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The march of the Demon Wolves has begun!

Chapter 51: Arrived at the enemy base! But we can’t find it!

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

We are currently running through the forest in pursuit of the skeletons’ trail.

「Gau! (My king, the scent is getting stronger! The enemy might be just ahead!)」

「Wan wan (Ooh, really? Everyone, make sure you can run away in case things go south)」

「Gau gau! (Your majesty! We Demon Wolves aren’t so weak that we would run away in the face of an enemy! Please utilize us to the best of our abilities!)」

I see that Baru is here as well.
The old wolf that acts pretty much like Garo’s chaperone gave me a reassuring reply.

「Wafu…… (Well, if you’re looking for a weak soldier, there’s one over here……)」

Hello, Routa here. A weak soldier who wants to run away.

My complaints were just swept away by the wind since it didn’t reach the other Demon Wolves.
It would have been better if they had at least reacted to it at least.

「Gau! (Over there my king!)」

We finally reached our destination but what greeted us was just a massive field.

「G-gau……? (W-what……?)」

We thought there would be enemies waiting for us so it was a bit anticlimactic.

The Demon wolves were certain that the source of the scent came from here so they were sniffing around all confused with their noses on the ground.

「Chuー (Hmm, this place. Something seems off about it)」

「Wafuu (What? There’s nothing there to see though)」

「Chu chuー (It’s like I can sense their presence even though there’s nothing there. Is it some kind of illusion……?」

That must be because the other party isn’t just a regular person but part of the top brass in the Demon Lord’s army.
It’s also possible that the enemy has laid a trap for us so it would probably be dangerous to stay here for too long.
It might be better if we leave this area at once.

「Oh my, you sure took your time」

A voice suddenly resounded which caused everyone to turn towards its source.

「Gau! (You fiend! Identify yourself!)」

Garo growled at the person holding a wide-brimmed, cone-shaped hat who was in the center of the field.

「Wafuu (That’s no fiend, that’s just Hecate)」

She always appears out of nowhere all of a sudden so I’ve already gotten used to her antics.

Sometimes, she’s our household’s family doctor, at other times, she’s an intellectual witch of the forest.
However, her true identity is the alcoholic elf, Hecate Luluars!

「Grrrr (A mysterious witch…… If I am ordered to by my king, I will strike(bite) you down)」

「Wafuu (Stop it. You are residents from the same forest so you should get along. Bad girl)」

「*whimper*ー (Y-yes……)」

After having Garo, who was baring her fangs, settle down, we went towards where the said witch was waiting.

「Wafuu (Yo, Hecate. I haven’t seen you lately. Have you been busy?)」

「Routa-kun, you’re still the same as ever, aren’t you? Haven’t you ever heard of the word “doubt”? That’s a really important thing to have you know~?」

I don’t really get what you’re on about.
Is it really that strange to want to say hello to a friend you haven’t met in a while?

I definitely don’t understand what this witch with a charming smile is thinking about.

「Wafu wafu (Since you’re here, does that mean that you’re aware of the situation?)」

「Yes, that’s right. I thought that perhaps you might have some trouble around here so I was waiting for you」

She always does things like this as if she can see the future. It’s like she’s omniscient or something.

「Chuー! (Quit putting on airs! You could have told us earlier if you knew about it! We would have been able to finish this earlier today if you did!)」

「Quite impatient, aren’t we~? Well, the reason why you can’t find your destination is because you’re only looking at the surface」

Surface? What does that mean? Is their base located underground?

「To put it more accurately, it appears to be a different place due to a barrier. You won’t be able to find it if you just search for it normally. It’s essentially the same location but it might be easier to understand if I say that it’s in a different world」

「Chuー (A barrier huh…… I’m not very familiar with that type of magic. That must be the reason why I couldn’t identify it……)」

「Nya~ (Ren-sama always goes for the brute force approach after all~. Out of all the magic you’ve learned, most of them probably are towards the offensive side)」

「C-chuー! (W-what was that!? I’ll have you know that I can use other magic like transformation magic!)」

「Nya~n! (I’m against violence desuー)」

While wondering how a cat is being bullied by a rat, I asked Hecate a question before the conversation deviates any further.

「Wan wan (Okay. I get that there’s a barrier. The question now is how are we going to break through?)」

「I can remove it but it will take some time」

「Wafuu (That’s not good. I have to go back before the sun rises)」

「If that’s the case then we’ll have to forcefully break it open. If we continuously pour mana into the barrier until it completely exceeds its capacity, we’ll be able to flush them out. Now then, among all of us here, the only one who’s able to shoot out that much mana is……」

After she said that, everyone’s eyes gathered at me.

It’s all up to me, isn’t itー?

It seems like the vomibeam’s turn has come. 1

†   †   †

「They’re late……! Why hasn’t anyone returned……!?」

The necromancer Richie was getting irritated/impatient. 2
Unaware that his trusted skeleton soldiers have already been turned into dust, he rested his elbow on the stone throne and started making clacking sounds with his fingers.

「Does this mean that all of those soldiers were wiped out……? That’s just absurd…… That feat should be impossible unless the opponent is a hero」

At that moment, Richie must have realized that possibility since he lifted his head up in surprise.

「! Does that mean that this generation’s hero is already on to us!? This is not a good sign. Now is not the time to be looking for Nightmare. I need to move our location before this graveyard gets discovered……」

The graveyard that served as Richie’s stronghold was the source of his mana. It was a land where a large number of skeleton soldiers lay dormant.
By disrupting space with a barrier and burying it underground, he made it so that no one would be able to find it.
As long as he is at that graveyard, it is possible for him to create an endless undead army.

The graveyard is an important location for making soldiers in their forthcoming invasion of the human world.
Until the Demon Lord revives, it’s a place that he must protect.
There was no time to lose. He must relocate before the being who is most likely a hero gets wind of their location.

「I-if I don’t hurry……!」

As he raised his khakkhara to begin casting the technique required to transfer the graveyard, a crack started forming on the dark and gloomy sky.

「W-what in theー」

Just how much mana had been poured into that shot that it was able to get through that place that was influenced by the underworld without even undergoing normal procedures.
Before he could figure out what was happening, a pillar of light from the sky pierced Richie’s gigantic body.

The necromancer was eliminated before he could make an appearance (´・ω・`)3

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Well as he was ‘pierced’ and has(had?) a giant body (even ignoring the graveyard) there shoud be a bunch of bones left.


Thanks for the chapter desu~


Routa: I’m a weak soldier…

Also Routa: *one-shots one of the Demon King’s strongest subordinates before he meets them*

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