The parts that were italicized that aren’t the author’s notes are lines that were in Engrish. I’ll just leave them as is. I’ll also decided to just add the characters verbal tics(probably not the right term but w/e) if applicable like Ren’s “nojya” and Toa-chan’s “nano desu”.

Chapter 32: A helper! But then was awakened to a new interest!

TL: kizen
ED: Filip

AN: Want to mofumofu (´・ω・`) this chest hair of mine? This bushy, bushy chest hair. 

「Mufuー. Routa is warm isn’t he?」

Ojou-sama was enjoying my fur while I was lying with my belly up.

「Nn~. How fluffy desu」

Fufu. The fur around my chest is particularly soft, right?
Fluff it some more.

Ojou-sama buried her face in my white fur and was rubbing it as she wrapped me in her affection.
YES Lolita, NO Touch1
However, it doesn’t count if it’s the other party that’s doing the touching.

She’s most pleased with this body of mine that doesn’t have falling hair.
It doesn’t soil Ojou-sama’s clothes and not even a single strand gets pulled out when brushing.
It’s popular with the maids because grooming it doesn’t take up a lot of their time.

There’s also no need for me to be worried that my hair is getting thinner and thinner every time I look at the mirror.
Viva, my mofumofu body!

A maid wearing a Victorian style maid outfit came in and saw Ojou-sama riding on top of my belly while swaying her self around as she played.

It was Miranda-san.
Her neat loose wave hairstyle is wonderful today as well.

「Ojou-sama, it’s about time」

She silently approached and called out Ojou-sama.

「……uu. The fun time ended so quickly, didn’t it?」

Ojou-sama shook her head as if saying ‘No no no’ while it was planted on my chest.

Miranda-san furrowed her eyebrows in deep thought.

「Then, let me just say that I was a little late in getting you Ojou-sama」

「Miranda will get scolded if we do that, right? I’m sorry for saying such selfish things. I’ll be there soon okay?」

Ojou-sama really is a good girl.
She always prioritizes others before herself.
Doesn’t she get tired of that? This mongrel is starting to get worried.
I even thought that the cause for our escapade to the lake some time ago was her stress building up.

I will embark on a quest to polish this mofumofu bodi to provide even more healing.
Ojou-sama, as your dearest pet, I will make sure that I can heal you.
I absolutely won’t hand over this position to Nafra and Ren.

I’m just saying this because I’m burning with jealousy due to Ojou-sama’s heart has been stolen by a couple of small animals.

「Routa, let’s play again later okay?」

Ojou-sama looked reluctant as she stood up and moved away from me.

「Wan wan! (I wouldn’t want you to skip out so I’ll be ready anytime okay! You’ll ride on my back and we’ll run away together!」

Well, we’re going to come back when we get hungry though.
We’ll just get scolded together at that time.
This is necessary so I’ll face the scolding head-on with courage for Ojou-sama’s sake!
It’s fine if you turn into a bad girl for just a bit!

「Chuー (You actually just want to play, right? Even though you’re flirting with that girl all the time……)」

Ren, who has experienced the Ojou-sama’s mofu power, came out from the inside of my fur once Ojou-sama left.
According to her, her husband is the only who should touch her body so having another female touch her was somewhat unpleasant.

「Wan (What~? Is Ren-chan jealous~?)」

「Chuー! (Of course jya! Look at me! Be concerned for me some more!)」

「Wan! (Oh my, how honest! Also, it hurts!)」

Stop biting me instead of retorting.
It’s like you’re destroying your own house. You’re residing on my back and eating my meals after all. It’s completely unreasonable for you to bite out of jealousy.

Ojou-sama and Miranda-san went back to the mansion together after they took a short after meal break after breakfast.
Just as they went inside, I saw Toa-chan come out.

She’s carrying something heavy in her hands. Is that the laundry?
I can see that it’s tightly packed with white sheets.
Even if the water gets wrung out, it should still be a considerable amount for her considering that she’s in charge of the entire mansion’s laundry.
Looking at the mansion’s back entrance, I saw that there were still 3 of the same basket lined up for her to carry.

「Wan (I can’t just ignore that now that I saw it, can I?)」

I wanted to sleep till noon but I guess it can’t be helped now that I had this encounter.
I guess I should help her out then.

I ran over to where Toa-chan was.

「Huh? Routa? Don’t you have to accompany Ojou-sama?」

I already did that a while ago.
Never mind that, give that basket to me.

I bit the basket that Toa-chan was holding and snatched it away from her.

Even though the laundry is probably still soaked in plenty of water, I can easily carry it with this wurufu bodi2 of mine.

