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Chapter 35: That time when Suzuran came to town Part 2

Even though it was a bit cramped having the two of us in this narrow bed, that didn’t mean that we couldn’t sleep in it.

Since I usually wake up early, I slept by the outer side of the bed while Suzuran was next to the wall. However, that turned out to be useless since I was made into a splendid body pillow for her so I couldn’t get myself out of bed.

I tried to carefully peel her off but her body was firmly glued on to me. Because of that, I was able to feel something slightly soft so I wonder if there’s some developments on her ironing board chest.

Well, whatever. It’s my rest day today so I’ll just stay in bed. Leaving her as is, I enjoyed being able to sleep until who knows when.


Okay, three hours have passed since that and she’s still asleep while looking really blissful. I need to go to the bathroom soon…

I tried to forcefully tear her off of me but…… haa, it’s impossible. I should try shaking her like how I did when I used to wake her up.

「Oi, wake up」 *shake shake*

「If it leaks it would take my dignity along with it so…」*shake shake shake*
「I’m begging you! WAKE UP!」 *shake shake*

Yes! I’m free!


「Phew. That was close」

Leaving the toilet, I came across Torene-san. She was still wearing her night clothes so she got a bit embarrassed about that. Well, it was just a loose hemp shirt and short pants though.

「Good morning」
「M-morning. I’m sorry about yesterday, okay?」
「Ahー, don’t mind it」
「Really? If so then that’s good」

She can’t maintain eye contact for some reason…

「This is pretty unusual, I mean, you’re usually already out and about this time of day」

Ah, she’s probably misunderstanding something.

「You’re probably misunderstanding something. I woke up at my usual time but it’s just that I couldn’t get out of bed because Suzuran was embracing me. Since I was starting to reach my limit in various ways, I just had to forcefully peel her off me」
「Is that so? My bad」

She probably started misunderstanding things because of what happened last time.

「Well then, I still have to prepare food for the sleepyhead in my room so I’m going back」
「Huh? Does that mean your girlfriend can’t cook!?」
「She can but she can only do meat dishes though. If I just leave it to Suzuran, we’ll be eating nothing but meat. No bread even, just meat. When I recently I returned to our village, she sent me off with just a pile of karaage」

While having a complicated look on her face, she said.

「My condolences」
「Thank you for your concern」

I replied while sighing.

I woke Suzuran up when I got back to my room. With her hair disheveled and eyes that are still sleepy, she said.

「Morning. So, what do you want to do? If you just wait a bit longer, it will be noon soon. Do you want to eat breakfast now or just wait for lunch?」
「Want to eat breakfast. Also want to eat lunch」
「Yeah yeah. Got it, gluttonous princess」

I head towards the kitchen and made toasted bacon and cheese sandwiches for the gluttonous princess. Meanwhile, I just made vegetable sandwiches for myself. After that, I returned to my room.

When I got back, she still had bed hair but it looks like she has already finished changing clothes. That’s good. If I had been any quicker, I would have gotten hit. I’ve been told not to look when it’s bright after all. It took me a while to make breakfast but I wonder if she still did it in a hurry.

「Here you go. This one is for the gluttonous princess」
「Thanks. Let’s eat」

She immediately started digging in.

「Here’s your milk」

It doesn’t seem like she can talk right now since her mouth is busy eating. I guess I should start eating as well.


It would have been better if I just made some toasted sandwich for myself as well but I had to use the cabbage otherwise they would have gone bad. Crap. Now that I think about it, it makes me want to eat them even more. I removed all the vegetables from my sandwich then said.

「Would it be okay to exchange one of my sandwiches for yours? I felt like eating a toasted sandwich all of a sudden」

*munch munch munch*…*gulp*

「Okay. Here」

She placed one of her sandwiches on my plate so I gave her one of mine in exchange.

「Hmmー. the melted cheese sure is deliciousー」

Suzuran nodded in reply. Before long, both of us finished our meal.

「「Thanks for the meal」」

After quickly washing the dishes, I went back and decided to brush her hair since I don’t have a mirror in my room for her to do it by herself.

