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Anyway, I’m going to start copying how the chapters are formatted in syosetu since the author notes are kinda in an awkward place. Let me know if you prefer it this way or the one before.

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Three lines that easily summarizes the last chapter.

Was made to work instead of the horse.
Honey apple soda is tasty~.
It’s time for lunch you know!?

Chapter 45: Tasty sandwichesー! But then, squishy!

TL: kizen
ED: Gecko/Filip

The long-awaited lunchtime is here!

Everyone gathered and sat on top of the picnic blanket laid under the shade of a tree.

Miranda-san the maid and old man James the cook were going to wait until Ojou-sama and the others finished eating, but due to Ojou-sama’s request, we all sat in a circle and ate lunch together.

Ojou-sama is really kind. Meals taste better when eaten with everyone after all.

Anyway, I’m already at my limit. It doesn’t help that my uselessly high-efficiency nose keeps on getting a whiff of the scent of the sandwiches for a while now that I can no longer stop myself from drooling.

My tail, which was wagging so much from anticipation, has been hitting Zenobia-chan’s cheeks but that’s not really something I need to worry about.

「You bastard……」

Zenobia-chan was starting to knit her eyebrows but I’ll just ignore her.

That’s because, right now, the picnic basket that’s about to be opened takes precedence!

「I will be distributing the sandwiches now so please let me know if there is a particular one you like」

The large basket made from the branches of a willow tree that was packed full of sandwiches has finally made its appearance.
Then, Miranda-san took out a pair of tongs and slowly put the sandwiches on plates.

「Wafuー! (Those look goodー! Isn’t this a lot more than usual!? There are more varieties this time)」

Each slice of bread had a vibrant color from the various vegetables and nuts kneaded into the dough. They were all filled with an assortment of ingredients that it was difficult to find two of the same sandwich.

「Oi oi, calm down. It’ll be fine even if you don’t get anxious like that. I made a lot after all. That way, you won’t eat Ojou-sama’s portion as well」

The old man, who was seated in front of me, laughed seeing my front paw shaking.

It seems like they brought a lot more than the usual number of sandwiches for me whose appetite has been increasing lately.1

「Wafunn (As expected of the old man! You really get me, don’t you!?)」

I don’t know if this is just part of my growth period but I really can’t help myself from feeling hungry.
I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself from eating food if it’s as tasty as the old man’s dishes though.

To be honest, I wish I grew horizontally instead of what’s happening right now since the more I eat, the fitter my body gets. I’m actually aiming to be a rich person’s fat dog after all.

Supple limbs, sharp fangs, and big sharp eyes and ears.
Unー, no matter how you look at me, I’m a demon wolf, who is pretending to be a dog, but is actually at the summit of the demon wolves, the demon wolf king.
Damn it, who was it who made this body! I know it was you, you carefree goddess!

It seems like the point in which my dog act will continue to work will be over soon.
I should immediately start working on a measure to counteract that.
Well, I already have a hint as to what I can do. I suppose I’ll have to try that method out sooner or later.

「Wan wan (Well, that is that and this is this. Right now, I should just focus on the sandwiches in front of me, right~?)」

「Nya~N (True, true~)」

「Chuー chuー (Hey, when are you going to hand over my share? You would not want me to be found by that cook over there now, would you?)」

You’d get exterminated if he finds you after all. I wonder why exactly did she decide to transform into a rat?
Those kinds and the black ones are a cook’s greatest enemy after all.2

Well, that aside, it seems like the plates have been distributed.
Shall we start with the food tasting then?

Looking at the ingredients sandwiched between the multi-colored bread, the first one that caught my eye was pretty basic. It was one that just had an extra thicc tamagoyaki in it.

「Wan wan (Let’s eat~!)」

I vigorously bit into the sandwich after saying that.
The lightly toasted thin bread that was used in the sandwich gave off a crunchy texture when bitten into.
Then, after getting through the bread that has a savory aroma, there’s still the voluminous tamagoyaki waiting there for you.

「Wafuu…… (Whoaー, what’s this? It’s so fluffyー)」

The sweet-flavored tamagoyaki was moist, but also soft and it melts in your mouth.
Moreover, the mustard that was spread on the bread was hot so each bite was filled with a never-ending combo of sweetness and spiciness.

「Nyafuー (This fish sandwich is also really deliciousー)」

Nafra picked the salmon and caper sandwich huh?
The smoked smell of the salmon really complements the acidity of the pickled capers.

「Nya~n (Ren-sama, which one are you going to eat? How about one with the fried fish insideー?)」

Even while Nafra was eating her own share, she was also being considerate and giving Ren her share.

While making sure that the old man wasn’t looking, she sneakily tears up a small chunk of the food on her plate then, just like when we ate that cured ham, she used her magic to make it float to my back where Ren was hiding.

Then, upon receiving the food, Ren eats it while making sure she doesn’t spill anything in order to not make my fur get dirty.

「Chuー (Hey Nafra, I would like to eventually eat something other than fish……)」

「Nya~ (Ehー, how about this one with oiled sardines and cheese then……?)」

「Chuー! (Doesn’t that have fish in it as wellー!?)」

Hmm, I wonder what happened to that cat who said that she hates rats when they met? These two get along pretty well now after all.

