Chapter 36: Hot Spring! But then, transformation!

AN: Thank you all for waiting! The new and improved opening! (´・ω・`) There is some news as well!

「Wafuuuuuuuu…… (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……)」

Oho, that was quite an old man-like moan if I do say so myself.

「Wafuuu (Iya, still, this size doesn’t seem to be enough for me, is it~……?)」

Submerging my body that hasn’t fully grown yet into the hot water caused it to gush over the stones that we lined up earlier. The water makes my fluffy fur spread out and the hot water seeps through the gaps. It fees unbearably good.

The moon up in the night sky looks as fluffy as an omelet and it’s light was shining through the steam that’s covering the hot spring.

Iyaa, a hot spring illuminated by the moonlight sure is elegant.

Last time, I was with Ojou-sama so I jumped in while frolicking around but this time is an adult only party.
Because of that, I can take my time enjoying the hot spring.

Too bad that the adventurers weren’t able to soak themselves in this hot spring before they went home.

I also invited Garo and the others to bathe with us but they refused because they were worried about the forest’s defenses after neglecting it for a few days from guarding the adventurers.

Even though they’re probably also tired, they ran gallantly towards the dark forest with that thought in mind.

Uーmu, the Demon Wolves sure are hard workers.
I have no doubt that I’m a disgrace towards the Demon Wolf race.
I absolutely don’t care though! The king won’t change himself for anyone after all!

Well, even though we weren’t able to get in together with Garo and the others, it doesn’t mean that this hot spring will go away. I can just invite them again.
Fufufu, this is fun. Even if you already know about it, you won’t be able to run away you know?

「It’s the perfect temperature, isn’t it……?」

The perpetrator who was responsible for the adventurers not being able to use the hot spring because she forcibly transferred the very same adventurers to town said that while sighing.

It was Hecate who was soaking in the hot spring next to me.
To loosen her stiff body, she stretched her arms behind her back
She was stark naked while doing that so it was showing her voluptuous body like usual. Iyaa, it’s a really boing boing boing body, isn’t it?1

「Funyaaa…… (I don’t want to bathe anymooooooore……)」

Nafra, who was washed like laundry by Hecate using the soap she brought, was sprawled out on top of her chest.

She hates baths so it seems like she doesn’t understand what’s so good about this hot spring. I feel sorry for her.

Well, never mind that, I just noticed something amazing.

「Wan (Oooh…… It floats. It’s floating you know……!)」

Those two floating masses were bobbing up and down due to Nafra’s weight.
She would easily pass the oppai challenge.
Breasts sure are great.

「Wan (It would have been nice if we had some beer……)」

Drinking alcohol after a bath is the best but drinking it while you’re still in the water is also good.
Nihonshu would be better during winter but beer would be the best during early summer.

「Ara, if it’s beer then I have some you know?)」

「Wann (Eh? Seriously!?)」

Hecate pointed her index finger upwards and moved it around as if she was trying to draw a small circle.
After that, an empty space opened above her head then a porcelain bottle and a cup fell down.

「This is ale. Unlike lager, there are no hops added into this」

While saying that, Hecate filled the cup full of that amber liquid.

A smooth, white beer head filled the top and drops of water immediately precipitated from the side of the cup.

「Wafu…… wafu……! (Hawawa, look at how cold it is……!)」


Hecate who saw me gulping my saliva, smiled impishly as she tasted the froth that was filling the cup.

「*gulp gulp*」

Her slender throat made a nice sound as it moved charmingly when she swallowed the contents of the cup in one go.

「Fuu…… Tasty……」

Hecate sighed as she licked the foam that remained on her lips.

T-that alluring figure…… I can’t hold it in any longer!

「Wan wan! (Give me one too! A cup please!)」

The beer commercials I’ve seen in my previous life is nothing compared to this. If it’s at this level, I would immediately be tempted to purchase your product.
Heck, I would even be influenced to buy an empty box if it’s advertised like this on the TV.

Wait, she borrowed that beer from our residence right!?
As a member of the Falks household, I also have the right to drink it!
Give me! Give me that liquor!

「Fufufu. Are you going to do “that” again?」

Hecate took out one hand out of the water and poured the sake down her fingers.

「Wan wan! (The water is going to get dirty if you do that here! Also, it’s prohibited to get in the water with a towel on! Bad girl!)」

『Chuー (Says the one whose body seems like it’s entirely covered in a towel no jya……)』

Was what kind of retort I was expecting to come but didn’t.

「Wafu? (Huh? Come to think of it, where did Ren go?」

She would usually give a sharp comeback while on top of my head but
right now, she’s not there and neither is she in my mane.
That’s rare for someone who usually doesn’t get off from my body.

「Wan (Hmmー. Well, whatever. More importantly, beer-sama! Please give me beer-sama!)」

I thrust my snout right into the cup in which Hecate poured some of that ale and gulped it down.

「Wafuuuu (O-ohoooooooooooooo……!)」2

I could only taste a little bitterness as the fruity flavor and the fizziness ran through my throat.

It tastes different from the alcohol I’ve drunk from my previous life.
It wasn’t that fizzy but it was oozing with a rich fragrance from when the fruits it was made of were squeezed. It has a strong and filling aftertaste that has a similar aroma of a freshly baked bread.