「It’s the first time I’m having my hair brushed by you, right?」
「Didn’t I do it for you last night as well?」
「It doesn’t count since you were just drying my hair yesterday」
「Yeah yeah, your gluttonous highness. What kind of hairstyle do you want today?」
「I’ll leave it to you. And also, stop with that gluttonous princess」
「Sure sure」

It’s okay to do any kind of hairstyle I like, right? For Suzuran, I guess a ponytail like the one that those female samurais have will suit her. Either that or the hairstyle honor students use with their hair parted in a 7:3 ratio so that we can make use of her silky straight hair.

Aside from her suzuran hairpin, I don’t have anything else to hold her hair with! My choices are limited because of that, damn it! A braid would also be good but it would be a waste of her silky hair. Well, I say that but she just usually wears a towel over her head so even just letting it down would look good.


I kept brushing her hair while being troubled with that. Ah, whatever! At this rate, she’ll just end up with her usual style. Hnー, but still, I want to make use of this suzuran hairpin but I also want to do a hairstyle that Suzuran hasn’t used before.

I started parting her hair in the middle from the back. Then, I move it to the front by the side of her neck and tie it. Then, I’ll attach the hairpin above her ear to make her look docile.

Un, she looks like a black-haired version of a G**mancer or a Wh*te Mage who appears in the Tactics version of Fi*** Fan****. For an even modern reference then I guess you could say that she looks like Yu**ki Yu**ri but hers looks more like sidelocks.

She’s wearing a jinbei but this hairstyle it still suits her, doesn’t it? If she takes off the pants, she’d really look like a G**mancer.

I think I’ll give her a samurai-like ponytail tomorrow!

「What do you think about thisー?」

She touched her hair to check what it’s like.

「I-I think it’s good. Do you like this kind of hairstyle?」
「Un!」 (I can’t really say that it’s cute how she looks like a Wh*te Mage and G**mancer, can I?)
「Then, I wonder if I should do it like this for a while」
「It’s okay. I’ll give you a different hairstyle tomorrow」
「You still know more?」
「Yes, quite a few more」

They only have limited variation of hairstyles in this world. They only either cut it short, leave it to grow long, tie it at the back, or do it in a braid.

「Then, I’ll leave it to you tomorrow as well」
「My pleasure!」
「You started acting weirdly when you were brushing my hair though」
「That was just me being confused with how I should do your hair」

The whole time I was behind her, I spent a long time going “Hmmー, hmmー” so she would obviously think that it was strange.

「Then, should we go now?」
「Where do you want to go?」
「The diner we went to the first time we came to town」
「Ahー, sure sure」

I occasionally eat there so I know where it is. Because of that, we just took our time heading there while strolling around the middle-class district.

While wondering if there’s anything good at the shop where I bought the earrings last time, we conversed and bought various treats as we made our way there.

「That there is called a crepe. Its insides are full of custard cream and fruits boiled in sugar water」
「Will eat」
「Occhan, two please」
「Here you go. Come again!」

His voice was really deep. You don’t expect that kind of voice from someone managing a crepe shop. Well, whatever. It’s all good as long as it’s delicious.


She said that with a massive grin on her face. Calm down okay?

「Don’t be in a rush. You’ll get the cream all over you」

Suzuran continued eating while not worrying about that. At least, she’s not stuffing it into her mouth like a hamster and is dividing it into three parts before eating it like what a girl should do.

「I already ate half of it but do you want the rest of mine?」

After saying that, she received it from me and started chewing on it. Was it really that good? Well, we can’t really taste that many sweet foods back in the village I guess.

After that, I bought candy from another store since I wanted her to try it and see what she thinks but she suddenly decided to buy about fifty pieces to bring home as a souvenir. I just hope it doesn’t melt and get all sticky.

It seems like she doesn’t dislike sweet things so I can just buy some for her the next time I go back to the village.

As we continued looking through the wares of various stalls, we eventually reached the shop I was looking for.


「Huh? You’re the onii-san who bought earrings here the other day, right? Is the girl next to you your girlfriend?」
「That’s right」
「Then, has she been wearing that recently?」
「Yes. It’s this, right?」

While saying that, she moved her hair aside and showed him her ear.

