TL: stanza

ED: Filip/Gecko

                            Chapter 5: The beginning of the great time killing.


“Eh… an S rank? Weren’t you supposed to start from the lowest rank or the middle rank when registering? Is it alright to make me a top rank right away?”

“What are you saying? S rank is not the highest rank.”


The branch manager answered my question.

…I see.

Certainly, it seems that I was quick to jump to the conclusion.

S rank being equal to the highest rank is a common pattern in games, so I thought that was the case here as well.

In this guild, the S rank is probably in the lower or middle ranks.

Like with the clothing sizes, they may be promoted to S, M, L, LL. I have no idea though.


“S-rank’s ‘S’ is of the Divine Sword. In other words, you are ‘Divine Sword class’.”


…I take it back.

As I thought, it was a ridiculous classification.


“I do have a Divine Sword but… with that alone I can become an S-rank unconditionally?”


To confirm that, I asked the receptionist.


“Yes. Normally, adventurers are classified from G rank to A rank according to their abilities and achievements. However, the Divine Sword wielder is different. The Divine Sword wielder is treated separately of this classification, and is ranked as an S rank regardless of his achievements.”


The receptionist explained in a polite tone.


“I see. In other words, there is nothing wrong with me reaching an S rank right away.”


“Well, you can say that. However, I think that Haba Yukata-san already has the ability of an A rank or higher.”




In any case, the guild registration is officially completed with this.

I can finally sell the loot.


“This is the guild certificate, if you lose it, you will restart from the lowest rank… Oh, this is unrelated to Haba Yukata-san, but please be careful to not lose it.”


Being told that, I receive a golden card.


After that, the branch manager and the receptionist go into the interior again.

And after waiting a few minutes, the receptionist and the branch manager returned bringing a mountain-like pile of gold coins on a tray and put them on the counter.


Hey hey, is that possibly…


“This is the purchase price for this time.”


As I thought!


“Uwaah, it’s glittering!”


While I was taken aback, Puyon’s eyes were shining innocently.


“What is this amount of gold coins? Certainly, I heard that the crystal ball of the higher apparition is valuable, but this is too much!”


“You can live playing around for three years with that amount.”

“Idiot, the Divine Sword wielder wouldn’t live in such a way. You’re being rude.”


The pile of gold coins seemed huge even to the surrounding adventurers, as they started to speak out their thoughts one after another.


An amount that you can play around with for three years? Is it a bug?

Or rather, I don’t want to go around carrying such an amount of money.

It doesn’t look like they have a bank here… How troublesome.


“…Do I have to take it back with me? Would the guild safe-keep it maybe…”

“Unfortunately, there is no such a system.”


It’s not good, huh.

However, the receptionist continued.


“We do have a suggestion for you though. In exchange for one-third of the reward, we can provide you with a magic bag that can store a large amount of things in a subspace. How about it?”

“There is such a convenient bag? Then by all means.”


In this way, I sold off the crystal ball of the higher apparition and got myself a magic bag and enough gold coins to play around with for two years.

This magic bag is much better than I thought. You can’t feel the weight of the contents at all.

I do think it was a bit expensive but, considering the cost-performance, I don’t think it was such a wasteful purchase.

This time for sure I’ll find a place to eat and sleep.


The following day, after having breakfast at the inn, I returned to my room and picked up the Divine Sword.

Yesterday, after leaving the guild I found this place. It looked like a comfortable inn, with good meals and a decent security, so I decided to stay here.

Today I’m thinking of trying to fight with a lot of dimension apparitions.

To be honest, even if I pay the lodging fee for one month in advance, there is still a lot of money left, so there is no problem not doing anything.

But that way I will have too much free time. After all, there are no games in this world.


Speaking of the only game-like thing. There is a ‘phantom color matching game’ that has rules similar to the puzzle game that I’m good at. But if I play it to kill some time, the city will be destroyed.

In short, what I want is a place where I can release a ‘phantom color matching game’ without hesitation.

When you consider that, the special space where the dimensional apparitions live is a perfect place for that.

No matter what powerful magic I fire there, it won’t have any adverse effect on the human world.

And if it’s a special space, you can go there without stepping out of the room by using the Divine Sword.


“Where are you going? Are we going to fight someone~?”


When I stand up holding Divine Sword, Puyon asked with



“Yeah. We’re going to fight.”

“Hurrah! Fluffy-fluffy~”


And when I answered, Puyon bounced happily.



“What is that fluffy-fluffy, Puyon?”

“When Yukata defeats the enemy, it feels fluffy-fluffy! When fluffy-fluffy, I feel like I’m getting stronger!”


“Oh, is that so?”


That fluffy-fluffy is most likely getting experience points.

As I considered that, Puyon continued.


“It was the most fluffy when you defeated the huge Blue Dragon~”


As expected, it is about getting experience points.


“Then, should we depart?”



At any rate, Puyon being enthusiastic is a good thing.

With that in mind, I put Puyon on my shoulder.

After having Puyon project the screen of the ‘phantom color matching game’ I create a gate that connects the sword to a special space, using the method learned from the receptionist the day before.

Then, just like yesterday, the scenery changed completely, so I was able to confirm that I was in a special space.

However, it was good only to that point…




…By the time I thought it was bad, the dimensional apparition was already in front of me.

It’s a perfect surprise attack. Neither defense nor counterattack will be in time.

The dimensional apparition scratched me with its long claws.



“It doesn’t hurt?”


That’s right, I didn’t receive any damage.

When I thought what the hell was going on, two slimes of unfamiliar colors came into my view.

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