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7th Piece: Friend Request

That was the very best example of “being driven by fear.”
After hearing Sato-san’s remarks about Mine, the whole class started to get noisy.

「Eh? Mine… Sato-san is using Mine? So unexpected… But, why Oshio?」

「Were two of them close? But I’ve never seen Sato-san talk to anyone before.」

「Didn’t she just say selfie? At home? Also…」

「Are they dating? Those two?」

As soon as I heard those words, as if my blood was boiling and rushing to my head, my face started to get hot.
This is really… I can’t stand!

「—-Sa, Sato-san! Do you want to get some drinks?」

I stood up from my chair as if there was a spring on it, and raised my voice.
But on the other hand, Sato-san leaned her head to the side in a cute way and asked….

「……Eh? It’s not like I am thirsty or something? A, anyways, what about the Mine?」1

「I see! But I am parched! Why don’t we go get some juice!」


「Let’s go!」

I pulled Sato-san who couldn’t understand my intention out of the classroom as if intending to run away from everything.
Although everyone’s gazes were stabbing me in the back, it was not the time to think about that.

I rushed through the corridor, turned around the corner, I climbed up the stairs, and again passed straight through another corridor, the one leading to the annex.
Then, when the presence of other people began to diminish, I took a deep breath.


My heart was still beating hard.
I guess it really is possible to die out of embarrassment.
How will I explain this to Ren.

And then, that happened while I was thinking so.


I heard a voice so small you wouldn’t think it came from a person.
When I turned around–


I screamed unintentionally.
The reason for that was because Sato-san got to a whole new level of blushing. Not to mention she was trembling really hard.

Wha, what happened here!?
Perhaps she finally realized what she was doing before!?

So I thought at first, but that wasn’t the case.
She pointed at her hand.

「I mean, my hand…..」

「Your hand……?」

I looked down, and just then I realized what was happening.
My right hand was holding strongly onto her left hand and it turned completely red.

「!? Ah, so, sorry!」

I released her hand in a hurry.
Thereafter, with steam coming out from her head, Sato-san just kept on staring at her hand which had been strongly held by me.

Uhhh…. Although we were in the middle of something, isn’t it creepy to get your hand held by someone so suddenly….!?
Aaah, crap, my hand wasn’t sweaty right!?

While I was struggling internally, this happened…..


What is this?
Sato-san’s face, which was completely red before was now starting to get pale as the time went by. Soon after that, it started to look like she was about to cry.
Those sudden changes made me confused.

「Eh, wait, Sato-san… What’s wrong?」


Even if I asked her what was wrong, it looked like holding in her tears was already the best she could, and all her replies just sounded like cat noises.
Was I really creepy to the point she’d cry?
Sato-san continued to shudder as she tried to let her voice out.

「I’m sorry….. So sorry Oshio-kun….. I knew it. I guess you didn’t like me asking for your Mine so suddenly right….?」

….Ah, so you’re on that page.

「N, no! I don’t dislike it!」

To Sato-san who was giving me an upturned look, I tried hard to appeal to her that “it’s not something that I dislike.”

「But Oshio-kun, when I asked you to exchange IDs you tried to change the topic… I thought that you’re trying to reject me in a roundabout way.」


I see, she seems to interpret it this way.

「No, what I mean about that is, I was just embarrassed to exchange IDs in front of so many people…..」

「…..? But don’t all of our classmates exchange with each other in the classroom?」


I groaned once again.
Looks like Sato-san can’t read the atmosphere, or maybe she is not really good at picking up things in a conversation?2
Well, that thing aside!

「— I don’t dislike it. Quite the opposite, I would love to.」

I am really happy that I could get Sato-san’s contact information, that’s a true feeling that I have.
Well, to the point I could die of happiness!


Sato-san asked me while looking like a wet puppy under the rain.
My answer will be the same even if I get asked so many times.

「Really. Let’s exchange IDs.」

I said so while smiling.
Thereafter, she smiled like a flower that announces the start of spring.


She said that so innocently while nodding her head.


Such innocent smile started to develop a misunderstanding inside me.
….Aah, why am I so naive.

Didn’t Sato-san herself just tell me the reason? It’s just so that she could send me the photo.
Not to mention almost all high school girls exchange Mine with other people.
Finally, Sato-san wanted to have a friend, and I was just picked to be her first friend. 3

That’s why, I might develop such misunderstanding.
Just because she smiled at me, or just because she wanted to exchange IDs with me…..

—- Maybe Sato-san likes me or something, or so, that kind of misunderstanding is–

「….This is my ID, could you register it?」


Not knowing whether she realized what I was thinking, Sato-san started to operate her own smartphone very seriously to register information after exhaling *Funsu*4from her nose.
As I looked at her doing that, my heart started to ache, so I forcefully hardened my smile to avoid having that feeling show up on my face.

…. She’s known as “Salty Sato-san” and that kind of a person started to change herself by her own accord.
She’s trying to break her thick shell, and trying her best to make friends.
I was just picked as her first step, as her “first friend.” There’s nothing more or less than that.

If I were to reveal my affection to her — I am pretty sure that she would be troubled. That’s why….


My smartphone rang, and the friend request from Sato-san came out from my screen.

「….. I did it!」

Sato-san said so gleefully.
I smiled at her as a friend.

…..It may not be possible right now.
To touch your beautiful hair, to embrace your delicate body, or to stare at your sunflower-like smile. 5

— That said, I won’t give up that easily.

That’s right! This is my only first love of my life, I won’t give up so easily. Don’t underestimate high school guys!
Someday, I will make you be conscious of me, I will make you look at me.

So that’s why, I will start as a friend.

「Let’s get along, Sato-san.」

Saying so, I added her to my “friends” on my Mine account.

At that same time.
My smartphone rang, notifying me that a Mine message just came in.

“A new message from Koharu Sato has arrived.”


Confused by it, I opened Mine.
There was a Pomeranian Icon (maybe this is Sato-san’s dog?), and a speech balloon had shown up.

“Would you like to go to drink Tapioca Milk Tea after school?” 6

After reading the message, a stamp of a Pomeranian that’s covering its face with its paw was there.
I looked at the sender herself.
Sato-san– just like the Pomeranian on the stamp, was having her completely red face hidden by her smartphone.


…… In front of such a cute person, how long will I be able to stay only as a “friend?”7

TL: Tetpioooooca
ED: Filip\Gecko

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thanks for the chapter~


True… ugh..!! The sweet suffering,!

— Thanks for the chapter~ ^^


Now you reaally made me considering Boba Milk Tea.
Nearing 11 PM.


Not a bad idea. Several years ago, after watching an ad for ice cream by mistake, me and my friend decided to go buy some. The fact that it was close to midnight, and that it was pretty much the middle of February was of no concern for us.
Surprisingly we didn’t get cold.


Just frick already – pewdiepie

edit: i can taste sugar in my mouth



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