Ren is now a rat because of a line in this chapter.

Chapter 30: Was mofumofu’d! But then, the mofumofu was taken from me!

AN: Zenovia-chan is cute you know? (´・ω・`)

TL: kizen
ED: Filip

「Zzz……phewー…… zzz……phew~……」1

The next morning, I was indulging in my downtime by sleeping underneath the staircase in the front entrance with my crossed front paws as a pillow.

The cold sensation of the marble floor is pleasant in such a hot day.
You get taken care of by the humans who pass by if you sleep here so this is quite the nice spot.
Idling around and dozing off all day here is one of my greatest pleasures.

「……are you asleep?」

That voice that’s timidly checking my condition, is that Zenovia-chan?

When I tried opening my eyes a bit, I saw the figure of Zenovia-chan looking left and right to check if there’s anyone there.


Then, Zenovia-chan stealthily reached her hand out and touched my head.

I was a bit scared because I thought she would crush my head but she started gently stroking my fur.

「Kuu…… This is…… quite……」

It seems like even Zenovia-chan fell victim to my mofumofu body.
From my head, her hand slowly shifted to the side. She’s enjoying fluffing my soft fur without restraints.

Good grief Zenovia-chan~, why don’t you just be honest with yourself.
I’ll let you fluff me any time you want if you do that.

「Fu, fufu……」

She was trying so hard to make a serious face but it was obvious from her cheeks that she’s starting to break into a smile.
Zenovia-chan who just can’t be honest with herself is really cute. I want to lick her.

I feel like I’ll get to see a funny look on her face if I wake up right now but I’m afraid I might get killed.
Let’s just continue pretending to be asleep.

Or rather, I’m actually feeling sleepy so I’m likely to fall asleep at this rate.
Getting stroked is making me sleepy. That’s the surprising truth I learned when I became a dog.

I heard two footsteps coming from the second floor. Those light footsteps must belong to Ojou-sama.


Zenovia-chan jumped in surprise then left in a hurry.

Good grief. She really can’t be honest.
Well, I guess she can’t just show anybody this side of hers.

However, I was able to see that side of hers once again.
Kukuku. Yes, get attached to me more and more. That way, you will never try to kill me ever again.
The brainwashing through mofumofu has already begun.

Ku ku ku, kukukukuku aーha ha ha ha ha!!!

「Routa, routa, what’s wrong? Are you still sleepy? Should we postpone going out to play this afternoon?」

「Ku~n (Ah, I’m sorry. I got way too into my delusions)」

Hearing the lovely Ojou-sama’s voice brought me back from the world of slumber.
Looking up, I was met with Ojou-sama’s charming blue pupils.
Today’s Ojou-sama is extremely lovely as well.

Since Ojou-sama is here now, that must mean that her morning studies have ended.
Uumu, I was totally asleep so I didn’t notice.


A big yawn came out.
I used my front paw to wipe away the tears due to that yawn.

「Fufu, silly Routa」

Ojou-sama chuckled.
The epitome of loveliness.
Is she an angel?

I’m overcome with an intense desire to sleep but I’ll force myself awake.
This mongrel doesn’t have a shred of intention to work but I will give it my all to play with Ojou-sama.

I somehow managed to stand up but I can’t open my eyelids because they feel heavy.

Uu, the several sleepless nights I had are starting to show their effects……
The adventurers haven’t reached the waterfall after all.
Unless they get a bit closer, we can’t show them the reception we prepared.
Garo suggested we should increase the number of guards even more.2

I can hear the adventurers shouting, 『Please, no more!』, in my mind for some reason but that’s probably just my imagination.

「Thanks, Routa. However, you shouldn’t force yourself. Let’s just read a book under the shade of the tree today. I’ll just go get it okay? Please go on ahead and wait for me there」

After Ojou-sama so declared, she lightly jogged up the stairs.

「Wafuu (Just take your time, Ojou-sama~)」

Ojou-sama was just being mindful of me. I showed her such a shameful behavior that’s unbecoming of a pet.
However, I’ll just let myself get spoiled by Ojou-sama’s kindness.

I forcefully opened my eyes as I went out of the entryway and headed for the garden.
The place I’m looking for is at the center where a splendid tree is growing.
Once I got there, I lied down underneath that huge tree.

It’s hot as expected since it’s already afternoon but this broadleaf tree is sufficiently blocking the strong sunlight.

The shaking of the tree’s leaves brings forth a pleasant breeze.
The sweet scent of flowers brought by the wind and the sunlight filtered by the tree is causing me to feel even more sleepy.

A-ah, I can’t go on.
I can’t you know?
It’s really easy to turn useless here you know?

This surpassed the marble floor as the best napping spot.
Being in such a comfortable space is making me feel sleepy once again.

「Chuuー (Munyamunya…… Fufufu, nothing will happen even if you praise me my dear……)」

While I was enduring my drowsiness, when I looked behind, our household’s parasitic mouse was in the middle of one of her highly acclaimed naps.

