Time to buy some bubble tea~

9th Piece: Tapioca Challenge

Thirty minutes of waiting while being burned by the summer heat.
Although there were some troubles in between (specifically Sato-san’s misbehavior), Sato-san and I were able to get it finally.

「Thank you for waiting! This is Assam Milk Tea Black Tapioca & Milk Foam Topping! 1

The clerk with a smile of 100 points if it were graded, gave us our order, that sounded like some sort of incantation.

Transparent cup, filled to the brim with the milk tea, topped with light milk foam that’s like a cloud.
Then at the bottom of the cup can be seen those black jewels whose color contrasts the beige of the tea, these are the main player of this sweet drink.
—-In other word, it’s tapioca.


Then, about Sato-san who accepted it, those eyes of hers which are already round and black, became even rounder, as if mimicking the tapioca that is included in the drink. “Hooooh” so she exhaled sharply.
…… Looks like she’s pretty impressed.

「Oshio-kun! This is the tapioca milk tea…!」

「I know」

Due to her really childish gestures, I couldn’t help but laugh.
I bet not one of our classmates know about this.
That “Salty Sato-san” who you can always see frowning in the class, can make her eyes shine so brightly with one tapioca milk tea.
Thinking so, I felt a little sense of superiority.

「O, Oshio-kun! This, this! How are we going to take a picture of this to look nice!?」

Sato-san asked me while being filled with excitement.
Just add a little bit more to that excitement and I can see her jumping excitedly on the spot.
….. I thought that it would be nice to see if that would happen, but it will dampen the mood if I try to tease her right now, so for that reason I started the “Taking Tapioca Milk Tea’s Picture And Make It Look Nice” lecture.
Well, it’s not that big of a deal to call it a lecture.

「I guess the first and safest option is to take one with the signboard as background」

「Signboard, background?」

「Yep, look at this.」

I pointed around to encourage Sato-san to look around.
As we can see, the high school girls from earlier are gathering around the signboard “Tea Pearl” with their cups held high with one hand and the smartphone with another.
There was even a group so engrossed that they counter-flowed and got scolded by the guideman.

「It’s important to put together the tapioca milk tea and the store sign, because it’s better to show the milk tea and the store sign rather than the milk tea only.」

「It’s Minstagramer Oshio-kun!」

Sato-san directed her eyes that were sparkling with respect towards me.
Well, I only have a Minstagramer account to advertise my father’s store, so I never even once uploaded a picture of tapioca milk tea, but I still understand that important detail due to using Minstagramer on a daily basis.

「It’s not something hard and this is really easy for beginners. Just be careful not to look into your smartphone too much and bump into people.」

「Okay! Understand! I take picture!」2

*Funsu* so she exhaled through her nose, then she ran close to the signboard to take a picture.
While I was looking at her gestures like of those of small animals, I brought the straw to my mouth.

…..Ah, delicious.
It’s understandable that this would be a hit amongst high school girls which are picky with their tastes.
Tapioca that is neither too hard or too soft is a thing to talk already, then this milk tea that has a smooth sweetness is good too.
This high level of fragrance, they must be using some good tea leaves.
Maybe I should make one personally…. If it goes well, maybe I can ask dad to add it to the menu…

While thinking so, Sato-san walked towards here like a penguin.

「I’ve taken it! Look at it Oshio-kun!」

「….Wasn’t that fast.」

I’m a little anxious at this point.
However, Sato-san gives me her smartphone confidently.
Let’s see what we got here…..


It was bad, completely.
Because of the wrong positioning, the tapioca milk tea is a pure cup of light.
In addition, the main subject, the tapioca milk tea is not in focus.
For some reason, her white, thin and tense arms are the one in the focus. 3

The arm that holds the tapioca milk tea that’s shining bright…

「…. A poster of a western painting?」

「Ehehehe, I will be embarrassed if you praise me so much, Oshio-kun!」

I am not complimenting you at all though….

