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The mutt has acquired the taste for bones.1

Chapter 48: A fine horse! But it was actually a packhorse!

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

Lich, who was the graveyard’s head necromancer was feeling the chills with his meatless bone body.

「W-what is this……? This chill, it’s as if I’m having an audience with the Demon King……」

The reason why that sensation seemed familiar was that it was the same feeling he felt when he was kneeling in front of the ruler of all monsters, the Demon King.

「Don’t tell me…… Has the Demon King resurrected……!? No, that can’t be it. The hero’s seal is still active. I should be able to tell immediately if it breaks. If that’s the case, just what in the world is this chill……」

Lich stared at the empty sky while holding his trembling arms as he says that.

「The soldiers I dispatched also didn’t return…… Just what is it that’s going on over to the west……!?」

Sensing that there was a powerful existence caused Lich to feel impatient.

「I won’t be able to make a move without knowing what the enemy looks like. It seems like I have no choice but to dispatch more soldiers…… I will have to put off the retrieval of Nightmare for now. This time, I should prioritize having them return to bring back information……」

After saying that, Lich began summoning soldiers with a wave of his shaking hand.
He did that with a slight feeling that it might just be for naught.2

†   †   †

「Wafuー (The weather’s also fine today, isn’t it?)」

Since summer’s almost here, the heat gets trapped inside the carriage so I had my head out of the carriage window, feeling the wind on my fur.

Right now, we are heading to Ojou-sama’s favorite spot, the sacred lake, in order to cool down.

Well, it seems like this sacred lake is not so sacred though. I mean, it doesn’t seem to have any holy powers at all.
The true protectors of the forest were the ones we revitalized with the meat party we held yesterday so I’m sure that they’re once again working hard to get rid of the violent monsters today.

Do your best, Demon Wolves. Don’t worry about me. I leave maintaining the peace in the forest to you.
I have the really important mission of playing with Ojou-sama after all.

「Routa, Routa」

The Ojou-sama hugged my neck tightly from behind.

「Wafu wafu (Oh noes. Ojou-sama, how bold. Well, I’m a dog so it’s totally fine. You can fluff me as much as you want)」

「Hnnー, Routa’s so fluffyー」

Yep, I’m soft and fluffy alright.
Ojou-sama also smells really good so I’m happy getting hugged and I’ll take every opportunity to get hugged. This way, everybody wins in this master and pet relationship.

「Hihiーn (The two of you get along well, don’t you? I’m jealous)」

Mea, who was running along the side the carriage came closer to my face to say that.

「Wan wan! (No way! Ojou-sama is only my master. Go away! Go awayー!)」

「Hihiーn (I-I didn’t say thatー) 」

Fufun, I’m the only one that Ojou-sama can fluff. Get your jealous gazes away from me.

「You bastard, are you trying to eat my horse……?」

Zenobia-chan, who was riding Mea, asked that in a threatening voice

「Wafurururu (No no no, don’t be absurd!)」

Drat, is she still suspecting that I’ll cause harm to this household?
Please stop that okay? I’m just a harmless beast after all.3

Or rather, why are you calling her “your horse”? You do realize that Mea is under the custody of the Faulks’ household, and not yours, right?

「A strong gait, obedient, and you can clearly see that it can understand detailed instructions. You probably won’t be able to find a horse like this around so often. With all of those traits, there’s no doubt that you’re a wonderfully fine horse」

Zenobi-chan took one hand off the reins and gently stroked Mea’s neck with it.

「Hihin (Ehehe, that makes me happy. Onee-san is a good person, isn’t she?)」

You can only think that way since I’m the only one she’s really hard on though.
I wish she’d stop treating me like a monster at the very least.
And besides, that so-called horse of yours is actually a monster. Once her transformation comes undone, she has the appearance of a grotesque zombie horse you know?

Zenobia-chan is so distrustful of everything so how come she doesn’t notice it?
Why does she only activate her all-seeing eye when it comes to me?

「O-Ojou-samaa, we’re about to reach the lake soon so please return to your seat」

The one who said that was the loli maid Toa-chan who was seated in the coachman’s seat.
She looks a bit nervous as she grips on the carriage’s reins.

「Brrr (My, oh my. Are you uneasy about the way we walk?)」

「Hihin (Fufu, we’ll never let this carriage shake though, isn’t that right? You can even stake the Faulks household’s name on that)」

「Brrrrr (Ha ha ha, good grief. We’ve been drawing this carriage long before the young lady was even born you know?)」

The Illusive couple who were pulling the carriage side by side started having a lighthearted chat after hearing Toa-chan’s uneasiness.