「Oohー, it really suits her, doesn’t itー? I remember you saying that wanted to buy something that would make her look docile. Now that I can see her wearing it, compared to a showy appearance, I can understand that a quieter feel fits her better. That hairpin and your black hair really go well together you know? It’s quite detailed, isn’t it? What kind of flower is that? Is that also a present from your boyfriend?」
「Yes. I made that myself」
「Heeー. Onii-san is amazing, isn’t he? Wouldn’t it have been fine even if you didn’t buy anything from my place?」
「Wellー, as expected, I wouldn’t know of a good place to buy silver myself. You see, I only made that hairpin by putting together the things I could find」

Suzuran continued to browse their merchandise while we conversed.

「Nevertheless, it’s quite unique, isn’t it? What is it made from?」
「It’s made from glass」
「Glass, huh… Onii-san is really skillful, isn’t he?」
「I’m hopeless when it comes to sculpting though. I can’t do anything that’s more detailed than that one」
「It’s easy once you get used to it you know?」
「I can come up with the design in my head but once I start carving, it just turns into wooden chips」
「I guess it can’t be helped. Well then, your girlfriend has been staring at the same thing for a while now」
「What? Is there anything you want?」
「This bracelet」

Looking at what she pointed at, as expected, it was just a plain silver bracelet. It doesn’t even have any stones or ornaments to decorate it. It really was just silver that was stretched and molded into the shape of a C. She didn’t like showing off originally so I guess she’s already fine with something that’s practical.

「I see. Something without any decorations will probably suit you as well. Is it okay if she tries it on?」
「It’s fine」

She put it on her left wrist and even though it doesn’t have any decorations, you can clearly see her give a nod of approval. It seems like she’s pleased with it.

「Do you like it?」
「Un, this is good compared to the others that would just get in the way」
「Get in the way, you say… want me to buy it?」
「It’s a bit expensive you know?」

I guess it is considering that it costs 7 silver but, well, it doesn’t have any ornaments so I’m probably only paying for the material and the labor.

「I earned a lot with the subjugation quest the other day so it’s fine. Just leave this to me」
「Is it really okay?」

Getting to see her asking cutely while tilting her head makes it all worth it.

「Then, we’ll have this please」
「Thank you very much」

After saying that, I handed over the 7 silver coins.

「Here you go, a cloth bag for that but you probably want to leave while wearing it, right?」
「Then, I’ll just give it to your boyfriend」

With that said, we left the shop.

Judging from the position of the sun, it’s already about 1 pm. That shop is probably about to open soon.

「It’s lunch already so should we go and eat?」

She knows she’ll be having karaage so she’s really happy.

「Welcome. Ara, so you came together with your girlfriend this time. Does that mean you’re having karaage today?」

It’s unexpectedly convenient that she remembers us.


What an extremely vigorous reply.

「I’ll be having the daily special and she’ll have karaage. Just serve it as is for the first plate but please remove the vegetables from the succeeding plates」

I don’t really want to spend most of my time eating her cabbages after all.

「Sure thing. Got that pa!」
「How nostalgic. It was two summers ago right? I can’t forget seeing a slender ojou-san who was heartily eating karaage as she gave all of her vegetables to her boyfriend」
「It was the same back in our village as well. She immediately fell in love with karaage the first time she ate it so when we got back, she started raising chickens. Nowadays, she’s also keeping ducks as well」
「Ara. Ojou-san, don’t eat too much that you become like me, okay?」

This is bad. That reply means she’s no longer paying attention to the conversation. That’s the reply she gives when she doesn’t have anything else in her head besides karaage.

Shortly after that, the karaage was served so she vigorously ate it and immediately asked for the 2nd and 3rd plate. Once those were served, she easily finished those as well up to the 5th plate so I started worrying if she would eat even more but I just stopped thinking about it.

By the way, mine was fried pork seasoned with salt and pepper with shredded cabbages. It wasn’t bad but as expected, the dish was no pork shogayaki.

On our way home, we happened to see a weapons shop. She wanted to stop by so we entered it.


Once she saw the shops merchandise, she immediately pointed at the brass knuckles and said

「This please」

However, as expected, I shouldn’t allow it. We’re going to have the talks after this so buying that will have to wait for tomorrow.

「Sure thing! That would be…」
「Nononono, stop! Stop! Cancel the order. If you want it, we can just buy it tomorrow. I’m really sorry about this!」

After saying that, I grabbed her and pulled her out of the shop.

