Hello, Tetri’s here! Also, a Filip.


Soon after, the bell rang and the teacher came in.
When the morning home room was over, the classroom became noisy again.
Then right beside me, Yui, while taking out her textbook and her notes, started talking to me.

「Nee Narito-kun. You know, I think I will be picked to answer in this upcoming English class….. I want to prepare a little bit because I feel anxious, so can you tell me how I did?」

Yui then said「Onegaishimasu!」while bowing her head and placing each of her palm together in an exaggerating way.

「…….You don’t want to? It’s okay if you don’t want to.」

「Well, I am fine if you just want me to look at it. Unfortunately, I have not prepared anything as well, so I can’t help. I was really busy.」

「E~ee~….. What do you mean you haven’t…… Wait, aren’t you nonchalantly reading a book right now!」

「Even if I start preparing now I won’t make it on time.」

I was trying to end the conversation on that point, but Yui suddenly told me to wait and pulled out her notes.

Ano ne, I know it’ll be my turn today, based on the attendance number. Then to the side of me, it’s you. So there’s a huge chance that you may get chosen as well! Don’t you think Miura-sensei is scary?」

「Don’t worry, I have steeled myself.」

「What do you mean “steeled” yourself? Trying to make yourself sound cool doesn’t help us!」

Yui started to flip the pages of her notebook while muttering「Mattaku Mou~1」then came again to show me one of the pages,

「I understood. So here, have a look at my notes.」

「No, don’t worry. Actually, something like this2 won’t help me if I am not the one who does it.」

「…… That’s not the line that should come from someone who didn’t do their work, isn’t? I can’t help but become more anxious if I know that someone hasn’t done their work either. So here, have a look!」

「I see, is that empathy? Or is it something else…..?」

「Put that thing aside, can you just copy them quick?」

I was forcefully given a notebook.

As for Yuki, saying “I have steeled myself” was due to him getting carried away. That said, if he didn’t do whatever Yui was saying might cause her to become mad at him, so he started to copy her notes into his notebook.


「Hm? Is there anything wrong?」

「Such a beautiful handwriting.」

「Eh? E~e~…..? D, do you think so? I thought I just wrote them normally……」

「So I initially thought, but maybe that is not the case?」

「Just. Copy. It.」

Since Yui was getting scary, Yuki went ahead and copied them quickly.
Almost at the same time, the bell rang and the teacher came.
Miura was an English teacher, wearing a pair of glasses and in his forties. He also had a reputation of being strict not only in class but also about submissions. 3
If you get caught not prepared for the class, he might make you stand for the rest of the class.

Since this was also the first morning class, everyone was very tense.
After the morning greetings, Miura opened his attendance book and said,

「So today is 16…… Then, Takatsuki!」

「Y, Yes!」

「Not you but the one beside you, Narito, you thought you got away, didn’t you.」

He said so while grinning.
Seeing that he is not in a bad mood, the tension in the class was slowly dissipating.
While ignoring the change in the atmosphere, Yuki started to read out the notes that he copied from Yui.

Excellent 4. Very well, you were prepared.」

After that, Yui started to send some sort of “give some gratitude” look while doing a V-sign towards Yuki.
Well, in all honesty, it’s all Yui’s work.

「Well then, next is Takatsuki.」

「Eh? Me too?」

「I haven’t said that you won’t be answering too. And why are you trying to turn into a crab?」

「I, I am not trying to turn into a crab!」

Everyone in the class started laughing.
Yui, who was completely red, started answering some questions in an impatiently.

「Hmmm, Though there are some mistranslations, generally it’s good 5

Having been told that, Yui sighed in relief, then “Muuuuu~”, started to glare at me for some reason.
I was troubled about what kind of reaction I should have, so I tried to copy Yui and send her some crab like V-signs.

What came back was a sinister looking grin.


After that, there wasn’t anything happening worth mentioning, and the class ended peacefully.
As the classroom started to switch to the break time atmosphere, Yui turned towards me while pouting.
Looks like she wants to give out some complains, but soon her face turned back to usual smile, and then she said,

「Hehe, both of us got picked by the end. It was a good decision for me to lend you that note.」

「Thank you, that helped me a lot.」

「If you don’t do it properly from now on, it’s no good, okay~?」


While I was answering unwillingly, Yui started to laugh wildly.

「”Yes” he said. You look so cute when you’re obedient. Hehe. You’re so funny, Narito-kun!」

(What a gleeful person.)

This “Seatmate Killer”‘s smile is so destructive. Super cute. It makes my heart skip a thousand beats!
And that is how Keitaro would react to the smile that she has right now. While thinking so I observe Yui.

While he was looking at Yui’s smile, he got curious about something, so Yuki carelessly asked something.

「Ah, Takatsuki-san.」

「Hm? What is it?」

「Well, it’s a little bit hard to ask.」

「What is it all of a sudden? Don’t worry, you can ask me anything.」

Though Yuki was feeling a little bit hesitant, Yui pushed him to just ask her while smiling, so it would be a good idea to just ask honestly.

「Have you also done, the assignment for the next class?」

「……. Look.」

The eyes that were so softly smiling before, are now glaring at me.

It’s all a trap! 6 Is how Yuki perceived everything.

TL: Tetri
ED: Filip/Gecko

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