Well, if it’s this couple, we would probably be able to go from the mansion to the lake and back without any problems even if there was no coachman manning the carriage.

Still, I wasn’t expecting Toa-chan to be able to handle coachman duties.
When I think of her, I can only see a clumsy maid who drops laundry after all.
Well, she only dropped the laundry because she was surprised from seeing me though!

「W-will that girl be alright I wonder……?」

Miranda-san the senpai maid said that while listening in to what was happening in the coachman’s seat.
It seems like she’s also in charge of Toa-chan’s training so she’s probably feeling uneasy from what she’s hearing.

Well, even if she’s nervous, she’s getting used to holding the reins so there should be nothing to worry about but we should just do as she asked.

「Waffu (Now, now, let’s take a seat alright Ojou-sama?)」

「*mumble* *mumble*」 4

I stepped away from the window with the Ojou-sama still clinging to my neck.

After a while, we eventually arrived at the lake without incident.

†   †   †

「Take this, ei」

「Awawa! Ojou-sama, that’s not fair!」

Ojou-sama and Toa-chan have changed into their swimsuits and are now playing in the water.
Looking at these beauties innocently playing is absolutely precious.

「O-Ojou-sama, I-I can’t swim desu! Please don’t lead to a place that’s too deepー!」

「It’s okay, I also can’t swim!」

「That’s not okay at allー!」

No, rather than playing together, it’s just one playing with the other.
Toa-chan who was on the verge of crying was being pulled all over the place by the Ojou-sama.

Well, there are only a few that are close to the Ojou-sama’s age in the mansion after all.
Due to her training, Toa-chan hasn’t had much contact with the Ojou-sama until recently. Now that she’s finally gotten used to her job though, she has also started attending to her.

It seems like Miranda-san is still her main maid but they’re probably thinking that it’s better if she has someone that’s closer to her age.

Actually, Ojou-sama even looks like she’s having more fun than usual.

I wonder if that’s a good thing.
Well, I guess I’ll just swim at a distance so I won’t disturb them.
No, that doesn’t mean I’m going to be a voyeur. I’ll just watch over them. I’m a firm believer in the phrase, “YES Loli, NO Touch” after all.

「Ohh? My feet can’t reach the bottom!」


Uh-oh, looks like it’s my turn.

I doggie paddled my way towards where they were and put myself between the two of them so that they can hold on to me in place of a floatie.

「Waa, thank you Routa」


Ojou-sama who had an innocent smile and Toa-chan whose nose was dribbling in snot from her fear held on tightly to my body.

「Wan wan (Yes yes. It’s dangerous so let’s go back to the shallow area okay~?)」

Even if two people cling to me, my Fenrir body does not sink.
As we reached the shallow area, there was an angry Miranda-san waiting for us there.

「Toa! Rather than protecting Ojou-sama, are you planning to drown together with her!?」

「I-I’m sorry senpai!」

「N-now, now, Miranda-dono, What’s important is that they’re both safe. It’s a nice and safe place over here……」

It’s rare for Zenobia-chan to be on the calmer side of things.

Well, I guess that’s understandable. Zenobia-chan also can’t swim after all.
Based on Zenobia-chan character, she should have been the first one to jump in the water to save the Ojou-sama but she’s probably the type to sink like a rock when she enters the water so she has no choice but to leave it to me.

「Wafu~n? (Isn’t that right, Zenobia-chyan~?)」

「! H-Hmph」

Seeing me give her a smug look, she immediately turned her gaze away. Pew, bulls-eye.

「Ojou-sama, your body will get cold if you stay in the water for too long so let’s go back and take a break okay?」

Miranda-san put a towel over Ojou-sama’s and Toa-chan’s shoulders and let them sit by a sunny place.

「I will be preparing tea right now so please wait for it there」

「Miranda, please don’t scold Toa. It was all my fault……」

「Don’t misunderstand, Ojou-sama. Despite being our master, it is a maid’s duty to prevent you from doing any kind of dangerous behavior. Toa must grow into a splendid maid for the Faulks’ family and because of that, both of you will have to be scolded. Please prepare yourselves after you finish drinking tea okay?」

Oof. It seems like Ojou-sama has stirred up the hornet’s nest.


Miranda-san had a sweet smile on her face while Ojou-sama and Toa-chan shrunk down.
I feel bad for them but this is for their growth so I’ll just watch over them while holding back my tears.
And besides, I would hate it if I also get scolded if I try to butt in.(← His true intention)

After moving to a place further away, I shook off all of the water from my soaked body. Everyone would get wet from the water that splashes if I stayed back there after all.

