I am literally drinking milk tea right now..

8th Piece: Tapioca Milk Tea

Soon after that, we went back to the classroom and again became the target for multiple gazes from our classmates. I won’t dare to speak of what happened after that.
….Rather, I don’t want to remember what happened.
Just talking about that would make me die out of shame. Also revealing it won’t benefit anyone either.

However, let me say just this one thing. When I was able to return to my seat, Misono Ren, who was about to finish his croquette bread, tapped on my shoulder and said so,

「Aren’t you a killer?」

He just spoke that, then went back to his seat.
Ren is an idiot.
That said, there’s no mistake he is my best friend.

Well, with this and that the classes were over and it’s now after school.
That is the long awaited after school.
Sato-san and I left the classroom while getting rained by gazes.

「This is such a great line as usual….」

A line that couldn’t be contained inside the store had to be extended so it stretched on the sidewalk. It was such a snake-like line that it made me let out a voice.
I didn’t expect that I will be joining this line which I had been looking at from afar while going home.

The name of the store is “Tea Pearl.”
This is the sole tapioca milk tea store in this area, and there’s a queue everyday.

「O, Oshio-kun!? It’s tapioca milk tea! That! That thing that everyone talks about!」

「Sato-san let’s calm down.」

She seemed to be completely excited while lining up. She shouted so while her eyes were sparkling with excitement.
….She looks like a kid that has been brought to a toy store.
This really makes you question who is it that they call “Salty Sato-san.”

「…..That said, the line is really long. Will you be okay?」

「Okay! I won’t go back since we’re already here!」

Sato-san was shouting while puffing her face.
But she suddenly stopped as if she remembered something.

「……Ah, I’m sorry…… I guess you don’t want to line up with me right?」

Sato-san said so while making a face that was about to cry.
….She’s really stiff in some weird places. 1

I exhaled once and turned to her quickly.

「Let’s line up together.」

After that, I went to the back of the line.
Sato-san’s eyes went round as if she was really surprised, thereafter she hurriedly went behind me.

「I, is it okay Oshio-kun!? This is such a long line!?」

「That’s what I said earlier, don’t worry about it, I won’t go back since we’re already here.」


「I would like to drink one cup myself, that rumored tapioca milk tea — Also, this is for your sake as well, Sato-san.」

The footsteps of each of us were audible before, but suddenly one of them stopped.
Wondering what happened I looked back, and what I saw was Sato-san with a blank look on her face.

「……? What happened Sato-san?」

「Eh, I mean, just now, Oshio-kun, you said it was for my sake…」

「Yup, I said it.」

「Eh, but, then that means…..」

Her voice started to tremble and her cheeks were reddening.
Though I didn’t know what caused that reaction, but this is what I said next.

「Yup, I know that this is something Sato-san needs to become a Minstagramer, right?」2



This time, both of us had that same surprised face.
Hmm..? Looks like we’re not on the same page or something.

「Eh? Sato-san, didn’t you want to take a picture of tapioca milk tea for Minsta?」

…..Hm? Sato-san leaned her head to the side like a squirrel.

「I mean, isn’t this a plan to make your Minsta account popular by posting pictures of this rumored tapioca milk tea?」


I wonder what was that “Ah”, since it sounded as if she realized something.
At least I came here with her thinking that this is what her intention was.
However, soon after that Sato-san looked as if her body lost strength, became depressed and started to turn red. After that change she said so with her mood at the lowest.


Sato-san confirmed with a very low voice.

Why is she making such depressed face? 5

But well, since she confirmed it herself, I guess what I thought was correct. 6
Ahh, that was close, I almost thought that “Sato-san was trying to invite me for an after school date with her.” 7
This is only a part of her “The road to popular Minstagramer plan.”
Don’t be full of yourself, don’t be full of yourself.

「Well, let’s line up for now, Sato-san」


Sato-san? Where did your energy go? 9
Anyway, Sato-san, who had her energy mysteriously vanish 10 and I lined up…..

「Isn’t it hot?」


Even if you say it’s afternoon, it’s still summer time.
The sun which is still up high, with its heat rays bouncing off the asphalt, is burning us alive while we wait.
Lining up under this intense heat to get a cold drink, this sounds like a very good marketing strategy.

Of course, I can’t go back now, I can’t just go away…. But a problem came up.

—I will say it again,tapioca milk tea is something popular amongst high school girls.
It’s no joke to say that this is almost always mentioned on the daily news or some random SNS. It can be said that this is the number one drink for them right now.
Therefore, nearly 90% of the people lining for the tapioca milk tea are, high school girls…..

That means…..

「OwEmGii, It’s soo hooot. I think my brain will meelt~~」12

「Heeey, look at thiiis.」

「Ahahahahahaaa, so funny.」13

In front of Sato-san and I was a trio of high school girls, who were shamelessly flapping their skirts and fanning the gap at the chest area of their uniforms.
Is this what you call “High school fads?”
Well, that’s what is happening in front of me right now.


While I was having difficulty deciding where to place my eye sight. Sato-san muttered my name.

「Hm? What is wrong?」

When I looked at her, she was staring at me.

「I just wanted to call you.」

「….Just wanted… So is there nothing wrong?」

「Oh I know, why don’t we try making each other laugh?」


I always thought that she was such a confusing child, but this time, it’s ten-fold confusing.
And this is the first time I get invited to something like this by someone who looks so serious that some wrinkles were forming on her forehead.

「I am really strong at this kind of games」

「This would be my first time getting invited to by a high school girl.」

「L E T S D O I T」

「Ahhh. kawsibneibnaeinbg!」

I lost to the pressure and made a funny face.
On the other hand, the professional at this game, Sato-san was…..


I don’t know what her motive behind this is, but she just keeps on staring at me like before.
It was something like ” I WON’T MISS ANY OF YOUR MOVES.” kind of stare down.
….What is this? Is this a game that I don’t know of?

For this one particular person, this was the moment when that person started to feel shame.
By the way, one of the previous trio of high school girls was…..

「AHAHAH! Miiko’s bra is getting seen through!」

— A man is such a pitiful creature. 14
Regardless of the other party being met for the first time, or that your first love is right beside you, this is something that’s been engraved into a man’s instincts. 15
I instinctively tried to take a glimpse at the high school girl trio— 16

「—No you are not allowed!!!!!」


However, as I was trying to look at the trio in front of us, Sato-san’s right hand went past my line of sight and got my nose. Because of that short period of pain, my sight went black.
Pashiiin! It made such a good noise needlessly.

「Ah, ahhhhh…. Why Sato-san?」

I asked while I was starting to tear up, but Sato-san said so while her shoulders are trembling,

「No!! Because you’re not allowed!!!」

I didn’t know what was not allowed, but she looked really angry.

TL: Tepteptept
ED: Filip

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