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TL: stanza

ED: Filip/Gecko

Chapter 1: Connect four slimes and erase them. Then…



“I’ll kick your ass!”

Involuntarily yelling, I hit the desk with all my might.

Again. It happened again.

While playing a racing game, I keep getting obstructed.

Such is a fate of a famous gamer, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is terribly annoying.

Let’s retire from this game and play only puzzle games where I can show my true potential.

‘Stack four or more slimes of the same color vertically or horizontally to erase them’. If it’s a puzzle game with rules like that, I’m good enough at it to have a professional license. 

 ……While I’m saying this, if I loaf around all day, the motivation to play a racing game would eventually come back.


In any case, that’s all for today.

Thinking that, it was when I tried to return the right hand that hit the desk to the controller.

I felt a discomfort in my right hand.

For some reason, my right hand doesn’t leave the desk.

“Huh? What’s going on…!”

Finding it strange I looked down at my hand, and I became speechless.

In the crack that appeared on the desk that I hit just now, a magic circle like you would see in an RPG game is shining.

“…..Ha, huh, huh!??”

While I was thrown into a panic, the magic circle started to change.

The magic circle rose from the desk and wrapped my whole body.

Immediately after that, my vision went dark.

“This is…”

When I opened my eyes, I was on a beautiful beach, and I could feel the scent of seawater.

Was I brought to this place by that magic circle? It’s an unbelievable story, but I can’t think of any other reason.


A blue ocean as far as the eyes can see, nothing visible on the horizon.

Looking behind, there are a few palm trees that might remind you of a tropical country, and then a translucent status window beside me ────── wait a minute. Why is there a status window present, and so naturally?

That magic circle bastard, what kind of world did you send me to?

Well, pondering about it won’t help my situation, so let’s take a look at the contents of the status window for now.

This is what it showed.


Name: Haba Yukata


Skills: None

Unique skills: Slime summoning

(You can summon a slime as your companion. The summoned slime has a special ability)


Since my name is Haba Yukata, I wonder if this is my status.

I feel a bit uneasy with level 1 and no skills, but there’s not much to say to that.

Rather than that.

What the hell is this ridiculous unique skill?

From the explanation, it seems that you can summon a slime with an unusual ability, but… What will happen when you do?

In the first place, how do you activate this skill?

Not understanding much, I thought I’d try to find out how to activate this skill.

Maybe… by summoning a slime, I might find a way to get out of the current situation.


“Slime summoning.”


First, I tried it by chanting the skill name.

However, this method did not seem to be the correct way to activate the skill, since no particular phenomenon occurred.


Not good, huh?

It would’ve been quicker if I could activate it like that, but if this is different, it seems that I will have a hard time just looking for a method to activate it.

For the time being, securing a living is the top priority now, so I’ll forget about this skill and switch to checking if there is anyone around…

Just as I was thinking so.


“I am right here”


I heard a voice from somewhere close.

What? Is there a person nearby?

With that in mind, I look around me, all 360 degrees.

However, I couldn’t find even a shadow of a person.

Even looking closely in the direction of the voice, only the status window is there.

“Here… where is that?”


If I pay close attention to the direction in which the voice was coming, maybe I can learn something.

Hoping for the owner of the voice to reply, I tried to ask a question.


“I’m here, here here!”


And as I hoped, the earlier owner of the voice replied.

But still no sign of people in the direction the voice came from.

No matter how you look at it, there is only a status window there.

“Here… Hmm? Wait?”


As I was trying to listen again, a hypothesis came to my mind.

Perhaps… The voice was coming from the status window?

With that in mind, I took a closer look at the status window.

I noticed something about it.


This thing… there is some substance to it.

Because it has too much of a game-like display, I thought it was just a screen… But looking from the side, I noticed it is a few millimeters thick.

The theory that the owner of the voice is this status window has become stronger.

Besides, there was another thing stuck in my head.

That is, the owner of the voice saying “I’m here.”


In terms of timing, it was as if it had responded to my “Slime Summoning” chant.

Though I don’t remember it at all, when you think of it as “the response made by the slime I summoned,” it even feels natural.

The direction of the voice, the status window that actually has some substance to it, and the situation where I may have already summoned a slime.

Perhaps, this is…


“Return to the original form!”


When I thought that… The status window changed its shape, turning into a bluish transparent creature.

Yes, that was the case.

The status window was the slime that was summoned by my slime summoning skill (most likely, it was activated by satisfying the conditions before I knew it).


“You… were you summoned by me?”


I put the slime on my palm, and asked that.


“That’s right~!


While bouncing with a pon-pon sound, the slime said so and then jumped onto my shoulder.

Speaking of which, in the description of the unique skill it was written that “A summoned slime has special abilities”.


This slime probably has the special ability to “display my status”.

….And thinking that far, I suddenly felt a great deal of anxiety about the current sutiation .

Is this the only special ability of the summoned slime?

If so, this slime is of little use in overcoming this situation.


“Hey, you… your ability is only to show my status?”


What to call you, I want to ask its name later.

I asked the slime a question while thinking about that…


“It’s not~”


The slime replied that he had other special abilities.


“Then what other abilities do you have?”

“Umm that is~”


When I thought the slime was about to reply, it started projecting a hologram-like screen in the air.

At first it was vague, but gradually the drawing on the screen became clearer. There was a large rectangle in the middle and two small rectangles on the left and right.


