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Now I’m not really sure how to handle this or even if we should continue translating this and we might get asked to remove it eventually but for now, I just removed the chapters in patreon and posted it here.

Enjoy the double release.

Chapter 19: Found the plant! But then it leaked!

TL: kizen
ED: Unedited

AN: There’s a faint chuuni-like smell coming from Zenovia-chan (´・ω・`)

「So the day has finally come for me to wield this sword again……」

Our nap ended just as the morning sun started to come out. We’re currently making preparations for our departure.
Although I say that, I, who is a dog, only had to do some grooming so I immediately had some time to spare. Because of that so I decided to watch Zenovia-chan’s work.

Zenovia-chan had her iron case that’s by the riverbed opened and was sorting out the things inside.

Taking a peek from behind, she was attaching a long hilt to a gigantic sword blade.

It might have been separated for storage.
Its length is practically the same as Zenovia-chan’s height if you include the hilt that was installed just now.
The sword’s tip itself is rounded and greatly bulging out. The width and thickness are out of the norm as well.

It’s like they just took a huge lump of iron and form it into the shape of a sword. It was an absurdly large weapon.
Who could swing something like that I wonder.

「This is the magic sword that was passed down for generations in our Leonheart household. Designated with the name “Dragon Vein”, it is said that our ancestor, the war god Georg, used this to slay an evil dragon」

Its blade is thick, has a murky black color, and a lot of blood vessel-like cracks running through it.
If you told me that it became cursed by absorbing the evil dragon’s blood, I would totally believe you because how sinister it looks.

「This sword is fitting for this time’s subjugation. To think that I, who is a descendant of a dragon slayer, would face the same battle. This must be god’s will」

「Wafuu wafuu (That’s not right! Zenovia-chan, our goal isn’t to subjugate it okay!? We’re just going to quietly steal some Drachen Nicht Grass after all! This time’s task is just a sneaking mission, okay!?)」

As I barked in panic, the corners of Zenovia-chan’s lips raised a bit.

「It’s a joke. However, you must assume that would happen if we get discovered」

After confirming that there’s nothing rattling at the part where the two pieces connect, Zenovia-chan closed her iron case.
Looking at it again, you wouldn’t think that a human could wield something of that size.

While I was worrying about that, Zenovia-chan easily lifted up that ridiculously large sword.

「Wafuu!? (Whaa!?)」

She’s not even struggling, she just lifted it up just like that.

「Wafuu (How come you were able to easily pick it up!? That’s weird, really weird! The laws of physics! You’re upsetting the laws of physics!)」

As if it were made of wood or something, Zenovia-chan gently picked it up and confirmed its feel in her hands.

「Not good. It feels heavy. It must be because I lack training」

「Wan wan (Good grief. It doesn’t seem that heavy at all. In fact, this person still has enough complacency to hum while swinging it around!)」

Every time Zenovia-chan swings it around, it generates wind pressure causing even the heavy stones by the riverbed to start shaking.

As the speed of her practice-swings increase, the more the wind coming from the sword seems like a tornado.

「I was planning to throw away this sword the day I quit being an adventurer and was taken in by the Falcks estate」

Why didn’t she seriously throw it away then?
Such a dangerous thing, it would have been better if she just disposed of it.

「However, no matter what, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. A part of it is because it’s an heirloom but I also had a premonition that a day like this would probably come」

As Zenovia-chan reached the peak of her sword dance, without even a bit she held the greatsword completely still.
It was late but the wind started blowing in the vicinity as if to break the atmosphere.

That sword’s dangerous.
It’s completely different from those fake swords she had until now.
It’s a real monster-killing weapon.
The fact that Zenovia-chan’s the one swinging around that extremely heavy weapon makes it even more dangerous.

No matter what kind of monster it is, if it gets hit by that lump of iron at that speed, it would surely get blown to smithereens.


After fastening that greatsword to her back, Zenovia-chan motionlessly stared at me.

「Wa-wafuu (W-why are you staring at me? Could it be!? You want to test it out!?)」

That’s unacceptable you know!
I’ll die!
If that hits my head, as expected, I would certainly die!

「……let’s go. I don’t know where our destination is so I’ll leave it to you」

「Wa-wafuu (I-iyes mamu1!)」

It seems like my concern was unwarranted.
After staring at me, Zenovia-chan turned back and started walking away.

Thank god.
I thought I would be killed as a warm-up before exterminating the dragon.

As gratitude for narrowly escaping death, I caught up and started guiding Zenovia-chan who once again heading towards the wrong direction.

†   †   †

After advancing for a while as we relied on the sound of the waterfall, we finally found the place we were looking for.

A tremendous amount of water falling down from a high cliff. A large waterfall.
We’re still quite far away from it but the spray from the water hitting the bottom is reaching our faces.

The soft sensation of the moss on the ground is being imparted to the soles of my feet as I walk on it.
It feels like we’d choke on the humidity that enters our throats if we aren’t careful.

