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Giving Juice as a Gratitude

Lunch break.

While Yuki was eating a riceball that he brought from his home, Keitaro came while making noise with his slippers.
While drinking his juice, he asked me how my seat was.
Regarding Yui, she is with a group of girls and eating their lunch, thus she was absent from her seat.

「Why don’t you sit?」

I said to Keitaro, who was at that moment leaning on the wall, while pointing to Yui’s seat.
But Keitaro rejected the suggestion while swinging his head left and right.

「Oioi, who do you think that seat belongs to? If I really did sit there I’ll be the target for countless killing intent.」

「From where?」

「Of course from those guys over there. Those who look like a group of gentlemen at first, but actually are a group of people who would smell the seat and lick the desk, if they’re given a chance.」1

「What a bunch of perverts.」

Smelling would work somehow, but I think you’d just taste wood if you licked the desk.
After praising Yui’s seat, Keitaro started to whisper to Yuki.

「……So how is it? Being a seatmate with her?」

「Well, I think that she’s a good person.」

As I answered so, immediately Keitaro started to grin while saying “Hohoo~..”

「Araraa~ Don’t tell me you already fell in just half a day? Well, even someone like you Narito would fall in love when there’s a cute girl like her to greet you with that kind of smile. Well, that’s how other people described it to me.」

「She also shows me her homework too.」

「……She’s indeed a good person. Wait, that’s not what we’re talking about….. Also, why are you showing such an uncool side? You should be the one who give his best. Show her your good side!」

Then he started to urge me about what happened regarding the homework. But it’s too bothersome to tell him about it.
After stuffing my mouth quietly with the riceball, Keitaro looked at me.

「I’d advise you just in case. If there’s a good atmosphere between the two of you. Even if you think that is indeed the case, she would just talk to anyone with that kind of atmosphere so don’t let it get into your head.」

「Well, I really don’t think like that.」

「Long things short, it’s something like seatmate effect. So don’t overthink.」

「I’ve never heard of such an effect. Is it something like suspension bridge effect? 2

While we were having such a conversation, Yui came back to her seat.
After she took something from her desk, chira 3, looked at Yuki’s group, then went back to her group.

「Why are you flinching back?」

Considering we’re talking about that overly loud Keitaro, so I thought he’d call out to her. But as far as I can see, I think that he’s avoiding Yui.

「W, Well, it’s something like that. We were in the same junior high, so there were lots of things.」

「So something happened back then? Not like I care about it though.」

「Will it hurt you if you have a little bit more interest in me? If you were a detective, you’d fail immediately. Don’t miss out on the important clues!」

Once it was just the two of us, Keitaro become noisy again so I started to ignore him, and after a while Yui came back to her seat once again.
Then suddenly, Keitaro went to the window and started to look outside, I was curious if something was happening so I also went to look, and then someone started to tap on my shoulders.
When I turned to the source, I saw Yui leaning towards me with her waist bent, and she asked me in a low-tone,

「Nee, Narito-kun, did you forget about what we have talked about earlier……?」

「Eh? Ah…… I haven’t forgotten about it?」

「I’m pretty sure you’ve forgotten, based on your reaction…..」

Apparently, there was a discussion about Yuki treating Yui with some juice since he was allowed to see her homework.
I completely forgotten about it after two classes have passed.

「I will go get one now, what kind of flavor do you want?」

「Unnn~ What should I get….. Why don’t we go together?」

「Eh? Well I don’t mind……」

I was surprised after getting asked so suddenly, but well, I don’t have any reason to deny her.
However, I thought that Keitaro would interfere just like he always does, but I then realized he ran away somewhere else.
Yuki thought that it was something good because it was not that noisy anymore. So he stood up from his seat and went out of the class together with Yui.

After a while, they reached the vending machine located near the school cafeteria.
Depending on what time it is, this area may be packed with people, but since the lunch break is almost done, there were only a few people left in there.
They stood behind the group of people who were buying some juice. While they were waiting, Yui started to talk,

「…..Nee, Is Narito-kun a silent-type of a person?」

「No I don’t think so. I’m normal.」

「I don’t think it’s normal that you haven’t talked while we’re on the way here….」

「Well, you haven’t talked either.」

We kept silent even while walking together through a long corridor before reaching this place.

「I was waiting for you to talk, Narito-kun. But while I was waiting, we’ve already reached here!」

「Right right, it’s the same.」


That wasn’t a lie. I thought that just like before, she’d be the one to start talking to me.
It may have looked like some sort of psychological warfare to Yui. But in all honesty, Yuki just didn’t know what to start talking about.
Yui made a really doubtful looking face, but suddenly, she turned a upturned glance to me.

「Ah! Or maybe~…. You were nervous or something~?」

「Nervous? Why would I be?」

「Ah, It’s nothing~ It’s nothing~~」

Yui shook her head left and right, and that concluded the conversation.
In front of my eyes, there was a couple flirting while picking out drinks.

「Nee~ Nee~ How about you Takkun?」4

「Hmmm… What should I pick? How about you~?」5

「Ehh~…. Miki can’t…. Miki can’t pick~ Just pick what you like Takkun~」6

「Well then, why don’t we both press the button of the drink that we like? Let’s try it.」7

「I want the same as Takkun~」8

They were doing that while they were in front of the vending machine. 9
I’m not sure if they don’t know where they currently at or if they are just doing this on purpose, but after some time they have finally picked something, then left while having their arms linked.
And so, Yui, who was looking at them earnestly, said so while looking at their back.


「Did you just click your tongue?」

「I didn’t, I didn’t, I didn’t do something like that~  Don’t you think something after seeing something like that?」

「Well not really….. Like they are in the way or something?」

「Fuu~n~….. Looks like we were on the same page for once.」

「Now I know that you clicked your tongue earlier.」

「I said that I didn’t. Please don’t say something like that, you’re hurting my feelings!」

Yui then pointed her index finger to the vending machine.

「Do you have anything to recommend Narito-kun?」

「Hmm. Maybe something like Doctor Pepper?」

「Excluding that.」

After saying that I didn’t have anything else to recommend, Yui picked a tea.
Some time later, I bought something for myself as well.
And after drinking bubbling liquid that is contained in the plastic bottle,

「……Is that tasty?」

「It’s tasty. If you haven’t tried it yet, do you want some?」

I handed the plastic bottle as is to Yui.
After Yui looked alternatively at Yuki’s hand and face, she said so after pointing at the drinking hole.

「Well, but, that…..」

「Ahh, I drank from this side so it should be fine on that side.」

「……Why are you trying to say such things so frankly?」

「Well just like I said….. I don’t really care about something like that.」

「Fu, Fuu~n…..? We, well~ I’m the same, I just wanted to tell you that, I’m not worried about something like that…..」

「If that’s the case, then feel free to drink.」

I handed over the plastic bottle.
Yui took it, but even after some time, while making a thinking face, she hasn’t tried to drink it even once.
Then suddenly she looked at me like she’s about to complain about something, so,

「……What is it?」

E~tto.… I mean, if you keep on staring at me like that it’s hard to drink! Can you look over there!」

She made me to look at my right even though I don’t know why should I do that.
It’s not like she’s about to change her clothes, why do I have to look away?
While I was thinking like that, I heard “It’s okay now” from her so I turned back to her, then she quickly passed over the plastic bottle to me. When I looked at the content, it barely diminished.

「Hm? Did you drink?」

「Yes, I did.」

「But it didn’t decrease?」


I thought that she didn’t have to get angry up to the point that her face turned red.
It seems that she didn’t like the taste that much. 11

TL: Tet the not so jealous man.
ED: Gecko/Filip 12

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