check the condition of the ducks for me as well.」

It’s easy to finish that kind of task so I went to check the notice board if there were easy to accomplish tasks similar to this. Since there was none, I just went home to have my lunch.

While I was nonchalantly drinking my after meal tea, the person who wants to buy eggs came by. When he saw the that the chickens were in different pens, he said,

「Is it alright if I also buy some chickens today?」

It was almost evening when we finished with the exchange so I brought in the laundry and once again gave the birds their feed.

While I was doing that, I heard somebody behind me saying

「I’m back」

I immediately ran over and replied,

「Welcome back」

I was so overcome with emotions at that time. It wasn’t like this when we saw each other every day so I wonder if the reason my chest is throbbing like this is because we haven’t seen each other for a while.

When he gave me the accessory he bought as a present from town, the throbbing sounds of my heart grew even louder that I was starting to wonder if Caam was able to hear it. That’s how loud it was.

After asking if I could open it, I saw a pair of nice-looking silver earrings. I tried to putting it on my left ear and combed my hair back in order to show him. He had an astonished look on his face for an instant before saying

「It looks good」

He tried to act calm but I could easily notice it. I mean, he averted his eyes for a bit and the left side corner of his mouth raised up for a bit. I got too excited so I decided to go to my room to hide for a bit. Mother has said before that it’s not good to be too clingy.

For the time being, I brought out tea so that we can talk and leisurely pass the time by. Father and mother came home soon after that. They started talking about how underhanded throwing sand in their eyes was but for me, it’s all good as long as Caam is safe.

During dinner after Caam went home, they both said.

「Don’t go and meet with him for tonight. He’s probably still tired from travelling and all」
「He’ll probably go out and drink with those three idiots, right?」

Father was completely intimidating Caam with his glare but he hasn’t explicitly said that he’s against our relationship. Wurst and the others probably want to see him too so I’ll be considerate for today.

Even I understand that much so that’s why I’m just making preparations for tomorrow right now. I’m really looking forward to it. At worst, I can just ask Mir and Kuchinashi to help me look for him.

While looking at my accessory case has become slightly heavier today, I noticed that the corners of my mouth started to rise up a bit. I got embarrassed so I just decided to go to sleep for today.

AN: Our protagonist says that she has a sharp intuition but that might not be the case. Everyone has their own idiosyncrasies and it seems like she is able to somehow notice minor changes in those things.

TL: Suzuran best wife!

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