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July 6, 2019 - July 10, 2019
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Seatmate Killer

I placed my bag on the table, then pulled out the chair.
After Yuki sat down on his seat, his seatmate, Yui, who has been playing with her phone, smiled to him.


「…… Good Morning.」

「Ufufu, why so stiff?」

「Well, we’re not that close so.」

「Not that close…. But we’re classmates.」

「Even though we’re classmates, it’s not like we’ve spoken to each other before.」

「Mou, then if you want to talk, please talk casually.」

While Yui was giggling, she kept coming closer.
It has been three months since the change of class 1, I don’t have any recollection of us speaking with each other excluding general greetings.
Before, our seats were far from each other, not to mention we did not have any kind of contact at all. But as soon as she became my seatmate, it turned out like this.

Neither Yuki’s character, nor the status of just being a classmates changed.
Looks like the nickname ‘seat killer’ is not only a display.

By the way, Yuki has a tendency to not talk with any female seatmates that he had before.
As long as the other party won’t talk to him, he is someone that won’t talk to you, specially if he doesn’t have anything important to talk about.
He neither refuses things that come, nor chases things that go. That is the reason why some of his classmates have isolated him.

After the greetings, Yuki started to put things from inside his bag to the space on his table. After that he brought out his book and switched to silent mode.
Soon after, he started feeling that someone was staring at him but he decided to ignore it. Maybe unable to contain herself anymore, Yui started to talk to him.

「Nee Nee~, what are you reading?」


「What a response, it feels like there’s a Berlin wall in between us.」

「Though I feel like it’s already breaking down.」

「Maybe my metaphor was too old? So is it like you’re unguarded right now?」

「There are still two walls standing.」

「Who are you calling a titan.」2

After Yui stopped laughing funnily, she made an unexpected face, and turned towards Yuki.

「Hee~. Looks like Narito-kun is willing to follow me up.」3

「Wait up, look.」

Yuki stretched his arms and made a straight line across his desk using his index finger.

「I think my zone starts from here.」

「Zone? Oh so that’s the Narito zone. What will happen if I accidentally get in there? Will I get sucked in?」

「I will say『Eh…..?』.」

「What is that? Hmm, let’s see, maybe that book, is it something naughty?」

After being said so suddenly, my body made a sudden twitch.
Yui suddenly tried to peek at the book that’s been left opened.


「Wai’ Why are you suddenly pulling the book out?」

Because of Yui’s sudden entrance, My [Eh…?] has been activated.
Her waving brown tinted hair closed in on me, which then made me smell a soft, pleasant fragrance.

She kept the same distance and dropped her sight on the book as if saying she wants to read together, so Yuki closed the book and placed it on top of his desk.
And so Yui said, [Ah, it’s closed now.] then went back to her seat.

「Zarathustra talk…..? 4  You’re reading something hard. Are you something of a philosophical youth Narito-kun?」

「Not like that, I usually don’t read something like this.」

「…..Why are you making an excuse like you would make when someone finds out you’re reading a naughty book?」

Well, in a way or another, this may really be a naughty book.
Well, if I try to make myself look cool by saying “that’s right” even though I don’t even understand a speck of it will turn me into a unlikable character.

「Well, I was just curious because you carry it so confidently.」

「Is that something good? Or is there something interesting in it?」

「I don’t know, to be honest this book is so hard it’s annoying me.」

「Well why don’t you stop reading it?」

It is not necessarily because she told me, but it is very difficult to continue reading as it is.
Yuki put the book back inside his desk.
Perhaps thinking she made Yuki stop reading the book, Yui reached out to her bag and retrieved a paperback book.

「Nee Nee~, I have a book that I just finished, do you want to borrow it? The title is『I Want to Destroy your Pancreas』.」5

「Is it mystery? Or is it alternate history book?」

「Doesn’t it sound like that? But actually this book is a tear inducing love story.」

「I don’t read something like those. Sorry.」

「Ehhh~ Why?~. I’ll lend you this so read it. It’s really good.」

「What I got from others is not going through my throat.」6

「Which ninja is that? Wait, are you trying to eat it?」

As soon as I hear something love related, my body will start rejecting it like it’s some sort of allergen.

Strictly speaking, it may have been something like allergy, or it was just that incompatible with him. In any way, it was something that had nothing to do with Yuki.
Since he was born, not to mention girlfriend, he did not even make any female friend.
Yui kept on forcing the book to Yuki, but he raised his arm and tried to reject it.

「I won’t give you my daughter! Don’t come back again!」

「Can you stop making things weird?」

「Hehe, because it looked like you’re about to say it. You’re so weird Narito-kun.」

「I’m not weird, I’m perfectly normal.」

There’s no one that’s as normal as me.
Is what I think.

「I’m so glad. That my seatmate is this interesting.」

「No, I am not that interesting.」

There’s no one that’s as uninteresting as me.
Is what I think.

「Ufufu… Well, nice to meet you again.」

Yui turned slightly to me while smiling.
At this moment, for the first time, Yuki was able to see her face directly.

Pair of eyebrows that made a dash of arching coupled with the front hair. Her eyes were quite round and they were really beautiful.
She had a small and pointy nose, and beautifully colored lips that had a tint of shine.

(I see, so this is her)

Number one in the class…… No, one of the prettiest in the school who has been named “Seatmate killer.”
When it comes to this point, it doesn’t matter whether she looks good or bad. It will depend on what is your type, like do you like beautiful ones or pretty ones. 7
Someone like her, makes a carefree smile that’s directed at me.

「Hm? Is there anything wrong?」


Seemingly feeling Yuki’s gaze, Yui turned to him while blinking profusely with a confused face.
Yuki changed his line of sight to somewhere lower from her eyes, to a place where her lips would be.

(She has good teeth, I am so envious) 8

So I thought.

TL: Tet

ED: Gecko/Filip

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「What a response, it feels like there’s a Berlin wall in between us.」
「Though I feel like it’s already breaking down.」

LOL ! Damn this response is quite interesting.

「There are still two walls standing.」

*Didn’t understand before reading the note* Hahaha. This reference !

Huuuuhhh, translator ! The note number 4 is not really working, it’s not correctly written too !

I also agree that their dialogue was really interesting and funny. Can’t wait for more. Thx again translator for picking up this series.


I’m not the translator but fixed. Thanks


I’m definitely interested in this. The banter feels natural, and funny. Plus I’m interested to see how it goes. Both characters have stubborn personalities. So seeing them develope as they clash will be very entertaining.


i dont know how i feel about the girl but this seems interesting .


Good teeth is good. translator san doesnt know the struggles of us bad teethers


Oh she’s annoying

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