Ren you bastard, how dare you sleep so soundly on my back.
Actually, isn’t this fellow the one who’s enjoying a sedentary life the most?

「Did you wait long?」

While I was fighting against my drowsiness and resentment, Ojou-sama eventually arrived with a book in hand.
The thin stole she’s wearing over her shoulder is extremely cute.

「Wan wan (No, I just got here)」

「Fufu, it’s a bit like a rendezvous isn’t it?」

「Wan wan (That’s true~. It really does seem like a date, doesn’t it~? Ufufu)」

Even today’s bashful Ojou-sama who’s holding the book behind her is the cutest in the world.
I want to stick my nose into her hair that’s fluttering with the breeze. I want to sniff it.

「Pardon me」

「Wafuu (Yes, go ahead~)」

Ojou-sama sprawled around on my back then she sat on the grass.
She wrapped her slender frame on my mofumofu body.

「I brought a fairy-tale book with me today. The human who Routa was named after appears in this one you know?」

「Wan (Heeー)」

There certainly was a legendary hero who saved the world a long time ago.
We might have the same name but we don’t resemble each other at all.

I can’t sacrifice myself to save the world.
I might need to keep working 24/7 after all.
Ah, no way, I don’t want to.
I don’t want to remember the time I worked in a black company in my previous life.

However, I won’t complain to Ojou-sama for giving me that name.
To begin with, Routa was my name in my previous life.

The same heroic Routa as in the legends you know?
Routa the mutt, however, eats all of the food and is leading a life of depravity.
It’s a safe lifestyle so it would be nice if children started aspiring for it.

「It seems like he was really strong, really brave, and really kind person you know? Just like Routa」

「Wan wan (Eh~, really~? I’m getting embarrassed~)」

「Chuuー (“I’m getting embarrassed~”… not. Good grief, to even be flirting with a human child……)」

「Wafuu (Ah, wait! You idiot!」

Ren, who woke up all of a sudden, climbed up my neck then stood up on my head.

「Wan (Wait a minute, don’t just come out whenever you want!)」

I still haven’t told anyone in the mansion about you after all.

My plan to have Hecate mediate by having her say that you’re her familiar when she’s here is now ruined.

Are you even aware of your appearance right now?
You’re a rat you know? A rat.
You’re the number one target for pest extermination you know?
You’re a carrier for the black plague you know?

I thought I was safe since I was able to hide her well from the old man… For it to happen at this timing……


Ojou-sama raised her voice in surprise seeing the blue rat above my head.

I’m sorry Ojou-sama!
At least don’t exterminate her!

「How cute!」

Huh, how come she’s being friendly?
Wait, you mean to say that this is cute?
You’re saying that this rodent who tends to bite me is cute……!?

For somebody else that’s not me to receive the title of cute…… Unforgivable.
I’m starting to flare up from this feeling of jealousy.

「W-wafuu (I’m even cuter than this small animal right!? Ojou-sama, look at me too! Cute right!? My frilly tail is cute, right!?)」

「Chuuー (Why are you trying to compete……?)」」

Ren let out an exasperated sigh.

Shut up.
What do you think will be left if you steal the position of a pet from me?
I’m just going to be left with the stigma of being a monster that’s a target for subjugation you know?
If I’m not Ojou-sama’s number one pet then no one will!

「Are you Routa’s friend?」

Even though this small animal is an enemy, Ojou-sama is acting like there’s nothing unusual.
As she met eyes with Ren, she bowed her head and greeted her.

「Nice to meet you. My name is Maria von Valks」

「Chuuー (Umu, I will acknowledge that commendable attitude of yours. I don’t mind introducing myself. I am the blue dragon Renwowyrm)」

Well, even if you introduce yourself, she won’t understand you, you know?
From an outsider’s perspective, it just looks like a rat that’s arrogantly squeaking.

「Please treat me well, cute rat-san」

「Chuuー (H-hey, stop stroking my head)」

Ren didn’t like her head getting stroked by Ojou-sama’s fingertip.

However, her resistance only lasted for a short while.

She immediately fell down like a melted mochi as she fell for Ojou-sama’s finga technikku. 3

「Is it here? Does it feel good over here?」

「Chu, chuu~ (S-stop ittttttt~…… Don’t touch me in such a friendly way…… Noooooooo……)」

Ojou-sama was having fun looking at Ren feeling good. However, in my heart, I was biting a handkerchief.

H-how mortifyingggggggggggggg!

First Nafra, now even Ren has won Ojou-sama’s heart.

Damn it! Damn it!
It’s enough for Ojou-sama to only mofumofu me!

My heart is filled with jealousy.

Aaaaahhhhh, Ojou-sama, take care of me too!