「You’re going to have your talks after this so I’m going to have to stop you from buying it. If you want it then just get it before you go home!」
「No buts!」

This makes it seem like I’m turning into her mother or something. She probably had a hard time giving up since she kept on glancing at the weapons shop’s direction but I just ignored her and went home.

After we returned to the apartment, I started preparing to make sweets. I have lots of eggs right now so I can make either a chiffon cake or pudding. Making it is easy once you get used to it. The only problem is the pan that I’ll use to make the chiffon cake. I still don’t have that so I guess I’ll just stick with my alternative which is putting an iron cup in the middle of a pan.

There was the usual tasty smell of baking sweets but there’s nobody coming. That’s probably because of that matter yesterday. Well, I may have overreacted at that time Because of that, I made a bit more this time and left a note for them. Does that make me soft? Well, has another meaning as well. 1

When I returned to my room, while eating the sweets that I made, I saw Suzuran smiling as she stared at the bracelet. I found that quite charming.

「Thanks for the meal. The figure of Caam making sweets looked really cool」
「You’re welcome. And thanks for the complement」
「Meanwhile, all I can only make meat dishes…」
「Rather than can’t do, isn’t it just that you don’t want to do? You should eat your vegetables as well you know?」
「Don’t wanna. Doesn’t taste good」

If you don’t eat those then you won’t get any bigger you know? …is something I really wanted to say but aside from her breasts, she’s already big enough as it is so I stopped myself from saying that.

After taking an after-meal break, we leisurely passed the time until evening.

「Well then, shall we go to the red-light district?2

The air became slightly tense so I started to wonder if this really is alright.


It was the usual girl with the NICE BODY.

「Over here pleaseー」

I immediately took my seat. Two girls sat next to us, got close and asked what we would like to drink.

「For now, just give us mead for two」

Both of them stood up and went on their way.

「This is really that kind of shop?」
「I’ve only been to this place so I wouldn’t really know」

After a while, the two girls came back.

「We brought back your mead~」
「Do you have a certain girl you like? We’ll call them overー」

Ahー, I wonder should I do. I don’t really see them around but I guess I should just ask.

「Is Latte-san here? And Celesso-san as well」
「I’m sorry but currently, those two are still in the middle of serving other guests」
「It’s okay. We’ll wait」
「How about you?」
「I’m alright. You can go elsewhere」
「Ara, a girl3? I didn’t realize it」
「Eh? Really? Hmmー, certainly, unless you look closely, you can’t tell that she’s a girl. I thought that he was definitely a man since there are some who look like that after all4
「Well, it seems like there are people who bring their girlfriend along to this kind of place as well」
「That’s trueー. They must have really strange tastes?」


Suzuran hit the table while holding back so that she won’t break it and glared at them.

「I was sure that she was a man since I was sticking close to her earlier. But if that’s the case, why would he just choose a drink rather than pick a girl he’d like to sleep with?」
「I guess it must be true」
「But she didn’t have any, right?」
「That’s right」

The girls who were with us earlier kept on staring at us but I just ignored them and continued drinking my sake.

「Should I get rid of them?」
「They’re going to be really persistent no matter how many times you tell them to go away so just give it up」
「That girl5, does she already know that Caam already has me?」
「I’m sure she does」
「If so then I can’t understand why」
「Well, it seems like since they’re Succubi, falling in love is a pretty big deal for them」
「Sorry for making you wait」

While we were talking about that, Celesso-san came over our table so we had to cut our conversation short.

「Ah, hello」 (Caam)
「Good evening」 (Suzuran)
「How did your date go yesterday?」 (Celesso)
「It went okay I guess」 (Caam)

Celesso-san then moved her line of sight towards Suzuran’s arm.

「That silver bracelet… It really suits you, doesn’t it? It’s nice that you were able to find something good」
「Thank you very much」

She didn’t get shy this time even though she was complimented. Is it because she’s currently at her enemy’s territory?

We talked for a while then Latte-san descended from the stairs. As she was going down, she noticed me so she rushed over while calling my name.


