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Chapter 50: Suppression complete! But then, the invasion begins!

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

「N-nightmare… you fool… Why…? Why won’t you go back to necromancer-sama……?」

The final skeleton reached its arms towards Mea as she poked her head out from the stables.

「Hihiーn! (H-hiieee! Necromancer?! Who’s that?! D-don’t come hereー! Stay awayー!)」


Ren stood up in front of the skeleton to prevent it from seeing Mea then crushed it with her feet.

「Wafuー (Ahー, I was trying to keep that one alive to gather information……)」

「GARORO (There’s no use in interrogating a loyal soldier. And even in the unlikely event that they decide to talk, there’s no way to ascertain if the information they’re giving out is true. It’s still best to gather information for yourself)」

「Wan wan (But even so, I just wanted to know where these guys are coming from……)」

「Gau gau (My king, if it’s about these skeletons, they seem to be coming from the east)」

「Wafun? (Do you know anything about them?)」

「Gau (Yes. With the noses of our fellow Demon Wolfkin, we would lead you to them without fail)」

As if to say that they can get it done, the Demon Wolves who were sitting in a row gave off a single bark.
They really are reliable, aren’t they? I need to make sure to give them another reward.

「GARORO!(Alright, let’s go, my dear! We shall vanquish the source of all evil!)」

Ehー? That’s way too much trouble~.

……is what I wanted to say, but Papa-san already heard the racket earlier. It was a good thing that he was drunk today but we might get discovered if another large army comes here tomorrow.

If that’s the case then we’ll have to settle this today.

「Wafuー…… (Still, a necromancer, huh……? If what was written on that book was true, then it should be one of the subordinates of the Demon Lord)」

I don’t think we can win no matter how you look at it.

「GARO (If it’s just the likes of the Demon Lord’s subordinate then they’re no match for you, my dear)」

「Gau gau (I agree with the dragon princess. They are not an enemy of Routa-sama)」

Ugh, it hurts if you look at me with such sparkling eyes.
I’m just an ordinary puppy with a former corporate slave inside you know?
Just where is that trust of yours coming from?1
I don’t think I’ve done anything to warrant that.

But still, if I don’t do anything here, my pet life would end anyway so……

「Wafu…… (Haa…… I don’t really want to do it but I guess I have no choice……)」

I just want to live a peaceful and lazy life so why do problems keep cropping up one after the other?
It must be the fault of that useless goddess who doesn’t listen to people.
I’ll definitely complain the next time I meet her.

「Gau! (Listen up everyone! The king is going to war! Assemble the troops!)」

「「「Gau gau gau! (Our king! Please feel free to make use of our strength!)」」」

A double file of Demon Wolves started marching into the forest.

「Chuー (I guess it’s better this way since we might get discovered by the residents of the mansion if we flew all the way there)」

After transforming into a rat, Ren climbed up my body and sat on my head.

「Nya~ (Well then, this Nafra will also help herself~)」

Nafra jumped on my back and sat down like she’s in a box.

「Wafu wafu (Oi, you guys. You can walk on your own, can’t you?)」

「Chuー (I was just running wild a moment ago. Let me take a short rest, will you? Anyway, I can now understand why you didn’t participate in the battle and just stayed at the back. You were intimidating the enemy so that they won’t attack the crops and horses, weren’t you?)」

No, I was just scared so I retreated.
I’m being completely overrated, aren’t I?

「H-hihin (U-uhm)」

「Wafu? (What?)」

「Hihin hihin! (Why……? Why are you being so kind even though those skeletons came here for me……? Even though I might also be one of them!)」

It seems like she’s worried about the words the skeleton from earlier spoke.
It said to ‘return’ to the necromancer’s side after all. Whether she’s their ally or not, it seems like Mea came from their side.

「Wan (Well, that’s not the case anymore, right?)」

「Hin……? (Eh……?)」

「Wan wan (At this moment, you are already the Faulks household’s horse right? That’s why you aren’t one of them)」

「Chuー (That is correct. Although you may be a packhorse, you are a part of our family so why would we abandon you?)」

「Nya~n (They are both right desu~)」

「Hihin…… (B-but……)」

「Wafun! (There’s also those carrots you stole from the fields! You still need to work hard to pay all of those back!)」

Just how do you expect me to explain to the old man if his beloved workhorse suddenly disappeared?
Zenobia-chan too, she’ll probably think I ate you. There’s no doubt about it.
There would be no escape for me then.

「H-hihin…… (I-is it really okay for me to stay here……?)」

Hearing the anxious voice of Mea, the Illusive couple who were at the neighboring stalls poked their noses out.

「Brrr (Isn’t that obvious?)」

「Hihin (We are already a family you know?)」

「H-hihin…… (O-oji-san…… Oba-san……)」2

Then, Mea whose eyes were filled with tears suddenly opened her eyes and said.

「Hihin! (Routa-san! Please take me with you!)」

「Wafu? (Oh? Are you sure? Aren’t you scared?)」

I didn’t expect to hear that from a scaredy horse like you.

「Hihin! (I want to know who I am, and more importantly, I want to stay with everyone here! That’s why I will go and tell that Necromancer-san to stop attacking my home!)」

「Wafu (I seeー)」

I don’t think they’ll stop just because she told them to but if Mea wants to know her true identity, there’s no reason to stop her.

And besides, she already managed to escape once so if things go south, I’m sure she’ll do all that she can to run away.
I should know since I plan to do the same.

「Wafuu (Alright, shall we go then?)」

「Hihinー! (Yes!)」

Running after Garo and the others who went ahead, we departed towards the eastern part of the forest.

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While I agree that he’s (probalby mostly out of denial) underestimating his strength, just ’cause that beam is strong and so far nothing managed to harm him, doesn’t mean that he’s unbeatable. Given that the demonlord and co. are a legendary threat, his worries are warranted. His information about their strength is a dragon, who’s not reliable at all and stories. She may have actually met them, but i’d say chances are 50/50 that she just says that ’cause she considers anyone other than him weak. Also his battle skills are basically just defence and beam attak, so he can… Read more »


I haven’t read ahead of the translation, so I’m not spoiling, but my impression so far is that Routa is used, maybe only unconsciously, of his durability. Thus he can get scared, but not terrified.

Like going to watch a horror movie. You might get scared, but it’s not real. Or a horror house/haunted attraction.

Last edited 3 years ago by Filip

Routa Bom vivam


Thanks for the chapter desu~

Did he forget? He’s a fenrir. He’s underestimating himself way TOO much.

Dragon waifu’s strong, but stupid, though. Maybe her confidence comes from having met the Demon Lord’s subordinates in the past and fighting them or just being confident as a strong, long lived, dragon?


Well, since Routa isn’t trembling, running away, or even releasing some yellow liquids, I’m sure he’s not that scared/terrified.

It could be he’s used to his cheat-like specs, or the hunger for those bones is getting to him. Remember that the necromancer is also a big bunch of bones, and some time ago he felt some shivers, after Routa crunched on the remains of his soldiers.


Something tells me he’s not the only Demon Lord’s subordinate that’s going to be destroyed by Routa not long after their revival… ?


Thanks for the 50 chapters! I look forward to the inevitable conflict with his newest chew toy!

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