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The sandwich is tastyー!
The sandwich’s tastyー!
The sandwich’s tastyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

But no horses were harmed in the making of the sandwiches (´・ω・`)

[TL: There was a pun here that had to do with uma(ウマー) which means delicious or tasty and uma(馬) which means horse. I just gave up and settled with this…… I’m sorry author, I failed you……]

Chapter 46: Attacked by the army of terror! But the tables have turned!

TL: kizen
ED: Gecko/Filip

In the eastern part of the Feltberg forest, there is a cemetery at the untouched savage lands located in the Faulks margraviate’s border.

These should have been lands where no human has ever set foot on but it’s lined with all sorts of gravestones.

The countless grave-markers made out of stone were weathered to the extent that they’re already crumbling away, making you wonder how long that graveyard had been there.

There also was purple miasma blanketing the area and not a single plant can be seen growing in the cemetery grounds.
The surrounding trees are still in the process of rotting however, and that shows that not much time has passed since the miasma started spreading from the cemetery.

「Has my disciple not returned yet……?」

The sound of someone muttering could be heard from the cemetery along with a rattling noise, similar to bones rubbing against each other.
The density of the miasma had also increased at the same time.

「It shouldn’t be difficult to bring back the horse that ran away though……」

This figure was listlessly muttering while on top of a desolate hill overlooking the cemetery.
He had a hoarse voice like an old man and was absorbed in his own thoughts while seated on a stone throne, dressed in a robe that’s as dark as the shadows.
Rather than a king, he looked more like a heretic priest with that outfit.

The outfit he was wearing was already frightening but the one who was wearing it looked like the epitome of fear itself.
He has a large physique but his size obviously exceeds that of a human.
The head of the throne he sat was even taller than a house.
The khakkhara that he was holding with his right hand was as large as a pillar, and the jewelry hanging by his neck were as big as boulders.

But above all that, there wasn’t any flesh on his giant body.

No skin, no muscle, nor any internal organs. What was underneath the robe was a skeleton that looked like cracked porcelain.

You may think that it was just a large skeleton because of that but looking closely, it wasn’t just an ordinary skeleton.
There were countless smaller human bones gathered to create the shape of each bone which in turn formed the giant skeleton.

A place to gather corpses to be used for building bones, that is what’s concealed underneath the giant’s throne.

If there’s anyone who knows about the great war that happened a thousand years ago, they would probably scream and go mad after realizing that this being is one of the 5 great demon generals from the demon king’s army, the necromancer Lich.

「I don’t think a human could have destroyed my disciple but some kind of problem must have occurred……」

Not knowing that his proud disciple had been crushed by a dragon’s tail, Lich pondered while grabbing his sake cup.

「Oh dear, it seems like things don’t always go the way you want them to. It has been more than a thousand years since we, the Demon Lord army, got sealed by the hero. It’s a good thing that the seal has finally started to crack but the only one who awakened was me…… It seems like the hero’s seal is still powerful enough to maintain itself……」

As he placed his elbow on the throne, the sound of countless bones rubbing against each other could be heard.

「Come to think of it, what was the name of that hero again……? I really shouldn’t forget the name of a sworn enemy. Were my memories affected by the seal? I can’t recall it at all」

At this point in time, Lich had woken up only a few days ago.
There was a moment when the seal that was placed on the region weakened as if large-scale black magic had been used nearby.
Lich, who is immortal and excels in magic, took advantage of that opportunity to slip out of the seal but he must have forcefully torn through as he was somehow unconscious when he got out.

「Nightmare also seemed to have forgotten the face of its creator…… Is that why it left my side?」

As Nightmare saw Lich’s face, it ran towards the west while screaming, “Ghosts are scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!’.

「I immediately had my disciple go after it but since they still haven’t returned, I will need to send additional soldiers, won’t I? Nightmare is a phantom steed that I staked my own life to create after all. It needs to be retrieved so that I will have something to present to the Demon Lord-sama when he eventually gets resurrected」[TLN: I’ll just assume the demon lord is a male for now]

After saying that, Lich raised his left hand in order to start the summoning.
The miasma that leaked out from the cuff of his robe gathered over several gravestones and started to condense.
Then, the ground cracked and skeletons started crawling out of the tombs.

「You called, Necromancer-sama?」

The skeletons knelt to show respect to their lord that was seated on the throne.

「My faithful disciples, I want you to bring back Nightmare who ran away to the west of here. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about, however, something might have happened to one of your brethren who I sent ahead. That’s why you should be careful」

「Haha, we appreciate your concern, my lord! However, we are your unparalleled undead soldiers so even if those feeble humans or something else starts to kick a fuss, we will still retrieve your warhorse for certain!」

The skeleton soldiers responded like loyal samurai upon receiving their lord’s decree.
Seeing that, Lich nodded in satisfaction.

