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Ideal Boyfriend

The next day, Yui was standing in front of the kitchen as she was making bento for two people.
Of course, this is for the “I made a bento for you Narito-kun, here!” event.

「…..Well, this is somewhat… I mean if you really think about it….」

That said, Yui was overwhelmed by indecisiveness while making this.
If you think about it, this really isn’t something normal. It’s like getting blown away by a nuclear weapon when the war just started a second ago.1
Let’s not do this idiotic thing after all…. Thinking so, she tried to stop, but…

—Isn’t your face turning red? Are you okay? 2

Understood, this is war!
I’ll give you a good strike!
Let’s make him understand that I am not someone you want to turn into your opponent!

「This is the first time… it’s you who made me go this far, idiot….」

「Whaat are you muttering about by yourself?」


When Yui turned to the source of that sudden voice, she saw her older sister, Maki, who was in her pajamas standing behind her while she was rubbing her eyes.
Maki is a college student and four years older than Yui, and she is a soothing onee-san type of a girl.
That girl looks like someone who’s always smiling, like Yui’s very kind onee-chan…. But that is just a facade and as a matter of fact she is actually a little demon.

Fuaa~aa…. What are you making?」

Maki yawned slowly while making an alluring sweet voice, then she started to pat her bed hair down.
Maki was trying to look at what’s in the hand of Yui, but because she is not wearing her contacts or her glasses she is having a hard time identifying it.

「….Ah, it looks like there are a lot. Did you perhaps made my share too? You’re such a good kid Yui-chan.」

「You’re wrong.」

Yui shifted her posture trying to hide the bento she held in her hands.
She is always making her own share, or rather she’s forced to make her own share. So if there are more than one, it is something new to see.

「Theen what is thaat? Ah! Could it be you now have a boyfriend?」

Maki just said that jokingly, but that made Yui have some sort of reaction as she dropped the pair of chopsticks that was hidden in her hands.
She soon after bent her body to pick it up, thereafter answered her older sister back while cleaning the chopsticks.

「Y, yar wrong. What are you trying to say?」

「….Eh? Seriously? Is he good looking? Do you have a picture of him or anything?」

The former relaxed expression of Maki was gone as she suddenly turned serious and started to bombard Yui with lots of questions.
This kind of sudden change is indeed scary.

「N, no! Didn’t I say you’re wrong just now?」

「Your face is lying. It’s really easy to tell what you’re thinking because it shows on your face.」

「H, haa? What kind of face are you talking about?」

She put her hands on my cheeks, though I don’t know what was the reason for that.
Then suddenly, Maki started to make fufufu sounds Such a suspicious laugh,

「Then that means you’ve found him, your ideal boyfriend.」


The ideal boyfriend.
I started to feel something bad when those words were muttered, and soon after, my sister’s mouth turned into a grin.

「H, hmm. I wonder what you’re talking about….?」

Ehh~? Didn’t you say that in the past?」

When Maki took out her phone, she tapped on the screen a few times, she slid her fingers on it, and then started to read something out.

「Ideal…. He doesn’t flock with others. Doesn’t have that many friends. Kind of sleepy. Lack of reactions, always having a poker face. But cute when he laughs. Tall but not too tall. A good body style. Having beautiful fingers. Black haired. A little crazy. Eyes that are beautiful. Small voice. Doesn’t talk that much but his voice is soothing. A cool guy but actually an airhead. Honest. A big brother to a little brother or little sister. Has a good relation with his family. Good at house works. Good at cooking….」

「Ah, aaaah! W, wait isn’t that!」

「Informative on lesser topics. Reads difficult books. Somewhat uninterested in love affairs, but the best guy if you get along with him. He would pat my head when I’m down. Not saying it out but having a hard past….. What is this, just reading this giving me goosebumps. I mean Yui-chan.. I think you should stop with those off putting delusions?」

「W, w, why do you have that…..」

「This was left open on my computer, so I followed it up! Thumbs up!」

「Aaaaaah! Lock! Lock! Lock it right now!」

「You’re too slow.」

Destroy it! So I tried to take the smartphone, but Maki’s arms were so long that I couldn’t reach it.
There was a chance that she would grope my chest as a counterattack, so I took some distance.