“I tried to make [Phantom color matching game], try to play it for a bit!”


As soon as it finished drawing the screen, the slime told me that.


“Phantom, color matching game? How do you play it?”

“Umm, wait a bit”


I don’t understand the rules at all, so I asked how to play it. Then the slime added ‘Tutorial in progress’ to the screen, and started demonstrating what seems to be a play session.

Let’s see, first of all, two sets of slimes of different colors appeared in a small square on the left.

And one of them moved to the big rectangular field in the middle and fell to the bottom.

The slimes that are falling in the middle field can be rotated or dropped at high speed.

And if four slimes of the same color were connected in the middle field, those slimes would disappear.

While looking at the demonstration, I was able to come to a conclusion about the “Phantom color matching game”.

This game… the rules are exactly like the falling blocks puzzle game I play as a professional player.


“I understand how to play it now. Let me do it too for a bit.”



When I asked that, the ‘Tutorial in progress’ indicator on the screen and the slimes in the field disappeared.

And, once again, the small frame on the left shows two pairs of slimes, one of which falls in the middle field.

The controls… If I think about it, it would move accordingly.

Then, I dropped the first pair of slimes at high speed and piled up the next pair.

And when I stacked three sets of slimes, I was able to connect four slimes of the same color.

When four slimes of the same color were connected, the slimes disappeared ── and a ball of fire was ejected from the screen at high speed toward the sea.


“Wha, what was that just now?”


I flinch slightly at the unexpected phenomenon.


“When you erase my phantom in this game, a great magick is released~.”


Not bothered by my reaction, the slime explained his special ability.

…[Phantom color matching game], was it such a crazy game?

I think it was a bit shabby for the great magic, but it may be because I’m still level 1.

Anyway, now that I know some of the characteristics of this game. 

I resumed playing the game, and piled up slimes by stacking them up, creating a large number of chains called “GTR”.


“Will it soon become 13 chains?”


After assembling them to some extent, I connected four slimes, the starting point of the chain, and began erasing the chain.

The slimes forming the chain disappeared one after another, and as I had planned, 13 chains were connected.

However this time – unlike before, an extremely hot ball of fire, as if the sun was in close proximity, flew toward the sea.


“…isn’t this bad?”


The sea started boiling at an unstoppable rate, and the surrounding temperature was rising. At this rate, the power of the fireball is going to affect this place too.

If I don’t take some measures, I will be dead for sure.


“This unique skill, I wonder if it can also defend.”

“It can~!”


Since the slime says so, I have no choice but to try it.

I don’t seem to have much time, so I’ll try to erase slimes in 4 chains for the time being.

Thinking earnestly ‘become a defense’ something like a barrier spread around me.

It looks like it was a success.


Immediately after that, as expected, a gust of water vapor came, and the palm trees that were relatively close to the beach were blown away.

Hey hey, that can’t be.

I thought that it was a poor firepower if it was one line, but this is the result of forming a chain in the usual way?


The barrier was in time, but without it I might have been blown out of the atmosphere.

I was watching the situation from within the barrier while thinking about that, and about four minutes later, the fireball finally sank to the bottom of the sea.


However, it is still uncertain whether the seawater extinguished the fire.

Ah, the beach has completely turned into a lava field.

There is something like a giant grilled squid in the middle of the impromptu lava field. I thought it was amazing of him to keep his shape intact.

It seems that the blast has subsided for the time being, so let’s erase the barrier.

Almost at the same time as I thought so and released the barrier, I heard a voice in my mind.


<Haba Yukata has leveled up>


“Level, up? Hey, can you show me the status again?”



When I asked, the slime came down from my shoulder and transformed into the shape of a status window.

This is what was written there.


Name:  Haba Yukata


Skills: Appraisal

Unique skills: Slime summoning

(You can summon a slime as your companion. The summoned slime has a special ability)


Skills of a companion slime:

  1. Status display
  2. Phantom color matching game

(By connecting 4 phantom slimes of the same color and erasing them, you can release great magic. If you erase them in a chain, both magic and firepower will increase explosively)


…..The level has risen too much. Doesn’t it feel like it’s easy to go to 1000? Also, the “appraisal” skill was added.

Should I appraise that grilled squid to try out an appraisal?

I don’t know how it’s done, but if I somehow try to think “appraisal”…


“Ok, Appraisal!”


And then… maybe the slime read my thoughts, it changed the contents of the window display and it became like this.


[Kraken (corpse)]

A legendary monster lurking in the sea.

Its tentacles are very powerful, and it is said that in the past it has crushed an island with a single blow.


Some disturbing description appeared.

Destroying an island with a single blow, no matter how you think about it, that’s natural disaster class.

I’m surprised that such a guy was so close, but now I understand why it could keep its shape after getting hit by that flame.1

The cause of a massive level up seems to be that squid.


……That’s right.

Perhaps this “appraisal” skill could appraise magick too?

I’m also worried about the whereabouts of the earlier giant fireball.

It’s no longer visible, but let’s think of an “appraisal” toward the other side of the sea.

Thinking so, I activated the appraisal skill again.

But… what came to be displayed was something that far exceeded my expectations.


[Leviathan (current remaining endurance 88%)]

A mythical water dragon that can sink the continent if it gets serious.

A high firepower attack disturbed its sleep, and is now enraged.


Wait, wait, wait oy.


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