TL: stanza

ED: Filip/Gecko


Chapter 4: I’m not saying to suddenly make me a top rank.



“Ahh really… Why are the things you bring here all like that!”


After the receptionist said that, she withdrew to the back.

What is it this time? It would be nice if they didn’t say it can’t be sold again.


While I was thinking about that, the nearby adventurers started to make a commotion.


“Hey, is that…”

“Yeah, there’s no doubt. That is the crystal ball you get when you defeat the ‘higher apparition’.”

“For real? It’s my first time seeing it.”


The adventurers were saying such things.

Higher apparition? Is it more valuable than a normal dimensional apparition if it is a higher rank?

Rather than in a ‘can’t be sold’ category, it’s better to be expensive.


This topic, however, was further inflated by an adventurer who barged into the conversation.


“Oi, you guys. Didn’t you forget one thing?”

“Forget what… Ah! Come to think of it, that swordsman’s subjugation speed was abnormal too…”

“Hey, that means…”


And one of the nearby adventurers comes to me asking.


“Divine Sword wielder-san, who in the world are you?”


….Even if you ask me that.


“The person that summoned me!”

“Uooh, the slime is talking!”

“Amazing, first time seeing something like that!”


Puyon, what the adventurers want to hear is probably not that.

In the meantime, the receptionist returned bringing one man with her. She showed the crystal ball to the man and said.


“Branch chief, this is the crystal ball of a higher rank apparition.”


When the receptionist said that, the man called the branch chief opened his eyes wide.


“This is… certainly, this is something you can only get when you defeat the higher rank apparition. But… have there been appearances of a higher apparition in this city recently?”

“No, that is…”

“Umm, please wait a moment.”


I felt there was something off with the branch manager’s statement, so I decided to break into the conversation.


“What do you mean “higher apparition appearing in the city”? I heard that dimensional apparitions can only exist in a special space…”


When I asked that, the receptionist started to explain.


“Certainly, as a general rule, dimensional apparitions live in special spaces. But once in a while, dimensional apparitions come to attack the human world.”

“Is that how it is?”

“Yes. And the dimensional apparitions that have come down to the human world are far weaker than when they are in their own special space.”

“Hmm … but what does it have to do with higher apparition appearing in the city?”

“It’s a simple story. Even if it is a Divine Sword wielder, they are not strong enough to defeat a higher apparition one-on-one.”


For some reason, you slaughtered the higher apparition as a matter of course, the receptionist said.

That higher apparition, is it strong?

Since I defeated it so easily, I thought it wasn’t a big deal.

While I pondered that, the branch chief added.


“If it is a higher apparition that has appeared, it can be hunted by expert adventurers. The weakened higher apparitions are still strong enough to surpass the sea disaster, the Kraken. It is not an opponent that a human can defeat alone. However… it seems like you’ve accomplished that.”


The branch manager showed a confused expression.

I see. The probability that two or more swordsmen will enter the same special space at the same time is extremely low.

That means that the dimensional apparition hunted in the special space had been subdued independently.


So it comes to the question whether higher apparition had appeared in the human world.

However, if I’m right, I defeated the Kraken when I was level 1.

Now that I have already crossed level 200, it shouldn’t be strange that I defeated it so easily, but… it’s not like that normally?


Well, whatever.

What’s important to me right now is whether it will sell or not.


“So, can this crystal ball be sold or not? This is very important to me.”


I asked as if praying.


“Oh, that’s right. What should we do, branch manager?”

“Hmm, it will be tough on the budget but… This swordsman obviously has an uncommon strength. It can’t be helped. For the sake of friendly relations, let’s accept the purchase this time.”

“I understand. With that said, we will purchase this crystal ball only this time. Keep in mind that with the guild’s ability to pay, you can sell loot of this class only once a year.”


Although I was given a reminder, it seemed that the purchase itself would be accepted.

That’s fortunate.

With this, it seems like I can lead a normal life.


“Then, please show your guild identification.”


As I thought that for a moment, a new trial appeared before me.


“Guild identification…? Excuse me, is that necessary?”


“Surely you’re not saying that you don’t have it, right? 

According to the regulations of the headquarters, the designated loot can only be purchased from people whose identities can be confirmed. What do you want to do? Would you like to register as an adventurer now?”


“Alright then.”


When I answered, I was given a piece of paper and a pen.

I just have to fill this, right.


There are five clauses to fill in.

Name. Age. Skills. Main Weapon. Whether you possess Divine Sword aptitude or not. And if you agree with the terms.


Haba Yukata, twenty eight years old. Skills are ‘Appraisal’ and ‘Divine Sword Flight’. Unique skills… I probably don’t have to write them. The main weapon is the Divine Sword, and of course I have aptitude for it.

And consent to the terms.

Hmm hmm… Seriously? There’s a practical exam? How troublesome.

Will they give me an exception going with the flow… probably not.


“I’m sorry but, do I really have to take this ‘practical exam’?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. You’ll be registered as an S rank immediately.”


…Hey, branch manager.

Isn’t that 7 ranks higher than it’s supposed to be?1


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