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Brother’s day

「Sure, what would that be?」

Because she sent me such a serious look, I answered in a serious way.
Miina bowed her head for a moment to catch up her breath. After that, she raised her head, looked at me straight, and smiled.

「Thank you for everything. I love you oniichan.」

Without any hint of embarrassment, she said such line abruptly.
He was surprised due to that sudden attack, but since Yuki was already used to it, nothing came out on his face.
Similarly, he smiled and replied.

「I love Miina too.」

Un. I know.」

However, she just replied so nonchalantly.
Miina who nodded her head, said so proudly.

「Miina knows everything about her brother.」

「About what?」

When I asked, Miina answered with “Very well, since you ask me.”

「I know that even though Mothers’s gone, and that we don’t get to see father that much, I know that oniichan always does his best.」

Although it seemed that Miina’s remarks were somewhat off, Yuki still perceived what Miina was about to say.

Father, since before, left Yuki’s matters to his mother, as he was always thinking about work, but that was because he is really busy with his job.
I know my father’s job at a trading company is a hard one. He also mentioned that after this business trip, he might go around Asia next time.

But because it’s always like that, Miina is not used to be around father.
Miina once said that “It’s ok because the pay is good” and because of that, father contemplated whether to change his job or not.
However, those words were just an imitation of what her mother said, and she didn’t really understand what those words meant.
And when the mother passed away, they all became depressed.

Yuki was told by his mother to “support your dad and be kind to Miina” when she was close to her time.
It was something like a will. Yuki then decided to keep that as something like an oath. Thus he tried as much as he could to be a good child. He helped his father with everything, including taking care of Miina.
Like that time, when the talk about the job destination came up and when his father asked them “will the two of you be okay?” he thought that it might not be, but after all he could only answer “everything is going to be all right.”

「And because of that, thank you oniichan.」

Miina who was sitting in a seiza, put her fingertips on the floor, and bowed down her head.
Thereafter she slowly raised her head.

「Thank you for trying to make an unfamiliar food for the sake of Miina.」

Un. Although there’s always a high possibility that you’d leave something out.」

It would be easy if it’s just for myself, but if I have to consider Miina, it gets a little bit harder.

「I know that even though oniichan is lazy and sometimes clumsy, I know that you’re trying your best to do the dishes and the laundry.」

「If you’re saying it like that, then why don’t you at least start washing your own underwear.」

Young maiden’s underwear, which is usually left hanging in the laundry room….

「Miina will also try her best regarding housework!」

「But don’t burn down the house, okay?」

To be honest, I don’t want her to touch something like the stove.
Even I was able to burn a carpet with an Iron.

「That’s why…. Please continue to be Miina’s older brother.」

「Well, this feels like some sort of farewell. Even though there’s nothing important on this day.」

「Eh? What happened oniichan…. Are you crying….?」

「No, I’m not crying.」

Even though this should have been a touching scene, nothing like that would happen when one of the party only wears a shirt while her panties are showing.
Furthermore, there’s no context to this conversation. Is this something that you would start talking about with someone who is about to enter the bath?
Miina, who seemed to finally reach the limit of her patience due to Yuki’s attitude, started to swing her fists.

Mou~! Yuki-kun is always like that! Trying to feign no care about everything!」

「Well, I was just objectively saying facts.」

「Anyways! Yuki-kun will be reborn today!」

「What do you mean?」

「I mean because of Miina, Yuki-kun can make neither friends nor a girlfriend.」

I think there’s some sort of misunderstanding from Miina, who supposedly knows everything about her oniichan.
Though I can’t say it was my fault that I wasn’t able to make some, but I don’t want it to be like I don’t have ANY friends.

「Because you prioritized Miina over everything…. I feel sorry for you.」

「No, that’s not the case.」

To be honest, even if such problems were not here, I think I would just spend most of my time with Miina, be it going shopping or going to play. It should be the same thing for Miina.

Even though Miina is very lively in the house, but outside, she is very shy of others. There was not even a single time when she brought her friends home, nor there was any case of her talking about her friends.
When I was told “Ehehe, today I didn’t say anything at school” I got mad.
But even if that’s the case, Yuki can’t really say anything.

「I know that Yuki-kun loves Miina so much…. But did you know that it’s called Siscon? Did you know that siscon doesn’t have human rights? Not to mention there may be a case where the neighbors start looking down on you. It’s also a disadvantage when looking for work.」


「That’s why I think you should start being independent from your little sister. Miina will try her best making friends, so try your best to look for a girlfriend.」

「Look, that reasoning is strange. Also why do I have to look for a girlfriend?」

「Because Yuki-kun is an oniichan so it’s a handicap.」

「What kind of handicap is that.」

Although it’s something crazy, the one who said that looked really serious.
Miina stood on her knees and looked at Yuki seriously.

Nee Nee~. Do you have anyone that you like Yuki-kun?」

「What was it again?」

「Do you have anyone that you’re interested in?」

After getting asked that, for some reason, Yui’s face came to my mind.
Actually, she’s the only girl that I had any sort of connection with.
In just one day, today, she became the title holder for the longest time I conversed with a girl.

「Well, even if I think about her in a certain way, she won’t think of me the same way. Not to mention we’re not on the same league.」

「If you said that! I knew it! You have someone!」

「No, you’re wrong, that’s not the case at all.」

Hee~ Hee~ Heeee~

Miina started nodding while grinning.
It looks like she finds it amusing, but it’s somewhat annoying if she had some sort of misunderstanding.
Before Miina would say something like “then I will be the match maker!” I will clear it out.

「No, I think I will be happy even without someone like that. As long as Miina is happy, then I will be happy too.」

「If you say you’re happy just like that, then won’t you die of happiness when you get a girlfriend?」

「Why would I die… I am already completely content with you caring for me. I am very happy for that.」

Ehh~? I will get really embarrassed if you say that, ehehehehe~~~

Miina hides her face due to her embarrassment. It’s not very often that she gets embarrassed.
When I smiled naturally, Miina did a 180 turn to hide her own embarrassment, turning her back to me.
Then I went and hugged her from behind, and Miina looked at me and smiled. 1

「Oniichan. Miina is very happy.」

「Is that so? Then everything is good.」

「Miina is already okay. So if Oniichan were able to be happy, I will become even happier.」

Miina, who was really depressed after losing our mother, is this happy today.
Miina who closed herself in her room, not eating anything, or talking to anyone….

Yuki watched every bit of her. That was his promise with his mother.
If Miina cries, he would hug her and pat her head, until she calms down.
Because he wants Miina to always be happy, he wants Miina to smile all the time.

「I think it’s okay even if my girlfriend is in the 2D world.」

「Of course not! A N Y W A Y S! Yuki-kun will be reborn today! Happy Oniichan’s day!」

「I still feel Oniichan’s day is a bit strange.」

Yuki said so while gently patting Miina’s head.
However, difficult things are difficult.

TL: Tet
ED: Gecko/Filip

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i think the father should come back and see what him being absent has done to the family lol . but it was really a cute chapter , i like how much they love each other and suddenly i am rooting for the incest road , dont call the FBI please haha .anyway thanks so much for the amazing work and please keep the chapters coming , i am so sad that i caught up and have to wait now .

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