Chapter 27: Establishing the purpose of investigation! Then starting to clean up loose ends!

AN: This mouse(dragon) is clever……!? (´・ω・`)

TL: kizen
ED: Filip

We sneaked out of the mansion in the middle of the night to head to the forest.

「Chuー (Those guys’ goal? It’s most likely the site of our battle don’t you think?)」

Ren the blue mouse on top of my head casually answered my question.

「Wan (The site of our battle? You mean your nest behind that large waterfall?)」

「Chuー (That’s right. There are traces of us using high-grade magic there. There was a sudden spike in magic power density in that area after all)」

「Wan (Hmm. What happens when that increases?)」

「Chuー (Well, not so good things would happen if it’s just left alone. The ecosystem could go out of control and it could possibly lead to the creation of a labyrinth. If the magic power gets concentrated instead of being dispersed, it could give birth to powerful monsters)」

「Wan (Eh, isn’t that a bad thing then?)」

「Chuー (That’s why those guys are probably going to investigate that place. It’s because that much magic was released. If it was someone practicing sorcery, they should be able to observe that place from a distance)」

I see.
I heard that they accepted a request from the guild.
I wonder if they quickly dispatched adventurers who specialize in investigations and field work after they found out.

It hasn’t been half a month yet since I fought with Ren back at the cave.
Once they detected the anomaly, they figured out where it happened, gathered adventurers who can deal with the matter, then send those adventurers to a remote place like this.
They only took 10 days to do all of that.

Such an amazing response time.
Quite capable for an other world employment agency, aren’t you?

「Chuー (Fumu. But still, a monster born from our magic power huh…… It’s already as if we had our own child, is it not?)」

It’s not.
It’s definitely not.
That’s already equivalent to having a virgin birth right there, isn’t it?

Manual labor, my most hated term. The one that comes after that is responsibility.
Even though I don’t want to do anything about it, I guess I have no choice but to take responsibility for it.

「Wan (Those not so good things, are they happening already?)」

「Chuー (No, probably not yet. While the magic power density is high, I haven’t heard of such a phenomenon happening that fast. If it gets dispersed then it would further delay it from developing)」

「Wan (Good. Let’s go and disperse it. Let’s go right now)」

「Chuー (Nani*!? My dear, you want to kill our child even before it’s born!? No! I’m going to raise it!)」

「Wan (Don’t say such slanderous things! We’re just going there before it causes any problems!)」

Also, stop calling it our child!
It’s making me feel bad even though I’m not doing anything wrong!

I gathered the demon wolves at the usual sword tip cliff.
At my call, the wolves quickly assembled.

A pack of wolves line up and were looking at me with the huge crescent moon behind my back.

It’s a magnificent view.
It seems like not all of them are here but even so, seeing demon wolves lined up like soldiers in rank, it makes you feel hopeful towards such a tremendous war potential.

「Gau! (Rejoice! The king will bestow a duty onto us! Be thankful for this great opportunity!)」

At Garo’s order, the wolves straightened their back and their gazes gathered at me.
There’s a slight tension in the air but Ren is in high spirits for some reason.

「Chuー (Kuhaha, not bad. It makes me feel good knowing that my dear who is by my side has a huge number of retainers of his own waiting upon him)」

By your side you say? You’re on top of my head you know?

「Wan (Uhmー, thank you all for gathering here. Before we start, I want these guys here to introduce themselves first. Let’s start with this one over here)」

The demon wolves stiffen their bodies in order to not miss any word I say.

「Chuー (Fumu. An introduction, huh. I guess it’s important to know who they are dealing with. So be it. Feast your eyes on my brilliance)」

Ren jumped from my head then started changing her form while in the air.

The mouse who was rolling mid-air suddenly changed into a huge blue-scaled dragon.

It spread out its huge wings then landed behind me.

Because of the sudden appearance of something that big, it caused a commotion among the demon wolves.

「Gau……! (Whaー. A dragon……!? My king, are you saying that you didn’t just defeat the dragon, you were even able to turn it into a subordinate……!?)」

The『Glory to the king』 chants made by the demon wolves became even louder but I’ll just ignore that for now.

