I just lost my diamond pickaxe..

Make Him Fall Game

When I pointed my finger towards Yui, she just leaned her head to the side saying “Let’s see..”
But soon enough, she just laughed it off saying,

「You’re right!」1

She pointed her finger back at him.
Then little by little, her index finger is getting closer to Yuki, but before their fingers get in touch, he lowered his hand.

「……If I say so what are you going to do?」2

「But that is indeed the case, isn’t it?」

「You. Are. Wrong! I was really excited about what you were going to say, but what the hell is that? Do you think I’m someone who would do that? And is there any merit if I really do that?」3

「I mean, you always tease someone….」

Although I haven’t thought about her motive, but if that is really not the case, it’s hard to explain her actions.
In other words, if that is the case, all of her actions can be explained in one go.
In Yuki’s perspective, all he can see is a kid who has been scolded for doing some mischievous things out of spite.

「I think you should target guys that look promising in the future.」

「Just like I said, you’re wrong! I won’t do something like that.」

「Then why do you keep on talking4 to me.」

I was finally able to ask that.
In Yuki’s thoughts, this would be a scene where Yui is starting to have some cold sweats because her crime is about to get revealed. But what happened was actually the opposite.
Yui, while opening and closing her eyes, said,

「Keep talking to you…. Ah! I see. To say something like that…. Maybe you’re starting to fall for me?」

Suddenly she leaned towards me, giving me that teasing up-turned look.
Getting hit by that, even Yuki won’t be able to get out unscathed.

「Ah! You laughed! Yatta!

「…..Well, since you’ve said something so funny.」5

「Hmm? I haven’t said anything funny though?」

With a victorious face she kept closing in. When they got close like that, even Yuki didn’t know where to direct his eyesight.
It will just become very awkward if he stopped talking in this situation, so to avoid that Yuki continued the chat.

「And after you make them fall in love with you, you reject them. Such a bad thing to do…」

「What do you mean? Where did you hear that from?」

The words that came from Yui had a tint of anger on it. It was his first time seeing her like that.
If thought about it carefully, Yuki’s source of information is only Keitaro, it’s not like he has it completely understood.
If it was a wrong information, it will be very rude. Yuki bowed his head, after realizing what he did.

「Sorry, that was too much of me, please forget that.」

「If you say that, it just makes me feel more awkward….. But I find that very interesting, so maybe I will really try that game?」


When I looked at her face once more, Yui was smiling again.

「I mean, you’re cute when you smile Narito-kun. You made my heart skip a little.」

And then she points her finger at Yuki,

Ufufu, your face just now~ Did you become conscious? You know, actually since a long time ago, I was really interested about you, but there really wasn’t a chance for me to talk to you. So I am really happy that I get to be your seatmate~」

Ehehehe, so she grins.
It seems that the game has already started.
Since this happened, it looks like whoever makes a reaction loses.
Well, if I throw some logic in it, this should end pretty soon. Thinking that, I threw some questions.

「…..What is it that you’re interested about me?」

「Like, you seem to be so uninterested in things, like you’re just really carefree. And you know, our class’s guys already have a group and that they go together? But even considering that, you’re usually alone. Like “I like to be alone, don’t talk to me.” I really can’t help but to be interested in those kind of guys. Like “what kind of person are you?”」

That sounded more complex than what you usually use as an excuse for something.
But she is misunderstanding something fundamentally.
Looks like Yui is looking at Yuki as if he is a lonely guy, a generic loner character in a story, someone who is always concerned about something in his heart, and for whom even a simple thing such as laughing is already forgotten.
Something like that.

But the actual Yuki is someone who’s always sleepy, and someone who won’t start a talk with someone else. He also has almost no reaction to anything, and he’s someone who really doesn’t have concerns in his heart.
Though it may not be wrong to say that he doesn’t have many friends, and that he seems lonely, but personally speaking, he feels blessed. Personally speaking.

「Then when I actually talked to you, you’re really interesting. So I was hoping that maybe we could get along better.」

「I don’t remember saying anything interesting though.」

「Hmmm… Not specifically talking about interesting things, more like, you’re fun to be with?」

「Fun to be with?」

I was expecting her to say something difficult.
It was not clear if those words were coming from her heart, or if were they something said for the game. But without considering that, something unusual for Yuki, he wanted to say what was on his mind.

「I think that you’re misunderstanding something…  I think that a person should live specific to the way he wants. I mean nothing wrong will happen physically and they won’t feel anything bad if they do that, that is to just eat normally, then sleep normally. I think they will be normally happy with just that?」

「Hee~ You seem to be very observant of things.」

「Well, those were the words of my mother. Though I started to think the same.」

「Well, that sounds like a well-educated mother… Is she very strict?」

「Well, not anymore now. Since she died four years ago.」6

When Yuki said those words without any emotion, Yui was surprised and bowed her head.

「….Sorry. It seems I was talking about her in a rude way.」

「Well, it’s not something that you should be worried about.」

After receiving a response that was completely unexpected, Yui became even more depressed.
Seeing such an energetic person becoming so depressed, even though he knew that she was a different person, it still made Yuki recall some bad memories.
“I don’t want to see something like that ever again.” That was the main condition for Yuki to be able to live his life contently.
He unconsciously stretched his arms, touching her hair, then started to pat her head very gently.

「It’s okay…. It’s okay….」

Doing so very gently, like taking care of a baby, he gently moved his hand.
After a moment of silence, Yui suddenly raised her face, looked at his arm extending to her head, then made a surprised face.
It seemed that she was not aware of what was happening, but soon after she realized. Then little by little, her face was getting dyed with a tint of red.
And then she shook her head to remove Yuki’s hand.

「W, wait!! W, why are you patting my head?」

「Ah, sorry….. My habit came out…」

「Habit!? Do you always pat some girls’ head?」

「Well, not any girls’ head, but my little sisters….. But wait, your face is really red. Are you okay?」

「A, Ah! It’s just because I was surprised! Yes! Surprised!」

「I see. It’s good that you’re well.」

「But THAT is not good, okay!? Don’t just pat some girls head like that, okay!? Falling in love after having her head patted will only happen to a heroine that’s in a harem anime, okay!?」78

Yui started to shout such things while facing Yuki.
That said, it was really troubling for Yuki to see her face getting really red, so he stared at her face while being concerned. But that caused Yui to be conscious of his gaze, and to avoid that, she turned around.
Then she left the stunned Yuki behind,

「Damn youu~~ Looking soo calm~~~… Remember this!!!~~~」

So she was muttering to herself, then started to walk away quickly, as if she was running away from him.

TL: Tetaouernguaosrengoun 9
ED: Filip10/Gecko

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