「Ah, good grief. Routa! That’s my job nano!」

「Wafuu (Fu fu fu. Catch me if you can~)」

Leaving behind Toa-chan, I brought the laundry basket to the area of the backyard with the clothesline.
After putting down the laundry basket, I dashed back to the mansion’s rear entrance.

「Kyaa! Geez, Routa!」

Toa-chan complained as she held her skirt down due to the wind generated by my dash.

「Wan wan! (Oops. Sorry~!)」

When I got back to the back entrance, I picked up a big laundry basket and went back. I ended up doing that two more times.

「Wafuu (Couldn’t have done it any better if I do say so myself)」

I just transported it to the clothesline area though.

I had a triumphant look on my face as I turned around but Toa-chan was just silently looking at me with both hands on her hips.


「W-wafuu (H-huh? Are you mad?)」

It doesn’t seem like she’s pleased no matter how you look at it.

I kinda get a sense that I messed up.
I forgot.
Toa-chan is a girl who wants to be responsible for her own duties.
She’s the odd type who won’t forgive anyone who plays hooky.

「Ku~n( Sorryー. I had good intentions you know~)」

As Toa-chan got closer to me, I lowered the last basket that I was still holding in my mouth.


「Kyu~n Kyu~n (Mercy. Please forgive me……)」3

I folded my ears and let my tail sluggishly fall down.

「Geez. Don’t make such a sad face」

Toa-chan lifted her frowning eyebrows as she patted my head.

「This job was entrusted to me nano. That’s why, if I don’t do it myself, it’s like I’m abandoning my own job」

Yes. That’s completely true.
It was bad of me to take the human’s job right?

「Sorry okay? You just wanted to help me out right? I also want to thank you for protecting me back when the adventurers were still here)」

「There, there」 She said that as she scratched behind my ear.

「Wafuu (Dehehe~. Oh come on, don’t worry about it~)」

I didn’t protect you though! You could probably say that I was the one that was protected!

It sure is tough when there are only kind people in this mansion.

†   †   †


Toa-chan was tiptoeing with all her might as she tries to hang the laundry.

However, she can’t reach it.
After challenging it for the third time, she was finally able to hang it on the string.

「Haa haa…… Alright, next」

She flung up the water soaked sheets in order to reach the clothesline however, she didn’t put enough force into it so it just came fluttering down.


It seems like this will take a while.
Toa-chan is short after all.
Even though she’s 1 or 2 years older than Ojou-sama, it doesn’t seem like her height has changed at all.
It might just be that Ojou-sama is a slightly taller girl though.

「Wafuu (Ah, I just thought of something good)」

「Chuー (I knew it. I’m sure that it’s not anything decent though)」

An immediate reply.
And it was really rude too.

I went beside the hard working Toa-chan and took a crouching pose.

「? Routa?」

Toa-chan, who did not understand my intention, inclined her head.

While I was in that pose, I kept on staring at Toa-chan.

Toa-chan’s maid uniform was made with mobility in mind so the skirt length is short.
If I look up from here, I can clearly see the wonderful contents of her skirt but that’s not the point of this!

「Ku~n (Toa-chan, come on. Get on)」

That’s right, I’m only doing this to help.
It’s just a coincidence that I’m in this pose.
Although I’m acting as a stool, I’m not actually helping!
I’m not doing Toa-chan’s work for her after all!

「……could it be that you’re telling me to get on?」

「Wan! (Yesu. Zatsu Rai!)」4

「Routa is really a good boy, isn’t he? But……」

Hey, no more complaining.

I got closer and nuzzled my body against her legs.5


Toa-chan let out a smile as she thanked me.
She took off her shoes and firmly stepped on my back.

「Wafuu (Oho, this is pretty……)」

It seems like I’m starting to awaken to a new pleasure after getting to feel her lightness through her soft, stocking-covered soles.

「Chuー (What a slovenly look…… Isn’t that girl even younger than the one earlier……?)」

That’s not true you know?
Don’t say such rude things to Toa-chan.
She is legal desu. Toa-chan is legal. It’s the standards of this world after all.

Using me as a stool, Toa-chan quickly finished hanging the laundry to dry.

「Thanks, Routa. Let me properly give you a reward okay?」

「Wafuu (No no, it was my pleasure. Thank you very much)」

Rather than thanks, I should say thank you for the meal I guess.

After Toa-chan patted me with her small hands, she took the empty laundry baskets and went back inside the mansion.


I’m sleepy.
I also need to sleep in preparation for tonight.
It should all be done by midnightー.

AN: Routa’s fetish level has increased by 1 (´・ω・`)

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