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That skin was suddenly exposed, and it reflected the ceiling lights.
Arms, shoulders, hips, and legs were revealed. But at the chest and groin area of the flawless white skin there was a set of pink bra and panties.1
She didn’t express any panic and didn’t show any intention to pick up her towel, Miina just laughed.

「Please have peace of mind…. I am properly wearing them~. So, how was it? Were you surpirsed? Surprised?」

「Surprised or what not, what you did is not good.」

「Why? I think it’s okay because I am wearing them! Look at them! These are the ones that I’ve bought before~ Aren’t they cute~」2 3

Miina posed with her hand on her hip, then she pulled on her panties to show off her piece of underwear.

「Yup, they’re cute, really cute.」

Yuki said so, trying to end the subject.
There was no doubt that she would have been disheartened if he said something neutral.
But as a matter of fact, he usually washes Miina’s underwear, so something like this is nothing.
Miina stretched her arms as if to say “Yaay!” and then she started to spin around in the same spot, as if to show off how she looked.

「I already understand so please wear some clothes.」

Thereafter, Miina took and put on the blouse that she left hanging on one of the chairs.
That being done, there’s still something that’s off, I still can see the one below. That “line” is still attacking my sights. 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

「I don’t want to, it’s hot.」

It seems she doesn’t care if it is visible or not.
But this is something that happens very often. She would always say it’s hot and not wear anything after bath.
If we’re only talking about the underwear by itself, that might be fine, but the story is quite different if someone is wearing them.

Recently, her bottom has started to swell and her chest has started to grow. 12
Not to mention, the person herself is not aware of it, which is not good.
Miina bent her legs in a defenseless manner while sitting on the couch, Yuki who saw that started to panic and tried to turn away his sight from her,

「What are you gonna do if you get cold again.」

「I won’t~」

That thing aside, maybe it’s something about her genetics, but she usually gets sick really easily. It’s something that makes her similar to her mother.
She sometimes says it’s easier to fall asleep, so she sleeps with only her underwear on, but when she does that, she usually gets sick.

Eventually, Miina started to dry her hair with a dryer.
After having been told “help me” I started to comb her hair using my hands.
Her black hair is smooth and straight, so it’s easy to comb with bare hands. Even though we’re using the same shampoo, it feels like her hair smells nicer.

「Well then….」

After she finished drying her hair, I left Miina alone as she was watching T.V.
After washing the dishes, right when I was about to head to the washroom, I realized that Miina has snuck behind me.

「You know I’ve been repeatedly saying don’t suddenly sneak behind someone, please don’t try to be their13 companion.」


「But, what」

If Miina gets to go behind you, she usually tries to scare you, so I have to keep my guard up.
When Yuki’s defensive capabilities went up, Miina’s offensive capabilities increased at the same time. So it’s hard for him to let his guard down.
When he came out of the washroom, as if wanting to hint that “I’ve been waiting” Miina suddenly said while she was in the living room,

「Yuki-kun! Let’s play a game together!」

「I can’t because I’m about to do my homework.」

Alongside my homework, I have to prepare for the English class as well.
Not to mention I was told to “do it” by Yui, so I really can’t skip it out. 14

「Ehh~ Just do that after we play~」

Miina started to shake Yuki’s arms.
This happens very often, and when it happens, Miina usually won’t listen to anything.
But eve with that included, Yuki still spoils Miina.

「Okay, just a little bit okay? But you usually beat me hard when we do some versus games.」

「Then Miina will play the game so watch me.」


Even with all of those previous complains, he usually just follows her.
Not to mention, Miina suddenly brought out the console without asking for any permission and then started to play using the T.V.
As Yuki watched her, Miina just keeps on playing using her controller.

Nee Nee~ How do you think I can get that star?」

「I won’t be able to answer that if you ask me so suddenly.」

Mou~ It’s because Yuki-kun just plays that game. You really like that game don’t you~ Even though that’s the case, you can’t clear it.」

「Well, it’s a shounen game. And contrary to what it looks like, that game is somewhat complex. But it’s also simple sometimes.」

Although I don’t know what’s funny, Miina looks like she’s holding in her laughter.
Even though Yuki likes the detective and mystery genre, he gets fooled really easily, and because of that, his family makes fun of him.
But in Yuki’s perspective, it all happens because sometimes he reads late into the night, making him sleep deprived and thus his mind operates at minim capacity.
That’s why he thinks that this kind of treatment is not nice. That said, Miina suddenly stood up after letting go of her controller, and stretched her arms toward Yuki who was sitting on the sofa.

Yoshi Yoshi~ You’re so cute oniichan~」15

She said so as if she was talking to a cat.
Then Miina sat besides me, and started to lean onto me.

「Nee Nee~ Oniichan~ Oniichaan~ Oniiiichaaan~」

「Please say oniichan one time only.」


「Just because I said that, don’t say it louder.」

I don’t remember when that happened, but she once said “It feels childish if I keep calling you oniichan” so she changed the way she normally calls me.
She usually calls me Yuki-kun, but when she goes into full spoil-me mode, she calls me oniichan. So when Miina starts to call me Oniichan, that’s a sign.

「What about your game?」

「Got bored of it~」

「Don’t leave it on, go turn it off.」


Miina who went behind me, started to rub herself onto me while hugging me tight.
Although this is something that she did when she was younger, but as expected her growth is…. Specially around her chest, because there’s been some growth, the sensation is different. And that’s causing some problems.

「Patty pat pat」

Miina took Yuki’s hand, and started to make it pat her own head.
Even as I was able to make my hand to turn itself to do a karate chop, since there’s a chance she would bite me, I stopped.
But because I didn’t do anything, Miina was about to start all over again, beginning with the hug.

「Why don’t we stop doing something like this? Since we’re no longer children.」


「Where did that voice came from」18

Miina quickly sat beside him in a seiza, put her hands together in front of her chest, and said “Ufu~” As to appeal her cuteness.
It’s one of her tools to escape when something goes wrong. This is something that would work 100% if it was used on her father, but Yuki is different.
That thing aside, when Yuki voluntarily started patting Miina’s head, her mouth loosened.

「You don’t dislike this?」

「Of course not, more more.」

「I heard that girls don’t like their heads to be patted so suddenly.」

「Then that girl is a Tsundere type. But where that came from so suddenly?」

「No, don’t worry about it.」

Miina’s opinion looks to be not very helpful.
Miina who started to lean her body again, was avoided by Yuki who stood up to avoid her.

「You’re so cruel Yuki-kun, where are you going?」


「If Yuki-kun ask me to go in with you, maybe I will agree~」

「That’s stupid. Rather, didn’t you already enter it Miina?」

When I stood up to go to the bathroom, I was told to “wait” and got my arm pulled.
I tried to shake her off while saying “what’s wrong” but Miina suddenly started to look very serious and said “sit there” while pointing to the floor cushion.
As I followed her unwillingly, Miina sat down and said with a serious face,

「Yuki-kun, I have something very important to tell you.」19

TL: Tet
ED: Gecko/Filip

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“I’m pregnant with your child”
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