「Fufu. Well then, shall we all read together?」

Ojou-sama didn’t even notice my jealousy. She just placed Ren on her shoulder then opened the hardcover book.
I thought the book was going to be a novel but it was actually a picture book for children.

I guess she chose a book with such simple contents so that we can read it with her.
Ojou-sama, you’re too kind. I want to serve you for the rest of my life. And by serve, I don’t mean work.

「Once upon a time, the world was in danger of being destroyed. It was all because of a bad, bad Demon Lord. The Demon Lord was so powerful that he could scatter everybody like they were straw」

「Chuuー (Hmph, the demon lord is just a puny being. I am much stronger nojya)」4

「Although the demon lord was already strong, he still had 5 Great Demon Generals to command his army」

Ojou-sama continued reading out names like that.

Lich, a necromancer who leads the evil spirits.
Berigorr who was acting as the emissary for the devils.5
The war ogre Behemoth who stands above all the beasts.
An undying true ancestor, evil bloodsucking princess Carmilla.
And the ancient giants’ army general, Gigas.

「The five races were destroyed one after another」

「Chuuー (Hmph. If I remember correctly, our dragon race was not able to join them at that time. If we were there, the tables would have immediately been turned)」

As Ojou-sama continued reading, she would nitpick on every single thing to assert her superiority.

That’ll just make you look even more uncool spinster.
It makes you seem like a spinster countryside delinquent you know.
It makes it even more unsightly coming from a spinster that looks like she’s melting from feeling good.

「At such a desperate time, a young boy rose up for the sake of everyone. He gathered fellow soldiers from the ruined countries and stood against the demon lord’s invasion」

Ojou-sama used her white thin fingers to flip the page.

「That boy’s name was Routa. With the legendary sword in hand, he defeated the demon lord’s generals one by one」

「Chuuー (Hou, he’s quite capable, isn’t he? Aside from perverseness, he is probably even better than my darling over here)」

「Wan wan (I’m pretty sure even that guy was also a pervert! And I told you, I’m not really a pervert! I’m a dog! I’m a dog so I can’t help it!)」

There’s nothing strange if a dog wants to lick and sniff something.
If it was a human doing it, they would get arrested immediately you know? If it’s a dog, however, they’re allowed to do it.
Being a dog is wonderful.
I want everyone I come into contact with to accept that I’m a dog from now on.

「Chuuー (My dear, your impure intentions are leaking out you know? And besides, you aren’t a dog, you’re the king of the demon wolves)」

「Wan (I’m a dog desuー! There’s absolutely no doubt that I’m a dog desuー!)」

It’s just that I have a big body, my face is scary, and a beam comes out when I bark.
Yep, totally a dog.

「Chuu (F-fine. Whatever floats your boat……)」

That caused Ren to draw back.
But, I still won’t concede here.
I am a dog no matter what.
My wish is for this household to keep me as their pet forever after all.

I just want to spend my life living idly while everyone is pampering and fluffing me.

I know, since I have the same name as hero-kun, I’ll just live this sedentary lifestyle in his place instead!

While I was arguing with Ren, Ojou-sama was finishing up the story.

「Thus, after the hero Routa defeated the Demon Lord and saved the world, he spent a long life in happiness together with the princess from his home town. The end」

Wait, those guys must be riajuus then.
Popular people, they are everyone’s enemy.

「Chuuー (Hmph, my dear also has a beautiful maiden like me right?)」

「Wan wan (You do realize that you’re a rat right now, right~? And your original form is that of a dragon right~? At least ask me when you’ve changed into your human form)」

「Chuuー (……fufun, you said it. You will probably be barking at me in the literal sense of the word sooner or later)」

「Wan (W-what’s with that……?)」

Ren didn’t answer me and just started acting haughty.

What the heck are you trying to do?
It’s just giving me a bad feeling.

「Ojou-sama, preparations for lunch are complete」

Toa-chan, the maid with twin-tails, came over to call Ojou-sama.
Our eyes met but she immediately averted her gaze.
I understand. You’re still in the middle of work right? This dog feels a bit lonely though.

「Thank you, Toa. I’ll head there right now」

Ojou-sama closed the book, stood up, and dusted off her skirt.

「Routa, Rat-san. Let’s play again after I eat okay?」

「Wan (Yes~. I look forward to it~)」

「Chuuー (Very well. You are quite an admirable person for a human after all. However, I will have you know that I am my dear’s wife! Don’t you forget that!)」

Like I said, she can’t understand you.

The figure of Ojou-sama waving as she leaves is also lovely. Even Toa-chan who was behind her gave a small wave.
I looked at the two as I was smiling to myself because of their loveliness.

After that, I was bitten by Ren.
It was really painful.

Ojou-sama is cute you know? (´・ω・`) Toa-chan is cute you know?

ED: Coming from a dog, who can shoot a beam by barking, large as a truck, and commanding wolves, also interested in girls. Seems legit.

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