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Here’s your last dose of Routa before the month ends. And also, Volume 3 of this novel is about to be released in a few hours.

Chapter 17: Asking for directions! Then an increase by 1 person soon after that!

AN: D-damn you! You immediately rely on a human!? (´・ω・`)

After leaving the mansion, the first thing that I did once I stepped into the forestー

「Awooooooooooooooooo!! (Garoemooooooooooooooon! Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!)」

ーwas to call for help.

On top of a cliff, towards the moonlit night, I let out a loud howl to call for Garo.

Fu, laugh if you want.
Relying on others to get things done is my motto!

In the first place, I don’t know where to find the dragon’s lair. Heck, I don’t even know what this Drachen Nicht Grass looks like.
From the way Hecate said it, you could probably what it is just from looking at it but still.

「Gau (Yes, here I am!)」

Hearing my howl, Garo immediately came.

「Wan (Garoemooooon!)」

「Grr? (Yes! ……emon? King, I don’t mean to be rude but, what does ’emooooon’ mean?)」

「Wan (No, never mind that)」

Right there, I wanted her to say 『Geez, Routa-kun. There’s no helping you is there? Is Zenovia-chan being mean to you again?』.
Well, that may be asking for too much.

「Wan (Rather than that, why are you that far away? You can get even closer you know?)」

If it was like before then she would have appeared behind me all of a sudden but right now, Garo’s at a distance where I’m not really sure if my voice is reaching her or not.

「Grr……(Haa…… No, but still……)」

Could it be that she’s still bothered about that scary face thing?
I’m deeply sorry about that.
I thought that you were male.
I don’t really know how to tell the difference between a male and female wolf after all.

「Wan (Sorry. I take back all that I said that time. And in the first place, even my face scares me so really, my bad)」

「Gau (N-not at all! His majesty’s countenance is very striking! I-it’s, it’s c-c-cool……)」

Even though she said that bashfully, it doesn’t make my heart go *kyun* you know?
That’s because I’m not into furries after all.
However, if I take that in a mofumofu way then you get maximum points.
I’m just jealous of that same mofumofu aspect.

「Gau (Never mind that my king, what business do you have with me today? ……could it be!? Is it about our take over of the humans after all……!)」

「Wan……(No, it’s not about that……)」

Do you really want to take over the humans that much?
You won’t get any more sausages if you do you know?

「Wan (There’s just something I want to ask Garo)」

「Gauu (Yes. Ask away!)」

「Wan (Do you know where I can find a dragon?)」

Since Garo and the others are protecting every nook and cranny in this forest, they might know something about a dragon.
That’s the reason why I called for Garo.
Say what you like but I can’t just loiter around aimlessly inside the forest like that. I’ll just tire myself out after all.

「Gau (Dragon……?)」

Garo though about it for a bit and then she suddenly raised her head as if something came to mind.

「Gau (I haven’t actually met any but I’ve heard stories about them from my mother)」

Oooh, I was definitely right to count on Garo.
She seems to have an idea where the dragon’s lair is.

Garo pointed her nose towards the north.
In that direction, you could see silhouettes of mountains covered by dark clouds.

「Gau gau (Can you see it from here? At the northern outskirts of the forest, by the foot of the sacred mountain, there’s a waterfall. Behind that large waterfall sleeps a blue dragon who has lived ever since the olden times. Or at least that’s what I heard from my bedtime stories)」

「Wan (Really? But still, that place is pretty far from here isn’t it?)」

「Gau (Yes. Even with our legs, we would still need three days to cover that distance. But if it’s the king then I’m sure that cutting the travel time in half would be child’s play for you)」

Don’t say something unreasonable.
Aside from the fact that I can shoot out a beam from my mouth, I’m pretty much just your ordinary wolf……I mean dog.

Leaving Garo’s overestimation of me aside, now that I have a destination, all I have to do is head there.

「Wan (Well, as they say, I should strike while the iron is hot so, I guess I’m off)」

「Gau! (Then let me be your attendant! Please give me the honor of hunting the dragon with you!)」

「Wan (No I’m not hunting it okay? I’m just going to quietly sneak in and steal some of the medicinal plants there)」

If, while I’m sneaking in, the dragon finds me and the dragon is too strong for me to do anything, then I’m not kidding, I would just run away at full strength with my tail between my legs.
That would be the smartest thing to do in that situation.
And if I’m just going to escape then I’m probably better off going by myself.

「Gauu! (But still, it’s dangerous to go alone……!)」

「Wan wan (I’m telling you, it’s fine. I’ll be back before you know it. You should just wait for my return)」

「Gau……(……I-I beg your pardon. It was imprudent of me to try and change the king’s mind……!)」

Showing her fear and respect, Garo prostrated herself before me.

Oops, did the 『Just keep quiet young padawan』 treatment go too far? 1

While I was troubled by Garo’s inflexibility, I didn’t I heard a sound of gravel being stepped on from behind me.

「Gau!! (W-who’s there!?)」

Garo instantly jumped out to protect my back.

「Grrr……! (Who the heck are you! For me not to notice you until you got this close……!?)」

「Wan? (Huh?)」

Hearing Garo’s vigilant growl, I turned aroundー

「Y-you bastard. Could this be a secret meeting between monsters in the middle of the night……!?」

ーonly to find the female swordsman Zenovia-chan standing there.

「Wa-wafuu! (A, awawawa! How come it was the last person I want to be seen by was the one who found meeeeeeee!?)」

This is bad!
This is an unexpectedly bad situation you know!

「Garururu……! (You human……! Don’t you get any closer to our king!!)」

Wrinkling the bridge of her nose, Garo snarled at her.

