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July 6, 2019 - July 10, 2019
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Shio taiō no Satō-san, konomae nanpa kara tasukete kara nanka ore ni dake mechakucha amakunai?


Sato Koharu is a pretty girl that everyone can recognize.
But her attitude with anyone is so bitter that she got nicknamed “salt-god Sato-san.” Anyone who tried to get close to her got emotionally injured in a brutal way.
Though for some reason, I was able to save Sato-san from pick-up bois where I was working at. Which made her like me, and thus I became a friend of “salt-god Sato-san.”
In front of everyone, she is a salt-god, but in front of me, she is so sweet. This is a high school life story between Sato-san and I.

First Piece 「Salty Sato-san」

The reason why Oshio1 Sota is working even though he goes to a school where part time jobs are banned is because this place, “Cafe Tutuji” is owned by his father.

But as for her, it’s simply a mystery.

「Hmmm, closer? Maybe this is better when it’s closer…..? This close….. It’s sizzling…..」

On the terrace seat that overlooks our flower garden, which is the pride of our shop, there was a figure of a high school girl holding a smartphone while muttering something in front of a freshly made pancake.
That girl, she looks familiar.

「You’re Sato-san, right?」

Sato Koharu, a girl from the same class as mine. She has another name, which is “salt-god Sato-san.” 2

She has a inside-out ponytail style brown hair, coupled with a sharp nose and a big round eyes.
She’s somewhere in between beautiful and pretty. She’s also someone who gathers a huge amount of attention from other people.
Coupled with a cute sounding name like Koharu, there were many who tried to get close to her.
That said, her main point is her character.

—- In the first place, we’re not even that close.

That was the legendary line that was uttered by Sato Koharu when she was invited to a date by a good looking guy.
It happened after a few seconds after the good looking guy made a sound, while saying that, she had not made any single movement on her face.
Is she a professional at breaking people’s heart?

Of course that’s not all.
Regardless of age and sex, Sato-san is a salt-god.

「NO.」「It’s a hassle.」「So what?」

And so, such cold words are shot like a shotgun from her expressionless face.
Maybe the reason she tries to keep everyone away is because of her overly-good looking appearance.
Recognizing for her achievement in shooting down people who tried to get close to her, is the nickname “Salt-god Sato-san.”
Well, let’s put that thing aside for now.

「Sato-san, what are you doing here alone?」

I observed her while keeping a certain distance.
Sato-san had her smartphone above the pancake while saying, not like this, not like this either, and she kept on doing it.
Considering the common sense, she might be trying to take a picture of the pancake.

「…… Would anyone try to take a picture of a pancake with such a serious looking face?」

She seemed to be very concentrated, that she did not notice that I was the one who brought her pancake a while ago.
Well, we’re speaking about Sato-san here, so there’s a great chance that she does not recognize even her own classmates, so to avoid myself getting my feelings hurt if she asks me who I was, I’ll feign ignorance that I know her.
That said, I can’t feign ignorance about things that I am curious about.

It’s already unusual to come to a cafe like this alone.
Not to mention she’s a high school girl too.

Then suddenly, while making wrinkles on her beautiful face, she said,

「In which angle will I be able to see the most?」

…..I heard some interesting lines, though it won’t be good if I just kept listening to someone’s self-talk.
So I thought, that’s why I went back to the back of the store, then this happened.

「What’s up gurl, whatcha been doin?」

Once more, I turned my sight towards Sato-san’s area.
When I looked there, three college bois from the other table called out Sato-san.
Sato-san seemed confused after getting called out so suddenly, but after a few moments she was able to calm herself and responded with her usual beautiful manner,

「Why are you over minding my business?」

She said so in a freezing cold voice, that even I uttered “oohh” subconsciously.
Salt-god Sato-san, doesn’t matter who it is.

That said…..

「Haha. Aren’t ya cute? Don’t be so cautious.」

「Weren’t you trying to take a picture for Minstagram? Let me borrow your phone, instead, and I will take your picture.」

「In addition, let’s share MINE address, com’on share share~」

I honestly admire them.
Those three college students, just by laughing stupidly, were able to withstand Sato-san’s Salt-god mode.
In addition, they even tried to grab Sato-san’s smartphone forcefully.

「Wa, Wait…!」

Well, even Sato-san won’t be able to withstand this.
Because of that, I accidentally saw her expressionless face crumble.

…..Of course, as a crew of this store, I can’t overlook what’s happening.
Returning my tray, I walked fast to the college students, then stood in front of them.

「This place is not that sort of place.」3

At the moment when Sato-san’s smartphone was almost taken away, I said so while pointing at the sign which says “No picking up girls in here” that can be found on the entrance.

「It also looks like she feels troubled by it, so maybe you could stop doing it?」

Although it’s not as cold as how Seto-san talks, I said so in a cold tone.
Three college bois and Sato-san looked at me blankly.
Would be good if they give up, but—-

「Ahahaha, don’t worry part-timer boi, we’re just talking.」

「That’s right that’s right, go back to work already, aren’t ya getting paid?」

….. based on that stupid looking smug face, they don’t seem to intend to stop anytime soon.
Well, I have this idea.

While facing at the kitchen, I raised my voice.

「Father! Looks like your pancake was a hit!」


Faced with a new situation, the three college students raised a stupid sounding voice.
Though, that stupid looking face changed in an instant.

Because at that instance, from the back of the kitchen, came a man that’s so muscular you could perceive him like a monster. While making a crackling sound with his fist, he came towards this area.

Well in this case, it’s not a fear due to reasoning, but a fear due to instinct.




From that point, it went fast.
Because the other party was a high school student, they were underestimating me, but as soon as my dad came out, like running away from the bear’s cave, they disappeared instantly.

The muscle monster guy who came late, while straining his face, raised his loud voice.

「—- Damn they got away again! I thought I would finally be able to get their impression of it today!」

He’s Oshio Seizaemon.
He’s the master of this “tutuji cafe” and also my father.
He always has this “don’t try to make a move” look, and he’s always in the kitchen, but apparently his dream is to receive “that was good” impression directly from his customers.
Apparently, since he opened this place seven years ago, his dream has not come true yet.4

Anyway, with this the case was closed.

「Were you okay Sato-san?」

I forgot that I was feigning ignorance that I know her, so I called her out with her name by mistake.
When I called her by her name, she looked up at my face, astonished.

「Oshio, kun….?」

Oh, she remembered me…..
I felt a relief in my heart.
From Sato-san’s eyes, a drop of tear started to fall down.

The next moment, astonishingly, Sato-san hugged me.

「Uh, Uuuuuuhh.. I was so scared….!」

Is this really the salt-god Sato-san?
For a while, Sato-san kept crying like a child in the same position.


TL: Tet
ED: Gecko/Filip

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Gyaaaaa… So kyuuuute at the end. I can’t wait to see the sugar content of the future chapters. Thx a lot translator for picking up this series that feel like got ton of potential just from reading the summary.

I am kinda curious about the mother of MC though. Did they divorce or she died ? or she is still here and will tease MC when FL will appear in the house ? (yep somehow that sounds like it will really happen)


Hmm well that was a quick change of Sato’s character


I wonder if the other main characters name will also be related to food/flavours……..

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