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ED: Filip/Gecko


Chapter 3: The Divine Sword is too serious* a matter. 1



“Is it really not possible?”

“It really is not possible.”

“I’m really in trouble right now, it’s enough to buy it cheaply without worrying about the market price… is that not good?”2


This stubborn refusal is probably because the value of the sword far exceeds the guild’s ability to pay.

Judging that, I made such a proposal…


“I don’t know why you are so fixated on selling the sword, but the reason it can’t be sold is probably different from what you think. There is no staff in the guild here who can manage the Divine Sword.”


One of the adventurers gathered nearby told me that.


“Manage the Divine Sword?”

“Yeah. There are no staff members in this guild who have the aptitude of “Divine Sword wielder”. Or rather, the staff who has the “Divine Sword wielder” status can only be found at the guild headquarters.”


The adventurer said that a person who does not have the “Divine Sword wielder” aptitude cannot move such a sword even one millimeter.

It’s a really difficult thing to handle. In many ways.


“Or rather, why you don’t even know that. I heard that only descendants with “Divine Sword wielder” aptitude can use the Divine Sword, and after considerable training… Shouldn’t you know that the best?”

“No, after defeating the enemy, somehow it got attached automatically3. This sword was also the one I got at that time.”


Asked by an adventurer, I replied honestly.

My parents are Japanese, so I can’t be a Divine Sword wielder descendant.

Then, the expressions of all the onlookers, including the adventurer, hardened up.

And a few seconds later, the receptionist and the adventurer opened their mouths.


“T-that means…”

“The first generation Divine Sword wielder… You mean you defeated the monster…!”


Listening to how it was obtained, adventurers were having an expression that said “How did this guy”.

Well, that’s natural.

If this was an important thing that I got from my parents, no matter how broke, I wouldn’t sell it.

In the end, all I learned was that it was basically impossible to sell the Divine Sword.


This is a serious matter.

To go back to the beach again and collect the kraken… wouldn’t be very realistic.

It takes about an hour to get from this town to the beach.

That kraken may already have sunk to the seabed or turned into charcoal by residual heat.


“Yukata, are you feeling unwell?”

“No, It’s not about feeling unwell…”


When I was troubled, Puyon showed his concern.


“I… What should I do… “


Involuntarily, such words spilled out of my mouth.

Then, the receptionist said something like this.


“If you have a Divine Sword, why don’t you try hunting the ‘Dimensional apparition’?”

“…Dimensional apparition?”

“Yes. If you have a Divine sword, I think that’s the quickest way to earn money.”


The explanation of the receptionist was the following.

Dimensional apparitions are a threat that live in a different dimension from the human world, called the ‘special space’.

There is one special space for each dimensional apparition.

And the Divine Sword acts as a gate leading to that special space.

As a general rule, it seems that which dimension apparition is connected to the special space is random.


By the way, there is also a ‘Semi-Divine Sword’ that is useless as a weapon and can only serve as a gate, and it seems that even ordinary people can handle it.

Once you enter the special space of the dimensional apparition using the sword, you cannot leave the special space until you defeat the dimensional apparition in there.

In return, if you defeat the dimensional apparition, you will automatically return to the place you were originally

in the human world.

Dimensional apparitions usually boast the strength of a higher level monster, and the loot is also valuable, so it is perfect for earning some money.


From what I heard, it certainly seemed like an attractive idea.

What’s more, it also helps that I don’t have to go outside the city to hunt.


“So, how do you make the Divine Sword a gate?”

“Erm, if I am right, you imagine that there is a keyhole in an empty space and move the Divine Sword as if unlocking it, is what I heard.”


The receptionist said with unease.

Well, should I give it a try?

Thinking that, I tried to do as told.

Then, in an instant, the scenery changed completely.


Where is this? Did I properly enter the special space?

When I thought that, something humanoid appeared before me with a wriggle.

And at the same time, a voice rang in my head.


“It’s been hundreds of years since people came to my space!”


The claws in the black mist and the fangs protruding from its mouth are creepy, but unexpectedly, it looks like a normal tall adult man.4

It’s kinda shaking its body repeatedly but, is that him being happy?


“Today is a feast after a long time. After all, strong people are rich and delicious. “


Dimensional apparition spoke such chilling words.

Oi oi, this guy is thinking of me as a food?

Puyong also escaped into my pocket because of straightforward creepiness.

It seems better to defeat this guy quickly.


I grasped the sword and lifted it up.

When I tried to swing it down, I felt a strange feeling.

It felt like I was a skilled swordsman, a pleasant sensation.

The tip of the Divine Sword did not reach the dimensional apparition, but I felt that the flying slash certainly cut through it.


When I thought that.


“Because I’m a gourmet, I don’t consider going down to the human world to slaughter the weak. Only those who possess the Divine Sword are suitable to be my dinner!”


The dimensional apparition speaks as usual.

Was the feeling of slashing just now a fake?

However, the truth was revealed the moment the dimensional apparition approached.

It certainly approached me, but only the right half of its body.


“You should be honored to become my prey…. Eh, It’s not there. My left side is not there…”


Saying that, the dimensional apparition looked back.

The left half of its body has almost disappeared.


“Damn yoouuuuuuuu.”


Following that, the right half of the dimensional apparition also disappeared.

With this it’s good.


Even so, this Divine Sword is too sharp.

The apparition didn’t realize that it was cut until it moved?

When I was pondering that, a crystal ball fell down nearby.

Following that, the surrounding scenery also returned from the one in the special space to the inside of the guild.


“H-hey, that swordsman is back.”


As soon as I came back, one of the adventurers pointed this way and said.

Their attention is gathering on me again.


“You’re quite early… Did you defeat it so easily?”

“Well, yeah. I was able to beat it with a single blow. I was lucky enough to find a weak guy, I guess?”

“Even weak ones can barely be defeated by mid-class adventurers… As expected of a Divine Sword wielder.”



In the end, it was settled before the fight.


“Well then, please assess this.”


I put the crystal ball that I got on the counter.

And then… the receptionist opened her eyes wide and stiffened with her face close to the crystal ball.5


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