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ED: Filip/Gecko

Chapter 7: The situation getting complicated.


When the first higher apparition was defeated, the fight ended too easily because the opponent was cut during its non-stop blabbering. But what will happen this time?

The guy in front of me also seemed like the type to talk a lot.

However, from the perspective of the opponent, the situation is two against one. He probably won’t let his guard down like the one before.


What if the original higher apparition was an insanely strong opponent and things only happened to go well?

When considering that, the person appearing to be S rank called out.


“Just as you can see, the opponent is a higher apparition. Though we both come here by some miracle, winning will be difficult. At least we won’t come out unscathed. The battle is likely going to be long and difficult, but… let’s think of it as fate and try our best to defeat it.”


The S-rank person said that while looking at the higher apparition with a stern expression.

Hey hey. If you do that, it won’t be possible to do a surprise attack. Contrary to my thoughts, the S-rank person swung his sword upward and slashed at the higher apparition.



“How dull. With an attack like that, you’re just a small fry!”


However, the higher apparition dodged the slashes with minimal movements while laughing.

…That higher apparition, he just called an S-ranker a small fry.


“Whoa, another creepy one.”


Because that guy says such things, Puyon hid in my pocket again.

It’s an opponent that shouldn’t show his true colors.


“Sorry. When I win against him, a slightly larger ‘fluffy’ should come… Please endure it until then.”



Now that it has come to this, it’s a do or die.

I also swing my sword at the apparition.


Like when I slashed a higher apparition before, while feeling the movements of a skilled swordsman, I released a slash.


The slash hit the higher apparition directly before it could perceive it.


“The person in the back is not going to attack? I still have plenty of leeway.”


The higher apparition took a slash, however, he moved his hand here in a provoking manner.

……Which one will it be?

Will it be like before when the enemy didn’t notice he was slashed like before?

Or perhaps the current attack in fact didn’t hurt or even make it itch? Meanwhile, the S rank person launched another attack.


“Eat this…!”


Along with the shouts of an S rank person, his sword burst into flames.

Eh, Divine Sword can do that? I learned it just now.


“This is my special space. I can erase such a thing with just a breath!”


Even in the face of the oncoming fiery flames, the higher apparition smiles with composure.

The higher apparition breathed out with all its might and scattered the flames from the sword.


But at that time… in contrast to the lower half with which it was trying to keep itself from being blown away, the upper half of the higher apparition flew away due to propulsion force of the breath.


“…M-my eyes are spinning!”


The left behind lower half flew next to the upper body and disappeared, with higher apparition turning into a crystal ball.


Is this the end?

As expected, it looked like it wasn’t cut, but it was actually cut properly.


“We… won?”


The S-ranked person stands still, stunned.

At that time the surroundings scenery returned from the special space to the familiar room of the inn.


…Wait a minute.

Why is the S rank person also returning to my room?

It’s going to be awkward at this rate, should I say something?


“It’s good that it ended without any injuries.”


In such a manner I called out to the S rank person.



“What on earth happened? That higher apparition suddenly split in two… Could it be? That terrifyingly fast slash-like thing was your doing?”


The S rank person started talking nonstop.


“It wasn’t ‘slash-like’, that was a slash.”

“It was such a fast slash that the higher apparition didn’t even notice it. If you don’t mind, can you tell me your name?”

“Haba Yukata. And you are?”

“Me? I’m Roizen. Haba Yukata, I have something to ask you. How can you wield a sword like that?”

“No, let’s talk about that later.”


I interrupted Roizen for now.

At that rate, it seemed unlikely that we would be able to talk about Roizen’s arrival in my room.


“Rather than that, this here is my room. Why did you also come here, Roizen?”


“Now that you said that, certainly. The only explanation that comes to mind, “If dimensional apparition was defeated by two people or more, they will all return in the human world to the place of the one who finished it”.”


“I see.”


Certainly, you can say that it makes sense, in that case.

I can’t think of any other reason right now, and most importantly, the principle behind it is not the point of conversation.


“So, what are you going to do? This is an inn in the city of Bayoen. It seems that Bayoen has no other S rank beside me, and Roizen has to go back to another city, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. I’m from Acha city.”


Acha? It is right next to Bayoen city in which I decided to stay.


“Will you fly back with a sword?”


“That’s right…. Divine Sword wielder of Bayoen, Haba Yukata. I am really grateful for your help this time. See you again!”


Saying that, Roizen tried to jump out of the window of the room.


I stopped him at that time.


“Take this with you.”


The reason for stopping him was to give Roizen a crystal ball of a higher apparition.


“… I can’t receive it! I was almost useless in this battle. This is Haba Yukata achievement.”


However, Roizen refused to accept the crystal ball.


“No, it’s fine. The Bayoen Guild won’t buy this from me for the next year.”

“But then, Haba Yukata’s earnings for today…”

“It’s okay. I’m already earning a lot with this.”


Saying that, I took out nearly 90 crystal balls I got in a series of battles from my magic bag.


“… Whaaaaaaaaaaa!?”


Roizen shouts with his eyes wide open.1

I’m sorry somehow. I just took them out because I wanted to convince him to take the crystal ball of the higher apparition.


“Th,then, Haba Yukata has been fighting so many battles, and still defeated the higher apparition with one attack…”


Roizen stares at the crystal balls scattered on the floor.

But a few seconds later he continues as if he had made up his mind.


“… Haba Yukata, I have one request. Please have a fight with me… I want to experience that strength directly.”


“I decided. I’ll be staying in Bayoen city for a few days. So on a convenient day…”


…… It suddenly became a strange story.


Or rather, my swordsmanship relies on the correction of the Divine Sword. Can Roizen learn anything by fighting with me?

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