Chapter 42: Incontinence! But they won’t be forgiven!

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

AN: The pee doesn’t stop (´・ω・`)

The large blade kept on rotating as it flew.

The scythe’s blade that should have split my belly open, separated itself from its base and disappeared into the bushes.

「………… ……wha……t……?」

The dumbfounded skeleton just stared at its scythe while being hit by my urine which was still going.

Did you know?
A large dog’s pee time is super long.
The amount that comes out just keeps increasing by the minute.

Not to mention I’m a large-sized wolf that’s even bigger than a calf right now.
If I had to compare the amount to something, it’s similar to the output of a hose that’s connected to a fully open tap.

It’s more of a BISHHHH now instead of a pshhh.
The warm liquid was starting to permeate into the cloth.

There was some vapor rising from the wet cloth that was clinging into the skeleton, which was making its seedy figure even more distinct.
If it can still somehow feel with those bones, it would be really uncomfortable. I was engrossed with that kind of thought while I continued urinating.

「Wafu…… (Ah, uhm…… sorry)」

As I bashfully apologized once again, I heard a burst of laughter coming from the stables.

「Nyaー! (Pfftー! Do you pee on everyone you meet!? Just how far does Routa-san’s unique fetish go! AHAHAHAHA!)」

Nafra started rolling around while laughing.

「Chuー (Guhaha. How bold. As expected of my husband)」

Why is Ren so cheerful?
She proudly puffed her chest like she was the one who did it.

「Chuー (You, skeleton over there, please forgive my husband for being rude)」

Ren cheerfully laughed as she had a friendly chatter with the skeleton.
After that though, her eyes narrowed as she said.

「Chuー (……however, you are sentenced to a thousand deaths for raising that blade of yours against him)」

The moment Ren finished saying that with a cruel sounding voice, her small tail transformed into her dragon one.

With it being clad in those thick scales, her long and massive tail looked like a steel whip.

Only her tail was dragon-ized so it looked like her rat transformation was coming undone.
It’s definitely too big for a rat. If I didn’t know better, I would say that it’s a tail growing out of the ground.
She’d probably get crushed just by the actual weight of that tail, wouldn’t she?

While I was thinking that, the large tail suddenly became a blur.*

「Chuー (Die while regretting your grave mistake)」

There wasn’t even time to stop her.

The dragon’s tail which broke through the sound barrier went above me who was still belly side up and swept the skeleton to the side.

It wasn’t even able to do its death wails. Just with a dry sounding thud, the skeleton turned into dust and scattered all over the night sky.
It didn’t shatter to pieces, it just turned into fine bone dust.1
That large mass that broke the speed of sound blew away the entire metaphorical candle that was the skeleton’s existence.

Because of the terrifying thing that just passed by my head, my pee decided to stop.
The opening unexpectedly shriveled up.

「Chuー (Hmph, even if it’s someone inferior, I will not forgive anyone who points their blade at my husband)」

Ren haughtily said while proclaiming her victory.

I cAn ReAlLy FeEl ReN’s DeEp AfFeCtIoN tOwArDs mEEE. 2
ShE ReAlLy WaNtS mEeee.
I’m sO hApPyyyy

I can’t help but let out a dry laugh to that.

「Chuー (My dear. I will utterly destroy anyone that tries to harm you like that okay?)」

「W-wafuu (O-okay, that’s good. Also, we’re not a couple okay? Stop trying to casually make it a fact)」

She’s physically strong but has a weak mentality.
It would be dangerous if she really gets angry.
She’s been giving off yandere vibes recently so I should try to not tease her as much.


The voice of the pulverized skeleton could still be heard.

「This vessel of mine is under the protection of necromancer-sama…… As long as my master has mana……, I will continue to revive……」

Who the hell is that necromancer?
It looks like another unknown character has appeared.
No wait, I feel like I’ve heard of someone similar somewhere.
Was it in one of the books that Ojou-sama read?

Leaving aside where I got that knowledge from, does this mean that this guy right here, who is the underling of the said necromancer, has infinite lives?

Just like what the skeleton guy said, his body regenerated starting from his feet.
It was an amazingly fast regeneration rate. Even its scythe was recovering its shape.
At this rate, it’ll only be a couple of seconds more until it fully regains its shape.

「Wan wan (What should we do!? What should we do!? Isn’t being able to infinitely recover like that a cheat!? How sly!)」

「Kukuku…… I won’t make the same mistake twice. I’ll cut you all down……」

The skeleton’s half-regenerated skull started crackling as it laughed.

「Chuー (Fumu. Is that so? If that’s the case, then how about this?)」

After saying that, she immediately crushed the skeleton without remorse.

*splat* went the skeleton as it was squished to the ground.

「W-wafu? (Eh? Uhm, excuse me Ren-san?)」

I shivered at her inability to read the mood with that strike.
The skeleton was trying to look cool just now you know?
Don’t you have the compassion to at least let it finish speaking!?


Just as the shattered bones started regenerating, it’s immediately crushed by the dragon’s tail.

「I-it’s futile……」







*whack whack*
*whack whack whack*
*whack whack whack whack whack whack* 3

Ren continued hitting the skeleton with her tail indifferently as if she was hammering an iron nail.

Just how much time had passed.
After a while, the skeleton’s groan could no longer be heard.

Because of that, Ren lifted up her tail from the already sunken ground.
The remains had been mixed into the ground to a point where you can no longer differentiate which is which.

「Chuー (Hmph, it wasn’t that difficult)」

「Wafu…… (Uh, it’s no longer moving……)」

「Chuー (Even if it says it won’t die as long as mana is supplied, there should be a limit if the source isn’t nearby. If they won’t die, you just need to keep killing them until they do)」

Such a barbaric was of thinking.
This girl’s terrifying.
She’s usually on the verge of tears in her rat form so seeing her true character is really scaring me.

「Wan (Still, just what in the world was that guy? The “Nightmare” it was talking about was that packhorse, right? Also, just who is that necromancer it was talking about?)」

There should be a lot of monsters in this forest right?
There weren’t any that were able to get out of the forest for a thousand years after all.
The demon wolf race is way too good at doing their job.

But still, a necromancer, huh.
It obviously sounds like some kind of boss monster, doesn’t it?
If there’s something like that in the forest, it should have already been eliminated by Garo and the others.

It would probably be a good idea to ask them about that.
They’re the ones who know about the forest the most after all.

We’ve already found the carrot thief but I feel like this is going to be something even bigger.

「Wan (No, no, no, this is for the sake of living a comfortable degenerate life. I should work hard for a bit more I guess……)」

I realize that I’m saying I’ll do work to avoid working, but I’ll just be stressed if I think about it so I won’t.

Oh no, my experiences during the time I was a corporate slave is coming back!
I didn’t want to make use of those!

「Nya~ (Routa-san, did you know? That’s called putting the cart before the horse)」

「Wan! (Don’t say it! I won’t be able to escape reality if you do that!)」

A thousand-year-old spinster pedo yandere dragon’s scary (((´・ω・`))) [TL: The shaking intensifies] 4

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