She jumped at me while saying that.6 Oi. You should at least send off the customer you were with earlier before you come here. Look, he’s sending me a glare because of that. Scary. I’ve heard that a man’s jealousy is scary after all.


While saying that, she started rubbing her head on me. Suzuran who was sitting in front of me looks like she’s about to explode so could you please stop it? Stop it.

「We came here to talk today so please calm down」

While saying that, I grabbed her head and forcibly tear her off me… but she immediately came back. How should I deal with this girl?

「See? I told you right?」 (Caam)
「……un」 (Suzuran)

Ah, this is bad. We won’t be able to have a civilized conversation with this. Furthermore, Suzuran is staring daggers at her while letting out her razor-sharp bloodlust.

「We can just talk like this, right~?」
「Latte-chan? This is a really serious talk you know? You see, the girl sitting in front of you is Caam-kun’s girlfriend after all」

She has a smile on her face but her eyes aren’t smiling at all. She’s also using a lower voice than usual. So this is how she’s like this is when she’s angry.


She suddenly became obedient.

「Having you sit next to him would only bring us various troubles so Latte, sit over here. Suzuran-chan can stay beside Caam-kun」

What’s up with this four-person interview? Moreover, everyone else is looking at us as well.

「Then, we should introduce ourselves, right? After that, you can state what you want to say. Caam-kun and I are just here to stop both of you from running wild okay?」

「Suzuran desu. I’ve been with Caam ever since we were kids. The first time we did it was two springs before」
「Latte desu. I fell for Caam-kun at first sight. Even though I knew that he already had Suzuran-san, I still wanted to be together with him」

There was a moment of silence but the first one to speak was Latte-san.

「Suzuran-san, please lend Caam-kun to me」
「Caam isn’t an object to lend out」
「When a succubus falls in love, it’s in their instinct to want to sleep with him. That’s why I’m begging you」
「I already told you that he’s not an object right!」
「Then, what should I do」
「Stop treating him like an object. Also, you were sleeping with another man earlier right? If you actually fell for Caam at first sight then I can’t understand why you would still continue receiving guests. I thought that usually, if you’ve come to like a person, then you’ll refrain from doing that in order to be with him. Am I wrong?」
「It’s different for Succubi you know? Sleeping with our prey and sleeping with the person we love is completely different」

Suzuran took a sip of her fruit water, took a deep breath then continued.

「I’m not sure I understand how it’s different. Is it different because one is done with love and the other is loveless?」
「That’s right. Your heart gets filled with happiness when you sleep with the person you love. Suzuran-san can also understand, right?」
「If it’s that then I can understand. Caam didn’t lay his hands on me at all even though I was enticing him so I was a bit forceful during our first time. Because of that, I can understand when you say that your heart gets filled with happiness when you get to sleep with the person you love since I also felt the same」
「You see? Then it’s fine, right? There are people in this world who have a lot of wives after all. Those people doesn’t show any favoritism and showers all of them with their love. All of their wives get along as well. That’s why if I gain Suzuran-san’s approval, the possibility that Caam-kun comes to love me will increase」
「Wait. There’s something a bit odd about that」 (Caam)
「Then, does that mean that you hate me?」 (Latte)
「If I had to choose between like and dislike then I’ll have to pick like. However, that’s only because I haven’t found something I dislike about you yet. That also applies to Latte-san as well」 (Caam)
「If you don’t hate me then it’s fine you know? That might lead to you falling for me after all」
「Hmm… Huh……?」

What the heck are you talking about?

「That’s right. There certainly might be a chance that Caam will fall for you however, I won’t allow that to happen」

Right. That’s good, you tell her. I don’t have any interest in polygamy after all.

「Why! Is it because you’re jealous!?」

Latte-san got heated up by that so Celesso-san tapped her shoulder and told her to calm down.

