Only 2 chapter this time because fml… (ლ‸-)

Chapter 24: Swimsuits! But then, jealousy!

AN: Everyone’s going out (´・ω・`)

TL: kizen
ED: Filip

A two-horse carriage was trotting along the path to the forest.

It’s almost noon so the temperature has already risen, but the inside of the carriage was surprisingly cool.

The strong sunlight announcing the start of summer was being blocked by the trees that were surrounding the pathway.

The oxygen-rich air was giving off a strong smell of greenery.

「Uhm, Mary-ojousama. Don’t you think that Routa has grown bigger again?」

Miranda-san who was sitting in front of Ojou-sama was looking at my appearance in doubt.

「Wafuu (H-hahaha. No way. You’re just imagining things)」

I looked away and nonchalantly tried to make my body smaller.

「Really? He must be still in his growth period then, isn’t that right~?」

Ojou-sama hugged me tightly.
As expected of Ojou-sama. She has a pure heart that doesn’t possess any doubt.

Ojou-sama, please stay as you are, okay?
I think I’m still going to keep on growing though.

The Ojou-sama needed to forcefully insert her butt so that she can sit beside me but even so she’s already delighted just being in contact with my fur.
I think it’s actually quite a tight fit for her, but it’s better for her that way since she can cling to me even tighter.

「Mary-chan really loves Routa-kun, doesn’t she? How envious」

Hecate who was sitting in front of me started tickling my nose.
Stop it. You’re going to make me sneeze.
Or rather, I’m doing it now.


I thrust my face outside the window and did a huge sneeze.
Uu, some snot came out.

「What are you doing?」

Looking at where that voice came from, it was Zenovia-chan who was seated at the coachman’s seat.

Until recently, she would always give me a glare filled with bloodlust but now she’s pretty subdued.
While I was in that disgusting appearance, she took out her handkerchief and said.

「Hey, stay still. I’ll wipe it off」

She cleanly wiped off the snot that was dripping from my nose.

「Wan (Thanks, Zenovia-chan)」

「D-don’t misunderstand. I just couldn’t stand you having such an untidy appearance as the Falks household’s dog」

Turning her face away, Zenovia-chan went back to operating the carriage.

You still need to up your Tsundere game, Zenovia-chan.
I know about it you know? I saw you jealously looking behind while Ojou-sama was mofumofuing me.

Come at me, Zenovia-chan. Throw away your sword and come at me.

「Wan (U~n. The air feels good. We have the best weather today for taking naps)」

I haven’t gotten a whiff of any monster’s smell coming from the forest.
It seems Garo and the others are doing their job properly.
They’re probably hunting malicious demons today as well.
I haven’t met them for a while so I guess I should go visit them tonight and give them a present.

After getting off the carriage, I was sitting under a large tree like a good boy.

「Swimsuit, is it?」

I could hear Miranda-san’s voice from the other side of the carriage.
Hecate took the female group and gathered them by the lake.

「That’s right~. You wear this when you’re going to swim. I saw a store selling these in town by chance so I just bought it without thinking~.」

「B-but even so, how is this any different from underwear……!?」

It is weird for Zenovia-chan to be at a loss for words.
I wonder what kind of swimsuit is she giving them.
I’m starting to get wild ideas.

「But weren’t we already naked in the bath together~?」

「No, even if you say that, this is different……」

「There’s nobody else here but us so it’s fine~」

She continues pressuring them.

「Nya~n (Her buying it by chance is a lie. She went all out and bought those just for today. It was bought from a high-class clothing store so it had an eye-poppingly expensive price tag)」

「Wan (Oh, so it’s you Nafra)」

How come you’re here when you weren’t even riding in the carriage with us?

「Nya~ (I can always just jump over to wherever Routa-san is, remember~?)」

Looking up, there was a figure of a red cat on one of the branches of the tree.
She probably came here via space magic.

「Nya~ nya~ (Geez, I’m not sure if master is a show-off or if she just can’t be honest with herself. She has been alive for so long that she doesn’t really know how to interact with people anymore. Look, she’s like a grandma who wants to play with her grandchild but just can’t fit in really well. She doesn’t have any topics she can talk about so she is using things in order to lure them」

「Wan (Oi you, if you say something like that again then……)」

「Ginyaa (……!? Ah! That’s not it master! I just blurted out what I was think-……! Ah! That’s wrong! Noooo!!! Please don’t attach tentacles to meeeeee!)」

I’m not sure if she had a telepathic exchange with Hecate but Nafra who’s on top of the tree started rolling in agony by herself.
She extended her front paw towards the carriage and as if giving up, she fell down with a flop.

Wait, what do you mean by tentacle?
What kind of scary thing is Nafra’s body?
Is it going to come out of her stomach or something?

While listening to Hecate and the others banter, I haven’t heard Ojou-sama’s voice at all.

「Ah, Ojou-sama!」

Just as I was thinking about it, I heard Miranda-san calling Ojou-sama.
Immediately after that, Ojou-sama came rushing out of the carriage.

「How is it Routa? Does it suit me?」

Ojou-sama who’s wearing a blue two-piece swimsuit twirled in front of me then tilted her upper body forward.

