I changed Edgelin to Aegirine because the author is naming places after minerals. I really should start googling names first…

P.S. This chapter’s about agriculture so I’m not really sure if I used the right terms

Chapter 20: That time when I didn’t understand the market price and currency values

When I went to school after the harvest festival, the three idiots were showing three different kinds of faces.

The first was overflowing with confidence,
the second was somewhat feeling refreshed
and the third one was quite drained.

……let’s just leave them alone.

At my training place in the forest, I did my usual nibbling of poisonous plants and throwing practice using my weapons and some stones. While I was in the middle of throwing an obsidian knife, the three idiots suddenly appeared so I had to immediately switch to the machete. I wonder if my obsidian knife was exposed.

「Hey, Caam. How was it for you on your first time?」

When I gave out a vague reply, Wurst seriously asked me again so I had to give them some answers. I share my knowledge with these guys to some extent so I wonder if they’re trying to gain even more information.

Even though I also have knowledge from my previous life of acts that are too ‘unique’, I decided just to teach them the basic stuff. Let’s just set aside the unique ones to use as a punch line. As I was teaching them, everyone was earnestly listening to me. In this world, never mind the internet, even books haven’t really promulgated yet so these kinds of conversations are probably essential.

「So, why do you guys want to know this? You probably didn’t want to know about Suzuran, right?」
「Ahー… That’s because we were doing some light reading using introductory-like books at the town’s bookstore the other day」

They probably aren’t lying about that.

「Hey, I’m been wondering about this for a while now but the thing you’ve been chewing on isn’t dried meat, isn’t it? Since it has a really grassy smell」

As expected of a dog. He has a better sense of smell than the rest of us.

「A, ahー. Uhm……that is… Poisonous plant」
「Well, this is just a story I heard but if you ingest poison just to a degree that you won’t die, you’ll steadily build up resilience to poison. That’s why I continued doing it. Incidentally, the first time I did this, I was just grinded a leaf and drank a watered down solution. However, the next day my health took a turn for the worst so you should be careful if you’re going to try it」
「That’s because not just anyone could do it. I haven’t even heard my mother say anything about that」

So elves don’t do this…… I see, so they aren’t even aware of it in the first place…

「Is that so? Could it be that there are no cases of poisoning anywhere?」
「That only happens to royalty and nobles. Those who are living normal lives aren’t going to be served poison, you know?」
「That’s right so you should stop doing that」
「Well, it’s fine since I’m still alright. I can already chew on a leaf and still be fine when I couldn’t even handle a bit before you know? I could probably eat two right now and still not die」

I smiled as I said that but I could easily see that they were taken aback by that.

While we were having that random conversation, Schinken suddenly said,

「That reminds me, the village chief said, ‘If you see Caam-kun, please tell him that I’m looking for him’. What was that about?」
「Ahー I can pretty much guess what he wants. It’s probably about the expansion of the fields. It seems like I’m treated as an expert when it comes to using magic for agriculture. Remember his speech during the harvest festival? I’ve had a bad premonition about that since that time.」
「Ahhー he said that didn’t he… What will you do?」
「Like this, I guess」

As I said that I started creating a simple image.

『Image・1 meter x 1 meter x 20 centimeter of soil rising up then settling down・execute』

I activated that thing that I imagined right in front of our eyes. The soil in front of us turned soft as it made waves and settled down.

「See, I used an image of digging up the soil with a shovel. With this, I’ve removed the need to plow. Next is…」

『Image・mix the surface of the soil in front like a whirlpool ・Execute』

Like an old washing machine, the soil started spinning and became even softer.

【Skill・Offensive Attribute・Earth: 3】acquired.

Oh? It’s been a while since that went up.

「What I thought up was something like this. This will break up the large lumps of soil」2

The three idiots were impressed.

「With this, it won’t get clumped up once we scatter the seeds. Just as I thought, you really are amazing」

I stepped on and touched the soft soil in front of us. The impression of magic being used for attacking is definitely strong it seems.

After that, it turn into an indecent conversation where we talked a bit about what happened after we separated. I could only say nothing but my condolences to Speck.

A bit after that, we returned to the village and I started asking around about where to look for the village chief. That’s because I don’t have any idea where that person usually is. Rather, he really elusive and he only appears whenever you’re searching for him. He always appears behind me though for some reason.

「I am the village chief desu3

Uwaa! He came from my back again!
Furthermore, I felt like we was able to say that really irritating line without hesitation It’s decided, I’m going to kill him.

Well, since I really can go and kill him, I’ll just endure it.

「Was there something you wanted to ask me?」
「I talked about it during the harvest festival, about the expansion of the fields. I was thinking of gathering all of the village’s men together to do it. You see, I want to decrease the burden even a bit so I’m looking for a good method for doing that. Caam-kun is good at using convenient magic, right? Depending on the circumstances, we can also pay you a reward.」
「Y-yeah… Well, I can probably do it if it’s only that much」
「Oh, so you’re able to do it. That’s splendid. Could you show it to me for a bit? I was thinking of clearing the sides of the road towards Aegirine town for the expansion plans. There are also grass needed to be cut there」

We continued our conversation while walking.

