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The Demon Lord army’s soldiers we crushed by a dragon’s tail

Chapter 47: Dogeza! But then, a meat party!

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

「Gauuu!! (My apologies!!)」

「W-wafuu? (O-oh, what’s up?)」

Garo suddenly appeared before us via a sliding dogeza.

After the skeletons were thoroughly pounded by Ren’s tail into the ground, we were about to go to the forest to ask Garo and the others about that matter when we were met with this.

「Gau gau……! (My king, please forgive us……!)」

Then, she apologized while retaining that posture.
Even the other Demon Wolves were prostrated on the ground together with Garo.
They looked like melted mochi when viewed from the front which was pretty cute.

Damn it. Don’t do a move that’s cuter than me who’s a pet.

「「「Gau gau…… (Please forgive us……!)」」」

The Demon Wolves were trembling with their tails curled under their legs as if they have already given up on life.

「Wan wan (Wait, as I said, what’s wrong? At least explain to me what’s happening. I wouldn’t understand even if you apologize all of a sudden after all)」

Hearing that, Garo stood up and sat down in front of me.

「Gau……(Yes. Actually……)」

While in the proper seating posture, Garo relayed to us the sequence of events

「Gau gau (A few days ago, the number of monsters started to increase)」

「Wan wan (What does that mean? Is it the same as before, during the time I first met you guys?)」

If I remember correctly, there was a naturally spawned dungeon at that time which was causing the number of monsters to increase.

「Gau gau (Yes. We have already found several of those branching labyrinths. We’ve had to deal with all of them and due to that, we weren’t even able to meet with you like this……)」

「Wafun (Ahー. Well, if that’s the case then I guess it can’t be helped)」

There was only one labyrinth back then and there were already monsters outside of the forest so of course, they would be busy if there are multiple of them.

That’s not something I need to condemn them over.
I even think that the Demon Wolf-kin are working way too hard you know?

「G-gau……! (We gratefully receive such generosity……!)」

「Wan wan (Anyway, did those skeletons earlier come from the labyrinth as well?)」

Those guys were trying to take Mea back with them so I wonder if she also came from a labyrinth.

「Hihin? (Is that true?)」

Don’t ask me.
I don’t know them so how am I supposed to know?

Still, Mea sure is carefree. She’s just tilting her head that’s peaking out from the stable.
I really shouldn’t forget that she’s actually a monster.

「Chuー (What do we do now my dear?)」

Ren, whose tail has returned to a size that’s proportionate to her rat body, ran up my back and sat on my head.

「Chuー chuー (This forest is your territory, right? Are you just going to leave it alone?)」

「Wafu wafu (Hmmー. there are some things that are bothering me but let’s just check out these labyrinths, shall we?)」

If I remember correctly, if an ordinary monster enters the labyrinth, they would get enticed by it, wouldn’t they?
I’ve heard from Garo that it has a nice scent but it only smells like a bathroom deodorizer for me so I don’t have a problem with it.

If you wanted to entice me, you should have made it smell as good as the Ojou-sama.

「G-gau! (Y-you will lend us your assistance?)」

「Wafun (Well of course. You help your friends when they’re in trouble right?)」

Well, I wouldn’t really know. I didn’t have friends in my previous life after all!
I wonder if friends are actually like that!


……haa, That was pitiful. I can only remember sad things from my previous life so I’ll just stop.

「Gauu!? (F-friends!? That’s way too much of an honor for us……! We, the Demon Wolf-kin, are only your faithful retainers……!)」

Hmmmー. I just wanted to get along better but these guys still want to overthrow the humans right?
It would be difficult to control the demon wolf-kin if they don’t respect me so it would probably be a good idea to continue acting as their king.

「Wan (Alright, let’s go before dawn breaksー)」

「Gau (Haha! Let me guide you there!)」

†   †   †

「Gaoooooooooon!! (MOUTH BEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAM!!!)」

My vomit beam, which was actually the ultimate destruction magic, pierced through the ceiling causing it to collapse.

「Gau! (That was splendid, my king!)」

With the collapsing labyrinth behind me, I went back to where Garo and the others who were watching from a distance.

「Chuー (I can withstand this smell well enough but it’s difficult even for me to get that close. As expected of my husband. That’s the strength that a wife can be proud of)」

Ren jumped back on to my head and started doing her usual wife act but I ignored it like usual.

「Wafuu (Garo, how many more of these are there? Let’s hurry up and get rid of all of them. I’ll leave it to you to guide us there)」

「Gau! (The next labyrinth is over here!)」

After catching up to Garo and the others who went ahead, we ran through the dark forest.

「Gau! (My king, over there!)」

As soon as we discovered the labyrinth’s entrance, we were immediately enveloped by that fragrant scent.

I walked past Garo and the others who couldn’t get any closer, shoved my head into the entrance,

took a deep breath, and then,


After it has been successfully destroyed by my vomit beam, I immediately ran after Garo to the next one.

「Gau (It’s here!)」


「Gau! (And here!)」


「Gau! (And here as well!)」


「Gauー (Over hereー)」


Just like that, we ran all over the forest, meticulously crushing the labyrinths one at a time.

「*pantー* *pantー* (W-was that the last one……?)」

「Gau gau (Yes. The labyrinth that collapsed just now was the final one. Good work, my lord)」

「Wafun…… (Ahー, I’m tiredー…… My throat hurts from shouting too much……)」

「Chuー (You must have ridiculously high mana if you’re only tired after continuously firing out such high-level magic. If it was someone normal, they would have dried up and died just from a single shot you know?)」

After saying that while seemingly impressed, Ren jumped over from Garo’s head back to mine.

