Ten minutes or so later, before it would rain again, Yuki went home in a hurry.
Yuki’s house is on the second floor of a five-story condominium lined up in a residential area, just after the train station.

Going through the entrance, then going up using the stairs.
The apartment is a 3LDK type with veranda. Currently living with his father and his little sister.
His father’s work is in the other city, so he leaves early in the morning and also comes back late at night.
Not to mention he’s currently on a business trip, so he’s in a monthly mansion in Kansai area. Once every weekend, he may or may not come back to see our situation.
Usually, Yuki’s little sister, Miina, who is 3 years younger than him, opens the door for him. But that did not seem to be the case today.

Is Miina eating somewhere again today?

The door was locked.
However, as soon as I opened the door, Pan pan! I heard such sounds, like those you usually hear from party crackers going off.
In the room I thought was empty suddenly the lights turned on, and my little sister 2, Miina, jumped towards me. 3
T-shirt + short-pants wearing Miina, pointed at the table, and then,

Jajaaa~n! Look look! Miina made a surprise birthday cake for Yuki-kun! Surprise! Were you surprised?」

「Yup, I was surprised.」

Yatta!4 I was able to surprise Yuki-kun!~ Yatta~ YATTAAAA~!!5

After hopping a few times, Miina took Yuki’s arm to lead him to the table.
And while holding hands as is, he was made to sit on the chair and faced to the birthday cake.

The thing on the top of the plate was a plain roll cake that had fresh cream all over, and with some sticky canned fruits on top of it.
It would be surprising if Miina made a whole cake by herself, but this one was really surprising in some sense.

「Please eat~」

「Miina, today is not my birthday.」

「I know I know, this is something like a before birthday party.」

「Though this feels more of a after birthday party.」

「I think you can eat a birthday cake even if it’s not your birthday yet.」

「That’s quite a novel idea.」

Seriously, today is not Yuki’s birthday or anything at all.
After getting realistic, Miina put her hand on her chin making a thinking gesture 6, and then,

「If birthday is no good… Uhmmm… Yes! If there’s Father’s day and Mother’s day, there should be Onii-chan’s day as well! 7

「Are you trying to copy father’s tone?」

「Considering there’s a cake today, let’s make today an Onii-chan’s day as well! Onii-chan Banzai! Long live Onii-chan!」8

What a cheerful cheering9. Looks like she is trying to bribe me with cheering.
Well, it looks fun so it doesn’t matter, Yuki doesn’t care about small things.
Rather, every day is like this, so you will just stress yourself if you want to talk some sense every day.
It is no exaggeration to say that it was Miina who made Yuki so expressionless.

「But I feel bad to eat everything by myself..」

「Don’t worry about it Yuki-kun. Miina already taken so much!」

「So this is indeed an after party…. Also, don’t say ‘taken’ you should say Itadakimashita.」


Halt and salute.
The reason why Miina’s tone is sometimes polite or sometimes bad is because she is in the middle of a correction.
Even if it’s not about the tone, it’s about the choice of words, or it’s about the way she uses her words being somewhat weird. It can be generally said that she just uses words in a wrong way.
On the other hand, Yuki’s name is pronounced Yuuki, but Miina’s pronunciation comes hard at the start to it can be heard as Yuki-kun. 11

「By the way, since Miina is already full, she doesn’t need any dinner~」

「I know, you’ve eaten a huge piece by yourself, didn’t you.」

While whistling but ending up with no whistle sounds at all, Miina tried to feign ignorance and sat on the chair across him.
She may have came to a conclusion that it would be bad if she just made a cake without reason, not to mention she almost ate it all herself. So she had to make such reasoning to pass it by.
I think.

「So? Is it good?」

Next to Yuki’s fork that pierced the cake, Miina is leaning on the table with her elbows on the table staring at him. 12
Black eyes that are round and pretty, and pair of lips that still has childishness lingering on them. She has a very small face, small body, paired with a very white skin. 13
Recently, Miina had her black hair tied around her shoulders to create a twin tails hairdo. It seems to imitate some anime character. 14

「It’s delicious, though I think it’s too sweet.」

「I see~ ehehe. Nee, can I have a one mouthful?」15

「Haven’t you eaten already Miina?」


Since she started to wait for it, I grabbed a piece of cake using a fork and put it in her mouth, and then Miina’s cheeks started to loosen.
In her brother’s perspective, there is nothing to complain about Miina’s appearance. Well, strictly to her appearance.
Comparing her to other girls, Miina will overtake them easily, and because Yuki’s eyes are always having such pretty girl in front of them, it can be said that Yuki now has a resistance against pretty girls.

Miina really looks like Yuki’s mother, and he could see a glance of her in Miina. When he looked at his mother’s picture when she was young, she looked really similar to Miina.
According to his father, when he was student, Yuki’s mother was something like an idol, a beautiful flower on the mountains.
It was also said the she was perfect, and while talking about that, almost always, his father would talk proudly of himself for getting married to her.
Couldn’t say the same about Miina. She says that the best thing about her is that she has a “cute face.” Though in reality, she is so far away from being a princess.

「From now on, every three days I will make one okay?」

「No, you don’t have to do that.」

It doesn’t seem like she means anything bad or that she is just joking.
No, there may be a small chance of just joking about it, but she really likes servicing other people. Things like surprising Yuki with a good thing, is a good example of that.

After finishing the cake while being stared at by Miina, I placed the plate on the kitchen sink then opened the tap water.
I saw another plate that is full of fresh cream all over it…. Feigning ignorance about that…. I went back to the living room, sat down on the sofa, then turned on the T.V.

Soon after, Miina quickly sat besides me, then Fuaaa~.. Made a big yawn and started to fall asleep.
As I was watching the news on T.V. blankly, without noticing, the time became 6:00 pm.

Miina, who was comfortable sitting on the sofa, was making a quiet sleeping noises.
Since Miina said she doesn’t need dinner, I should just get it over quickly.
As I thought of that, I took an instant ramen from the cupboard, grabbed a saucepan, boiled some water, and put in the noodles.
I nonchalantly put some eggs and some green onions in from the refrigerator, boiled them for a few minutes, then I brought the pan itself to the table, and ate directly from it using the chopsticks.

I always get scolded for eating like this because, according to father, it really looks like something that poor people do. But since he is not here, I don’t care if I look poor or whatnot. 16
While I was eating the noodles, Miina woke up and started to sneak towards me.

「Gimme a mouthful~」

「I thought you don’t want any dinner」


I passed her my chopsticks.
Struggling to get the noodles, Miina ate the ramen slowly, and while she was chewing slowly, she turned around quickly and said,

「Imma go to the bath!」

「I didn’t prepare the bath yet.」

「I’ll do that!」

And so she left the room hurriedly, but came back immediately. “Gimme one more~”
After a while, the bath alarm rang, so she hurriedly left again.

「I finished my bath!」

A few minutes later, she came back with only a bath towel wrapped around her body, with steam drifting around her. She stood in front of Yuki who was playing with his phone.

「You came out again looking like that…..」


Miina, who just laughed in a strange way, suddenly opened her arms wide.
Then the towel wrapped around her body fell on the floor. 19 20


TL: Tet 21
ED: Filip 22

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