「As long as you work in this kind of place, I absolutely would never allow it. I’ve been thinking hard about this yesterday before I went to bed but Caam is working in this town while I stay at the village. He only comes back to the village once every 30 days so we only meet at that time. Because of those circumstances, I thought that Caam would come to like some girl other than me but that didn’t happen. I thought that that’s probably because he decided to only love me so I tried asking him what he would do if he fell for another girl and I said that it’s okay to cheat on me but he still said he wouldn’t do it. He even told me what happened when he first came here without me asking…But you, you’ll sleep with Caam who you love but you’ll sleep with guests who you don’t love as well. You’re doing that kind of thing that’s why I won’t approve of you. If you want Caam to love you then it should be fine for you to only sleep with Caam」
「Then, I’ll resign from this job. If I say that, what would you do? Would you accept me?」
「……yes. I’ll allow it as long as Caam is the only one you keep company」

BFFFTTTーーー *cough cough cough*7

I magnificently spat out all of the fruit water in my mouth and started coughing. It seems like I hit Celesso-san a bit with that.

「……I’m sorry」 (Caam)
「It’s okay. With that timing, it can’t be helped」 (Celesso)

「If I remember correctly, there’s a person living in a nearby village who has three wives. When I heard that story, I didn’t really think it was strange for someone to have multiple wives. That’s why if you can give all of your love only to Caam then I’ll accept it」 (Suzuran)
「Then, I’m going to retire from this job!」 (Latte)


Celesso-san was shaking her head while letting out that sigh.

「Also, I have conditions before you get to sleep with him」
「What is it!」
「As I said earlier, while I’m in the village, I can only meet Caam once every 30 days when he comes back since he has to work here. Every time he goes back home, he has to leave the town in the morning only to reach the village in the afternoon. In the morning two days after that, he already has to go back to town. He’s in town most of the time so that means the chances for the two of you to do it would increase. I can’t accept that. Unless both of us have the equal opportunity, I won’t allow it」

Woah, the bloodlust she’s letting off is making my skin tingle. It’s also amazing how that isn’t causing Latte-san to waver at all.

「Is it okay if I go to Caam’s village then?」
「I’m not talking about that yet. I just want us to have equal opportunity to sleep with him which is just once or twice every thirty days」

Latte-san pondered about it for a bit.

「Uhm… What about my opinion…?」
「Caam should just shut up」

What a terrifying glare. This must be the scariest one I’ve seen from her. There was nothing I could do but immediately reply that.

「Okay. I’ll quit my work and will only sleep with him once every thirty days. Is that okay?」
「Yes. That’s good enough, Latte-san」

After saying that, she put out her hand.

「Thank you, Suzuran-san」

And Latte-san grasped that hand she let out.

「I have one more condition」
「What is itー?」
「I have to hit you once. If I don’t do that, it won’t feel like this discussion has really ended」
「EHH!? O-okay, i-it’s fine as long as I don’t die. Then, can I also add a condition as well? Up until now, you have an overwhelming lead when it comes to the time spent with him right? We won’t sleep together but it’s okay if we just meet?」
「……okay. Accepted. I’ll know if you sleep with Caam anyways. With that settled, I’m sure that Caam won’t approve of this but I’m going to hit you now. I’ll just do it on your stomach, you would end up being too pitiful if I do it to your face after all」
「Can’t you stop her somehow?」 (Celesso)
「This is bonding between women desu. Because of that, I can’t. Or rather, I don’t have the authority to stop it. Suzuran is really strong so even if I try to pin her from behind, she’ll still be able to swing her fist like I’m not there. Plus, I already feel like crying since she won’t even listen to my opinion」 (Caam)

*Thud!* She fell to her knees and started vomiting.8

Though soー. Or rather, don’t hit her if you know I won’t like it. Suzuran sure doesn’t pull her punches.

「Caam. I know this might be unreasonable but I’ll hit you as well. ーsorry about this. Take this in exchange for my feelings」
「Haa? What do you…」

…mean by that. Was what I was about to say when I got hit. I’ve already received the exact same strike in the past so I was somehow able to endure it. And by endure I meant that I only vomited a little in my mouth. Good job me.

【Skill・Damage Resistance: 3】 acquired.

As expectedー. Or rather, the people of this shop sure reacts fast. They were able to immediately begin cleaning up after Latte-san.

「Even though I hit you quite strongly this time… Did you get stronger?」
「That’s because……I’ve been training……a little……after work」

I don’t think she’ll understand even if I explain my muscle training to her though. Or rather, it hurts so much I can’t even talk right.