「Chuー!? (W-what’s happeningー!?」

Ren got thrown up high in the sky due to the force from me shaking my body.

「Wafuu (It’s fine, it’s fine……… Gotcha)」

After catching her on my fur, I went under a shade of a tree in order to dry off.

「Chuー (What were you even doingー……?)」

「Wafu wafu (I made sure to catch you right? It’s your fault anyway since you’re always asleep)」

I won’t allow you to be more of a leecher than me who’s the pet here.

「Wafun (Hey, you two. Sorry for always making a ruckus in the middle of the night)」

「Brrr (It’s nothing. A horse of the Faulks’ family wouldn’t be perturbed by just that much you know?)」

「Hihin (He just doesn’t want to show Mea his bad side. Isn’t that right, Grandpa?)」

「Brrr (Good grief…… You always need to have the last word……)」

They really do feel like an old couple. I’m honestly kind of jealous of how close the two of them are.

「Chuー (I hope we also have that kind of relationship someday)」

「Wafuu (I’d gladly welcome it, as a friend)」

「Chuー (That’s not it. I want us to be more intimate with each other!)」

I think that’s physically impossible though.

「Wan (How about it Mea? Have you gotten used to things?)」

「*munch* *munch* (Eh? Get *munch* used *munch* to what? What *munch* are *munch* you *munch* talking about?)」

Mea who was stuffing her cheeks with weeds, lifted her head and started mumbling with her mouth full.

「Wafu…… (You either eat, or you talk. Don’t do both at the same time…… Come to think of it, you’re also pretty gluttonous aren’t you……)」

Why is our household full of freeloaders like these?

「Wafu (If you’re like that then it doesn’t seem like you have any problems living here)」

She’s the one pulling the wagon so she’s useful to the old man, and even Zenobia-chan seems to like her.
……wait. Doesn’t that mean she’s rated higher than me?

「Hihin (I’m really happy. Everyone is very kind and I can even eat delicious food. I can’t remember what it was like before but I think I’m am the happiest right now)」

「Brrrr (Umu umu. No matter what your past is, you’re already a part of the Faulks family. That’s why you should stay here forever)」

「Hihin (That’s right. In fact, we’re really happy that we got ourselves a daughter you know?)」

「H-hihin (C-can I really stay here?)」

「Brrr (Isn’t that obvious?)」

「Hihin (Yes. Let’s become a family, shall we?)」

Seeing the warm look from the old couple’s eyes, Mea’s tears started pouring out.

「H-hihin…… (I-I…… I…… uuu…… I’m…… I’m happy, very very happy……)」

「Wafuu (*sniffle* Don’t make me cry you guys……)」

I would have been rubbing my nose right now if I had a finger.

「Chuー (Hey, my dear……)」

「Wafuu (What’s is it? I’m having a moment right now so don’t bother me)」

「Chuー (Her body’s starting to be transparent though, are you just going to leave it be?)」

「WAFUU!? (EH!?)」

Just as Ren said, when I looked at Mea, her body was certainly becoming transparent.

「Hihin (I’m really happy desu…… Ahh, I’m getting sleepy and my body and soul feels light……)」

「WAN WAN! (I-is she passing on now that she’s contentー!? R-Renー ! Hurryー!」

「Chuー……(Good grief. At this rate, she’ll always try to ascend whenever something makes her happy you know……)」

We were able to forcefully cancel her ticket to heaven after stacking a couple of the transformation technique casts on her so we managed to avoid any problems.

Delicious food? Ascension ( ˘ω˘ ) Being welcomed into the family? Ascension.

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Hmm… Kinda sad that there are no more translated chapters. Well then, let’s see how far the LN made it after 3 volumes translated. Heard another one will be translated by may 2020, so I should probably keep that date in mind. I just hope the official translators didn’t screw up the entire novel by localizing it too much and being too liberal in their translations.


Checked it out, for anyone interested in knowing, chapter 48 of the WN corresponds to around halfway through chapter 5 of volume 3 in the LN, the novel has 6 chapters so that’s some WN chapters more. Should be plenty of new content though, seems there are a fair amount of new characters too. Can only say that the initial glance was a bit disappointing, like writing “ren” as “len”, it just doesn’t sound good, Len doesn’t even sound like a proper name. Sigh. The noises of the animals turned into things like “bark” “whinny” “neigh” “meow” “whicker” “squeak” “squee”… Read more »


Thank you for the new chapter!

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