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Fourth Piece: Two Shot

The time is now around 7 pm.
As I feel the warm air of the early summer night with my whole body, I, Koharu Sato, am being overwhelmed by tremendous self hate.


My mother would usually say “Don’t sigh because your happiness runs away with it.” But with my situation right now, it can’t be helped that I sigh.
The reason is……

「Why did I leave my smartphone behind? Not to mention at my crush’s house too……」

It feels like I’ve done a year worth of “blunder.” Actually, it feels like that I’ve done this year and the next year’s worth of “blunder.”
So now, I am walking again on the same road I was running on several hours ago.

By the way, I only realized that I left my smartphone in Oshio-kun’s house while I was crying with my face buried in a pillow while remembering the blunders that I have committed today.
Whether to go back or not to get my smartphone was the biggest question for me to answer today.

Since it’s already time for the cafe to close, I think I will bother Oshio-kun.
Above all, if we meet again, I don’t know what will happen due to the unbearable level of embarrassment….!

Before going out I was troubled.
I thought this matter would take me years to decide upon.
And because I was thinking about what to do so much, I started getting feverish—

「….Let’s pick it up after bath..」

So was the conclusion that I settled upon.

After that I took a long shower. Seeing me trying to put some make up when it was already 6 pm, my mom was really confused about what I was doing, but I was able to make up some excuses for it.
And that’s the reason why it’s this late.

Right now I reached the point where if I just take the turn here, it’ll be “Cafe Tutuji”– In other words, I can see Oshio-kun’s house.

After coming here, my heart started to beat really fast.
My breathing became rough, and I think I’m starting to blush too.

—Oshio-kun is my first love.
We don’t talk that much in the classroom, and I’m usually staring at him sneakily, but the main point is that, his cool side has already carved its way into my heart.
Slender legs, slightly sleepy looking eyes, soft hair, and that dimples that shows up every time he smiles…..
And today, I found out that he’s working at that fashionable cafe, and not to mention the fact that he’s also a Minstagramer!
Surely unlike me, he’s very popular…….

Thinking that far, I just reconfirmed how useless I am, and because of that, I felt like my feet became heavier.
Ideas like “Maybe I should just go home?” started to appear.

「….I’ve already reached this far.」

So I told my self, then took a deep breath.
I suppressed my doubts, and finally took the step.

Then– I tried to contain myself and willed myself to continue.

The lights were on in the flower garden of “Cafe Tutuji” despite the fact that it should be closed already.
Fashionable lighting that lightens the mood accompanied by the gracefulness of the seasonal flowers.

And in the middle of that, his silhouette could be seen.
Oshio-kun, who had a tea cup in his hand, was there.


I unconsciously muttered his name.
And then, Oshio-kun, who noticed my presence, placed his tea cup on the table then turned to me while smiling–

「Sato-san, I was expecting you.」

—At that moment, I thought that my heart, which was beating really fast, suddenly stopped for a moment.
My head went completely blank, to the point where I couldn’t even mutter a word.

Seeing me in this state, Oshio-kun stood up and started coming towards me.
Wait, not right now, now is not a good time, please wait—-!

「You came here for the smartphone right? Here you go.」

Oshio-kun said so to me, while I was really stiff due to nervousness.

「W, were you waiting for me?」

「Yup, I was expecting that you would come for it. Don’t you hate it when you leave your smartphone in a guy’s house?」

「N, not at all!」

I shook my head.
This is not good, no matter how smart I can be, when I am in front of Oshio-kun I turn stupid!
Seeing me like that, Oshio-kun just smiled —

「Seems like your house is close? Even if it’s not that dark, please be careful on your way home.」

After saying those words at the end, he started to turn around.
Aaah, Oshio-kun will—-

「O, Oshio-kun!?」

His name bursts out of my mouth, regardless of my intention.
Oshio-kun turned back to me while looking confused.

“Sorry for bothering you, see you again at the school tomorrow.”
Isn’t that fine? Wouldn’t it be the best if I can say these words to end the day?
Although I know that’s the best in my mind, but my mouth says–

「Ca, can I take a picture?」

As soon as I said those words, I felt that the blood in my body started to freeze.
What, what did I just say?

「Ah… I, I mean! I think that the garden look really pretty…! Since I am aspiring to be a Minstagramer? I think this is a good place to flaunt my gracefulness?」

「….So you want to take a picture of the garden? Not that I mind though….」

「Yu, yup! Ye, yeeey~! Sorry!? For bothering you!? Ahahaha…..」

What do you mean “ahahaha?”
I held the smartphone horizontally, and made a pose that’s like saying ” I will take a photo now…”
But the truth is, my mind is a big mess.

My hand that is holding the smartphone is shaking heavily.
My eyes started to blur, to the point where I can’t see what is on the screen.

I’m really useless… I’m really really useless..
Even though I didn’t want to show Oshio-kun this side of me, but my body was not listening to my will.
I just wished that I’d disappear instantly.

—Then suddenly, coming from my back, there was a hand that held the smartphone with me.
They were thin and beautiful, but it has the feeling that it belongs to a man, such fingers.
During a short time that I could perceive as minutes or even hours, he spoke in his usual way.

「Let me help you.」

At that moment, my finger slipped and hit a certain button.
That button, was the button that switches between front camera and the back camera.
In other words, what showed on the screen was me, and Oshio-kun who was behind me while helping me take the picture.


Two voices saying “Ah” overlapped, and a picture of Oshio-kun and I got saved in my smartphone.
After a moment of silence, Oshio-kun said something apologetically,

「Ah, s, sorry…. I think we took a selfie, do you want to try again?」

He was concerned about me, and that’s why he gave such suggestion.
But I said,

「No, it’s all right, we were able to take a good picture—- Thank you, Oshio-kun.」

At that moment, I think it was just my imagination seeing Oshio-kun froze for a moment.
That aside, my shaking had finally stopped.

「See you again at school.」

Saying those words at the end, I held my smartphone like a treasure, and ran away from “Cafe Tutuji.”
After turning at the corner, my legs finally gave up, making me sit on the road.

「~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」1 2

I think I just surpassed so many limits.

********************************************* 3

「~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」4 5

After confirming that Sato-san has left, my knees finally gave up.
I think I just surpassed so many limits.


After that, a muscle-monster came out from the bushes. Oh, by the way, he is my father.
When father reached where I am, with his huge hands he patted my back, and put a towel on me.
I noticed then for the first time, that my back was really drenched by my sweat.

I grabbed the tea cup with my shaky hand, and finished the cooled down tea in one go.

「Fa, father….!」


「D, did I say anything weird? Was I not weird?」


Then that’s good…..
I emit a sigh of relief, while wiping myself with the towel that my father gave me.

ED: Filip7/Gecko

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Just found this, and I already bled sugar from my mouth.

Thank you for translating this!


I think the world should ban this series for making his readers’ sugar levels become too high.


lol, the father’s hilarious


you forgot about it?!
Well, there’s indeed many here, so it makes sense.

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I’ve only known Oshio-papa f 15 minutes. But I already admire him


I think a lot of people would also agree. There is just a smal blemish to it. Where is the mother of MC ? Dead ? Making it a little disappointing. UNLESS author troll us and just make her appear later on but i doubt it.


Really liking that the girl/FL was already in love with MC.


you just increase my sugar level and jealousy
do you know how it feel to have nothing and just read and vomit sugar


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really enjoying that there is also the FL’s pov…………….


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