「No…. Yup, I don’t think this will be a hit at all….」


….. I want to ask why would it be good.
While I was thinking how to explain this properly…..

「–Woooo—-! This is amazing! As expected of Big tits! 4

「Wa! Take it fast! Take a picture of it! This is actually a little hard! Also my boobs are freezing! 5

「AHAHAHA! Isn’t this funny?」

There is a group that is a bit too excited just a little away from Tea Pearl.
When I directed my eyesight towards that place without thinking much, one of the three high school girls that was in front of us before, using the tapioca milk tea, was doing “that.”6

「Uwah, so there really are people who can do that.」


「It that so-called “Tapioca Challenge,” Sato-san.」

—Tapioca Challenge.
A strange boom that exploded amongst the tapioca milk tea community that’s going around SNS.
That is, a challenge that includes putting the tapioca milk tea on top of your breasts, then without using hands, drink from it using the straw. It’s a game that has a low level of lewdness to it.
Because of its characteristics, only women with large breasts can succeed at doing this.


Such words leaked unconsciously.
Even that random guy on the street had to look twice after seeing it.
Our line of sight gets pulled even before we think that it’s bad manners.
That is another kind of acrobatics….

But, “It’s not good to stare at a lady’s chests that much.” Suddenly hearing that made me pull myself together then I looked at Sato-san.

「Ah, Sorry Sato-san, so, speaking of the picture you’ve taken earlie…r?」


What is it? Sato-san’s kind of strange.
She has her cheeks puffed, and she looks like she has something to say but decided to glare at me with upturned eyes.
While I was confused as to what to do with the current situation, for some reason, Sato-san suddenly shouted,

「….Oshio-kun, Do you like girls with big breasts? 78

So she asked.
I was thinking about what caused for her to ask that. After realizing, I felt my blood rushing in my body.
…. Maybe, because I’ve been looking at some girl’s breasts she thought of me as a filthy being? 9

「S, sorry, it’s because I somehow learned of it somewhere and didn’t know someone would really try it… So..」

Aaah! Why am I such a shallow person!
I mean she’s right, anyone would be put off if they have such a lewd person besides them!
I didn’t want to be hated by her…. But now, it’s over….

At that time, while I was wallowing with my own sense of despair….

「….Even I can do that.」

Words that came out from Sato-san were surprisingly something out of her character.


「Can do that, Tapioca challenge….」

「But, that’s a little…..」

I think that’s a little impossible….
So I was thinking to say that, but I hurriedly shut my mouth.

Am I stupid?! There’s a limit to how one can have so little delicacy!

However, realistically speaking, it’s impossible for Sato-san to do the tapioca challenge.
Well, Sato-san’s breasts do have that feminine bulge, which may be slightly larger than the average… But….

But while I was thinking that, I realized that I was staring seriously at my first love’s chest and that made me blush.

「Can do! Will do! Will hit!」10

On the other hand, Sato-san actually became angry for some reason. Now that we’re here, I don’t know what’s what anymore.

「Look at me properly okay!」

「Wa, wait Sato-san….!」

I tried to stop her but it was too late.
Sato-san positioned her chest to do the tapioca challenge.

And because of that her chest became emphasized over the shirt, and few things that shouldn’t be seen are getting seen through.

Then at that time, some random office workers started to look here–


I reflexively shout her name out.

「Eh…? Uwa..!」

Sato-san who was surprised due to this, lost her balance and started to fall backwards.

— Dangerous.
I leaned into my heel and supported her delicate body with my arms outstretched.

Time stops.
My mind is completely white.
I started to realize the current situation as slow as ice melting due to hot warmth of the summer winds.

Right now, I am holding Sato-san in my arms.



Both of us are solidified, and stared at each other silently.
Her face is close, and I can feel her warmth across her shirt.
Sato-san’s, waist, is thin.


「…..Sorry as well.」

I heard from one of the three high school girls “I’ll try doing that to my boyfriend next time.”

It’s so embarrassing that I could die.

TL: Tetrioca
ED: Filip/Gecko

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