「It seems like the talks have been settled. You guys should take a break while Latte recovers. Girlsー, somebody bring us more fruit water please」

Aren’t you a bit too excellent in your job being able to issue out orders after all of that? How come you’re still treating us like usual guests? Well, we’re still guests so it all good I guess. I have never bought a night with Celesso-san though.

Latte took the fruit water that was handed to her, rinsed her mouth with it and spat it out on a bucket. She repeated that a few more times.

「*gulp gulp gulp*…nhaー」

After drinking, it seems like she has already recovered a bit.

「Iyaー, I’ve received requests to hit or get hit by guests but as expected, I haven’t experienced something like thatー」

Of course. That thing you received earlier wasn’t part of any play after all.

「Still, I should apologize. I’m sorry」
「No no, I as well. I can understand how complicated it is to have to share the person you love with somebody else」

Well, it would normally be treated as an affair after all. It’s all good since it has already received her approval though. It’s already too late for me, isn’t it? I have to be prepared to get killed by Ichii-san.

「Hey, Suzuran?」 (Caam)
「At worst, I’m going to be killed by Ichii-san. You know that right?」 (Caam)
「I’ll explain it to him that’s why you can relax」 (Suzuran)
「Is Suzuran-san’s father a scary person~?」 (Latte)
「Really scary. How scary you ask? He has scars all over, and his arm…let’s see, it has the same thickness as Latte-san’s waist. He’s really perceptive as well. Even if he just lightly threatens me, I would immediately give him all of my money at hand and run away. He’s that scary. He’s a really good person inside though」 (Caam)
「R-really! That makes me a bit worried」 (Latte)
「Sure, he looks scary but, he’s still more or less my father so don’t badmouth him」 (Suzuran)
「Ah, sorry」 (Caam)

You still have more or less accepted that he looks scary though.

「Relax, I’m sure I can convince him. Well then, shall we head upstairs?」 (Suzuran)
「Ha?」 (Caam)
「I mean, even though we came here for that discussion……uhm, we can also do it here, right?」 (Suzuran)

She just murmured the end of her sentence so she probably got embarrassed saying that. Err, since we didn’t do it yesterday, you would obviously want it right? I know that we haven’t done it in a while but you know what kind of situation we are in right now, right?

「Eh? As expected, isn’t it unwise to do it here? Right?」

I looked at Celesso-san as I asked that.

「You’re thinking of renting a room in this situation? Just look around you, as you would expect, that would be unreasonable」
「Then, what if I say that I’ll join them? If that’s the case, would you allow them to use one of the rooms?」 (Latte)
「Haa? Wait, I can’t follow where this conversation is going…」 (Caam)
「I guess that’s right. Even though you said you would quit, your employment is still valid for today so it would be fine as long as Suzuran-chan says okay」 (Celesso)
「Okay」 (Suzuran)
「Haa!? Wait a minute. You guys, don’t you think there’s something strange about that!?」 (Caam)
「Well then, let’s go upstairs~!」 (Latte)

With that said, Latte-san got a firm hold of my right arm and started clinging to me. Not wanting to get one-upped by her, Suzuran also did the same to my left arm.

「Please save me Celesso-san」
「Take your time upstairs okay~」

She said that with a gentle smile and a look on her face that’s telling me to just give up.


Someone once said, 『The best method doesn’t always lead to the best outcome』. I definitely agree with that. I planned to have Suzuran talk with her to make her give up but that Suzuran ended up accepting her. It was a terrible idea to send her as a negotiator.

There’s also a saying like this, 『Rather than the practical, aim for the best choice. If you do that then your choice will always be the practical one』. I’ve already given up but is it okay if I just do my best from now on? Even in my previous world, I have no experience dealing with two women at once you know?

At least, I can use ‘those’ kinds of videos from DVDs, images saved on my PC and games as a reference. Wait, I’m actually going to have a threesome right now! What am I going to do!?


Er, okay. Although I didn’t impart any of my previous world’s knowledge to Suzuran, it was for naught since Latte-san was teaching them to her while giving her a practical lesson.

「Like this?」

While saying that, Suzuran started putting it into practice.

「That rightー. You can tell from how Caam-kun’s reacting right?」

Yes, they took on this kind of system while taking turns. Moreover, while we were in the middle of it, Latte-san turned into some kind of coach.

