TL: stanza

ED: Filip/Gecko

Chapter 6: ‘Loophole’ may be the strongest cheat.


Slimes of these colors never appeared before this… Why did they suddenly appear now? Perhaps it has something to do with the damage I took just now?


“Hey, what’s going on, Puyon?”

“That is, you see, phantom slime obstruction~”


When I asked the owner of the ability, Puyon, that was the answer I got.


“Phantom slime obstruction?”

“Thats right~. When Yukata receives damage, it will come out as a substitute.”

“Will they also disappear when four of them are connected?”

“No. But if you erase the normal phantom at the same time, they will disappear together!”1


I see, that’s how it is.

Instead of receiving injury, attacks from enemies will manifest themselves as a disruption chain.

If it was “When all four are connected, they disappear and damage me” I wouldn’t like it.

But I’m grateful that there’s no such worry.

In short, the problem is when a lot of these guys come out, the chain made with slimes will break, and I won’t be able to release the great magic.

It’s completely similar to the rules of my favorite puzzle game.


….Well, putting that aside, how should I defeat this guy?

Perhaps because I didn’t receive any damage, the dimensional apparition appeared to be confused and stopped attacking. And in the meantime I decided to think about my fighting style from now on.


As long as I don’t receive any damage, I don’t really need to defend and can focus on connecting phantom slimes to make a chain.

But if two or three obstruction slime were to come out, even if it’s not much, it still will be annoying.

And even if it’s fine now, that way of fighting won’t work against strong opponents.

Considering that, the best fighting style for me is to handle the enemy’s attacks with a sword, stack up the chain, and finish the enemy with magic.


When fighting with the Leviathan the other day, I somehow managed to win because the chain was formed by the time the enemy appeared. However, there may come a time when I have to prepare great magic while fighting against strong enemies like the Leviathan. Training with that tactic in mind wouldn’t hurt.


Due to the effect of the sword, I can move like a skilled swordsman. Unless it’s a surprise attack like the one from before, it’s possible to completely defend myself. Thanks to that, I can concentrate on summoning slimes while fighting with my sword.

For me, there’s no other suitable tactic.


With that decided, it’s time to defeat this dimensional apparition.

While dealing with the dimensional apparition’s attacks with my sword, I stuck up 8 chains and released it at the apparition.


“Yo, yo, yoisho… This time too, I could stack 7 chains without being disturbed.”


Seven days after starting the dimensional apparitions hunt, I’ve become able to execute the first devised battle style as easily as breathing.

From the battles so far, I learned a few things about ‘phantom color matching game’.

First is the limit on the number of slimes that can be placed in the field. I learned that with 6 horizontal x 14 vertical, a total of 84 pieces can be stacked at most.

Of course, this is including obstruction slimes.


Other than that, I found that the screen of ‘phantom color matching game’ was always visible in front of me no matter where I moved or in which direction I turned.

I don’t know if it was like that from the beginning, or if Puyon is adjusting the projection coordinates exquisitely, but no matter how fast I move, there is no blurring.


And I could confirm that it is impossible for enemies to interfere with the screen of “phantom color matching game” so they can’t disrupt my magic.

Also, I found that if the slimes didn’t disappear after the end of the battle and when Puyon closed the screen, they would appear again as they were when resuming it afterward.2


To take advantage of this feature, it seems like a good idea to stack up slimes and load them in advance before fighting strong opponents and unleashing a big chain.

And like this, I come to understand quite a bit about my unique skill.


Then, the next thing is to find an efficient way to hunt dimensional apparitions. In particular, it’s worth verifying various details about the Divine Sword. For example, how to enter the special space where the dimensional apparition resides.

The receptionist told me, “In an empty space, move the sword in an unlocking motion.”

But I have one question about this. Does it really have to be an empty space? If you think about it, the place where you move the sword as if unlocking is not “empty”, there is “air” there.

While saying “an empty space”, it means that the unlocking operation is performed in “a place with something – the air”.

Then, even if you do the same operation in the place where “something else” is there, you should be able to enter the special space.

For example, if you stab a dimensional apparition with a Divine Sword and twist the sword as to unlock it, you can transfer from one special space to another and fight with the next dimensional apparition.3

That is my theory. And now I’m going to try it out.


First, I cross from the human world to a special space as usual.




Without a moment’s delay, I calmly ascertain the movements of the attacking dimensional apparition, and pierce it with the sword.

Once you get used to it, this kind of surprise attack is unlikely to work. And from here on is the main issue. I twist the sword that was stuck in the dimensional apparition. Immediately after that, the body of the dimensional apparition dispersed, and a crystal ball appeared instead.

Normally, this would bring me back to my room at the inn, but this time is different.

The surrounding scenery is the same special space, but a new dimension apparition appeared.

…Apparently, my theory was correct.4


“Erm, how many was it?”


Although I knew it was possible to fight consecutively, I got absorbed in it and kept fighting, forgetting how many I had defeated.

I probably defeated 90 of them… I think.


And this time again, I thrust a counter to the rushing dimensional apparition, defeating it while opening a gate to another special space. Then, as usual, another dimensional apparition appears.



“Oya, oya. Is this my second prey for today? What a big feast!”


The situation this time was different.

…A dimensional apparition that can speak.

This time, I most likely came across a higher apparition.


The higher apparition further continues.


“Then, let’s beat both of you to the edge of despair!”



What did this higher apparition said just now?

My head goes blank for a second, but I soon understood what he meant. There was another Divine Sword wielder beside me who came to this special space.


Wasn’t this supposed to happen only with a low probability?5

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