Chapter 33: Onsen Complete! But then, the look of imminent death appeared!

TL: kizen
ED: Filip

AN: It’s weird how useful Nafra’s magic is (´・ω・`) From now on, you shall be named, Fraemon 12

「Wan wan (That’s it. Make sure the rocks are spread out evenly. Do it slowly. The soil that has finally settled might get mixed into the water again if you rush it after all)」

「Nya~n (Okay~. Leave it to me~)」

Nafra continued moving things around with her magic underneath the moonlit night.

With Nafra’s beckoning, stones would rise up from the riverbed and slowly sink to the bottom of the spring.

I’ve determined that the texture of rocks eroded by the river’s flow would make for a perfect floor.
The hot water that we placed inside of the donut-shaped hole was now cold, but the mud that was dirtying it has already settled at the bottom.

We’re lining up the bottom with stone there so that the soil won’t be dirtied every time the water gets disturbed.
Nafra’s magic sure is convenient. It’s like having help from multiple types of heavy equipment.

「Nya~ (How about this~?)」

She took a different sized stone to squeeze into the last crack.
With this, the soil will no longer float around in the water.

「Wan wan (Alright. Next would be a waterway)」

I jumped into the spring and faced towards the river.
After that, I submerged my self until only my face and nose were sticking out then faced a slightly downward angle.

「awoo (Small Beam!)」

In an instant, a hole was made from the spring to the river. That way, water will flow back towards the river on that edge once the spring becomes full.

It’s a natural hot spring after all.
The hot water needs to keep on flowing in order to maintain the temperature so having it flow towards the river would reliably cool it.

「Wan! (Open the gates! Open. The. Gates~!)」

「Nya~n (Yes yes~)」

After extracting the stones that were blocking the large stone in the middle of the spring, hot water started coming out of its sides.
The force of the hot water arching out was quite strong so the already cold water should immediately become warm again.

「Wao~n! (Alright! It’s finishedー!!!)」

「Nya~n (Congratulations~)」

Sensing Nafra’s silent applause caused my loud howls of joy3 to get even louder.

「Chuー? (So? What the heck is this?)」

Ren got on top of my head and crossed her forefeet as she asked me that.
I don’t really care but this fellow hasn’t helped at all this time as well, hasn’t she?

「Chuー (I can see it looks similar to the fountain back in the mansion but…… What are you trying to do with this?)」

「Wafuu!? (Eh!? You still don’t know what it is!?)」

Are you serious?

「Nya~ (Nafra also doesn’t know what it is you know?)」

Un, I’m fine with you not understanding what we’re doing
It would be troublesome if you knew what you’re helping me build after all.
I hope you stay clueless until the time you actually get in it.

「Gau! (My king! I have some news!)」

Just as we finished building the hot spring, Garo along with several demon wolves suddenly appeared in front of me.

「Gau (The adventures will be arriving here shortly)」

「Wan (Ohh, they’re here)」

「Gau (Their party doesn’t have a single wound on them. We have eliminated every monster that was on their way)」

「Wan (Good. You did well)」

「Gau (W-we are extremely honored to receive your praise!)」

Garo and the others prostrated themselves as they trembled from being deeply moved.
They still showing that extreme loyalty of theirs like usual.

Garo and the others don’t wish to be treated equally so I should at the very least compensate them for their work.
It’s fine to expect a reward for everything that they did after all.

Thanks to the Demon Wolves’ nonstop guarding, the adventurers were able to have a peaceful journey.
They weren’t in any danger and they didn’t get any injuries but still, walking all the way here must have been tiring.

That’s what the onsen is for.
The warm water will completely heal your tired body. It’s a hundred times more effective than eating tasty food in restoring your energy.
After going on a fun trip, you go back home in a much better mood.

I name this strategy 『An unexpectedly steamy trip! You can even let it dangle around you know?』.

Eh? What’s going to dangle?
It’s obviously the adventurer’s nether reーーwait, never mind.

「Wan (Nafra, take out the food we stashed away)」

「Nya~ (Yes~)」

After saying that, Nafra activated her space magic.
Every night, we would sneak into the kitchen and pilfer bread, ham, and cheese bit by bit then place them inside a basket.

The adventurers have always been eating those unappetizing rations so they should be yearning for a feast by now.
These are all delicacies made by old man James of course.
They’re all preserved food, but the taste is definitely second to none so their appetite will surely be appeased after eating all of these.

After leaving the basket near the spring, all the preparations are complete.
Then, as the hot spring gets warmer, the steam starts to rise up.

All that’s left now is to meet the guests.

「Wan! (Alright everyone, let’s hide as we watch over them!)」

They all picked out their respective hiding spots whether it was behind a rock or a thicket.

「Waffu waffu (Are they not here yet? I wonder how much longer)」

「Munch munch (Now now, they won’t get here that quickly. Let’s just patiently wait)」

「Crunch crunch (That’s right. Haste makes waste after all)」

「Wan wan! (Whaー. What the hell are you eating!?)」

When I looked at the two of them, they were already stealing the food that’s inside the basket.

「Nya~ (We’re just tasting. Tasting)」

「Chuー (That’s right. They should be honored that they have the great me personally doing the poison test on their food. )」

「Wan wan! (How unfair! Give me some too!)」

「Gau…… (M-my king. A bit more quietly……)」

While we were having the usual argument as we waited, human footsteps could be heard from within the forest.

「Wan (They’re here. Everyone, be quiet. *chomp chomp*)」

「Chuー (You’re the noisiest one here though. Also, I still haven’t forgotten you stealing my cheese……)」

「Nya~ (He also took my sausage……)」

I just took a bit right!?
Don’t act like I took all of it!

Eventually, the silhouette of humans coming out of the forest became more distinct.



The four adventurers who exited the forest were all worn out.

They didn’t encounter any battles so their equipment isn’t damaged at all.
Their boots were just dirty from walking on the forest’s soil.

However, they had the look of death on their faces.
It was to the point where a zombie-like look would have been preferable.
I wonder if they’re even conscious.
The might even look worse than me who died from overwork when I had that five-day all-nighter.

「Chuー (Oh my, how come they all that tired? All that they did was walk, right?)」

「Nya~ (Unー. It probably can’t be helped since they’re just low ranked adventurers)」

「Chuー (Good grief. Humans sure are weak)」

「Wan (W-well, that’s even more convenient for us)」

They should have clearly understood that the forest isn’t dangerous at all along their way here.
All that’s left is for them to experience the onsen and the feast then it will be hook, line, and sinker.

After that, we just waited in anticipation for when the adventurers discovered the reception we prepared for them

AN: Porridge…… tasty…… (´・ω・`) [TL: I’m not really sure about this. Maybe the author was sick?]

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poor hunters, they are mentally drained to the bottom


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I hope the wolves get something tasty too for their trouble of babysitting the adventurers.

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Err… At times, although I love this novel’s fluffiness, I still feel kind of tired and have this desire to facepalm when I see the conversation between a supposed working adult from earth and the ancient dragon… Rather, I feel a bit tired when I see how stupid they can be. Just how much of a moron would you be if you actually didn’t understand that a sudden hot spring and full course meal in the depths of a dark, dangerous forest is something that’s going to freak people out, they’d either think it’s an illusion, hallucination or a trap.… Read more »


Just my opinion, but Routa cared more about presenting a gift, than the adventurers and their circumstances. Something like choosing the present based on its quality, not (really) considering the person you intend to give it to.

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