After they each had two turns, it became completely different from those I’ve seen in pictures and videos………

People who practice polygamy and those that make harems sure are amazing. Is there some convenient magic that can increase my vitality? Do I have to stimulate a certain part of my body? Make a brain secrete a special hormone? Or should I dull the senses of that part? Is it all of those!? Do I have to do all of those!?

…well, that’s not really necessary, is it? I’m sure that I won’t have to do any more than what I did today……no, I’ll make sure of it.

After this and that, 2 hours have passed since we began. I was feeling quite sluggish as I walked down the stairs. Meanwhile, both of them were glowing as they descended with me.

While the girls of the shop where whispering about as they glanced at me, Celesso-san came over and said.

「Thanks for the hard workー. For the time being, Caam-kun and Suzuran-chan can just go home. Latte is still in the middle of work so she can’t go with you. Don’t worry, she will no longer be available to accept nor service any guests. We have already discussed the fee earlier so all in all, you’ll just have to pay 1 silver. That is for the alcohol expenses and the rent for the room. Actually, there’s still the cost for the girl you hired but you don’t have to worry about that since you guys are special. Ah, this was only for today okay? Next time, please use an actual lover’s inn. The owner of this place is running that kind of business as well so do you want me to get you a discount? That way, you have other places to use when this girl is on her day off」

She’s really set on advertising that place.
I handed over 5 silver to Celesso san in exchange for all the trouble we caused.

「That’s for all the trouble we caused. Just give the rest to the girls who had to clean the vomit and the girls who were glared at turned away earlier. Well then, we’ll excuse ourselves for today」
「This kind of thing is just normal for us. It might turn into a bit of a rumor but aside from that, we don’t mind at all. It’s the worst is when sake gets to the guests’ heads and starts arguing though. However, you still have to pay for the room okay?」

After saying that, she gave back the extra money I handed to her.

「I’m really sorry about all of that」

Suzuran apologized as well then we decided to go home.

We decided to go to the baths after we got back to my room. On our way back to my room and as we made our way to the baths, we conversed but we didn’t discuss anything about what happened earlier.

After our bath, when we got back to my room, like yesterday, I produced warm air in my hands while brushing her hair.


She said that while crying.

「About what?」

I tried replying in as gentle a voice as possible.

「About that thing with Latte-san」
「Ahー, I don’t mind okay?」
「You don’t love her, right?」
「Well, I don’t dislike her. I’m still looking for things about her that I’ll come to like but it’s alright as long as I fall in love with her. That’s why you don’t have to mind it」
「What are the things you like about me?」
「To be honest, it’s your surprisingly playful side or how I can’t leave you alone. Although, that makes it seem like I’m a mother worrying about her child doesn’t it……」
「How come?」
「Well, you can’t wake up by yourself in the mornings, you don’t like to eat your vegetables and you don’t express yourself that much. You started getting more talkative recently though so only the first two are left」
「I see…」
「However, the deciding factor is probably because you’re cute」
「Eh? Even though I don’t have any breasts? Even though I’m taller or stronger than Caam?」
「Your height and breasts have nothing to do with it, okay? There’s nothing more to discuss about that」
「Then, what do you like about Latte-san?」
「I’ve only met her twice so…hmmー, I guess I like how cheerful she is. Anyway, there’s something I’d like to ask. Is that okay? Why did you allow Latte-san?」
「I first thought that I was never going to allow or recognize her but when I look at her, I noticed that she’s the same as me in that she likes Caam so much that she became desperate. She kept saying that she likes Caam so I set a condition that sleeping with other people was definitely not allowed. If that was impossible, I was going to have her give up but even though she’s a Succubus, she was resolved enough not to sleep with other people and just love one person so I thought that she was really serious about it. That’s why…」
「I see. So in a way, you saw yourself in her」
「Well…It’ll work out somehow」
「Sorry, okay? Caam is kind so it might seem like I’m taking advantage of you like that」
「I don’t mind okay? Stop apologizing already. And also, wipe your tears」
「Should we go to bed already?」

In bed, Suzuran curled herself up, buried her face on my chest and it seems like she’s was quietly weeping.

Because of that, I continued gently stroking her head. Before I noticed it, she was already asleep so I also decided to go to sleep myself.

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