January 30, 2018

MaouMuji Chapter 20

3/3 I changed Edgelin to Aegirine because the author is naming places after minerals. I really should start googling names first… P.S. This chapter’s about agriculture so I’m not really sure if I used the right terms Chapter 20: That time when I didn’t understand the market price and currency values When I went to […]

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MaouMuji Chapter 19

2/3 Sorry for the delay. I translated the Nocturne version of chapter 18 here. It was a half-assed translation though. Read it if you’re curious why he thought ‘that’ would break. Anyway, I changed Toryapka into Tryapka. Tryapka or тряпка means rag/mop since she’s some sort of maid/janitor… The MC’s parents are Hail and Sleet, his friends are

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