「Yes, yes, that’s right. Be it humans or whatever enemy comes your way, you won’t be defeated. I will be waiting for your hasty return」

「「「Yes sir!」」」

With the equipment they were summoned with in hand, the skeleton soldiers marched westward from the cemetery, emanating an aura of strength and terror.

Anyone who faces them would just be overrun by these undying troops.
At least anyone brave enough to do so.

†   †   †1

*Smack* *Smack* *Smack* *Smack* *Smack*

The sound of a tail smacking resounded at the fields in the middle of the night.






「So easily!?」

This is quite a thorough beat up if I’ve ever seen one.
There were skeletons lined up in a row being mercilessly crushed after all.

「Wafuu (Good grief. Something like this always happens whenever we come here……)」

I continued to watch the skeletons get excessively beaten down while sprawled out on the ground.

「Chuー (Don’t just lie there, my dear. Why am I doing all the work……)」

Ren mumbled as she used her reverted tail to smash the skeletons.

「Wan wan (Just like the how the saying goes, those who do not work, don’t get to eat. You’re just repaying for the times you just lazed around)」

「Nya~ (I think it’s amazing how Routa-san can just blatantly ignore his own shortcomings and criticize others like thatー)」

「Wafuu (Yeah, yeah. Now, you work too, Nafra-kun)」

「Nya~n (I already worked you know? Look, aren’t I teleporting the escaping skeletons back to Ren-sama?)」

As Nafra beckons her paw, the skeletons, who were retreating while somehow regenerating from being squished by Ren’s tail, were instantly brought back.

Then, they get mercilessly crushed once again and the skeletons smashed to smithereens.

It’s a pretty terrifying combo if you ask me.

「Kuaaafu (Make sure you don’t damage old man’s fields okay~?)」

After yawing, I rested my chin on my front paws.

When we first met these skeletons, I had another moment of incontinence since they looked terrifying but when they’re like this, it is even more boring than just watching something going around a conveyor belt.

You can’t really call yourselves an overwhelming force when you’re like this.

「Hihin (Awawa. Did these people also come here searching for me?) 」

Mea, who poked its head out from the stables nearby, was trembling as it said that.

「Wafun (Who knows? I sure don’t but if these guys continue to advance, they would have trampled on the crops or more importantly, reach the mansion that’s just ahead)」

If that’s the case then we can only eliminate them.
I should get rid of anyone who will mess with my pleasant pet life after all.
Well, it’s Ren who’s pulverizing them though.

「Brrr (That’s not good, Mea. You’re already a horse of the Faulk’s household so you need to conduct yourself in a dignified manner)」

「Hihin (Uncle, Mea’s a girl you know? That’s why I can’t help but be scared)」2

The Illusive couple, who were in the stalls on the left and right of the frightened Mea, nuzzled their noses against her to comfort her.

「H-hihin (S-sorry for being afraid……)」

「Hihin (It’s alright, Mea. When push comes to shove, you can just depend on our household’s wolf to save you)」

「Hihiーn! (Is that true? Is Routa-san going to protect me?)」

「Wafu wafu (Wait, don’t look at me with those eyes full of expectation. What are you expecting me, who’s just an ordinary pet, to do? ……or rather, you were a female all along huh?)」

「H-hihin (T-that seems to be the case desu. Ehehe)」

Why are you being bashful?
Even if I can’t tell what gender an animal is at all, that information is totally irrelevant to me.
Like, why would I even need to know that you’re actually a horse girl who uses boku?3

「Chuー! (Oi, you stupid packhorse! You were trying to flirt with my husband just now, weren’t you!? I」

While still flattening the skeletons with her tail, Ren pointed her tiny rat finger towards Mea.

「Wafun…… (It doesn’t matter anyway. And even if it does, I’m not a furry so it won’t have any effect)」

「Chuー (That’s right. He is devoted to me after all. I should have not suspected my husband of infidelity. Forgive me my dear husband)」

「Wan (Hmmー, how strange. We should be able to communicate but my words don’t seem to have any effect on this conversation)」

「Chuー (Our relationship has already exceeded words after all! I can understand immediately without you even speaking my dear)」

How can this spinster be so optimistic?
I think her persistence is pretty impressive in a way.

「Wan (Still, these skeletons, where did they come from? Garo and the others are always patrolling the forest though so I’m pretty sure they’ll let me know if there’s something amiss)」

It would have been difficult to miss especially for Garo and the excellent Demon Wolves after all.

Then, should we ask them about this after we clean up?

I decided on that while Ren, who still was hitting the skeletons with her tail, was wriggling her body about while being wrapped in her delusions.

Iyan iyan, bitan bitan4 (´・ω・`)

The second volume of this novel’s manga serialization has now started and is available at Comic Walker and Nico Seigaー (*´ω`*) If you find Routa’s funny faces and Zenobia-chan’s crying face irresistible, please go ahead and visit those sites. Links below.

Linking the same ComicWalker page in the last chapter since the LN is just below the manga part

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