It’s probably safe to say that a part of the water from this waterfall flows toward that riverbed we rested on earlier.

「Wan (From Garo’s story, it seems like the dragon’s lair is on the other side of this waterfall)」

From this side, we would have to go all the way around the waterfall to reach it.

We quickened our pace while taking care not to slip on the wet rocky surface.

As we got closer, the sound of the water got deafeningly louder.
To avoid getting dragged by the water current, we pressed our backs against the rock cliff as we entered the other side of the waterfall.

「So this is what’s inside……」

Zenovia-chan murmured while brushing up her hair that got wet from the spray.

We have a tremendously fast flowing waterfall behind us and a huge cave entrance in front.

Although it’s early summer, there’s a chilling air is coming from inside the cave.

「Let’s go」

「Wafuu (Zenovia-chan, do you understand? After we find the plant, we’re sprinting out of here okay? We should absolutely avoid battle okay!?)」

Just please protect my life if the worst happens.
Thank you very much!

「Hey, hurry up. I won’t be able to do anything here without your guidance」

「Kuuーn (A-ah, as I thought, I would be in front after all……)」

I would seriously run away if ever we encounter a dragon.
When that happens, I’m counting on you, Zenovia-chan.

†   †   †

「It sure is wide……」

It was so wide that even that mumble of hers echoed.

I wonder if the ceiling that the stalactites are hanging from is on a higher spot than the mansion’s roof.
Just how big could the dragon be if it’ss living in such a wide space.

We continued advancing while I was scared of the dragon’s existence but there’s no sign of it so far.
My nose hasn’t picked up any odd scents as well.

We might not have faced any danger yet, we also haven’t found what we came for.

The worst thing would be if the dragon’s legend was actually not true and there’s no Drachen Nichts Grass growing here.
If that’s the case then we would really have just gone on a fool’s errand.

I may not want to encounter a dragon but I sure hope it lives here.
It would be the best if it just went out by chance so that we could use this opportunity while it’s away.
We’ll just take some of that grass and immediately go home.

「Stupid dragon, it has hidden itself」

Zenovia-chan seemed irritated while gripping the hilt of her sword.

「Wafuu!? (Zenovia-chan!? That’s wrong you know!?)」

Why is this person so determined to fight!?
We’re here to look for that plant, not a fight, right!?

While I was feeling anxious, we continued walking towards the depths of the cave.

Even though the inside of the cave is as dark as the forest at night, it doesn’t matter for us who could see in the dark.
As we continued through total darkness, I could see something giving out a faint glow deeper in the cave.

「Wafuu (Could that possibly be it!?)」

I can smell a flower-like fragrant scent as well.
Attracted by that light and scent, I started running in that direction.
Halfway there, the path branched into two but, without hesitation, I chose to go towards the light.

「W-wait. Calm down」

Together with Zenovia-chan who was a bit late catching up, we finally reached the source of that glow.

「This is……!」

「Wan (A-amashiiiiiiiiiiiing!)」

At the end of that passage was a cavern filled with green phosphorescence.

There was a dense field of Suzuran-like plants growing there.
The stems and leaves were transparent and the hanging flower was letting out a faint luminescence.
Rather than a plant, it looks more like handicrafts made out of glass.

Both of us were captivated by that mesmerizing spectacle.

「This is Drachen Nichts Grass, isn’t it……?」

「Wafu…… (Probably……)」

There are no other plants growing here these are most likely it.

I don’t know how much is necessary so we just filled the briefcase Zenovia-chan was carrying.

「Alright. With this……」

「Wan wan (Let’s get out of here first before you finish that sentenceー!)」

After we filled her briefcase with Drachen Nichts Grass instead of food, Zenovia-chan stood up and placed it over her shoulder.

There’s no point in staying here for too long.
The quicker we deliver this to Hecate, the faster Mary-ojousama’s medicine gets made.

Leaving the area where Drachen Nichts Grass grew, we ran back taking the path we previously used.

Then, an encounter.

A ginormous blue dragon that far exceeded my expectations.


The dragon’s deep growl caused the entire cave to vibrate.

So big.
There’s nothing like it.

It was so big that even with the cave’s high ceiling, its head was still chafing it.
It had bulky, tree-like limbs and the scales that are covering its entire body was letting out a heavy armor-like dull glow.
As if a testament to it living for several thousands of years, there are four horns branching out from its head and it’s forming into the shape of a crown.


Steam comes out every time it breathes.

It’s black eyes with golden pupils looked down on us as we stood there petrified.

There’s not even a bit of indication to what those cold eyes are thinking.
It’s like a superior being was looking down at a stone on the road.

We had completely different statuses as living beings.

「Wan (Umu!)」

As I stared at the dragon with a tense face, I let it all out.


It’s not to the level where he wet himself, okay? (´・ω・`)

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