「Well, this is like that, some loner’s imaginary character? Like someone who’s suffering from 8th grade syndrome… And not to mention, isn’t this contrasting itself around the middle? This is not good…. This is something you’d read in a shoujo manga.」

「Th, that’s not right! It’s something regrettable!」

「Really? Even though you never had a boyfriend the things you write are really precise.」

「S, shut up! I understand now so go awaaa Hii!?」

「Good reaction as usual. Yui-chan is so cute.」

「S, stop that! Mou~!!

I flicked off Maki’s hand that was touching my butt. She doesn’t pat my head but would always pat my butt. She’s someone I can’t be proud of. 3
Maki was looking at Yui’s butt thinking of having a feel again, but she suddenly turned serious.

「If you get a boyfriend something like this is usual okay? Getting shy at this level is not good, okay?」

「You won’t make me forget what you just did even if you say such cool sounding lines with such a serious face, okay?」

「If Yui were to be touched by a random guy, you know what would happen to this ojiichan? Right, I would go Uwaaa! I would go Uwaaaa! My little sister that I poured my everything into…. Yui that is really adorable, our cute Yui…. Do you understand?」

「No I don’t.」

I stared at her hinting that everything she thinks is wrong, but ignoring that, Maki just smiled happily.
Then Maki once again glanced at the kitchen,

「Well, this might be your usual “get to his stomach and then his heart” plan. But you know boys are really weak against….」

She suddenly zoomed close to Yui, took her hands and made them touch her big sister’s chest. A considerable volume.
In addition, Maki started to squeeze her lips while getting close. And after sighing next to Yui’s ear,

「….I love you.」

I got a goosebumps from that.
Because of that I made a stupidly sounding “Hyaa” which made Maki say “ufufu” in return.

「It’s faster if you do that.」

「Wa, what are you saying?! You villainess!」

「Well, doing this would turn into something of a hassle, so I won’t do it.」

「I wouldn’t do something like that myself!」

「Really~? Won’t it be extra effective with your seductive body~?」

She tried to reach for my chest, so I guarded myself with my arms.

「Saying that you won’t do it, more like you can’t do it. Since you’re very shy, Yui-chan.」

「N, not really… I can do it something like that…. If I wanted to!」


I got laughed at.
Whatever I say, she already knows a lot… Because of that she can just make fun of me.

「More than that, I’m worried that Yui will be taken by some strange random guy. I just get really worriedly worried. This is such a feeling that I can’t contain!」

「T, that kind of thing won’t happen!」

「I wonder.. Not with that flimsy looking defense of yours.」

「Defensive power?」

Even though Yui is always smiling, her extreme shyness is not yet fixed.
And since she has always been on the offensive, she didn’t need any defensive capabilities.

「D, do you know that offense is the best defense? I’m really having an easy time so you don’t need to be worried!」

「Hmm~? That means that he’s… Your target for your one-sided feeling? Soo nice, that’s soo nicee… You’re making onee-chan so jealous!」

「Aaah! You’re wrong! Everything you’ve heard was nothing! Just a lie! It’s a joke! There’s nothing happening!」

「Haa~ I wonder what kind of a person is he? He’s making my heart skip a little now..」4

「Can’t you listen?!!!」

Yui’s outbursts were in vain, as Maki would just say “Ufufu” against it. Maki then left the scene, leaving the echo of a suspicious laughter behind.
She got another target for her teasing. Thinking so, Yui hanged her head in defeat.

(All of this is your fault!)

I won’t refrain myself anymore. I will do it! I will go all out!
While muttering fufufu… Yui started to complete the bento while thinking something sinister.

TL: Teeeeeeeeeet
ED: Filip/Gecko

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Holy shit that was accurate.

Diana Kurosawa

Even I would “yosh, you’re mine now~” if I saw my ideal man irl, you know~?


Um, I am feeling Yui is getting corrupted by her sister…
Thx for the chap!


If I have a sister liatke Yui, I probably will corrupt her too. Something too pure is just asked to be corrupted


It’s this guy right here, officer


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Wow… I must say that’s accurate.! and I must also say the the mc is actually quite high-spec with those descriptions….


Thanks for the chapter!!!
Damn, so it wasn’t a coincidence she fell for him. He was her ideal type all along hahaha!!

Light novel junkie

Thanks for the chapter but more importantly has this been dropped or something? Last update was months ago and I’m starting to wonder if it was dropped/forgotten or translator was just to busy with rl shit or other novels


Similar to Salty yet Sweet. Sorry for the sad news, once again.

Diana Kurosawa

r/specifically specific~


Yui was blessed by the boyfriend Gods..she got herself exactly(and I mean EXACTLY) her type of boy

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