She swept her silky long blond hair over her ear and did a slightly embarrassed but extremely wonderful looking grin.

「Wan wan! (It doesn’t just suit you! It’s extremely cute desu!)」

If I wasn’t a dog, I would have immediately proposed right here and now.
Ojou-sama’s cute you know? The cutest in the world.

「Chuー (M-my dear…… Could it be……?)」

Ren who finally woke up was rumbling something in my back.

「Miranda-dono, we can’t back away from this now. Leaving only Ojou-sama with that kind of appearance is……」

「T-that’s true, isn’t it? Let’s just resolve ourselves」

They went to the back of the carriage and after hearing the rustling of clothes for a few minutes, the two came out.

Miranda-san was looking embarrassed as she folded her arms under her chest while Zenovia-chan was seriously donning an imposing stance.

Not losing to Ojou-sama, both of them are also wearing swimsuits with a pretty high level of exposure.

Miranda-san’s white swimsuit is complemented by a thin pareo coiled around her hips.
The pareo has a colorful flower printed on it which shows the hidden splendor underneath the purity.

Meanwhile, Zenovia-chan’s wearing a showy bright crimson swimsuit that complements her fiery copper hair.
The frill that decorates the area around her chest is creating a gap from her usual character and it actually makes her look a bit more feminine.

What a sight for sore eyes. How wonderful.
Am I in heaven?
Hey Hecate, I’m not sure how to react if you give me such a reward you know?

「A-ara ara, What’s wrong, Routa? Why are you staring at us?」

「S-stop staring. ……Stupid」[TL: Baka]

Thanks for showing me such a bashful look.
I would stick my tongue out while panting to show them how I feel but that wouldn’t be strange for a dog at all!

「This takes some time to put on, doesn’t it?」

Hecate, who’s the star of the show just arrived.

She dashingly walked while her long silver hair was fluttering around.

While she was doing that, my gaze with fixed in one place.

It’s bouncing.

I repeat.
It’s bouncing.

I’ve seen it in the bath before but I didn’t think it would be this outrageous.
She has a slim figure with white skin that seems soft to the touch.
Her thread-like black swimsuit was cutting into her flesh causing the current mood to be even lewder.

Why did she choose such an erotic one?
Wouldn’t it just slip off if she tries swimming in that?
I have a feeling that that outfit was made for a different purpose.

「Nyaー……(She’s practically a pervert wearing that, isn’t she……)」

Nafra who has somehow survived is once again saying flapping her out of control mouth.

Hecate glanced in our direction and, as if she was hit by lightning, Nafra became stiff and fell down from the tree.

「Nafra, I’m going to give you your proper punishment later. Routa-kun, what do you think? Do you have anything to say?」

『A grandma probably shouldn’t be wearing something like that.』
I’m certain to be erased if I say such a thing.

Iya, I don’t actually think that though.
You’re extremely beautiful you know Hecate.

「W-wafuu (It’s a reward for me no matter where I look. You have my heartfelt gratitude)」

It’s nice being a dog.
It truly is.
I will never forget this scene for the rest of my life.

I have already saved such an image in my mind and will keep it safe there forever.

「Chuー (M-my dear, as I thought……!)」

Ren’s voice was shaking in surprise.

「Chuー! (I thought I was just imagining it but……! My dear, are you getting aroused by this……!?」

Well, yeah. What of it?

「Chuー chuー! (Why!? I didn’t receive any reaction to my captivating blue scales so why are you suddenly getting aroused by this weak, scaleless female!?」

「Wafuu (Wait, are you telling me I’m supposed to feel aroused from your scales? What kind of high-level fetish is that? Why don’t you try growing a pair of breasts first)」

You’re a mouse right now though so it doesn’t matter since I won’t give you any reaction.

「Chuー! (Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! How annoying! How frustrating!」

「Wafuu wafuu (Ouch! Whaー, stop biting me! Aw aw! Ah, this is seriously hurting me you know!?」

「Chuー! Chuー! (Unforgivable! Unforgivable! Even though I already have something like that ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!)」


After that, Ren bit me until I bled and both me and Nafra were down and out under the tree.

He’s not into furries after all so there’s nothing he can do about it (´・ω・`)

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lord vlad

thank you


Ey, mouse girl is cute though, chuu


「Chuー chuー! (Why!? I didn’t receive any reaction to my captivating blue scales so why are you suddenly getting aroused by this weak, scaleless female!?」 「Wafuu (Wait, are you telling me I’m supposed to feel aroused from your scales? What kind of high-level fetish is that? Why don’t you try growing a pair of breasts first)」 Hmm… If I was in that world, I’d totally take her as my wife. Scales? Who cares. Dragons are cool and I bet she can transform into a humanoid form if she wanted to 😀 Then again, I’m a pervert who just loves non-human… Read more »


He’s not a furry….but he is furry owo


He’s slipping further away from his pet dog identity.
It’s not wise to make the mouse shaped Dragon wife jealous. Even in that form she can do more damage then Z-chan’s masterpiece swords.
Thanks for the chapter


He is not into furrie while being one of the biggest walking fluffball in the area. 😛

Thank you for the chapter and the treat! (^_^)/

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