This isn’t the type that you enjoy the sensation of it passing through your throat but one that you thoroughly savor the taste on your tongue.

「Wan wan (Well, that doesn’t really matter to me though!)」

I’ll still gulp it all down after all! Everyone has their own way of enjoying their drink!

「Oh my, you’re a good drinker, aren’t you~」

「Gafu gafu (It’s just bread with ham in it so why does it fit so well with this liquor!)」

It’s just that delicious okay? Really delicious.

Like that, I enjoyed the hot spring while drinking beer and appetizers directly from Hecate’s hands.

The liquor is tasty, the hot spring feels good……!
That’s right, this place right here is our own heaven on earth3……!

「Kuhaha. My dear, why did you not just call me if you were looking for someone to pour you your liquor?」

Oh, it seems like Ren’s back.

「Wan (How do you expect to do that with your body……)」

It doesn’t matter whether she turns into a mouse or a dragon.
It’ll just be too heavy to lift using one form and the container might break from too much force with the other.
I can only imagine the bottle breaking either way.

Wait. Huh? Why does it feel like she’s talking weirdly……?

While puzzled, I looked behind to find a woman that was completely naked.4

「Wafu……? (……eh, who are you?)」

She had a glossy black hair that’s up to her shoulders, confident almond-shaped eyes with fiery-red irises, and skin that’s as white as snow.5

「Wan (You, don’t tell me…… Ren……!?)」


She said as she boldly nodded. Ren who was in an imposing stance flaunting her own appearance without shame immediately entered the hot spring then started snuggling against my body.

「I’ve noticed it you know? You don’t get excited if it isn’t a young human female’s body so I thought you would like it if I took on a human form」

Kufufu, she giggled. Ren who voluptuously nodded is certainly beautiful.

Looking closely, there are small horn-like things growing from the sides of her head. Her fingernails are also kinda sharp and there’s a small scaly tail swaying around behind her.

There are strange details here and there but she certainly has taken the form of a cute girl.

「I could not really distinguish the difference between the humans’ forms so it took a considerable amount of time to acquire this form」

After saying that, Ren started stroking my chin with her slender fingers while sending me a flirtatious glance.

「How about it, this body? Makes you want to copulate right away, does it not? Makes you want to make descendants right?」

「Wan (No, not at all)」


Ren’s eyes opened wide in surprise at my immediate response.

「W-why……!? Are you not a perverted wolf who desires human females!? Why are you not getting excited seeing this form of mine!?」

「Wan wan! (W-who are you calling a pervert! How rude! Or rather, your current form is way too young no matter how you look at it! I’m not a pedo okay!)」

That’s right. Ren certainly looks cute but that doesn’t matter since she looks like she’s just 5~6 years old.
So skinny, so flat.
Rather than just a little girl, she can even qualify as a toddler. I want to dress her up in a smock.

「W-what!? You keep flirting with that young female in the mansion, do you not? Do you not prefer someone who is younger!?」

「Wan (It seems like there has been a big misunderstanding……)」

If I had to say my preference then it would be someone that’s around Zenobia-chan’s age.
I want to make her cry for no reason then lick her.6

「Wan wan! (In the first place, this Routa isn’t such a useless pet that would just make children without giving my owner prior notice. I just want to be provided for because of my fluff and living in depravity while absolutely distancing myself from any obligations and duties to the society. That is my only desire okay!?)」

Ren’s slanted eyes opened widely as the hard fact was thrown at her.

「N-no way…… So my secret plan was……」

「You just said such good for nothing thing in such a dignified way didn’t you……」

Hecate who was listening to our exchange sighed while drinking her beer.

「U,uu…… What did I go through all that hardships for…… Once this technique has been established, it is necessary for me to forget about this human form in order to acquire a new one…… Just how much time would that take……」

「Wan! Wan! (Don’t ☆ mind! Want to drink beer?)」

「I’ve decided!」

Ren who was grinding her teeth suddenly sprung up.

「It’s the wife’s duty to correct such a useless husband! You were already a pervert to begin with so why not fall even further! It’s already an established fact so take responsibility!!!」

「W-wan wan! (Eh? Waiー. Stoー. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! D-don’t defile meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!)」

「My oh my」

Hecate just blushed while watching me violently resist against Ren’s attacks.

「Wan wan! (Waiー oi! Don’t just look, save me!)」

「No way. I won’t get in the way of someone who’s clearly head over heels for you okay?」

「Wan wan! (Then how about Nafra! Nafra-chan! You’re a good girl. You’ll help me, right!?)」

I asked for help from Nafra who had vacant, tired eyes while sitting on top of Hecate’s breasts.

「Nya~ (Do you want me, who has been jostled around by my master, to save you Routa-san? You’re really funny aren’t you? ……I want to be saved as well desu……)」

「Kuhaha! Nobody can save you now my dear! Prepare yourself!」

「W-WAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (N-NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I don’t want to be a father just two months after I was boooorrrrnnnn!!!)」

In the end, our elegant bathing in the hot spring under the moonlit night still ended up with us horsing around like usual.

Also, I’ll make sure to desperately defend my chastity.7

It has been decided that Woof Woof Story will be published into a book by Sneaker Bunko-sama! (´・ω・`) Yeah!

Its launch will be on the same scale as my first book 『Alto Ciel of the Azure』 (´・ω・`) That is also quite interesting so please check it out.

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