Hawawa, wait! Garo-chan, wait!
That threat is having an opposite effect!

「With that large build and that murderous aura……! You’re also not just any ordinary beast……! I’ve always thought it was fishy but you bastards definitely are……!」

Crap, the situation between Garo and Zenovia-chan’s about to explode.
As it is, I’m sure that it’ll turn into a bloody battle.

However, it’s alright. It’s going to be alright.
I have a trump card that I can use to resolve this.
When I found out your true character, I earnestly continued practicing for the sake of this day.

I failed many times but through trial and error, I was finally able to master this killer technique.
Without a doubt, this is my strongest technique.

And now, it’s finally the time to reveal it.

「Wafuu (Here I go!)」

I nimbly bowed my head then rolled over into a somersault.

Because of my weird behavior, the two who were glaring at each other switched their gazes at me.

My somersault led to me laying face up, showing my belly then I cutely stuck out my tongue.

「Hah hah hah hah (Ultimate technique, the pose of submission!)」

Let me explain.
Since ancient times dogs have used the pose of submission as a proof of absolute trust but also for the sake of showing that they hold no hostility an ordinary human will immediately lose their hostility and instead get captivated resulting in them being unable to resist caressing their mofumofu body it holds such a powerful enticement properties that regular humans cannot possibly resist it so resistance is futile (Rapid talking) 2

「Tsk, you bastard. You’re still doing that kind of thing at this point in time……!」

「Hah hah hah (Fuhahahaha! You can’t do it! You can’t use your blade! Can a proud swordswoman such as yourself cut a defenseless puppy!? Huh?! You can’t! If you do it then you’d forever be an embarrassment! Want to do it? Huh?! You still want to do it!?)」

「Guu, gununu……!」

「Hah hah hah hah (Fuhahahahahahaha! Seeing your exasperated face is getting me all fired up!)」

I want to lick it very much.

「Gauu…… (K-king, that appearance……!? I can’t understand why our king would lower himself to someone like me……!)」

「Wan wan (Garo! What the heck are you doing! You do it too!)」

「Gauu? (H,haa!? Me too!?)」

「Wan wan! (Of course! Look! Hurry! JASTO NAO!)」

「Gauu…… (B-but still, that kind of appearance is…… No, I already swore my allegiance to the king. No matter what kind of order it is, as one of his guards, I should resign myself to accept it! The king is doing it so it must be right!)」

Garo who was glaring at Zenovia-chan was now completely doing the same actions as me, showing her belly to her.

Hah hah hah hah (It may be the king’s order but, how humiliating……! K-kill me now! I’d rather die! You human warrior!)」

「Hah hah hah hah (That’s it! More! Become even cuter! That’s right! Use your forefoot to beckon her and make her feel like fawning over you! That’s good! Look, just a little more and our enemy will surrender! Our victory is close!)」

With glistening eyes, these two demon wolves kept of conveying with all their might to Zenovia-chan that they’re no longer hostile.

「Gu……nu……nu…… Agh, geez, enough already! Stop! It’s my defeat!」

Finally unable to bear it, Zenovia-chan fell to her knees.

Fuu, we won.
So easy.

「Gau……(My king…… Is that really alright……?)」

Garo mumbled that like she was sad from the bottom of her heart.

It was nicely settled right?
We achieved victory without shedding blood you know?

A demon wolf king’s pride? I don’t know of such things.
All I have is my resolve to live my life as a dog.

Ah, I’m sure I looked cool saying that just now.

「……I’ll leave what you really are aside for now」

Zenovia-chan took a deep breath and started looking at me.

「………… ……oi, first of all, could you stop that? It’s distracting me from what I want to say」

Ah, I guess that was rude.

The both of us turned over and sat down with our backs straight.

「To be honest, I heard the contents of your conversation with Hecate-dono」

Hey hey, it’s not good to eavesdrop on someone else’s conversation you know?
If it was the usual me, I would have done that to agitate her but I can’t just make light of the seriousness Zenovia-chan is showing on her face right now.

「I want to help Ojou-sama as well. Drachen Nichts Grass, was it? Take me along with you to search for that plant」

「Gauu! (Stop screwing around! There’s no way I’ll leave the task of guarding our king to a measly human like you!)」

「Wan wan (Stop it. Garo-chan, sit. SHIDAUN. SHITO, DAUN!)」


I stopped Garo who was once again baring her fangs at Zenovia-chan.

「You heard about the location of the dragon’s lair from that black one earlier right? Is it perhaps at the foot of that sacred mountain?」

Oooh, how sharp.
Aside from the fact that she got that fake sword, it seems like she’s superior in everything else.

「I’m already done with my preparations」

Certainly, you could tell from looking at Zenovia-chan’s appearance. She’s wearing traveling clothes and a cloak, I can smell food from the bag over her shoulder, and she’s carrying a large iron case on her back.
She’s totally prepared for everything, completely different from me who just went out with the clothes on my back.

It’s impossible to make her think otherwise, isn’t it?
In the first place, we can’t really communicate.

「Let’s hurry. That way, we can heal Ojou-sama’s illness as soon as possible」

Announcing that, Zenovia-chan started running.

「Wan (Ahー, now that it’s come to this, Garo, I’ll leave the house to you. I would appreciate it if I didn’t have to worry about the mansion while I’m away)」

「Gau (I gratefully accept this task. This Garo shall risk her life to protect king’s bedroom. Please take care of yourself)」

Leaving Garo who was silently bowing her head, I chased after Zenovia-chan’s back.

Zenovia-chan, waitー!
North’s not over thereー!

As expected, there’s something wrong with Zenovia-chan3 (´・ω・`)

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