「Wan (Nafra, are you here? Come out for a bit)」

「Nya~n (Ye~s. Here I am~)」

After I call out, a hole suddenly appeared in the sky and a red cat fell down from it.

Moving like she didn’t feel any of her weight, Nafra gently landed beside me.

「Gau (Mu, so it’s you, Nafra)」

「Nya~ (Ah, it’s Garo-san. It’s been a while~)」

It seems like Garo and Nafra know each other.
That probably got acquainted during that time with Hecate.

「Wan (It seems like you already know each other but let me just introduce them. The large one at the back is Renwowyrm and the cat beside me is Nafra)」

Ren took on a grandiose stance while Nafra gently snuggled up to me.

「GUROO (I’m the wife)」

「Nya~n (I’m the mistress desu♪)」

A different kind of commotion started to resound among the demon wolves.

「G-gau! (M-my lord has accepted a queen and consort from another raceeeeeeeee!?)」

A light brown haired old wolf jumped out.
It’s Bar.
I’ve got to know him ever since that time when we grilled that boar.

「Gau gau! (Your majesty the king! What is the meaning of this!? I was certain that you would only choose our one true princess, Garo-sama! Which part of this strong and beautiful Garo-hime were you unpleased with!?)」

Well, you can start with her being an animal to begin with.
He won’t get it even if I say that though so I just kept quiet.

Garo already has her soul coming out of her mouth so I’d be dealing the final blow if I say any more than that.

「Wan (Baru, wait. These guys were just joking. Don’t take it seriously)」

「GAROOO (It wasn’t a joke. It’s as serious as seriousness gets)」

「Nya~n (As for me, you can just say that I am ready for Routa-san whenever he desires me)」

I won’t so please just shut up.
Stop messing with my follow-up.

「Wan (That’s absolutely not true. These guys are just my friends. You should settle down. That talk about being my wife and stuff is nonsense so just disregard it)」

「Gau (As you will. I shall believe in those words……)」

Baru didn’t really believe me but he acknowledged it then returned to his place on the line.

「Wan (Well, that’s that. Garo, I want to move on to the main topic)*」

Hearing my voice, Garo came back to her senses.

「Gau (H……ha. My king, what kind of order are you going to bestow upon us?)」

It seems like Garo has decided to act like this time’s incident never happened.
She might have actually erased the entire exchange in her memory altogether.

「Wan (Actually, some humans are going to enter this forest. About 4 people)」

「Gau! (Ha! You want us to massacre them right!? Leave it to us! We of the proud demon wolves will devour them without leaving even a single bone!)」

「Wan wan! (No no no no! Why do you always end up with that conclusion!)」

Seriously, this one’s eagerness is really troublesome.
It’s scary every time her mentality of human=kill comes out.

Letting them eat the old man’s cooking once again should teach them how wonderful humans are.
The old man’s meals are the true symbol of peace.

「Wan wan (Those guys will only go home once the result of their investigations show that there are no problems within this forest. Your duty will be to guard them. You should protect them but see to it that you aren’t noticed)」

「Gau…… (Yes… If that’s the will of the king……)」

『To let them freely enter our territory even though they’re just humans, it’s really unpleasant』

They were showing me that kind of look but I’ll have to have them endure it here.

Everything we do is for the sake of defending the peace within the forest. (Official stance)
It’s also to protect my comfortable dog life. (Real intention)

「GUROO…… (Your shallow self-interests can clearly be seen you know?)」

「Nya~n (Routa-san really is a simpleton, isn’t he~?)」

I’ll just ignore their tsukkomi.

「Wan (Well then, I will now tell you the name of our strategy)」

I took a deep breath and with authority, I said in a loud voice.

「Wan! (I call our strategy, 『You thought it was a rigorous investigation but it’s actually just smokes and mirrors』!!!)」

AN: All of his strategies seem to backfire (´・ω・`)

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Yeah, that plan is going to work… not.
What’s with the name being longer then the plan itself?
Not the brightest Dog in this world is he? Lol
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