Even with the next sandwich, Nafra still picked what she liked.

「Nyafufuー (The saltiness of the fish combined with the mellow flavor of the cheese makes it really delicious you know~?)」

「Chuー…… (No, I can’t deny that it tastes good but I’d rather try something else……)」

「Nya~n (Uhmー, then, would this one with the fried white fish meat inside do?)」

「Chuー!! (Are you even listening to meー!!)」

It seems like Nafra’s favorite sandwiches are the ones with fish in them. Is it because she’s a cat?

Speaking of which, I’ve heard in my previous life that cats are carnivores by nature so they actually like meat more than fish. They only got the image of liking fish afterwards.
During ancient times, there wasn’t a practice of eating meat, and fish was the only available source of protein, so the meat-eating cats had no choice but to eat that or so I’ve heard.

But, now that I’ve thought about it, this cat isn’t the same as those kinds of cats. She’s just Fraemon, the homunculus in a cat’s shell after all.
She just simply likes fish, that’s all.

「Chuー……! (You useless cat, stop making a fool out of me. Do you want me to show you a dragon’s might once again……!?)」

「Wafun (Okay, okay. Calm down, Ren. I’ll just let you have some of mine)」

I pinned down Ren who was getting ready to jump out from my fur while saying that.

Isn’t it kind of a waste to turn back into a dragon over such a thing?

Since this dragon has a sweet tooth, I’m sure she’ll love this thicc tamagoyaki sandwich.

To hand it to her, I held a piece of it in my mouth, flung it in the air, and caught it on my back.

「Chuー chuー (Fumu, I apologize for the trouble my dear. Nevertheless, for a member of the proud dragon race to have to eat their meal sneakily like this…… Even though the world should already be thankful for my compassion, these humans are…… Whaaaa!? This is delicious! Delicious you know!? Hey, my dear! This is delicious, I tell you!)」3

「Wafu wafu (Yeah, yeah. Good for you)」

Just as she was about to start uttering her complaints, she did a complete 180 and started singing high praises for the sandwich she tasted.
Although she has lived for over a thousand years, she still has the heart of a child, doesn’t she?
That might also be the reason why she used the form of a little girl when she transformed into a human a while back.

「Wan (Now then, I wonder what I should pick next……?)」

I guess it’s about time for me to choose one with meat.
I’ve been eyeing that sandwich with the extra thicc tonkatsu in it for a while now after all. The pink meat that can be seen from the cross-section looks thoroughly cooked but still has all of the savory flavors left in it. It’s just asking to be eaten. And so I will.

「Hihiーn! (Routa-san~. I beg you desu~. I want to eat too!)」

Mea, who was tied to the carriage in the distance, started crunching its forefoot on the ground as it neighed.

「Wafun (Ugh, geez. Fine. Just one okay?)」

I still haven’t had enough after all.

I got up, took a sandwich with carrot and corn salad paste in it, and carried it to where Mea was.
If it’s this then even a herbivore can eat it, right?
That guy’s true identity is a flaming undead skeleton zombie though so it’s probably different from a horse.
They said they liked carrots though so let’s just go with that.

「Are you handing out Mea’s share? Routa is really kind, isn’t he?」

Dehehe, I was praised by Ojou-sama.

Ojou-sama joined me, and we walked together to deliver the food to Mea.

「Wafuu (Here you go. You can eat this)」

「Hihin (M…mouth-to-mouth is a bit…… I’m feeling shy desu……)」

How fussy. I’m not exactly ecstatic about a horse getting all bashful about this.

「Wafuu (I’ll just drop it on the ground if you don’t want it)」

「Brrrrr (Hawawa, I’ll eat it! I’ll eat it)」

Mea bit the sandwich I was holding in my mouth after saying that.

Just as I was observing Mea’s cheeks diagonal movement while chewing, the horse4 suddenly opened its slanted eyes wide.

「HIHIーN!! (IT’S REALLY TASTY!!! You’re telling me that I was able to eat something this delicious……!? I can die happy now!)」

「Wafun (Wait, wait. Don’t you dare. You haven’t really started working yet after all. At least work for what you’re eating)」

「Fufu. It was good, wasn’t it?」

Ojou-sama stroked the bridge of Mea’s nose as she said that.

「Ooh, it’s nice and squishy」

I don’t know if she liked the sensation but she started single-mindedly touching the tip of Mea’s nose.

「Brrrrrr! (Hin! If I get patted like that, I would feel too happy and I’ll…… I’ll………!)」

「Wafuu (I said no. Will you stop trying to ascend? Sheesh)」

And with that, we continued to enjoy our lunchtime.

The serialization of the manga adaptation of Wan Wan Monogatari has begun todayー.
It’s really interesting so please read it okay~! (*´ω`*) Link below!

Link to Woof Woof Story page on Comic Walker JP

According to the manga translation group, the Woof woof story manga might have been axed. I’m not really sure about that but the “Next Scheduled Update” part on the manga’s comic walker website just says “Undecided”.

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