「How much land do you plan to cultivate?」
「Around ten fields worth. Based on this years sowing and harvesting, we won’t have any problems adding that much」
「Will there be no troubles when it comes to scattering the seeds?」

It’s has not occurred to me to think about magic for sowing seeds.

「We just randomly sprinkle that around, right?」

Ah, is that good enough? I thought they systematically line them up when planting seeds. If that’s the case then wouldn’t it be simpler if you just let the wind carry it?

We continued walking towards the town and arrived at the designated area.

「I’m thinking about placing the first field around here」

was what he said while pointing towards an open area.

「For now, we’re trying to clear it up as much as possible before winter comes. It’s kind of waste just to leave this land as it is」

Although he said ‘about ten fields worth’, a single field is a hundred square meters. A single field may seem large but it’s quite small compared to the overall picture. I had this image of a golden wheat field as far as the eye can see but that’s actually impossible in reality.

In my previous life, young people were leaving their villages in order to find work. This started to accumulate and those places became depopulated and eventually turned into deserted villages. Farming is the main source of income in this world. Well, there are no other sources of income in this area. It seems like that doesn’t really need any special education based on what the chief said about randomly scattering seeds.

「Chief, are you thinking about extending the fields as our population increases?」
「Well, if there are people, the fields will also increase and that will lead to the village’s prosperity」
「How about trying to think that the extending in fields would lead to increase in population?」
「What are you trying to say?」
「Please wait, I’ll show you」

After I said that, I activated the magic I showed to Wurst and the others earlier. Bit by bit, the soil rose up then dropped back down and became softer soil. Then the soil was mixed to make it softer. The village chief’s body trembled while in awe.

「It was that simple…」

He mumbled as if he was speaking to himself.

「How many of these can you do!」

He excitedly raised his voice while ignoring his aged body. Chief, speaking in such a loud voice is bad for you health you know?

「Ehー? I still haven’t tested it out so I don’t know. Should I do it until I get tired?」「Please!」

He immediately replied.


I kept uttering that as I turned over and mix the soil until it was soft. As discussed with the village chief, I left room for carriages to pass as I continued plowing the fields. One field took ten minutes. When I finished plowing six fields, I started feeling lightheaded so I called out to the village chief.

「I’m feeling a bit tired with this much」

With this, I’ve already finished six, one hundred square meter fields. It exceeded half of the number of fields that the chief was thinking of cultivating.

「This much in just a day……」
「You want me to do more?」
「No, but scattering seeds and harvesting…」
「Get someone else’s help」

I said that voicing out my complaint.

「Chief? In the first place, is it alright for me to make it if it’ll just be left unused? It’s fine to use that as a place for grazing cattle or to rent out to villagers who need it, you know? This area doesn’t belong to anybody, right? In that case, the people living in the village would escalate」
「Y-yeah, I see. I’m sorry but the talk about rewards will have to wait. There are various things I have to think about and that pretty much increased. Can you give me some time?」
「Well, I don’t really mind. The one who’ll decide whether or not to implement it will be the village chief; however, please give me the rewards for the six fields I made, okay?」

I said that in a small voice and decided to go home. I didn’t particularly tell my parents about what happened and just went to sleep after maintaining my machete and knife that I threw in the forest. It’s not like I didn’t want to talk about it but there wouldn’t be any point since nothing has been decided yet.

The next day, it seems like the meeting that was held in front of the field that I cleared yesterday has started.

「Caam-kun did all of these before the sun went down. Because it would be a waste to leave the plowed field as it is, would it be okay we loan it to someone who wants to use it?
If we do that then wouldn’t the people who are just coming to the village just to use it build their houses here so that it they won’t waste their time traveling?
I’ve been thinking about this but isn’t it better if we just build a house here and rent it out? As an experiment, what do you think about building two as we expand our farmlands? If we do that, village’s resident’s will also increase.」
「If that’s what the village chief says then I don’t have any objections. However, what do the others think?」

After a single villager said that, there was no one in particular who voiced out their disagreement. It has been decided that we would build houses and lend them out as a set to people migrating to the village.

Twenty years later, Beryl village became the continent’s largest producer of wheat. The residents increased, shops and smithies were built and its population no longer classified it as a village… but that’s another story for another time.

「Caam-kun, the plan has been tentatively decided」

The village chief told me as he filled me in with the details of the meeting.

「First of all, it was decided to continue as planned and make 10 fields. Including the finished ones, we will compensate you with twenty gold coins for all of them. What do you think?」

What do I think? I would have thought it reasonable even if he told me that I would be getting one or two silvers for a hundred square meter field. Considering adult labor and various other things, how many people and how many days would it take? It would only take two days for me so if the daily wage is ten silver, wouldn’t I be considered as one of the top earners in this world? Only for two days though.

「Y-yeah, that’s alright. That’s enough for me since I haven’t finished my schooling yet」
「Then, I’m sorry about this but aside from the remaining four fields, could you also teach the image you used to those who can use earth magic?」

I wonder how it’s handled when you’re teaching unique magic in this world? Things like a secret formula or hidden arts come to mind but it’s not like I know any of those. Do they just immediately teach magic that aren’t too dangerous?

「That’s fine with me. Since it makes our lives easier, I’ll teach it to as many as you like」

Replying with a smile, I started to plow the remaining fields.

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