Third Piece: First Love

There are two things that I learned about Sato-san in this one hour.

First, Sato-san can act really “salty,” but it’s wrong to say she’s not interested in people or too scared to talk with others.
Not to mention, she is also sensitive to other people.

According to herself,

「I usually get nervous and get really stiff, so I can’t talk to other people that easily….. Ah! But I can talk just fine with my mom!」

But you’ll realize that she’s a nice person once you get to know her.
“Salty Sato-san”‘s real persona is actually, “Extremely shy Sato-san.”
…..What the hell is that.

Also, one more.
— She doesn’t have any photography sense.

「Ho, how about this time Oshio-kun?」


I grabbed the smartphone that Sato-san gave me. She looked really confident about that one.
I had to think really hard, not because I had to judge it or something, but to think how to explain the poor quality of her photo without hurting her feelings.

「…..No, this is bad, I really don’t know how it turned out like this.」

Well, after all that thinking, I decided to say it straight.

She doesn’t have any artistic sense at all.
Well, this is also a talent, in some way.
How can you make a simple drink like tea look so bad?

While I was thinking about different things, I noticed that Sato-san became silent.
When I raised my head, I realized that Sato-san was trembling and tearing up.

「Eh, wai, Sato-san?」

「Y….. You don’t have to go that far…..」

With her mouth is shaped like ^, she said so while trembling.
— Not good.

「–Aa! Well, it’s like….. Yup! It’s better than before…. I think!」


Her face suddenly beamed up.
…… Lies that do not hurt are white lies.

Also what do they mean by “Salty Sato-san?”
Isn’t she really lively?

「Maybe if I practice even more I will become a full-fledged minstagramer?」

I just praised her a little bit and now she’s getting overly confident.1
If left alone, the internet would most likely be flooded with these horrible images.
I have to stop it before it happens.

「I think it will look better if you do it like this.」

I was driven by some kind of sense or a mission, I got off the bed and went to her back.

「Eh? Oshio-kun?」

「Start up the camera app.」

「Eh… O… Ok… I did…. Wai.. Hyah!!?」

I extended my arms from behind her so that my hand touched her smartphone, and Sato-san shrieked.
Because that was so sudden, my heart almost stopped.

「That surprised me…..」

「Yyyyyyyy, you’re the one who surprised me! Your hand…. You face is close too..!」

「Won’t it be easier to teach you when we look at the same screen? Look you don’t know how to focus on things.」


Kaaaa~ Her face turned really red.

I say it again for confirmation, Koharu Sato is a beauty.
She is definitely be one of the top beauties in the school, and she has a nice body. She could easily be a top model.
….So if she does something like that, even I would get some sort of reaction.
Like the scent of shampoo coming from her hair, her white and beautiful nape, her erotic breathing…. Not good.

I swung my head while trying to suppress my libido, and then focused on the screen.
And then when I try to start the “How to take perfect pictures for Minsta.”


Sato-san called me using a quiet voice.
Maybe due to being nervous, her voice carried a little warmth.
It almost made me to lose myself, but I was able to control myself.

「……What is it?」

「I know it’s late…. but, it’s that…..」

For a moment she opened and closed her mouth, then —

「– Thank you, for the matter2 before….. You were really cool.」

Sato-san’s phone suddenly rang.

Sato-san and I said “Ah” at the same time.
A blurry tea cup was displayed on the screen of the smartphone.

At the same time, the door of the room was opened suddenly–

「– Souta~a! It’s not good! There’s a group coming in! I need help!」

My father looked at us, and froze. Then suddenly made a macho-man pose then said–

「I will do my best alone!」3

After saying that, he quickly closed the door and ran away.

Silence dominated the room, and soon enough we felt the awkwardness.
This time, not just her, I was also blushing red.

「Ah, ahh. Group he said…. I think I need to go back, otherwise it’ll be bad.」

「Ri.. Right! It’ll be bad! Hahaha….」

We separated pretty quickly.
I felt like we were about to explode in a way.

「We, well then it’s about time for me to go home! Thanks again! Could you also say thanks to your father too? Also, also see you at school again!」

Sato-san stood up fast, like she landed on a trampoline, and quickly went to the front door.

「—I have bothered you!」

She said so in a really loud voice, before leaving really fast.
As for me who was left alone, all I could do was sigh.

「That was really dangerous, in a lot of ways.」

My heart is still pounding.
I think right now, my father is doing his best around in the cafe, but I don’t think I can help today.

I sat down on my bed, and had a sip from my tea cup.
The tea was already cold.

「….. Until now, Sato-san was really there…」

I said so while looking at the chair where Sato-san was sitting a little while before.
It was hard to believe, it felt like I was dreaming or something like that.

— It’s hard to believe that my first love…. Was in this room, and that we were alone together, having a conversation, right here.

「I didn’t say anything weird, did I?」

While feeling some anxiety, I finished my tea.
And after putting the emptied tea cup to the table, I found it under the chair.

Its cover was something that you could find in a dollar store, with no decoration of any kind, so not something you would expect from a high school girl.
A thing that feels more “bitter” than its owner–

「…..Didn’t you forget your smartphone, Sato-san?」

※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ 4

It was a fast run.
I had no idea what was happening, I just wanted to run away fast.

I was running so hard that the people I ran past looked at me wondering why am I running.

The thing that occupies my mind right now is this single thing.
And that is…..

「I just went inside my first love’s room!」

My head was boiling, I was thinking of the many blunders I did, and the fact that I wasn’t able to talk properly due to being nervous.
I can’t even remember what I have said. I wonder if it was something weird?

Maybe because I was thinking hard about such things I didn’t realize that I left my smartphone in Oshio-kun’s room, but that story will come next.

TL: TetBored
ED: Gecko/Filip 5

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Nice..!! Cute!! XD
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I had a spitting reaction even though it’s so classic.


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