TL: stanza

ED: Filip/Gecko

Chapter 2: It is the water dragon that sinks. Not a continent.



[Leviathan (current remaining endurance 88%)]

A mythical water dragon that can sink a continent if it gets serious.

A high firepower attack disturbed it from its sleep, and is now enraged.


Wait, wait, wait oy.

Why do I have to come across something like this with a magical test shot?


Well, to suddenly release flame magick of such scale, I’m at fault too. But it wasn’t long ago that I was almost blown away, right?

Isn’t this treatment too unreasonable for someone who doesn’t know right or left?

However, now is not the time to say such a thing.

The only thing I can do right now is to chain out slimes and erase them.


Why I’ve come up with a crazy idea to compete with someone who can destroy the continent, even I myself don’t know.

Still, it’s true that the last blow reduced Leviathan’s health by 12%.

For me at level 30 now, maybe – is the hope that I have.


Even if I escaped, if the whole continent gets sunk as the appraisal said, I would eventually die.

Let’s prepare my mind and without making mistakes stack up chain GTR.


“Dangerous enemy! Hurry up and restart the game!”



When the slime replied, it returned to its original shape almost instantly and holographically projected the game screen.

While my heart is pounding, I pile up to the point where I can make 13 chains.


Calculate the ranks properly… There is no danger of the chain going out of control on the way. It’s perfect.

And right when all I had to do was place the slime at the start of the chain, that guy appears.


Its appearance could be described with just the word ‘huge’.

From the surface of the water, a water dragon with a length that seems to pierce through the clouds, it’s appearance alone intimidates those who gave upon it.


I can’t see myself winning at all, so I have no choice but to believe in the track record of “12% damage” from the previous attack.


I’m counting on you, 13 chains. And my level that went up to 30.

While praying, I activated the 13 chains.

And ── this time, fortunately it became an “erase all” spell.

What appeared was a dark ball with lightning running through it occasionally, and that thing then flew toward the head of the Leviathan.


The Leviathan spat a breath of water at a ball of darkness, intercepting it.

However, ignoring all of that, the ball of darkness approached the Leviathan while extinguishing the breath attack.


Was it fine to have hope there?

When the ball of darkness hit the Leviathan, countless lightning bolts ran all over it.

Leviathan desperately tried to escape the electric shock, but the darkness clinging to him did not allow it.


“Ga… Guaaaaaaa!”


The roaring howl made me close my ears.

In that state, I just watched over the immobile giant.

After a few minutes, while raising death throes, the Leviathan somehow managed to endure it, but perhaps finally running out of strength, it was annihilated.


Did I win?

Maybe because the tension was gone all at once, the air feels delicious at an unprecedented level.


I patted my chest and sat down on the ground, but then a sword appeared in front of me.

I appraised such a mysterious thing immediately.


[Divine Sword DHMO]

When the Leviathan is annihilated, it transforms into the sword DHMO and becomes the property of the subjugator.

There is no doubt that it is the strongest sword in the world, however its power is limited because it would be strong enough to blow away a mountain with just one swing.

The only sword that can bestow the skill “Sword Flight” to its owner.


…… Somehow, I got myself some amazing sword.

Well, that was proof that I’ve defeated Leviathan, so I was completely relieved at last.

When I thought about that, a voice echoed in my brain.


<Haba Yukata has leveled up>


When I asked the slime to show the status window again… This time my status was like that.


Name: Haba Yukata


Skills: Appraisal, Divine Sword Flight

Aptitude: Divine Sword wielder

Unique skills: Slime summoning

(You can summon a slime as your companion. The summoned slime has a special ability)

Skills of a companion slime:

  1. Status display
  2. Phantom color matching game

(By connecting 4 phantom slimes of the same color and erasing them, you can release great magic. If you erase them in a chain, both magic and firepower will increase explosively)


…… I won’t retort about the level anymore.

As for the skills, “Divine Sword flight” was added.

It is the same as was written in the appraisal but… Is it possible to fly in the sky with a sword?


Also, some sort of aptitude was attached.

Divine Sword wielder?

I became the owner of this Divine Sword DHMO just now pretty much, do I have an aptitude for it already?


Anyway, with this the case is over.

For now, let’s hear the name of this slime, a thing which I put aside for various reasons.


“You, what’s your name?”

“My name is ‘Puyon~'”

“Is that so… Let’s get along from now on, Puyon.”


I said that and stroked the slime Puyon on my shoulder.


Well then… I would like to go to a place with people.

Since I’ve received the skill of “Divine Sword Flight”, should I look for the city from the sky?


I grabbed the ‘Divine Sword DHMO’ and focused on the sword flight skill.

Then, my body floated up accordingly.


“I may speed up a little, so hold on firmly.”



Puyon transformed his body a little and grabbed onto my clothes.

When I came to the altitude where Leviathan’s head was, I could see a city in the distance.

I headed to that city in a straight line.


Getting close to the city, I noticed something. I am completely penniless.

Like this, when I arrive in the city, I won’t be able to buy any necessities.

I was at a loss and simply overlooked the city.

Then, I spotted the building I should enter now.

It is a building with the “Adventurer Guild” signboard.

With that alone I wouldn’t know… but underneath it was a sign written with “Buying loot at high prices!”


I left the grilled squid behind, but for the time being, there is this ‘Divine Sword DHMO’.

It’s convenient for flying, so I feel unwilling to sell it, but I can’t go on a hungry stomach. So let’s sell it.1


And at the guild counter.


“Excuse me. I would like to sell this.”


I said that to the receptionist and tried to hand over the Divine Sword DHMO, but.


“Wha, wha, what is this terrifying thing!”


The receptionist shouted in a loud voice.

That attracted the attention of adventurers in the guild.

One of them said something like this.


“Hey… Isn’t that a Divine Sword?”


The man’s voice echoed well amid the silence.

Of course, the receptionist did not miss it.


“You can’t sell something as important as a Divine Sword at the guild!!!”


….I wonder if I can’t eat dinner after all.

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