「Wafu wafu…… (This body is only useful during times like these…… If only I wasn’t a Fenrir, I wouldn’t have to go through so much effort pretending to be a dog…… On second thought, never mind. I wasn’t like this, I wouldn’t have been able to protect the Ojou-sama. But then, if Zenobia-chan hadn’t been suspicious of me in the first place, I would have stayed with her forever as her guardian…… Hmm……)」

「Chuー? (What are you on about?)」

「Wafu (Nothing~) 」

My thoughts were just going around in circles so I decided to stop.
In the meantime, I should just do what I can in order to protect this pet life.
I won’t allow anyone to get in the way of my lazy mongrel life.
My vomit beam can destroy labyrinths in a single shot you know?

「Gau (We are truly thankful for your help in saving us from our misstep on this occasion)」

「「「Gau gau gau!!! (Thank you, our king!!!)」」」

Now that we had gotten rid of the labyrinths, the demon wolves who had dispersed came back.
They all gathered and prostrated themselves in a circle around me.

「Wafuu (Ahー, it’s fine already. That’s enough. You can take it easy)」

Although I said that, the Demon Wolves still retained their posture.

「Wafu (Nafra sure is taking a whileー. It’s been a while since I asked her to do that but……)」

「Chuー (Come to think of it, where is she? Did you send her on an errand?) 」

「Wan (Yeah. I was just thinking that it’s about time)」

「Chuー? (About time? About time for what?)」

Just as Ren asked that, the ground began to glow white.
It’s Nafra’s space magic.

「Nya~n (I’m late~. It took me a while to gather all of them because of the large amount)」

There was a massive fell around the area where Nafra landed.

「Gau!? (T-this smell……!?)」

The smell was so enticing that Garo, who was at the helm of the circle stood up without thinking.
It’s a giant lump of wild boar meat that’s been dried and cured using distilled spirits.

It’s been a month since we hunted that thing.
That large amount of meat has now evolved into a flavorful cured meat after passing through the old man’s hands.
The old man said it would be even more delicious if we let it cure for some more but it’s already ready to eat so I had it brought over since I thought it would be a good opportunity to be able to eat with everyone.

Of course, these are a separate portion allocated by the old man specifically for the Demon Wolves.
I didn’t just bring it without permission okay?

「Wan wan! (Thank you for protecting the mansion and the forest everyone! I think there are still more monsters left to defeat but you may eat these to restore your spirits)」

Although I think that the old man’s cooking is super tasty as well, I think that the raw meat-eating Demon Wolves like it as well.

As evidence of that, they all started drooling as they unconsciously stood up and wagged their tails.

「G-gau! (W-wait everyone! The king hasn’t given us permission yet!)」

Garo was able to hold back but even she can’t stop her tail from wagging.
It would probably be terrible of me if I make them endure it any longer, wouldn’t it?

「Wan! (Go ahead and eat!)」

「「「Gau gau gau gau!!! (Thank you, our kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!)」」」

Hiii, that’s kinda scary.

The demon wolves bared their fangs then simultaneously jumped at that lump of meat.

*chomp* *chomp* *crunch* *crunch* *scrape* *scrape* *swallow* 2

They ate everything, bone and all.
They’re all pretty wild, aren’t they?
I grew up in the city you know? That’s why I can’t eat anything unless it’s the old man’s cooking.

「Nya~n! (Tastyyyy!)」

「Chu chuー(Hoho, Curing is completely different from rotting, isn’t it? It tastes different from fresh meat that’s still dripping blood!)」

It seems like it was just me who was a delicate flower.
Ren, Nafra and the rest of the demon wolves were all munching on the meat together.

I wonder if Mea would faint if she saw this scene?

「Nya~n? (Aren’t you going to eat, Routa-san? It’s really tasty you know?)」

「Chuー? (What’s this? It’s rare for you not to gluttonously eat food that’s in front of you)」

I don’t want to be called gluttonous by someone like you.
Although I say that, I am getting kinda interested after seeing them eat it so deliciously.

「Wafu…… (I-it’s not like I’m envious or anything okay?)」

I tried saying a tsundere-ish line but I really am starting to feel left out since I’m the only one who has nothing to eat.
Perhaps it’s because I have this kind of body but I don’t feel like I’ll hate eating raw meat. Rather, I even think it has a nice, appetizing smell.

「W-wan wan! (I-I guess I should try eating it as well. Hey, let me have a bitー!)」

I couldn’t win again my Fenrir body’s feral instincts okay?

「*munch* *munch* (What’s this? How can unseasoned raw meat be so tasty? The fat tastes sweet and the whiskey like smell is really good!)」

When I’m in the mansion, everything I eat is cooked by the old man so I may not have this opportunity again to taste the raw ingredients.
I’ll use this opportunity to give it a good taste.

「*crunch* *crunch* (The bones! The bones taste good as well! To be precise, it’s the fluid inside that’s really tasty!)」

The wild boar’s bones are no match for a demon wolf’s tough jaws.
With that, everyone stuffed their cheeks full of meat until there was nothing left.

「Wafuー…… (I’m full…… I’ve just learned that even the bones taste good)」

I wonder if the skeletons that Ren crushed were tasty……?


†   †   †

「H-how curious. What was that chill I felt just now…? Just how is it possible for me, who is an undead necromancer, to be able to feel things like a chill……?」3

In a place far away, the demon army’s general who was waiting for his subordinates to return, shivered at the predator he has yet to see.

Look…… (´・ω・`) It’s potential pet food……

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Thanks for the chapter desu~

What gives the bone its flavour? The marrow?

Do undead that have been dead for a long time even have marrow? Or do all large dogs find bones to be chewable and tasty?


Not sure, but it may be the magic power in them, since Routa is pretty much a top tier magic pupper (a huge pupper).


I don’t think magic power is very tasty, though, or even has a taste…


Well, a being literally made up of potential dog bones would do well to avoid a fenrir.

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